Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 25 Feb

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Rebekah Brooks Defence Continues on Finance at News of the World
Brooks questioned on Budgets and Overspend
Glen Mulcaire Contracts
Affects of 9/11 Attacks
Weekly Budgets
Never heard of Glen Mulcaire
The Milly Dowler Story
Rebekah Brooks question on the use of Mobile Phones and Hacking
Use of mobile phones
Aware of voicemail hacking
Didn’t know it was hacking was illegal
Rebekah Brooks question on the Hacking of Milly Dowlers Phone
Shocked at the hacking of Milly Dowlers phone
Brooks in Dubai when the Milly Dowler story running
Run through of the Milly Dowler Timeline
Mention of Voicemails removed from Milly Dowler article
Kuttner email to Surrey Police

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