Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 30 Jan

Thursday 30 January 2014

The Prosecution Case Continues
Counsel for Andy Coulson continues his cross examination of Dan Evans
Dan Evans changes testimony on Sienna Miller
Evans apologises for his evidence on Sienna Miller message
Evans says he wanted to get caught
Coulson questions being in office when Evans plays tape
Evans cross-examined on making a copy of the tape
Evans to return for more cross-examination

The Prosecution Case Continues
Counsel for Andy Coulson continues his cross examination of Dan Evans
Timothy Langdale QC is back cross examining Dan Evans on the issue of “special checks” and whether that tracing agents or phone hacking
Evans: “the way X used special checks… simply referred to voicemail interception. That’s how he meant it.”
Langdale says; “If he referred to this is an email, he’s given the game away hasn’t he?” Evans: “X was blase, even naive at times.”
Langdale, counsel for Coulson, asks about Evan’s memory. “I did hack thousands of voicemails when I was at NOTW”
Langdale suggests Dan Evans has only remembered the Miller tearful message when shown email in 2011
“I’ve been thinking very hard about this… I’ve got a nagging feeling it might be Sienna Miller‘s sister leaving a message,” says Evans
“I thought was it Sienna or a sister of hers,” Evans. “I don’t have a total perfect recall of things years ago. I want to get this right.”
“My evidence amounts to about 60 thousand words, maybe more,” says Dan Evans about the ‘tearful voicemail’ to Kelly Hoppen.
Dan Evans changes testimony on Sienna Miller
BREAKING: Dan Evans changes his testimony over the tearful voicemail on Kelly Hoppen’s phone: may be Sienna Miller‘s sister not her
Langdale for Coulson takes Evans back to his written witness statements over the Sienna Miller Kelly Hoppen hack
Evans is taken back to his witness statement from 09/09/13: he refers to email from NOTW staff and “Sienna Miller leaves tearful message”
Evans is referred back to another witness statement under the SOCPA regime – an interview from 08/09/13 – day before
“The inside stuff from the Kelly Hoppen stuff.. which was from memory Sienna leaving a tearful message, and seeking support,” says Evans
“It was a multi-page process for each statement,” Dan Evans explains to Justice Saunders.
“Without being flustered, when my mind was relaxed, apply to myself the question…First and foremost it was a hack”
“My evidence is reliable about this. There was a tearful message. Trying to flag up to everyone today… perhaps it was her sister.” Evans
“I don’t have 20-20 recall on this… Guys. I apologise is anyone feels misled.” says Evans
Evans still asserts that this “special check” was a hack of Hoppen’s voicemail. “I picked up a voicemail, made inferences from it.”
Evans addresses the anomaly of the email to Coulson: this could have been an elaboration by intermediary “often happens in newspapers”
“You perpetuated the same inaccuracy,” says Langdale. “Which sister?” Evans mentions Savannah and Natasha.
“I don’t remember the voice mail… no doubt the key matter, I hacked Kelly Hoppen’s voicemail. And a key piece of Sienna Miller related”
“I think I’ve spoken pretty honestly about this,” says Evans. Saunders intervenes. “How many sisters?” “I was thinking of Savannah”
“If you were hacking this message, it was clearly Sienna Miller in your mind,” says Langdale. “Not necessarily…” says Evans
“This is a tabloid newspaper… not every quote is nailed as the truth. When it says ‘a source says’ it’s just made up,” says Evans of NOTW
“I would editorialise a bit about sisters closing ranks around the love rat. Four of five paras of editorialised tabloid fluff,” Evans says
“I’ve chosen to be completely transparent here… this is the way it works in a tabloid newspaper,” says Evans of his NOTW Miller piece
“We rewrite…. we sanitise… I’m a bit embarrassed about it.” Evan. “I’m going to go through every word of this,” says Langdale. “Good.”
“I understand it’s tempting to argue,” says Saunders to Evans. “Just listen to questions and answers.”
Dan Evans does not remember another source for his Miller tearful story. If it had been, it would have been written by another journo
As for a line about Miller family “laying on tea and sympathy” was inspired by phone hacking.
Evans tells court that tabloid journalism is often “what would have been said…. tabloid fluff, never intended to be forensic analysis”
“I’ve been dealing with the email evidence and 60 thousand other words that goes to detail of many things,” Evans says of anomalies.
Evans explains he wouldn’t need TDI to check ages – he’d get that from cuttings.
Langdale quotes another passage from Evans 2005 article: “a bit of ‘friends said’ quottery”
“I can only tell you what I know, we can go round in circles for ever, if that’s what you want to do, we can do that.” says Evans
“I’m testing your evidence with these questions,” says Langdale. “I understand”
Evans says it another journalist was the main source they would have got the byeline on the NOTW piece.
Evans attributes another quote as “what would she have said” when Langdale challenges that info couldn’t have been from phone hack
“That passage might have been just you, making it up”? asks Langdale of Evans of his NOTW.
“You were capable of using a voicemail hack… as the basis of a substantial piece,” Langdale asks. “Stories need to be stood up.”
“Newspapers made educated punts on what’s likely to get sued if they publish,” says Evans
“When X wrote ‘Good inside stuff from the Kelly Hoppen stuff” all he meant from that was your voicemail?” asks Langdale.
Evans says that from the Kelly Hoppen phone hack it wasn’t unreasonable to Miller seeking support from the women in her life
Langdale asks about the other source “a friend added Natasha’s been in close contact” – is that the product of the hack?
“It could be partly through cut(ting)s, partly through hacks… all predicated on a message left on Kelly Hoppen’s phone,” says Evans
Evans goes through 1.30 minutes voicemails: “I don’t know why you seem incredulous something significant could have been left.”
“A minute and a half is certainly long enough to do it,” says Evans of Kelly Hoppen hack. He attributes Sol Campbell info to “cuts”
On a para about the NOTW story “rest of the family not being so generous” Evans said he “popped it in”
Evans apologises for his evidence on Sienna Miller message
“This document jogged my memory…. after many many years and thousands of hacks… Sorry if I mispoke my evidence.”
Evans doesn’t know if it was Sienna or her sister he confirms to Justice Saunders; he’s got a “nagging doubt” it wasn’t.
Edis asks to see a document produced by Langdale: calls to ELI (trace agents) from Evans over the course of that July 2005
The call data shows calls to ELI and hacks of Daniel Craig.
Langdale focuses on the timing of an internal email. The calls from NI cannot be attributed to any single person at NOTW.
Calls 22/07/05 to 26/08/05 to ELI are detailed in this billing data from NI hub phone.
Langdale hones in some mobile calls from Dan Evans to ELI
Evans says an NI hub call on 22nd September is a hack or attempted hack of Daniel Craig or Sienna Miller. Other ELI calls
“ELI were used routinely for myriad targets,” says Evans of his call to inquiry agents used to source personal info
Call data goes to October 2005: details more hacks of Daniel Craig‘s phone
Saunders looks at the inconsistent timing on the call data – one says 98 seconds rather than 1 min 38 secs.
Langdale goes back to an email called ‘updates” sent from another NOTW employee to various including Andy Coulson: terrorism, big brother
Most have been redacted. The rest of the email details observations of Sienna Miller‘s movements in October 2005
Dan Evans is referred by Langdale to another NOTW piece bylined to two other journalists about ‘Crunch talks’ between Law and Miller
Evans is asked about “a source close to Jude Law” in other article, and a “seething Sienna”: “a show biz source says….”
Dan Evans says he had some input into the other NOTW article. “Inspired by…” voicemail hacks from him he says.
Monday 18th July, Evans says he’d be out of the office. A double tap hack might have failed because “she probably picked up the phone”
Evans says he wanted to get caught
“You seem to be a rather risk hacker,” says Langdale. “By this point of time I didn’t really care much,” says Evans: “I wanted to get caught
“You might say in a kind of weird way I wanted to get caught,” says Evans of his recklessness in phone hacking in 2005
Langdale asks about Dennis Owen – Evans former common in law father in law. “Has he been attending court building with you?” Langdale
“Have you discussed your evidence with him?” Langdale. Evans: “Yes. In so far as…How did it go? It was tough?
“I spoke to him about my doubt this morning…” says Evans. “He said you ought to tell the court.”
Back after a short break. Sorry I should have warned you.
Langdale cites a piece from the ‘Mirror’ (he doesn’t say which) relating to Daniel Craig and Jude Law story
Langdale takes Evans through a series of newspaper articles from September 2005.
14/09/05 piece from ‘People’ cited by Langdale about Law and Miller
“Daily Star is a notoriously dodgy paper,” says Evans of parallel speculation about Miller and Law in another tabloid
Evans describes the Daily Star as a “nest of inaccuracies” when taken through contemporary coverage of Law, Miller and Craig
Langdale goes through another email for the “picture side of things” from NOTW. Email from Weatherup cited about a wedding
Email to Goodman from same time about whether Jude Law had turned up a Savannah’s wedding also cited by Langdale for Coulson.
Evans talks about a “Campaign targets with contact details” email: it would get in touch with people over the 7/7 campaign
“Nothing to do with hacking,” Evans agrees. But a list of people for him to contact over 7/7 campaign.
Email from Taylor to Coulson about Archie Keswick and Sienna Miller with heading “please legal” cited by Langdale.
Langadale cites emails about “pics of Sienna at Savannah’s wedding”: Kelly Hoppen, Archie mentioned. Other coverage analysed.
“What?” asks Langdale. “I remember having a conversation with Taylor about Andy Coulson and phone hacking,” says Evans out of the blue
Langdale moves onto other ‘splashes’ Evans wrote around the time: he recalls Lineker’s divorce among a couple of others
“Is that something you would have taken note of at the time?” asks Langdale about the Sunday Mirror. Evans conceded he might have read
“My skim reading of newspapers years ago is very difficult,” says Evans of other coverage of Miller/Law affair in 2005
“I wouldn’t necessarily have read it because I didn’t live in Ireland,” says Evans of being shown a Daily Mirror Irish edition
Langdale goes back to an email Dan Evans received saying he should “jump off a cliff” – an “excoriating email” about lack of stories
Evans says: “I was routinely hacking Daniel Craig at the time… him and Kate Moss made a splash in Mirror.”
Langdale says there was no excoriating email to him from NOTW about not getting stories. Evans replies: “There emphatically was”
Evans agrees he had a direct dial number for Craig: “I can’t think of anyone else who had a direct dial number” (Straight to his voicemail)
Evans says he would have hacked Daniel Craig through a hub phone. But Langdale says he wouldn’t have done on Sunday and Monday
Evans corrects Langdale on the brand of his phone: “It’s easy to forget things.”
“On that day I don’t remember,” says Evans of which method he used to hack Daniel Craig in September 2005
“The main thing is I would have hacked a direct dial from a hub phone,” says Evans. He recollects getting the Jude Law message.
“Is it right then you did not use you home landline to hack Daniel Craig?” asks Langdale. “I don’t know – I might have done.”
“You ask me which handset I used to hack a phone nine years ago,” says Evans: “I got into his phone messages by a double tap I can’t recall”
Langdale asks Evans that he would surely use the direct dial number. Evans says “not necessarily”.
“I remember it because of the relief I felt when I got it ‘Thank you'” says Evans of Sienna Miller message left on Craig’s phone: 10-15 sec
Evans says he identified Miller partly from context “I’m in Groucho’s with Jude” and a number he had in his palm pilot.
Saunders clarifies that the number in Evans palm pilot (when reclaimed by police) was one Miller didn’t have till a later date.
“The point is I knew it was Sienna Miller on the phone,” says Evans
“I would have taken the number and cross referenced it,” says Evans of identifying the message left by Miller.
“Just take a deep breath and concentrate for a bit,” says Saunders to Evans.
“You said… you would have checked the number in your palm pilot,” says Langdale. “That’s what I would have routinely done.
Langdale asserts that Monday was the first time Evans had said he’d checked the Miller number. Saunders says that can be checked.
Evans is asked if he hacked Sienna Miller: “I would have had a good go…” though he doesn’t remember doing it.
“Presumably you did it in July?” asks Langdale. “That’s your presumption…. I don’t recall doing it.” says Evans of hacking Miller
Evans explains his modus operandi skipping through messages and recording: ‘How long did it take?” “As long as it took to play..”
“It was never going to be used in a court of law… about 8-10 seconds,” Evans says of recording the message.
Langdale asks if the recording Dan Evans made of Miller on Craig’s phone was “on a tape that contained other material”: “yes it was.”
“What else did it contain?” asks Langdale. “Innocent stuff…. we were asked to record stuff at NOTW all the time,” says Evans
Evans says the rest of the stuff on the Miller tape he was intending to keep. Is asked if he often played tapes to other NOTW staff
“It was on my machine.. I played X a few times different stuff,” says Evans of his taped hacked voicemail message of Miller’s
Evans is asked what time of day he got in – he said he played the tape immediately, before conference.
Evans said he would have played the Miller message a few times: he claims two NOTW journos present.
“”How many times did you play it in total?” asks Langdale. “I don’t know…. 2 or 3 times… till confident enough to go to Andy.”
“Is it right that… mobilising resources straight away including tracing agents,” asks Langdale of NOTW reaction. “I would have routinely”
“We would have mobilised resources,” say Evans. He doesn’t specifically remember contacting inquiry agents.
Statement from Evans talks about initiating “tracing agents…. photographers… tabloid style.”
“Nothing of any consequence started on Tuesday 27th,” says Langdale: “What do you say to that?”
“I put it to you that nothing of any significance happened that Tuesday,” says Langdale. “Bring it on,” says Evans.
“Let’s bring it on at five past two,” says Saunders.
Back with #hackingtrial and the continuing cross examination of former NOTW journalist Dan Evans, by Timothy Langdale QC, for Andy Coulson
“We’re going back to time when you played the tape and (NOTW journo) mobilised resources… and you claim of incontrovertible truth.”
Evans talks about how Miller was out with Jude Law and left message to Craig “I love you” as “incontrovertible.”
Evans talks about putting together cuttings, liaising with other journos, assessing the movements of the parties, immediately after tape
“All I know it was later in the day, pretty dark outside” when Coulson arrived says Evans. “Are you saying after sunset?”
“It was a twilightly day,” says Evans. “It could have been dark day..”
Coulson questions being in office when Evans plays tape
BREAKING: “Mr Coulson wasn’t in the office that day… wasn’t even in London that day,” Langdale says of talking to Coulson.
“My recollection was it was the same day,” says Evans. “It’s what you’ve always said in every statement,” says Langdale.
“In your evidence you made it clear,” says Langdale. “That was my memory,” says Evans. “Possibilities of forgetting or not?” asks Saunders
“Perhaps it was the following day, later in the day,” says Evans. “It does alter the fact the playing tape… and remarks made… happened.”
“How can you explain that was the following day?” says Langdale. “If this had happened you could not have forgotten what day?”
“I remember it being after going to x, dusky twilightly outside, I played a tape to them… certainly salient elements are clear in my mind”
“Given that I saw X and Andy there…. they were both present” Evans. “Stop… this becoming comment,” says Saunders of Langdale follow up
“My memory isn’t clear of exactly when it happened, but happen it did” says Evans: “Happened in course of early part of the week.”
Sienna Miller wasn’t in the Groucho that Saturday…. and you did not hack Daniel Craig on the Sunday or Monday” Evans: “Yes, I did.”
“You’re sticking with that, are you? That you did hack him the Sunday or possibly or the Monday?” asks Langdale.
“I gave it to X at the earliest opportunity,” says Evans. “So that would have been a Tuesday.”
Langdale brings out a schedule of call data for numbers from Dan Evans palm pilot number for D Craig’s number.
“Why were you hacking him,” asks Langdale of Evans’ hacks of D Craig: “To get a story,” says Evans.
“There seems to be no hacking this Saturday or Sunday,” points out Langdale. “I had other handsets… can’t say for certain.”
“This is not a call record of all the mobiles I would have had access to at the time,” says Evans. “I would have used a mobile phone.”
Langdale points out that Evans hacked Daniel Craig on the Tuesday 27th. “What was it you obtained in that 4 mins 17 seconds?”
“Until you just reminded me now, I wouldn’t have known I had done it. It was perfectly normal,” says Evans of Tuesday Craig hack.
“Might have been a bunch of messages…. it was a live scenario… case of monitoring information…. I don’t remember. What can I say?”
“This number… is the number of his phone not his voice mail messaging,” says Langdale. “Why did you use the mobile phone?” asks Saunders
“If there’s a word of truth in that Mr Craig (think Langdale means Evans) what’s going on with all these hacks going into his phone?”
“I was probably thinking it’s best not to go through to his mobile through a hub phone,” says Evans of hacking Craig through risky method
Evans says that it’s only safer until someone detects a call on the direct dial number. “Why did you not use direct route in,” asks Langdale
“Maybe his phone was off and I didn’t need to do it,” says Evans. “He’s given an explanation,” intervenes Saunders.
Langdale asks how Evans was hacking Craig shortly after he’d door stepped him? “I was generally keep an eye on voicemail account”
“He’d presumably been on the phone to his lawyer, Sienna… possibly they would have left a voicemail message,” says Evans of post doorstep
“I was looking for any messaging that might have come through….” says Evans.
Three more hacks the next Tuesday 4th October, another early on the 5th.
“When was the Jude Law voice message,” asks Langdale. “Pretty shortly after that… this might not be definitive list of hacks,’ says Evans
Evans says that without further information he can’t identify the hack that gleaned the message from Jude Law to Daniel Craig.
Evans says he’d need the date another NOTW journalist went to the PR agent to find the precise date of his hack
More hacks on 12th and 13th of October 2005: “You can take it as read (these are hacks),” says Evans. List goes on till Feb following year
Langdale notes all hack on schedule after Feb 06 are from NI hub phone – and not from his mobile.
“It’s eminently like I was, for most of this time, I was using both,” of mobile phone and NI hub hacks of Daniel Craig through 2006
“You don’t seem to have the direct dial data.” Evans points out of call schedule.
Langdale asks why late spring and summer Evans seems to use his mobile for hacking; “I was out and about more often,” says Evans
Saunders points out the 8th August a significant date – the arrest of Mulcaire.
Evans says there would be evidence of hacks to direct dial line – not present in court.
“You’ve said that a number of times,” says Langdale of Evans’ claim Coulson was there when tape played: “Because it’s true.”
Evans says it was unusual that Coulson would listen to this in open. “It was at x’s desk…” he claims.
Evans cross-examined on making a copy of the tape
“There’s not a word of truth in that is there, Mr Evans?” says Langdale about Evan’s claim Coulson aske for copy, and shouted out for jiffy
“What was the point of that?” asks Langdale. “There is an understanding, this is illegal, dodgy, hooky… we’re all in it together.”
Evans explains the copy was to ‘sanitise’ the tape and to play it: “Here it is Sienna, what do you think of that?”
Langdale says “Fleet St is a very leaky place… how did it make any sense for the editor of NOTW to be broadcasting this?”- tape sanitising
“He would have felt safe in that environment…” says Evans of Coulson’s demands to copy tape and sanitise it.
“On the exact day in question I don’t know who was in the office,” says Evans of the day he made the copy.
Edis intervenes and asks Langdale to read the whole statement to end of the sentence and then asks a question.
“Can I just find out what question he’s answering,” says Justice Saunders of Langdale’s list of names of NOTW journos
Evans statement names a list of NOTW who would have typically been present at this tape copy moment, cannot specifically remember which
“Does that make any sense to you,” Langdale asks about arrival of copied tape. “Strange things turned up at NOTW from time to time
Evans said he put the tape in the Jiffy bag. Doesn’t know if anyone else wrote on it. Probably rubbed with his shirt to rub off prints
“Did you say in police statement that you picked up the tape with a hanky?” Langdale. “That precaution was taken.” Evans: “I believe so”
“I know this is a stressful situation, but would you mind answering the question?” says Saunders to Evans about who delivered tape.
“I was told to Andy’s office, presumably to a safe, I never saw the safe.” says Evans of tape “whether that safe in his office I don’t know”
“There was no safe in Andy’s office,” points out Langdale. Evans cites another safe nearby.
“The editor’s safe was legendary,” said Evans in statement. “There was a NOTW safe… it was the stuff of legend.”
“The editors safe was regarded as a place where all kinds of stories were buried… It may be the safe that X had. I never saw the safe”
“Is this not just another example of fiction, of story telling by you?” asks Langdale. “It isn’t… I was simply told it was going into safe
“He was the editor… he had control of what went into it. Wherever it was located, it was the editor’s safe,” says Evans of legendary safe
Evan says of dictaphone he “probably stamped on it” – the new dictaphone Saunders establishes. “I only did it on this specific occasion”
“This seemed to be very important.. he was very cagey, very careful… he didn’t want it to come back to a machine owned by his staff” Evans
Langdale goes back to Evans statement about activities at Sunday Mirror: “Key difference is S Mirror didn’t produce tape as evidence”
Evans alleges the “rigmarole” surrounding this tape was unique to NOTW relying on it to stand up story
Evans and Jury shown call data from 27th September 05 – and is asked why he was hacking Jeff Brazier – Jade Goody’s boyfriend.
“You’ve come in wagging your tail with this story… what are you doing hacking Jeff Brazier, what were you doing?” “I was doing my job”
“Maybe I was just flicking through the paper and saw something about Jade and Jeff… you were constantly feeding, maybe take pressure off”
15 minute break
Back after the mid afternoon break at the #hackingtrial – Dan Evans continues to be cross examined by Timothy Langdale, QC, for Coulson
Evans to return for more cross-examination
Saunders explains to Dan Evans: “I know you’re tired… but we will go on till 4.15 and you’ll have to come back tomorrow.” 3 days x-examine
Langdale cites a Mirror article from 27/09/05 about Jude Law and Sienna Miller, and then goes to an email chain between NOTW staff
“Hi I’m back and ready to go… stories I’m working on this week… Kylie, Britney… Kate Moss…” 27/09/05 email from another NOTW journo
There’s no indication about the Sienna Miller tape on this email from another NOTW journo. “X always said keep it off email,” says Evans
There’s no mention of Miller and Craig on this email. Though there is of Jade Goody. “So you were distracted from your task,” say Langdale
Sienna Miller apparently in Milan on 28/09/05 according to internal NOTW emails.
Various internal emails between NOTW staff adduced from that time, none of which seem to mention Dan Evans Craig/Miller story
“Doesn’t look like all hands to the pump,” says Langdale. “Life doesn’t stop,” says Evans “because we don’t have it on our lists”
29/09/05 Daily Star reports about Law and Miller. Same date the Sun mentions Daniel Craig.
“I would have thought so,” says Evans to Langdale’s assertion he would have been following other Law, Miller, Craig stories.
30/09/05 email from Coulson to another NOTW journo: “What progress have you made overnight?”
“How can she be in rehab then?” asks a response. Another NOTW journalist seems to be covering the Miller/Law story on 30/09/05
“I’ve just spoken to source two (person on PR side) about Sienna – he has to speak to someone else before doing it,” email from NOTW journo
Internal NOTW email talks about two sources: and ‘Splash’ agency providing something on Craig
“Obviously [another NOTW journo] getting info from another source,” says Langdale.
The rest of the email seems to refer to a Kate Moss story.
Another email cited by Langdale mentions more research on Daniel Craig: “somebody has obtained an address for Daniel Craig.”
Evans said he already knew where Daniel Craig lived: “I’ve known where he lived… since he was dating Kate Moss.”
Another internal email shows two other NOTW journalists discussing Dan Evans knocking on Daniel Craig‘s door.
“So what is it you’re getting at?” asks Evans of Langdale’s question about emails with other journos. “I’m not sure the events connected”
Evans goes back through door stepping Daniel Craig, and then hacking him moments after. “Was it a wise thing to do?” asks Langdale.
“There was a sense at the time NOTW was untouchable. There was an arrogance…. created by editor and his attitude,” says Evans of re-hack.
Langdale asks if Evans told other NOTW journalists he was continuing to hack Daniel Craig: “I wouldn’t felt I needed to tell them”
“In a sense I was telling them (I was continuing to hack) by producing a story later in the week,” says Evans of informing others at NOTW
Langdale asks about other emails not concerning Law/Miller: “We were germinating stories…”
“Did you, as would be investigative reporter, think it was worth going to Groucho club” asks Langdale. “Didn’t take it upon myself” Evans
“Not my job,” says Evans of sending photographers: “We had a picture editor… it was hiatus period. Friday a day to get everything together
“I remember being outside Daniel Craig‘s house in a photographer’s car… but no one shooting over my shoulder (at doorstepping)” says Evans
Langdale asks again “why wasn’t there a photographer present when you door stepped Daniel Craig… the normal thing.” “Yes it would,” Evans
“I became aware of the fact of their relationship when I picked up that voicemail,” says Evans.
01/10/05 Evans receives email about ‘forward planning’ thinking. Langdale:”Not asking you to hack, but get on as investigative reporter”
“Ultimately it all went to the list… we had to do what was required first and foremost,” says Evans of NOTW news list.
02/10/05 Not Miller Law stories, but something to do with Blunkett in this edition of NOTW establishes Langdale.
Another article cited by Langdale mentions Daniel Craig mooted by papers. More in MoS about Jude Law and Sienna Miller and wedding.
“Not necessarily, mate,” says Evans to Timothy Langdale QC about other stories. “I would have been drunk after a night going out.”
“Looking at this article where does it say where he was and when?” asks Evans of Mail on Sunday article.
“What I could have, should have wanted at the moment is irrelevant. I picked up the voicemail as I said… this is meaningless,” says Evans
“I heard a voicemail from Sienna which said, as I understood, I’m at the Groucho with Jude… I took that as primary evidence” says Evans
Langdale says: “that’s the appropriate place to pause…” Break till 10 am tomorrow.

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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