Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 17 Mar

Monday 17 March 2014

Clive Goodman’s Defence Continues
Jury Member unwell and is discharged
Goodman questioned further on the Royal Directories
Payments to Fake Identities
Cash payments to sources of Royal Stories
Goodman questioned on Count 2 – Green Books
Pressure to get stories
Goodman claims Piers Morgan exposed source
Goodman asked about Phone Hacking

Clive Goodman’s Defence Continues
Jury Member unwell and is discharged
Jury back in for #hackingtrial
BREAKING: Justice Saunders explains to the jury at the #hackingtrial that a juror was upset by an incident on Friday and was unable to come
Saunders has discovered this juror has not felt well enough to come today. Saunders had to establish from doctor whether well enough
She is not fit to go on, says Saunders. “It’s vital we don’t lose any more jurors… very serious matter. Please bear that in mind,’ he says
The jury told not to have any further communication with discharged juror. Saunders explains “there were reasons” he couldn’t explain.
“You’re now a jury of eleven,” the #hackingtrial is told by Justice Saunders.
Goodman questioned further on the Royal Directories
Clive Goodman is now going to continue with his defence
David Spens QC continues asking Goodman about royal directories: Goodman says at least two other senior journalists had copies.
Spens goes to the three directories which are subject of Count 2 and 3: the first provided by a contact called ‘Farish’ says Goodman.
The second source was called Anderson says Goodman. They’d been long term contacts of his.
“Anderson was in the newspaper industry” says Goodman: “I thought he might be freelance”
“Clearly they were no use to him,” says Goodman of Anderson and Royal Directories.
Goodman claims Farish also had a newspaper background: something to do with “production” of newspapers rather than editorial
“Lots of sources weren’t paid” says Goodman: “Some did it it to express a particular stand… Some did it… just to see their own handiwork
Goodman explains the competition within the NOTW “the paper itself” and how he needed to protect his sources from other people in paper
Payments to Fake Identities
Goodman explains how you “created an identity” for sources: Anderson was “made up, and name taken from phone book”: Farish the same.
“There was nothing deceitful about this, it was simply routine” says Goodman of faking identities for Farish and Anderson.
Goodman says you could swap identities at time. “Occasionally” others were paid under the Anderson account, especially for cash.
“There were 100s of these identities floating around the credit system… neither Anderson nor Farish account “unique to either of them”
BREAKING: Goodman says cash payments to fake identities was customary for 20 years in NOTW since he arrived in 1986 and left 2006
Goodman says NOTW had good sources such as Mark Bolland, soe first contact with Anderson didn’t lead to any stories
Spens takes the jury to a payment schedule for Anderson: 02/01/01 is first payment for a story
Goodman says he never learned Anderson’s true name: met him in “clubs, cafes or bars” around Fleet Street
“Curious thing about it was that it was all one-way traffic” Goodman on Anderson: “no going back and asking questions…strange situation”
Goodman thinks his source Anderson was “somebody who knew somebody” and not a direct source of information: Last payment 21/04/06
Goodman can’t remember if this was to the freelance journalist source or another.
Goodman says the Anderson relationship “started very strong but in the last year or so evaporated.”
On Farish, Goodman says he was approached by a telephone call, through a contact among the “great mess of people” in casual Fleet St work
Goodman never got to know Farish’s real name: his information was “sometimes great…. sometimes wide of the mark…”
With Farish, Goodman says “you couldn’t go back and check things…. You go to Buck Palace, Simon Cowell, and they’d rebuff you…”
“Unless you can go back to the source,” Goodman says “you’re stuck.” This told him that Farish “wasn’t on the plot” when it came to stories.
First Farish account payment is shown to be 13/02/02 from NOTW documents.
Last payment to Farish 28/03/06: Saunders notes a number of stories don’t come from the Royal Family. Goodman explains cross over
“The Royal family come into contact with people from show business and politics,” says Goodman: “All Human Life if there”
Cash payments to sources of Royal Stories
Spens turns to subject of “cash payments to external contributors”: Goodman says he certainly ‘wasn’t the largest’ in terms of cash payments
Goodman says “tricky” to number sources: “but over that period of time, scores, dozens, some worked for Royal family, friends of, members of
Goodman says it was “very risky” for employees of Royal Family to talk to him: not only incomes but also homes “grace and favour” at risk
“They could go to complete ruin” explains Goodman of Royal sources if exposed talking to him.
Goodman asked about emails from him chasing cash payments. “Not unique to me… every department at NOTW had trouble” says Goodman
“They could be signed in a couple of days, or take months to go through the system,” says Goodman of payments at NOTW.
“Every Tuesday we’d have rows about payments” says Goodman of payments to sources at NOTW.
Goodman explains about ‘pre-approval’ for payments to sources on bigger stories, but many “negotiated post publication”
“Some of my sources will only operate with cash payments, that was pretty routine at the paper,” says Goodman, former Royal Editor at NOTW
19/10/05 Goodman emails Kuttner’s PA about a “missing in combat” payment for a Blackadder story. Next day he chases up “still pending”
28/10/05 email cited from Goodman to Kuttner’s assistant chasing up two “CPRS’ (payment requests)
Break till 2.05 pm. Jury told we’ll only sit to 2.30pm tomorrow without lunch break.
Back after the break at the #hackingtrial
Spens continues questioning of Goodman over NOTW emails already entered in evidence. This one from 11/04/06 £800 “turned around quickly”
01/06/04 Goodman tells a senior NOTW journalist he’s made a “monstruous cut” to a contributor.
26/06/06 email chasing up £650 to Mr Farish. The next day more chasing up Stuart Kuttner‘s assistant.
Goodman agrees he “exaggerated the importance of our sources….routine at our newspaper, former editor says she did it”
“You stood a much better chance of getting your stories in the paper,” says Goodman of exaggerating sources.
Goodman then explains the rewards for a by-line count. “If the people thought your sources had prestige… you’d get much more published”
“It would mean the source got paid more quickly, more likely to come back with more stories,” says Goodman of ‘source inflation’
BREAKING: Goodman says there is “no truth’ in Crown’s case he paid policeman. He called them that just to make sure he got published.
Spens refers to Edis’ statement that the stories attributed to ‘police officers’ seems to relate to stories about police and Royal Family
Spens says about “8 per cent” of the Farish stories related to Royal Police. Goodman agrees.
Goodman says of Royal Police “naturally they gossiped… and they travelled. A story about Windsor Palace could end up in Balmoral”
“They were authority figures.” says Goodman of Royal Police: “People didn’t like them and naturally they gossiped”
Goodman questioned on Count 2 – Green Books
Spens looks at the detail of Count Two: an Internal Telephone Directory and Green Book, and the ‘David Farish’ payment 06/12/03 £750
Goodman says payment was made to newspaper executive. 24/01/03 email to Andy about “policeman at St James’ Palace”, Green Book and Peat
“I think we should have the book and all that goes with it…these people will only accept cash, end up on criminal charges and so could we”
Goodman says the email was not about police offices: he was “simply selling to the editor the ideas these were good sources”
Goodman explains how Coulson was interested in “troubled marriage of senior aide” and selling the Peat story for this reason.
Goodman says the request for Sir Michael Peat story was from Coulson: “It had come from him” he says.
Goodman denies he “paid a Kensington Palace police officer”: he added that line “only to increase the chances of the credits being made”
Coulson replies “didn’t I sign off on the payment for a Green Book recently”: Goodman explains that that was a directory
Goodman says that his line claiming the Green Book gave direct access to Queen’s line was merely to “get credit and stories into paper”
Same day Goodman email to Kuttner speaks of “cryptic credit reference”: Goodman says he told Kuttner about ‘secure source’
Jury shown payment details to David Farish of £1000 for “Royal Research Project” and a stamp by cashier 28/01/03
Email to Coulson from Goodman cited by Spens: ‘Royal/General’ about two Royal phone books – Green Book and internal directory
Goodman email refers to “one of our palace people” – Mr Anderson.
14/05/03 email talks of “one of palace cops” getting hold of “very risky doc” and “cash contribution only” sources.
Goodman says he only said “palace cop” in order to get a response for payment from Andy Coulson: (05 not 04) He replies “fine”
Payment authorised 02/06/05: Saunders asks what happens after editor’s authorisation. Goodman talks of form filling.
Saunders “you’d expect the editor and managing editor to liaise?”: yes says Goodman of payments to contributors from editorial budget.
Payments on the Anderson account shown to jury: Goodman says he thinks this was the freelance journalist who supplied him.
Spens now moves to other references in evidence “to police… cops and other matters of that kind” 01/07/05 Goodman request to Stokes
Goodman’s email to Kuttner talks of two police sources “we’d all end up in jail if anyone traced their payment” 3rd exec at another paper.
Goodman talks sources: “two in uniform” and his third source at rival news organisation going through a “life alterating event” if traced
“They’ve had special branch crawling over them since an Operation Trident arrest at Clarence House,” says email. Goodman explains.
A suspect in Operation Trident had fled to Clarence House: it “raised the risk” for sources at Clarence House says Goodman.
But Goodman says he was only “trying to suggest” two sources were in uniform: he never paid police officers though.
Goodman explains that other exec at another paper, Alex Hall, sold showbusiness stories to him
Goodman explains about an email with a “furious face to face” between Queen and cops when she was banned from her palace grounds.
Quite a “sharp conversation took place” says Goodman of cops banning Queen from her own grounds. Goodman says source was not police.
Goodman says story came from Mark Bolland: “who had an active and healthy relationship with the media” lots of stories with NOTW and MoS
“Very much so,” says Goodman of Mark Bolland being a source of stories. “Any stories about anyone else good for Prince Charles
07/07/05 emails to senior NOTW journalist from Goodman about “a man who usually wears a uniform”
Goodman says that his, like the other occasion, was only put in there to encourage payment.
08/07/05 Goodman email talks about Royal Protection officers and diplomatic protection failing fitness test. Goodman says source an officer
14/07/05 email from Goodman to credit processing at news desk chasing up a couple of cash payments from our “uniformed folk”
Goodman says the “uniformed folk” was only to tell staff “how important sources are”.
Goodman emailed on 14/07/05 about signing off credits querying the payments.
There’s a payment to the Farish account on 25/07/05
Previous story on 7/7 bombings 19/07/05 email to senior NOTW staff now talks about “stressed out Royal Cops” from either Farish or Anderson
29/07/05 Goodman emails James Weatherup about all officers being reassigned to “an anti terror army” of 6000 and specialist gun experience
Goodman email says source is “Buckingham Palace Cop” for “anti terror army”
Goodman says he only put the cop line in “because it makes the story seem even more credible”
“That was just made up as well?” asks Saunders of mention of ‘memo’: Goodman says “we had the info but not the memo”
15/08/05 email from Goodman about a ‘security meltdown’ when a Royal Cop goes missing near Balmoral.
Goodman story was about police officer found shopping for souvenir shortbread near Balmoral.
“Might be a bit dangerous for the source” says Goodman email about firming up the story of absent Royal Protection officer.
Goodman says the information was “dangerous” to Mr Farish and his source.
Again, Goodman says he knew the information was correct and he came up with police source: “because I wanted it projected well in paper”
Pressure to get stories
16/08/05 Goodman writes to Coulson about “location filming” for a program on William and Harry and other stories he was working on
Third topic on Goodman email about “collect pic” from Farish which “didn’t arrive”
Coulson replied to Goodman’s email: “Which program? I need a story this week, Clive. Something of substance”
24/08/05 internal NOTW email complains about Goodman’s cash payments, asking for regular payments, and “more stories that are free”
Goodman says this email made him “very cross… many of the stories were free. It was an inappropriate thing to say”
Goodman says you don’t get Royal stories “from hanging around people’s houses”. NOTW journo was a “great sub” but didn’t understand.
Goodman replies explaining his three sources and their need for cash: “for reasons we discussed… put me, you and the editor in jail”
Goodman says his Blackadder sources was mainly other journalists with stories “critical of celebrities and VIPS” – explains cash payments
Goodman says he was just in the middle of Marunchak associate editor demanding payment for a story about William sailing through selection.
Goodman explains “protected method of payment” to spouses or partners of sources.
“Seems a bit idiotic now,” Goodman says of claims risk of jail for payment, but says he was conveying “urgency, secrecy” for source
Goodman claims Piers Morgan exposed source
Goodman talks about source called Kenneth Stronach who wanted a £1m publishing deal about Royal Family:
Goodman claims Piers Morgan and Alec Marunchak realised book would be difficult, but decided to expose Stronach instead.
“He’d be little use as a contact,’ says Goodman: “And decided to expose him instead. Which they did. He was arrested. Charged with theft”
BREAKING; Goodman claims Piers Morgan & other senior execs decided to expose a Royal Source when book deal fell through: “it was very nasty”
“Kenneth went from a high status job at royal household,” says Goodman: “to a very different life” after arrest.
“What we did to Ken was very discreditable” says Goodman. “The first rule of journalism is you don’t rat on your sources”.
Goodman says this explains why he put the line in his email about ending up in prison if caught.
Back after the break: Spens realises he missed out a page. Takes jury and client Clive Goodman back to another email.
Goodman explains how a claret story about Palace “came from Mr Hall” who had contact with a wine supplier.
Payment requests for Mr Hall now shown to jury.
19/10/05 email from Goodman to Weatherup and others about “royal cop… the Sun had page lead about Royal cop…. going fishing”
Goodman explains same cop has been caught accosting visitors to Chapel with anti-monarchist statements, and then playing with gun in room
Officer was Iraq vet: Goodman email talks about standing up anti monarchist chapel bit through press officer. Gun story harder to confirm
27/09/05 email from Goodman to Weatherup: about “her maj forgives” story and cutting cash contributions to “cash only operators”
Weatherup email says Kuttner is having a “purge on cash payments”: Goodman email says source “one of our protected people”
There’s no payment record for this “Her Maj Forgives Princess (Michael)”: Goodman says “it’s gotta be Mr Hall..close association with Kents”
Jan 2006 email from Goodman asking for payment about Will and Kate holiday for “no identity protected cash only”source: Mr Hall Goodman says
Goodman emails NOTW staff in 2006 about “long standing contact in a uniform”
Goodman claims Coulson was keen to get hold of a story about William at Sandhurst: “It’s a reference document” Goodman email explains
Goodman says payment “clearly wasn’t for someone in uniform. But to stir x to make a payment”
Payment was made on the Anderson account: “it would have been made to the journalist” says Goodman: “training schedule came from internet”
Goodman email talks about “thanks for the Alexander job” and about “Mr Hall” making arrangements to avoid cash payments.
This is five months after Mr Hall was planning to “make arrangements’ to be paid by another route other than cash.
Three more emails: 15/07/06 Goodman emails about “extremely high ranking member of Queens’ household” losing laptop
“Cops suspect a contractor might have swiped it. I till talk to Yard about it” writes Goodman. He explains he meant press office
04/08/06 Goodman writes about CPRs (cash payments) to Farish for a page lead on stolen laptop.
Goodman says this payment was for “Mr Farish or his source”
01/08/06 email from Goodman about Kate Middleton and “outstanding CPR” for edition of 16/07/06 being held up by Kuttner
Spens says “I’m going to go into this email in much more detail later” but asks Goodman to read first paragraph.
Goodman thinks his source for this story was referring to the Alexander Account and Glenn Mulcaire.
Goodman asked about Phone Hacking
Spens comes to the subject of phone hacking.
Spens turns to the ‘admissions’ or agreed facts about guilty pleas of Mulcaire and Goodman in November 2006
Guilty pleas talk about conspiracy to phone hack beginning in 01/11/05 and targetting Helen Asprey, Lowther Pinkerton, and Harveson
David Spens QC turns to the timelines of phone hacking adduced by the crown
Spens asks Goodman to look at some of these timelines to “establish what the state of evidence is in relation to phone hacking and you”
The timeline shows calls in January 05 to Helen Asprey’s phone – 18 calls to her UVN, 3 from Goodman, 14 from NI landline.
Goodman accepts this January 2005 calls came from him: he got the DDM voicemail and PIN number from Greg Miskiw
Goodman turns to another timeline: this is for September 05 Mark Dyers UVN from Clive Goodman – he says info from Greg Miskiw
“Mark Dyer is an equerry to princes William and Harry,” explains Goodman: “he was like a private secretary in everything but name”
Goodman looks at Jamie Lowther Pinkerton timeline: Oct 05 19 to his UVN, 16 from NI landline, 3 from Goodman’s phone
26/10/05 is the beginning of the Lowther Pinkerton hacking: Goodman says he got the PIN and DDM “from that time directly from Glenn Mulcaire
Spens points out these dates precede his guilty plea, and include Mark Dyer, not mentioned in 2006 criminal case.
Spens turns to Jan 06 and Paddy Harvison timeline: 23 hacks, 3 from Goodman, 13 from NI hub, 7 from Mulcaire
“Oh yes” says Goodman to hacking Harvison’s phone. Mulcaire provided numbers and PIN he says.
10/02/05 shows a notebook tasking for Greg and Tom Parker Bowles and “resetting default pin”: email from Goodman to Coulson
Goodman says “I’ve spoken to Maz about Tom P-B” and about new way in via cook book. Coulson replies “yes”
Goodman email to other NOTW says “working on agents and numbers” – “the numbers would be their phone numbers” Weatherup “Good idea”
“Getting Greg to do a few dark arts” says Goodman to Weatherup. He explains can mean “convert into an address… reverse directory”
Two days later: email to Goodman from other NOTW journo “I’ve had a tip Tom Parker Bowles on holiday… any on Sir Michael”
Goodman replies he heard foreign ring tone on phone. Goodman claims he got number from someone on the mail.
March 05 email from Miskiw providing an address for Parker Bowles: call from Goodman 14/02/06 call to Parker Bowles voicemail
Goodman says he was “very briefly” hacking Parker Bowles in Feb 2006, but not in 2005. He got DDN and PIN from Mulcaire
Goodman says “investigations dept” were onto Tom Parker Bowles for months and months: Goodman only involved because of Camilla.
“Greg Miskiw, Mazer Mahmoud and news desk” were conducting this investigation. Goodman says “unfair” to say what it was
Back 10.00 am tomorrow. We’ll finish tomorrow at 2.30 pm

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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