Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 25 Feb

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Rebekah Brooks Defence Continues on Finance at News of the World
Brooks questioned on Budgets and Overspend
Glen Mulcaire Contracts
Affects of 9/11 Attacks
Weekly Budgets
Never heard of Glen Mulcaire
The Milly Dowler Story
Rebekah Brooks question on the use of Mobile Phones and Hacking
Use of mobile phones
Aware of voicemail hacking
Didn’t know it was hacking was illegal
Rebekah Brooks question on the Hacking of Milly Dowlers Phone
Shocked at the hacking of Milly Dowlers phone
Brooks in Dubai when the Milly Dowler story running
Run through of the Milly Dowler Timeline
Mention of Voicemails removed from Milly Dowler article
Kuttner email to Surrey Police

Rebekah Brooks Defence Continues on Finance at News of the World
Brooks questioned on Budgets and Overspend
Back at the #hackingtrial with Rebekah Brooks continuing her defence, questioned by her counsel, Jonathan Laidlaw QC
Laidlaw takes us to a page in his defence bundle: cites a prosecution document – email from Kuttner 12/06/01 to Judy McGuire
Brooks explains Kuttner email: it’s about a purchase of photographs some of which weren’t used.
03/06/01 has follow up email to Brooks from Judy McGuire about pictures desk going over budget.
“The Sunday Magazine had quite a small budget compared to the main newspaper,” Brooks explains about NOTW internal email
“It would have been a constant theme trying to make sense of that overspend,” says Brooks of £1m overspend by NOTW pictures desk in 2001
Brooks goes through another 05/07/01 internal email from Kuttner going through NOTW budget: £247k for Sarah’s Campaign
The “For Sarah – Sarah’s Law Campaign” costs came out of the editorial budget says Brooks.
Actually the budget was £275k for NOTW Sarah’s Law campaign in 2001
Another Kuttner email 14/07/01, two weeks into 2001-2 budget, cited by Laidlaw, going through weekly spending limits at NOTW
Email from Brooks 26/07/01 to Greg Miskiw, David Jarvis (features) and Clare Wood (pictures) listing a series of possible stories on NOTW
“By Thursday night as the editor I’d be checking the stories for the weekend,” Brooks says of her email in 2001.
Same email chain to Geoff Webster and Harry Scott: “No need to read it out, it may be libellous,” says Justice Saunders.
Brooks explains how the email is about MPs taking holidays. The follow up from Brooks refers to the Carvery diary
Paul McCartney is engaged,” writes Harry Scott to Brooks: She replies: “How do you know?” “On PA” Brooks replies “Good”
Laidlaw cites 15/08/01 Kuttner email (seen before) writes to NOTW budget holders about contributor payments.
Glen Mulcaire Contracts
Laidlaw now goes through the two long term contracts for Glenn Mulcaire signed by Greg Miskiw, senior editor under Brooks at NOTW
The contract goes into detail on Mulcaire research assignments: £92k for first year 2001
Brooks explains that at this point Greg Miskiw was an assistant editor at News and Investigations at this point in 2001.
Brooks says she never saw £92k Mulcaire contract “during my editorship” and never head of EuroResearch
“We used a lot of private detectives, so it wouldn’t necessarily rang a bell,” says Brooks of Mulcaire’s Euro Research company.
“The use of private detectives… at that time in Fleet St was pretty normal,” says Brooks of hypothetical reaction had she seen contract
BREAKING Brooks says Mulcaire £94k contract “should have been authorised by me and Stuart Kuttner” but says she never saw it.
The Mulcaire annual payment should have been flagged up, says Brooks. Weekly payments “wouldn’t necessarily come to me”
Brooks on private detectives in 2001: “Because I came up the features route… I didn’t use that many private detectives”
“Across Fleet St and other industries, late 90s to about 2003, there was a lot of use of private detectives,” says Brooks at #hackingtrial
“They do the legwork for journalists,” says Brooks, and uses example of “tracking down paedophiles”
Justice Saunders says of using PIs to track down 5 paedophiles: “You put them on the frontpage and asked if anyone knew where they were”
Affects of 9/11 Attacks
Laidlaw now cites coverage of 9/11 attacks in NOTW in September 2001.
Laidlaw for Brooks goes through emails from Greg Miskiw to James Morgan (in Finance) for “Williams” AKA Mulcaire
22/09/01 Miskiw email to Brooks about footballers in a hotel and behaving in a bad way during 9/11. “Maybe it was Chelsea I can’t remember”
02/10/01 Kuttner email to desk heads, copied to Brooks and Coulson, about rebudgeting in light economic impact of 9/11
11/10/01 Another Kuttner email cc’ed to Brooks: “News International Cost Review” – mentions ad revenue falling and job losses, hiring freeze
“Any rise in paper prices has a huge impact on a newspaper,” Brooks explains of economic climate post 9/11 and fears of global recession
Brooks explains they had to reduce “casual dockets” – temporary employees – in wake of 9/11 attacks.
Brooks explained she needed a new designed in 2001 because she was hoping to launch a NOTW “Lads Mag… a bit like GQ”
Weekly Budgets
Another document goes through the different Weekly Spending Limits – WSLs – of various desk heads at NOTW
Editorial management weekly budget revised in 2001 from £18,845 to £16,840
Documents show the NOTW weekly budget of News and Investigation revised down in 2001 from £41,650 to £37,675
Laidlaw cites a BBC News report saying the fears of a global recession in late October 2001 post 9/11 were dissipating.
November 2001: Kuttner writes to Miskiw about “budget bonus scheme” for first quarter and a cheque for £1k
“It was just a way to incentivize people,” says Brooks of bonus scheme she introduced. Miskiw on budget so no investigation of his spend
Brooks talks about “Bulger Killers” story and restrictions on report Thompson and Venables new lives.
“If they broke their license conditions, that might be something the media could report,” says Brooks of Thompson and Venables in 2001.
Never heard of Glen Mulcaire
“I never heard the name Mulcaire before he was arrested… but Greg might have said it was one of my great contacts,” says Brooks
Brooks emails Bill Akass and Harry Scott on a Saturday night in 2001 about “rivals” front pages
“The bigger the circulation of the papers, the earlier they had to print” Brooks says of Sunday rivals Mirror and Mail
“Match mail on Sunday on Hurley” says Brooks email: she explains this means “Could we take from Mail on Sunday and add it to our piece”
Brooks email 2001 asks whether a NOTW story about “Injured SAS soldier” came “anonymously” and cites another “Sophie” (C of Wessex) story
Another £1k bonus for Miskiw for Kuttner in 2001: Brooks said it’s “possible” this was brought to her attention.
“I don’t particularly remember Greg being the only one to get this bonus,” Brooks says of Miskiw cheque
Now in Feb 2002: Brooks writes to Clare Wood about falls in “ad revenue… I’m taking serious consequences if we don’t make it happen”
“It’s the picture desk again,” Brooks says of a NOTW department over shooting the budget.
March 2002 NOTW budget documents now re-examined by Laidlaw, having been cited by the prosecution previously.
“I had an authorisation for £50k but can’t remember when that came in,” says Brooks. Finance document makes Brooks a category 3
Laidlaw now comes to the subject of Milly Dowler. The jury are given a new bundle.
15 minute break.
The Milly Dowler Story
Back at #hackingtrial after the break: Rebekah Brooks is now addressing the Milly Dower story.
Laidlaw says he will “sketch in the time period” and refers the jury to their timelines
Brooks has various files now on the witness stand – at least three big ring binders. She takes out the Milly Dowler timeline
The amended Dubai times on this new timeline has been agreed by both sides.
Laidlaw picks up the essential features of the chronology: Milly disappears 21/03/02 covered by NOTW 23/03/02
Brooks’ week long holiday began on 07/04/02 in Dubai. Dowler’s voicemail access on or after 10/04/02
13/04/02 The first edition of NOTW citing her voicemails. Brooks returned on 14/04/02. Kuttner emails Surrey police following week.
Saunders adds another date – 12/04/02 – activity in Telford around Milly Dowler.
Rebekah Brooks question on the use of Mobile Phones and Hacking
Use of mobile phones
Brooks is asked by Laidlaw when she first got a mobile telephone: “I think early 90s,” she says.
Brooks thinks journalists would have acquired mobile phones earlier than the general public in the 90s.
“You would have to file your story on a public phone to copy takers… before any mobile phones,” says Brooks of early adoption of mobiles
“I do remember that the industry, compared to some of my pals… it was a unique thing,” says Brooks of mobile phones in early days.
Brooks says she became aware of voicemail messages in “mid 90s maybe a bit later.”
Aware of voicemail hacking
Brooks says she first became aware of voicemail hacking and “factory default setting…. came to my attention by late 90s” #hackingtrial
“There was some publicity about high profile people… by late 90s maybe and definitely early 2000s” says Brooks.
“By the time as deputy editor of the Sun, I don’t remember it being an issue then,” says Brooks of phone hacking in late 90s
BREAKING: Brooks says she was never asked to sanction phone hacking as part of an investigation.
Brooks on phone hacking: “it depends on the kind of story…. is accessing voicemails going to give you the kind of info you require
“I can’t see how accessing voicemails would have helped those stories,” says Brooks of most her big NOTW exclusives like Countess of Wessex
Of usefulness of hacking to desk heads Brooks says: “I suppose the showbusiness dept if it was looking for tittle tattle over a celebrity”
Didn’t know it was hacking was illegal
“At the time… my editorship of NOTW, I don’t think anybody knew it was illegal,” says Brooks of phone hacking 2000-03
“No desk head, no journalist, ever came to me and said… we need to access their voicemails or ask for my sanction,” says Brooks
“Even though I didn’t know it was illegal, anything like that was in the category of invading someone’s privacy,” says Brooks on hacking.
Brooks says she’s “pretty sure” she never heard of RIPA Act (making phone hacking illegal) “until 2006”
Brooks speaks of the editors code being updated to reflect an “industry failure” and how the laws around privacy changed and ECHR article 8
Again Brooks says she never approved phone hacking during her editorship of NOTW.
“I don’t think it was,” says Brooks of any story in NOTW relying on phone hacking.
Brooks talks about Mulcaire’s arrest in 2006 and a piece by David Leigh using phone hacking around an arms dealing investigation
Brooks says she might have considered hacking “if something to do with paedophiles or Sarah Payne’s murder… But it’s a hypothetical”
Brooks now addresses the issue of ‘blagging’ or ‘pretexting’
Brooks says the Countess of Wessex Fake Sheikh operation, or cricket match fixing investigation is “a form of blagging or subterfuge”
“It can be a simple as celebrity reporting ringing up a hotel and pretending to be an assistant,” says Brooks of blagging
Rebekah Brooks question on the Hacking of Milly Dowlers Phone
Shocked at the hacking of Milly Dowlers phone
Brooks says she had nothing to do Glenn Mulcaire’s tasking by Neville Thurlbeck and hacking Milly’s phone.
BREAKING: Brooks says she knew nothing of the NOTW hacking of Milly Dowler‘s phone until “4th July 2011 at 4 O’Clock”
Brooks says she was “shocked” when she first heard in 2011.
Brooks says she was told the voicemails were deleted and “gave her family a false hope she was alive…. it was abhorrent.”
Brooks “Since that time… the voicemails weren’t deleted, and the police knew the voicemails were accessed… told the Dowlers at the time”
“I had other things to contend with at the time,” Brooks says of July 2011
Brooks says a missing schoolgirl story would have been “very important” to her at the time.
Brooks doesn’t agree that because of Sarah’s Law Campaign the Dowler story would have been especially significant.
“When it first broke… the suggestion about Sarah’s Law may have been correct. It’s two years since Sarah had been murdered,” says Brooks
“Sara Payne, and Mike, lived four or five streets away from Mr and Mrs Dowler, it may have been closer,” says Brooks.
“The two missing Surrey schoolgirls,’ says Brooks explaining the connection: “could be… abduction by predatory paedophile”
“You’re both doing fine,” says Justice Saunders in response to Brooks’ apology for not being clear.
“I can’t remember day by day of the developments,” says Brooks “but I remember quick quickly being steered away from predatory paedophile”
“I remember quite early on being told that the police didn’t think this was a case.. of a predatory paedophile abduction,” says Brooks
Brooks says NSPCC and paedophile unit showed that child abuse by strangers is rare – their criticism of Sarah’s Campag
Jury and Brooks is shown a “sensitive” document on the Dowler.
Brooks agrees that the police attention was on Milly’s father at the time
Brooks says this info at the time “had an impact” on her coverage of Milly Dowler: “we took the police’s line.”
“There was a big pushback,” again Sara Payne writing something on Milly (though she lived near Dowlers) .
Brooks in Dubai when the Milly Dowler story running
Brooks says “Andy” was editing the paper on the week she was away in Dubai in early April 2002
Brooks reiterates the hacking of Milly’s phone was never brought to her attention at the time, or any time until July 2011
Laidlaw asks Brooks about her involvement in that edition of NOTW as the “absent editor”
“The IT systems at NI were never the strongest point of the company,” says Brooks of difficulty accessing emails in 2002.
“I remember using business centres, to dial into system, a key tag… it was laborious, quite slow,” says Brooks of accessing NI servers.
“Email was not as easy as phone calls and texts,” says Brooks of 2002.
“Whenever I went on holiday, my PA Cheryl would always know where I was…. I’d always have my mobile with me,” says Brooks #hackingtrial
“It would be the latter half… around Thursday, Friday, Saturday,” Brooks says “that would be the kind of contact I’d expect” as NOTW ed
“I can hazard a guess,” says Brooks of her calls at the time, depending on who the call was to and when back in 2002.
Brooks “Looking at the newspaper itself, the edition of the 14th, I can put together… the kind of things I would have want to have known”
“I would have been quite interested in the Michael Greco buy up, I was on holiday with Ross, And Michael a colleague of his,” says Brooks
“I do remember it was a very expensive property,” says Brooks of Greco story. They’d been in a bidding war with other papers.
“He and Ross shared a publicity agent… I’d secured the deal before I left,” says Brooks of Greco story.
“I don’t remember a specific example,” Brooks says of Dowler story at the time: “There might have been an update… I don’t remember”
Brooks explains the Michael Greco story was a joint deal with Sun: Les Hinton would get annoyed at bidding wars between NOTW and the Sun
Brooks says she cannot remember the NOTW investigation in Telford: “I think I would remember if I got a call saying we found Milly Dolwer:
Brooks says she remembers no discussion with police about voicemail left on Milly’s phone.
“Ross and I were in a good place at the time,” says Brooks of 2002. “Andy and I were always close… we were good friends at the time.”
Brooks says there was no physical intimacy with Andy Coulson at the time of the Dubai trip in April 2002
Run through of the Milly Dowler Timeline
We move on to the NOTW Milly article on 24/04/02 – a week after the first.
The NOTW from 23/04/02 edition covers Russell Crowe. Milly story on page 25.
“It’s a very small story… way back in the paper,” says Brooks. “Because of distance of time I can’t remember when given steer by police.”
“Presumably we have nothing on potential missing Surrey schoolgirl at this stage,” says Brooks of this edition of NOTW.
Brooks has to move two bottles of water out the way to compare timelines with two other files.
The jury have a note for the judge.
The jury note is about a page inaccuracy. Edis explains it’s not an error.
“Well spotted again,” says Justice Saunders of misattributed page noticed by the jury at the #hackingtrail
“Please Come Home Darling” article from page 15 of NOTW shown to jury – this is the 2g – second edition 24/03/02
“Everyone is quite right about everything, and on that happy note we might break till 5 past two,” says Justice Saunders.
Back at #hackingtrial in a chilly over air conditioned court room all say. Often too hot down here in the annex
We’re now onto the 26/03/02 in Milly Dowler timeline.
This is the Tuesday before 31/03/02 NOTW article – Milly comes up at Brooks’ conference with desk heads.
Milly story is number 3: “At the top of the list are new things coming in,” says Brooks. “Where there was a development it went up the list”
By the wednesday 28/03/03 “Milly Murder” at position no 2. “It changed to murder… I don’t know why,” says Brooks.
Now to the Thursday 28/03/02 NOTW news list: “Milly’s Murder” still is 2nd place.
29/03/02 Friday Afternoon list at NOTW: “Milly Murder” has fallen back on list.
30/03/02 email from Kuttner to Fran Goodman, Clive’s sister, and was chief sub at the NOTW. “She’s brilliant,” says Brooks.
Email from Kuttner is draft version of leaders about 2pm on 30/03/02: touches on Naomi Campbell’s case, and Dowler family “agony”
Sara and Sarah Payne are mentioned in this draft NOTW leader about Dowler family anguish on 30/03/02 Jury shown newspaper file for 31/03/02
Front page of 31/03/02 NOTW is ‘Queen Mum is Dead’ – she died on the Saturday. “Massive impact on the paper,” says Brooks.
Pages 1-7 of that NOTW edition dominated by Queen Mother’s death, with additional pull out section. Milly story on pp’s 21-23
Brooks thinks there’s “nothing obvious” at this point she had a ‘steer’ from the police away from Sarah Payne style stranger abduction
“Presumably we were given it by police,” says Brooks of letter that steered her away from stranger abduction of Milly Dowler in 2002
The following week 03/04/02 ‘Missing Milly’ is top of the Thursday NOTW news schedule. “Dando Killer” at number two – it makes NOTW splash
At the end of this third quarter into 2002, Miskiw, Judy McGuire and Gary Thompson are both given bonuses for keeping under weekly limits
Dando Killer, Queen Mother and Milly story lead the NOTW news schedule on the Friday in April 2002
07/04/02 edition of NOTW – Brooks says she edited it. Jill Dando and Barry George story is on the front page.
On pages 10 and 11 of NOTW that Sunday is the Milly Dowler story.
07/04/02 the police have released CCTV images: “the ‘steer’ wouldn’t have been released to the press for obvious reasons”
Brooks talks about Rachel MacClean story and boyfriend making a public appeal: “reporters knew already he was their number one suspect”
“I wouldn’t have gone on holiday if I thought it was a Sarah’s Law situation,” says Brooks of Dowler that weekend.
“We’d be helping the police as much as we could,” says Brooks. “It could be the beginnings of their provisional belief it was closer to home
Jury are shown Brooks’ desk diary for 07/04/02 showing ‘Holiday’ entered by Cheryl Carter.
Brooks says she travelled on the Sunday to Dubai, but can’t remember the time.
“By this point in 2002 we had quite a lot of the legislation for Sarah’s Law,” says Brooks, but there was still a long way to go.
Brooks said she would have cancelled holiday if the story was moving in Sarah Payne direction: she regularly cancelled holidays.
“I flew back from a holiday during Soham,” says Brooks of breaking stories interrupted her holidays.
“Ross liked Dubai,” says Brooks: “That would be a reason to go there. We were going to get married… we may have been looking for…”
Brooks says she and Ross Kemp went to Dubai several times. This definitely wasn’t the first.
Brooks remembers William Hennessy and Dean Keyworth having to change hotels in Dubai. “I think I had met Dean before,” she says.
“I think he was an old school friend of Andy’s,” says Brooks of Keyworth. But had “definitely not” met William Hennessy.
Brooks says “I do remember meeting Dean” in Dubai that week in April 2002
“It seems quite a lot of time,” says Brooks of 5-6 hour meeting with Keyworth and Hennessy, but says it could have happened.
Of being on the phone 50% of that time, Brooks says “when I see the phone records it does look like I was on the phone a lot”
As to Hennessy’s evidence that Brooks had to talk to someone “about the missing Surrey girl” Brooks says “I can’t remember but it’s possible
“It would be more normal for me to say their name…. ‘I have to go and talk about Milly Dowler… (not) ‘Missing Surrey schoolgirl’ Brooks
“Because Sarah’s Law was quite controversial, people would often bring it up with me. I got into pattern of…. defending it quite strongly”
Laidlaw adduces an email message from Emma Hardy, Coulson’s PA, “effectively the editor’s PA when you’re away”
Brooks says “pretty much every department and deputies” addressed in internal NOTW “think tank” email about “4 core readers” on 16/04/02
“At the Sun there was a promotion for… a caravan park holiday for £9.50. Incredibly popular promotion the Sun” cross promoted at NOTW
“I thought it would be a good if…. me and my executives went on a £9.50 holiday… 2 million readers, incredibly popular” says Brooks.
“I did it every year at the Sun” says Brooks of this think tank at £9.50 holiday.
Brooks says she would have had “very little knowledge” of these Tuesday 09/04/02 NOTW editorial discussions when she was in Dubai.
Call billings show Brooks making lots of calls to her voicemail from Dubai that Tuesday.
Jury shown 09/04/02 Brooks billing details – 5 voicemail checks.
Wednesday 10/04/02 ‘Missing Milly’ now half way down the NOTW news story list. Thurlbeck tasks Mulcaire with Dowler number.
Thursday 11/04/02 Missing Milly still on the NOTW news list. On voicemail access by Brooks on 10th, on 11th several calls and texts
There are three incoming texts to Brooks’ phone on the 11th. Call to Kemp’s agents at the Artist Rights Group
There’s a call at 12.44 to the editor’s desk in London: “Andy would move into editor’s office when I’m away. His PA would move with him”
Brooks calls Dave Reid the publicity agent soon after that day: “Putting 2 and 2 together… that weekend we had the Michael Greco,”
Brooks on call to McGuire: “Judy is the editor of the Sunday magazine and very good friend of mine… more likely to be personal”
Brooks calls the editor’s office and the Artist Rights Group on that Thursday: “Not at all unusual,” she says of number of calls
Friday 12/04/02 Milly still on NOTW schedule: 12 calls that day by Brooks from Dubai. 3 to editors desk. One for 30 mins.
There are also four texts to Andy Coulson on 12/04/03
“It’s Friday evening,” says Brooks of 40 min call to editor’s desk: “Usually the time to check in”
“You can talk through any issues that have come up… the main stories, promotions and marketing. Arguments with management.” Brooks says
“Rather than talk through every story blow by blow,” Brooks says the call could be about “balance” in the NOTW.
“By the time I left NI we had a system call Karma, and we could see the newspapers as they were being built,” says Brooks.
“It was much easier to keep in touch with visual look of paper… back then it wouldn’t have been easy or possible,” says Brooks
On 12/04/02 Thurlbeck contacted the recruitment agency in Telford. Hacking of Milly’s phone must have happened by now.
Brooks says she would have told any journalist who had a lead about Milly Dowler at that point: “Tell the police”
“The parents… you’d want to tell them immediately,” says Brooks of any info on Milly Dowler. She says she wouldn’t hold onto for a story
That Friday afternoon UK time there are four texts from/to Andy Coulson 12/04/03 – not clear yet which
3 calls to the editorial desk that Friday evening 12/04/02 “I’m ringing the front bench… for a run through of.. what they were running”
10 minute break
Saturday 13/04/02 moving between calls and timeline: two morning calls to editor’s desk.
These are both calls to the back bench – Harry Scott’s desk at NOTW.
A 20 minute call to the editor’s desk around noon. Brooks says there were conferences around 11 am.
Brooks says she’s “assuming… I’m ringing in to get an update from my deputy… it would have been a good time. “
At this point on Sat 13/04/02 there’s an email from Ian Kirby about KRM: “Keith is the late man this evening” – was Kirby’s deputy.
Main stories of the day on the Saturday 13/04/02 are listed on this email. Brooks says she could get emails through laptop.
“Rupert Murdoch would always ring his Sunday editors on a Saturday evening… what would be in the paper tomorrow,” Brooks says.
“It could be any time around the first edition,” Brooks says of the Murdoch’s call. “Particularly the budget coming up following week”
Brooks calls her mum, and Daresbury properties that afternoon.
A text from Brooks at 21.04 (UK time) to Armstrong and Keyworth, then to Coulson 4 mins later, a text back from Coulson.
“Not particularly” says Brooks to a question about what she remembers. But it may be about the meeting with Coulson’s friend Keyworth.
“Somehow we managed to meet up for a drink,” says Brooks of Keyworth text. Justice Saunders suggests jury add this to the timeline.
That Saturday evening there’s a short call of 15 seconds to the Editor’s desk around 9.15 pm. Rival papers come in. Murdoch might call
Laidlaw goes through the three editions of the Dowler story: 1st around 7pm “Milly Hoax Riddle: Message on Mobile Probed” by Rob Kellaway
Article sets out the voice mail messages “Hello Mandy” and tone of voice on Milly’s voicemail
On page 9 of 2G – second edition of NOTW – the byline has changed but the article is the same. This is main selling edition.
2nd Edition around 9pm. 3rd edition around 11 pm on 13/04/02 the message on Milly Dowler‘s phone is omitted from NOTW article.
By the time of third edition, a SBS story has bumped the Dowler story back.
Mention of Voicemails removed from Milly Dowler article
BREAKING: Brooks says she had no part to play in any of the changes to the Dowler story which omitted references to voicemails
Brooks returned on the Sunday 14th from Dubai but “there’s no record” of what time that day.
Laidlaw cites a £1000 plus list of costs “Missing Milly” is billed for £2k under editorial budget: a contingency fund. Brooks never seen doc
Brooks explains a Circulation, losses and lateness report which shows where NOTW missed sales because of late delivery
Brooks cannot recall what she on that Monday she returned from Dubai, except a Monday think tank at £9.50 Caravan Park holiday with readers
“The diary says Think Tanks so I assume that’s what I was doing… the majority were away from the office,” says Brooks.
Brooks says she would read a paper published in her absence.
“We lived in Battersea, so we got the late editions delivered to the house,” says Brooks of the Dowler story.
Brooks says she would have only read the third edition of NOTW when she was away.
Brooks explains the “streets” edition which would spoof the front page to stop MoS “matching” the story.
The third edition of NOTW was the big seller says Brooks, because it has final football match analysis
“I would have scanned through… rather than read every single line…” says Brooks of NOTW paper. “I may have noticed it was a new picture”
“I’m on page 30, I’m scanning through the book. I’ve got all the other papers to read. Quite a big job to read them all,” says Brooks
Brooks says she wasn’t back at the Wapping Office till the Wednesday 17/04/02 because of think tank at Caravan Park.
Missing Milly is at 5th position now in NOTW news schedule. Another email from Ian Kirby, political ed with Chancellor “budget information”
“I probably watch it in my office,” says Brooks of budget. “I do remember this increase in national insurance.”
This is a document the defence has introduced from prosecution disclosure.
“I remember quite a few meetings with Gordon Brown about this rise,” says Brooks of 1% NI rise hypothecated to NHS
By the thursday 18/04/02 Missing Milly story is half way down the news schedule of NOTW. Moves up and down on the Friday 19/04/02
Kuttner email to Surrey Police
On Friday 19/04/02 16.04 Kuttner emails Sarah McGregor at Surrey Police about Milly story – not copied to anyone else.
Brooks says Kuttner email was never drawn to her attention, nor it’s content “No, I don’t think so.”
Brooks says she was at a friend’s hen weekend, she says on the 20/04/02 but worked most of Saturday until first edition.
Jane Moore was the ‘hen’ at that hen weekend abroad. “From memory hen weekend started on Saturday and ended on a Monday… afternoon”
Brooks does not recall seeing a second email from Kuttner: she doesn’t remember the contents “not at the time, no”
21/04/02 edition of NOTW has another Milly story marked ‘Exclusive’ “though sometimes exclusive is overused,” says Brooks.
“It stands to reason this was the story on the newslist for the preceding few days,” Brooks says of Dowler story on 21/04/02
Rebekah Brooks replies to Bob Bird email on that Saturday: “Sven is good” talks about top line for Scottish edition.
‘Missing Milly” still on NOTW news list following Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: falls down and then promoted on 26/04/02.
NOTW Milly article on 28/04/02 talks about ‘testing’. A some point before this story “the steer came through it was closer to home”
“At some point the police interviewed… Mr Dowler…. There was a moment the police put the white tents over the house,” says Brooks.
“We were being briefed about the backstory on this,” says Brooks about the NOTW story on the 28/04/02.
Dowler story on news list on 01/05/02: email discusses the reward. “Stuart Kuttner would often deal with the police on this kind of thing”
“If they knew what really happened, the reward would cause confusion….. the police would receive too many crank calls…” says Brooks
Sorry – Laidlaw got it wrong – this is 1st of May not June. 01/05/02
The Dowler reward turned into a shared reward with the Sun. 05/04/02 there’s a two page colour spread on the NOTW reward.
NOTW article 12/05/02 Retracing Milly’s last steps 23/06/02 Milly still missing, appeal for information: September Milly’s body recovered.
Saunders explains he cannot sit on Friday March 7th. (He says May by mistake and is corrected). Back tomorrow at 10 am

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 21 Feb

Links: The Trial So Far | Full Trial Summary | Indexed Evidence | Breaking News

5 thoughts on “Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 25 Feb

  1. It was interesting how the Sarah Payne law and Milly Dowler were connected in Brooks’ mind and journalistic practice.

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