Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 24 Jan

Friday 24 January 2014

The Prosecution Case Continues
Email evidence from iPad seized from Chelsea Harbour
Witness – DC Philip Stead (Operation Weeting Detective)
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Stead
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Stead
Witness – Tajvinder Singh Atwal (Forensic Computer Analyst)
Prosecution Counsel questions Tajvinder Singh Atwal
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Tajvinder Singh Atwal
Witness Statement – Paul Cheesborough (Senior News International IT Eexpert)
Prosecution Counsel reads Paul Cheesborough first statement
Second statement from Paul Cheesborough
Witness – DC Ian Gower (Investigated Rebekah Brooks Mobile devices)
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Gower

The Prosecution Case Continues
Email evidence from iPad seized from Chelsea Harbour
Justice Saunders apologises to the jury at the #hackingtrial for the delay. Bryant Heron adduces a document by DC Philip Aldred
This is a review of the timeline of activity of the three computers seized from Chelsea Harbour: DC Aldred has accessed a link from the iPad
DC Aldred reviewed 37 emails downloaded onto iPad – some of them forwarded from Rebekah Brooks for her work account.
The jury shown the document on the screen: it’s a News Corp press release from Rupert Murdoch 06/07/11 saying Rebekah Brooks will cooperate
Murdoch’s statement talks of continuing co-operation under “Rebekah Brooks‘ leadership” and the appointment of Joel Klein and Viet Dinh
A second document from the iPad has a summary of media coverage of the Milly Dowler revelation on 06/07/11
The 4th document is an email chain to Charlie from Rebekah Brooks‘ statement about Milly Dowler “I think this needs work darling”
It’s accepted from both sides these documents were forwarded to Charlie Brooks from Rebekah Brooks.
Edis for the crown hands out a new file for the jury on this bundle to be put behind one of their many dividers.
Saunders to jury: “I’ve been alarmed by the detail at some stages…. but it can be boiled down to few propositions. I hope anyway”
Witness – DC Philip Stead (Operation Weeting Detective)
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Stead
DC Stead Philip is called by Anthony Edis QC for the crown. He’s attached to Operation Weeting. Asked to speak up
DC Stead has an exhibit on TEN devices “maybe attributable to Mrs Brooks… and their current location”
Edis explains the ten alleged Brooks devices: iPhone, iPad, unknown device, three blackberry’s, HTC, two more iPhones and another iPad.
The schedule sets out details from News International, and information from both Apple an Vodaphone about these ten devices.
DC Stead has married up serial numbers and Mac Addresses to work out which devices are in possession of News International or the police
A screen capture from the Apple MacBook from Chelsea key shows a list of devices that connected to a router in Jubilee Barn on 26/06/11
The BT fusion Wifi router is located at or about Jubilee Barn: Laidlaw agrees they connected at the 26/06/11 at Brooks’ Oxfordshire home
The router from Jubilee Barn shows Charlie’s iPad connecting and a MAC address – a unique identifier for a device.
DC Stead explains how, regardless of the names given to electronic devices, the MAC address is unique and never repeated.
Edis explains that the Jubilee Barn router is password protected; two devices called ‘Rebekah’s ipad’ have different MAC addresses.
As well as the two iPads connected on 26/06/11, there’s one called ‘Rebekah’s iPhone’.
Of the ten devices listed from the Jubilee Barn router, three are in question, Edis tells the jury
Edis goes to Rebekah’s iPhone: a statement from News International says they iPhone 4 empty box with a unique IMEI number for that phone
“You can change the chip on a phone but not it’s IMEI,” says Edis. No phone has been seized. Not registered with Apple. But Mac matches IMEI
BREAKING: data from Apple and News International confirms a phone called ‘Rebekah iphone’ in 2011 has never been recovered by policee
DC Stead says that because the name was changed to ‘Rebekah’s iPhone’ and was connected to the router, it has been used.
Edis shows the jury the picture of the empty iPhone 4 box from News International with the IMEI and serial number
A statement from Apple 10/09/13 confirms this iPhone is not currently registered. A search across the five major phone networks follows.
The cross network search of service providers shows no use of this iPhone 31/07/12 to 31/07/13
DC Stead explains service providers keep phone records for 12 months, so they could on research ‘current situation’ and not July 2011
Edis now goes to one of the two iPads called ‘Rebekah’s iPad’ on the Jubilee Barn on 26/06/11. This is an iPad 2
Apple have told DC Stead that the same email address were used to register this iPad was the same as a recovered device.
There are three iPad 2s on an ‘asset list’ from News International for iPad’s issued to Rebekah Brooks: this iPad 2 is NOT on that list.
The unconfirmed registration date for this iPad 2, connected to Rebekah Brooks‘ London address, was around spring 2011
07/04/11 is the approximate date from Apple’s automated process for the registration of the ‘Rebekah’s iPad’ from Jubilee Barn router
BREAKING: police have also not recovered an iPad 2 called ‘Rebekah’s ipad’ at her Oxfordshire home around June 2011
Police are still conducting inquiries into phone allegedly registered to Sir Charles Dunstone from Jubilee barn router in or before June 11
DC Stead has information that has come to them “fairly recently” from News International which lists devices supplied to Rebekah Brooks
On this News International document lists a blackberry mobile phone for Brooks and a phone number: no serial numbers or IMEI numbers
The phone number was given to police “late in the day”: DC Stead made inquiries to Vodaphone on subscriber details.
Vodaphone confirmed Blackberry connected 08/06/11 and disconnected in September that year. The outbound calls have been recovered.
DC Stead says inquiries to News International have been ongoing. On 15th Jan 2014 has provided a response about this Blackberry
News International’s record of this Blackberry, confirmed this month, is that it was never returned.
Meanwhile, Vodafone’s record of this unreturned News International shows the phone number has been used by different people.
Information from Vodafone shows this blackberry was connected by R Brooks in June 11 and disconnected in 29/09/11 – usage follows
Vodafone have provided billing information for August 2011 – it made no calls, but has 500 MB data subscription
Laidlaw for Brooks says he has a document to explain what this corporate subscription for Blackberry provides.
BREAKING: As well as iPhone and iPad Police have not recovered a Blackberry registered to Rebekah Brooks from June to September 2011
New International on SECOND Blackberry registered to R Brooks through them: “No record of return assumed to be still with user”
This second blackberry registered to R Brooks was connected 26/09/10 disconnected 27/09/11
We’re now on sixth item; a Blackberry to Brooks connected 04/10/07 “no record of return assumed still with user” says News International
Three Blackberry’s, one iPad, one iPhone, and an HTC handset all registered to Rebekah Brooks “assumed with user” never recovered by police
The HTC has a mobile internet account but no outgoing phone calls: DC Stead says he doesn’t know where it is.
Two more iPhones supplied to Rebekah Brooks are now looked at. DC Stead confirms Jubilee Barn router didn’t record phone number.
All News International have supplied on this iPhone is the phone number, but not the IMEI.
Quick break
Back at the #hackingtrial after a short break for the jury following the ‘missing devices’ of Rebekah Brooks.
Saunders explains his joke about Sir Charles Dunstone having lots of phones: he was the founder of carphone Warehouse
Justice Saunders also explains the Blackberry disconnection dates in September 11: News International were account holders and terminated
Two other iPhones now analysed: again not returned, no calls but 1 GB data connection, used July and August 11
Third iPhone has connection date 03/03/11 and disconnected in September 2011.
We’re now looking at the tenth device: an unknown model of Apple iPad listed on News International schedule: serial and tag number provided
This second iPad has never been recovered by police, but with the serial number police requested search from Apple computers
Apple provided details for the 64GB iPad “not currently registered”: it’s not known to police investigation.
This iPad has the same MAC address as the one called ‘Rebekah’s ipad’ which connected to Jubilee Barn in June 2011
An email from R Brooks to Carter and Charlie Brooks 01/04/11 “Lost iPad 2!”
Charlie replies” Car last night? Restaurant?” over missing iPad 2.
Police has a screen capture from News International 01/04/11 10.53 from a system administrator: “owner set to Rebekah Brooks
10/09/13 Apple confirm this iPad is “device not registered” (summary will not doubt clarify how many devices missing soon)
BREAKING: TWO iPads, two or three iPhones, 3 Blackberrys, and one HTC registered to Rebekah Brooks in 2011 never recovered by police
One of the iPads might have been lost. One of the iPhones might appear twice in records because News Int didn’t have serial number
Heartfelt thanks to 100s of donors who have 3/4s funded my coverage of #hackingtrial within just a week http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/629115/emal/412026 … Amazing.
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Stead
Back at the #hackingtrial for cross examination of DC Stead on missing devices by Jonathan Laidlaw QC, counsel for Rebekah Brooks
DC Stead agrees with Laidlaw “this has not been a particularly easy exercise for you.”
DC Stead agrees with Laidlaw “we don’t know where they are.”
“You are reliant on large part on NI records are you not?” says Laidlaw of six of the ten missing devices.
Laidlaw establishes that the Blackberry devices attributed to Brooks would not have been through the router.
Laidlaw goes to NI statement over many of these devices “we assume the devices are still with the user” – he’s concerned by NI records
Laidlaw goes through the various devices starting with empty Apple iPhone 4 box.
DC Stead confirms that the image capture of the router devices doesn’t specify when the devices connected, to Laidlaw, counsel for Brooks
Laidlaw for R Brooks establishes that this first ‘Rebekah’s iPhone’ does not appear on any of their other call data witness material
Laidlaw for Brooks goes over the two other iPhones registered to Brooks by NI: one of them could have been the one on Jubilee barn router
Saunders establishes that whether this iPhone was in the house or garden would need to enter password.
Laidlaw for R Brooks asks DC Stead when he went to Apple for registration: 23rd September 2013: it was gmail address
The Apple Records don’t give any information about changes in registration details, DC Stead tells Jury
Laidlaw for Brook explains the iPad alleged to attributed to Sir Charles Dunstone “He’s a friend of the Brooks’ and has visited their home”
Laidlaw goes through the connection dates of three missing Blackberry’s attributed to her: they are 04/10/07 26/10/10 08/06/11
Laidlaw asks DC Stead asks about the practical support given to executives by News International over blackberries: he can’t speak to that
DC Stead confirms to Laidlaw that when Rebekah Brooks arrested in July 2011 ANOTHER Blackberry confiscated by police
DC Stead explains that the police have phone numbers for the three missing NI blackberries but no IMEI number.
There are only two months of records for the Blackberries and they show no outgoing phone calls.
“What might have been in earlier billings we’ll never know,” said Laidlaw of HTC and Blackberry phone records till existant.
Laidlaw for Brooks no refers to the two other iPhones from 2011. DC Stead has not heard of NI emails talking about changes of iPhones.
Laidlaw establishes that this second iPad is not connected to router at Jubilee Barn.
Laidlaw takes us back to exchange between R Brooks and C Brooks in April 2011 about the loss of an iPad 2.
Laidlaw finishes his cross examination. Anthony Edis QC recalls Vajinder Singh Atwal as a crown witness.
Witness – Tajvinder Singh Atwal (Forensic Computer Analyst)
Prosecution Counsel questions Tajvinder Singh Atwal
Edis for the prosecution asks Atwal, the police’s computer forensic expert about the Jubilee Barn’s router’s configuration page.
The MacBook recovered from the underground car park had two records of the Jubilee Barn router but no record of itself as a device.
Atwal suggests the MacBook was connected by a Lan or cable, and so doesn’t appear on the wireless device list.
So the MacBook from the car park had two records of other devices from the wireless network – both in machine data and browser info
The info on router depends on the expense and quality of the software: all Atwal can say is these devices connected on or before 26/06/11
Computer forensics expert Atwal did some work to locate the router: there were geographical co-ordinates for the router with GPS elements
“They’re you’re best friends,” jokes Saunders of Computer expert Atwal’s enthusiastic description of the information contained in routers.
A record for 26/04/11 brings up the location for Jubilee Barn. A later data point showed the BT Fusion router had moved 5 metres.
Atwal had the internet browsing history for recovered laptop from underground car park: it showed regular connections to router to 09/07/11
Back to the iPad recovered from Chelsea Harbour car park (not one of the missing iPads): on 15/07/11 is shows wifi connection to BT fusion
Atwal examined a file on the iPad related to connection on the 15/03/11 – it connected to the second MAC address on the router.
So two of the items recovered from Charlie’s Bags behind bins at Chelsea Harbour also connected to Jubilee Barn router
The computer forensic evidence locates the iPad found in London 18/07/11 connecting to Brooks’ Oxfordshire home 8.48 am BST on the 15/07/11
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Tajvinder Singh Atwal
Laidlaw for Rebekah Brooks, cross examines Mr Atwal the computer expert. He’s not concerned with identity of the router.
“Perhaps if the jury want to escape from this case, perhaps don’t take your phones with you,” jokes Laidlaw of the info in call data.
Atwal confirms to Laidlaw that the router snapshot of connected devices cannot tell you what device connected when.
Laidlaw confirms that there is no record of what activity happened on that router.
Witness Statement – Paul Cheesborough (Senior News International IT Eexpert)
Prosecution Counsel reads Paul Cheesborough first statement
Edis reads out a statement by Paul Cheesborough, senior news international IT expert
Cheeseborough was concerned with move to TMS and the management of computer server and mobile practices.
Nick Marsey was recruited by News International to identify relationships between ‘assets and end-users’ in early 2011: SNOW
SNOW tracks and manages all laptops and phone at News International: Chris Taylor provided a list of her assets.
15th July Rebekah Brooks‘ corporate account suspended, personal email was forwarded. New Int configured various computers for her new office
“It’s late on a Friday afternoon and it’s been a long week,” jokes Edis of confusing the dates 2009 and 2019.
Most the Brooks devices recovered by police have ‘information not available’ according to Cheeseborough, NI head of IT.
Second statement from Paul Cheesborough
A second statement 23/01/14 by Cheeseborough, Chief Technology Officer (the other was November 2013) is read out by Edis
Cheeseborough has been asked by police whether they are in possession of a number of devices – the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 – they are not.
Cheeseborough confirms News UK could not access their own 3 blackberries, HTC, two iPhones and iPad registered to Rebekah Brooks
Cheeseborough has no idea why Brooks’ blackberries were disconnected in September 2011.
Witness – DC Ian Gower (Investigated Rebekah Brooks Mobile devices)
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Gower
DC Ian Gower called by the prosecution: he’s been involved in investigation into devices issued to Brooks by News International
Laidlaw for Brooks has some questions about DC Gowers report from 13/05/13. Laidlaw will read a page.
DC Gower’s report explains audit trail of devices: NI needed improvements in tracking ‘assets’ to ‘end users’
“I’m ashamed to say I’ve run out of witnesses,” says Edis. Laidlaw explains next week’s witnesses do not affect R Brooks, she won’t be here

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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