Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 28 Jan

Tuesday 28 January 2014

The Prosecution Case Continues
Delay due to problems on the Underground
Witness – Dan Evans (Former Sunday Mirror and News of the World Journalist)
The Prosecution continue their questioning of Dan Evans
Evans gets rid of Evidence after Glen Mulcaire Arrest
Evans goes back to Phone Hacking
Evans describes Phone Hacking at News of the World
Evans hacks Daniel Craig’s phone
Evans says he told Andy Coulson about Daniel Craig hacking
Daniel Craig story Breaks
Dan Evans is caught Hacking
Cross-examination Delayed due to Missing Papers

The Prosecution Case Continues
Delay due to problems on the Underground
Back at the #hackingtrial – don’t know why the late start today – continuing with the evidence of former NOTW reporter Dan Evans
Justice Saunders says to jury “I know some of you have had problems on the tube…” explains late start
Witness – Dan Evans (Former Sunday Mirror and News of the World Journalist)
The Prosecution continue their questioning of Dan Evans
Andrew Edis QC, counsel for the prosecution, has hard copies of a document for Evans – which was impossible to see on the screen
This document is from News UK (formerly News International) with Dan Evan’s expenses claim forms
Evans confirms a claim form for 18/02/05 with a NOTW cost centre stamp, and 3 entries for £300 cash advance: £100 for burner phones
In this Dan Evan’s claim form for Feb 2005 is signed by him and countersigned by another NOTW journalist, and by deputy managing editor
The claim has receipts for two Nokia handsets, SIM cards and a claim for top up sums
A further Dan Evans claim from March 2006 has item “phone top up for contact police drugs probe”
Edis asks of phone purchases “What was the purpose of those things”. Dan Evans replies: “For the untraceable interception of voicemails”
Jury shown a police exhibit of Dan Evan’s phone billing data “inferred double taps” – two calls almost simultaneously to activate voicemail
This call data begins in April 2005
Kate Moss appears on this list. Struan Marshall appears – agent for Steve Gerard. Trevor MacDonald etc.
This schedule is only of double taps from Dan Evans mobile phone, and the NI hub phone.
Dan Evans talks about the impact of August 2006 arrests of Goodman and Mulcaire on his phone hacking: “It stopped… until it started again’
Evans gets rid of Evidence after Glen Mulcaire Arrest
“A second phone hacking operation was well advance… Glenn Mulcaire had been lifted… people were on tenterhooks. Lot of anxiety and fear”
Evans was in a lift with NOTW journalist after Mulcaire: “Goes without saying no more hooky stuff. Upstairs… palpable sense of shock”
Evans said he got rid of all the evidence, destroyed tape recordings stored in his drawers, broke his phones and put in blue recycling bin
Sorry – he destroyed tape recordings, not phones. “Went through inboxes and outboxes… removed all printed and faxed sheets of call data”
Evans shredded this paper material about 3 metres away from main conference room, and in sight of other NOTW journalists
“It was a purge,” says Evans of covering up his tracks in 2006. He “did away” with all his notebooks. Put them in black bin bags, put in car
“As of that date, did you still have a list?” Edis asked. “Yes I had a phone hacking list, and that stayed in my pocket,” says Evans
Evans says it was a print out of a word file which he deleted, in case it was found “at a later date”
Evans goes back to Phone Hacking
Dan Evans put list in an envelope, wrapped it in black gaffer tape, and put in friends loft. He retrieved. And “in a moment of madness” used
Evans said he used his phone hacking list to establish any truth in a story about Kelly Hoppen and Guy Ritchie in 2009
“Curiosity killed this particular cat,” Dan Evans says of his attempt to hack Kelley Hoppen in June 2009 #hackingtrial
This attempted hack was discovered and led to civil proceedings by Kelley Hoppen against Dan Evans and another news company
Jury shown a second page of the call schedule and calls to Kelly Hoppen from Dan Evan’s number at 09:26 on a day in June 2009
“From memory there was maybe one or two occasions when I hacked Struan Marshall and Ian Monk” says Evans of post Mulcaire phone hacking.
Dan Evans shown a document he worked on during his debriefing by police, naming attempted hacks, actual hacks.
Kelly Hoppen, Jonathan Woodgate appear among many names.
Evans hacked Kelly Hoppen back in 2006 because of friendship with Sienna Miller. Failed attempt to hack Rolf Harris explained to jury
Jury also shown another call schedule marked up by Evans. Among others Libby Waddington, Jade Goody, Cilla Black shown as successful hacks
Peter Jackson marked up on Dan Evan’s call data as a failed hack
Jury also shown a handwritten contact book: Edis “did the police go through that?” Evans: “Yeah they went through everything.”
BREAKING: Evans also annotated the long list of hacking targets – 26 pages long – given to him by another NOTW journo.
Evans said his own list of phone hacking data eventually got “ripped up”: we go back to his first year or so at NOTW before Mulcaire arrest
Edis “Do you recall any further conversations with management about phone hacking?” Evans “It was referred to daily.”
Evans describes Phone Hacking at News of the World
Dan Evans on phone hacking at NOTW: “It would be referred to conferences…. referred to as SPECIAL CHECKS”
Dan Evans says that if he didn’t turn up with stories on Tues morn conference: “Proverbial rocket up the backside.”
“I was feeling particularly bullied… monstered” says Evans. “You don’t come up with a front page story you might as well jump off a cliff”
“At the Sunday Mirror the mo was nothing electronic ever,” Evans. “At the NOTW…. wanted everything in email. Checks. Special checks.
Dan Evans talks again about using an inquiry agent or ‘pretext blagger’
Evans talks about an email he received on a Friday: “Feeling terrorised…. I hadn’t produced a lot of phone hacking material”
‘As far as I’m concerned your USP is the phones,” says NOTW journalist to Evans: “And I suggest you fucking get on with some more.”
Evans hacks Daniel Craig’s phone
That weekend “I did everything to get a story…. I hacked everything I could… including Daniel Craig. James Bond”
BREAKING: Dan Evans hacked Daniel Craig‘s voicemail: “Hi it’s me. Can’t speak. I’m with Jude at Grouchos.” Identified Sienna Miller
Dan Evans copied an electronic list on a palm pilot for his “hundreds and hundreds of famous people I was tasked to hack into” at S Mirror
Dan Evans returned to work Monday says to NOTW journo: “Did you know Sienna Miller is having an affair with Daniel Craig?”
“It was almost… the next instalment of a soap opera,” Evans says of new Jude Law/Sienna Miller revelation. He recorded the voicemail
“Play it for me… let’s hear it,” said NOTW journo of Dan Evan’s hacking of Daniel Craig. “I played on dictatphone… he got very excited”
Dan Evans claimed the NOTW journo knocked up copy as quick as possible to show editor: “and we started an operation on it”
Other NOTW journalists involved in this “operation” on Daniel Craig to “stand up the story” gleaned from phone hacking.
‘It was the incontrovertible truth the NOTW editor needed to run a story” says Dan Evans of hacking Daniel Craig
Other NOTW journos worked on sources to provide a “line of deniability”
“Who set up this operation,” asks Edis. “Andy…” replies Evans.
Evans says he told Andy Coulson about Daniel Craig hacking
Evans claims he spoke Andy Coulson directly about the Daniel Craig Sienna Miller story
BREAKING: Evans played Andy Coulson tape of voicemail hacking of D Craig. “Andy came over… wanted to hear the tape… XXXX was around…”
“Andy got very animated… I told you so!” of Evans recorded voicemail of D Craig: “XXXX held my elbow said ‘You’re a company man now”
“Andy wanted to preserve the tape… He said to me. Make a copy of the tape. Put in Jiffy bag. Have it dropped in anonymously” says Evans
BREAKING: Dan Evans claims Andy Coulson directly told him to make Daniel Craig tape look like it was delivered anonymously
“I got two different phones… I got a connector… put microphone into the other,” Dan Evans says of replicating hacked voicemail
“We’ll stick it in the safe,” said Coulson to Evans of replicated tape. Another NOTW journo said “Look what I’ve found.”
“What happened to original tape,” asks Edis. “I destroyed it… had other identifying messages… in time honoured way I shredded it.”
Dan Evans claims he destroyed the dictaphone used to record Daniel Craig‘s hacked voice messages “just in case”
“I was dispatched to front up Daniel Craig later that week,” says Evans. “I went to his house… knocked on his door… he had bloodshot eye
“I’m very sorry to do this to you…. But we’re running a story you’re having an affair with Sienna Miller” “no, no. It’s not true,” Craig.
Because this denial the story was not published that week in NOTW. They spent a week standing it up.
“For the record I’d like to apologies to all those people whose privacy I infringed” says Dan Evans of hacking Daniel Craig‘s phone
“I kept monitoring Daniel’s voicemail,’ says Evans of that week. Jude law left ‘bitchy message’:”Thanks, mate. Hope Saskia doesn’t find out”
Dan Evans transcribd a tape of a conservation between another NOTW and Jude Law’s publicist. “Jude Law was ‘bouncing'” says Evans
“Effectively Jude Law approved the story,” says Evans of publicist’s response to Daniel Craig Sienna Miller affair.
Edis asks Dan Evans to confirm some internal NOTW emails from the time about Jude Law/Sienna Miller/Daniel Craig.
“There’s nothing going on. It’s wrong. Just wrong,” says D Craig of affair allegations in internal NOTW emails.
Daniel Craig story Breaks
8th October 2005 story appears in NOTW: internal email to senior staff talks of transcripts
Jury shown NOTW story covering 3 pages written by Dan Evans:
“It was an amalgam… source… PR, intercepted voicemails and the cuttings system,” says Evans of his NOTW story on Law, Miller and Craig
Evan explains the importance of bye-lines: “Especially at NOTW, they get counted up every year and used as a performance indicator”
Evans is asked about other journos sharing his byelines – even though not involved in story
Internal email to Coulson argues out the importance of Evans: “He brought in Steve Gerrard and Jade Gooding” Coulson sets byeline
Jade Goody and Struan Marshall appeared in Evans list ticked as ‘hacks’: The Steve Gerard reference is intercepted voicemail about new baby
Ten minute break
Back with Daniel Evans: Andrew Edis QC asks about ‘Sol Campbell split’: he draws jury’s attention to a NOTW story about Hoppen and Campbell
“Sol Campbell’s been dumped,” says Evans of NOTW article: source “I’d say an intercepted voicemail.”
Jury shown an email from NOTW reporter to Andy Coulson about Jude Law and Daniel Craig about Sienna Miller.
Dan Evans asked if he had anything to do with securing info on this email. He doesn’t think so.
07/10/05 Coulson and other NOTW journalists involved in email chain about Daniel Craig and ‘Layer Cake’ stuff.
Jury shown email chain 01/11/05 Dan Evans reporting to NOTW employee about separate MOD story “we need stuff on tape”
Evans on another source: “Def was on tape… my worry it’s the same stuff Daniel and Sienna stuff was on which was destroyed.”
Apart from the Sienna Miller story Dan Evans says he has no direct connection with Andy Coulson about phone hacking.
Evans names those that knew about Phone Hacking
“From your direct knowledge… who knew of your phone hacking at NOTW?” Evans names Coulson, Weatherup and 6 or so others.
Edis asks about a NOTW journalist who cannot be named for legal reasons
Dan Evans talks about a voicemail from Barbara Broccoli to Daniel Craig about a new Bond girl.
Evans claims told of meeting with Andy Coulson with other execs about a story from phone hacking. “I won’t do it again,” says Evans.
Jury shown emails from 16/04/06 about Shane Ritchie’s baby “head’s engaged”: It came from “Shane Ritchie’s voicemail” says Evans
Edis shows another email from 12/04/06 “Button girl… can I spin for a name pls.” about using blagger to ID voicemail left for J Button
BREAKING: 25/10/05 on failed attempt to hack Rolf Harris and all his details. “Editor loved the idea of turning him over”
The email refers to ‘checks’ on Rolf Harris: “probably talking about a wider range of checks” : shady stuff: “blags, spinning numbers.”
Dan Evans said he tried to hack Harris as a result of this email but got details of Harris and wife – three months of his call data.
Dan Evans is caught Hacking
Andrew Edis QC, takes us forward in time, to Dan Evan’s being detected phone hacking Kelly Hoppen in March 2010
Dan Evans was called in to see Bill Akass, NI managing editor, about Hoppen obtaining order from Justice Eady showing Hoppen hack
Dan Evans number was detected by Hoppen’s case: He told Akass in “stone cold shock…. I don’t remember.”
Dan Evans said he was suspended from front line duties at NOTW, no longer getting byelines, place under investigation by News International
“I was named in the New York Times,” Evan says of NYT piece in Sept 2010. “I was put on gardening leave, cut off, sent to coventry.”
BREAKING: Dan Evans was never sacked for phone hacking, paid salary, and was only made redundant in 2011 when NOTW closed
Dan Evans explains how he got ‘busted’ for amphetamine when he was a student, and for cocaine 7 years ago.
Dan Evans asked for any other arrests or charges “Don’t think so”
Dan Evans explains he had extensive drug use, cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine “played a part in my life since mid late teens… no longer.”
“I had my first spliff at about 14…. I have had not drugs in my system for quite a while now. I’m recovering,” says Evans of drugs habit
Evans is asked about fourth charge of making a ‘false account’ in civil proceedings by Kelley Hoppen “no recollection of making phone calls”
Cross-examination Delayed due to Missing Papers
Edis for the prosecution concludes his questioning. Langdale for Coulson cannot continue with his cross examination. He wants Evans to leave
Edis says “if it’s what I think it’s about probably better in absence of jury”: jury asked to leave.
Saunders explains to Jury because of late delivery of papers from a particular source, Langdale unable to cross examine
Court will try to deal with situation at 2pm. Jury at 2.15. There maybe a further delay
“It’s not the fault of anyone in court. I hope to see the person who may be at fault at 2pm,” says Justice Saunders of delay in paperwork
Jury back in at #hackingtrial after some legal argument.
Apologies they’re not back in.
The jury is one short: “The documents arrived at 1.30…. with best will in the world they can’t be assimilated today.” Back tomorrow 10 am

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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