Milly Dowler story – “A proper Guardian, old labour, BBC hit”

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Above is a map released by the CPS  of movements from Cheryl Carter’s phone the weekend Rebekah Brooks resigned and after the PA had removed 7 boxes from the NI archive, mentioned in yesterday’s evidence.

Today was taken up with lots of meticulous, sometimes repetitive detail about the computer evidence of the use of the three devices seized by police from the underground car park at Chelsea Harbour in 2011. All this can be found on my tweet time line, which will be compiled shortly on this blog by Jon Lippitt

However, to supplement my comprehensive contemporaneous coverage, I’m once again posting excerpts from two other journalists at the trial: James Doleman and Martin Hickman (I partly choose them because they are not writing for mainstream media which already gets more public attention).

Both these revelations relate more to the political atmosphere at the time of Brooks’ tenure as CEO of News International. All the defendants deny all the charges.

Martin Hickman writes about the origin of Operation Kilo – an internal police investigation into leaks to the Guardian from a member of Operation Weeting.

Andy Coulson, a former editor of the News of the World, complained to the police that unauthorised information about him was appearing in the press, the phone hacking trial heard today.

Mr Coulson’s lawyers, DLA Piper, sent a formal letter of complaint to the Metropolitan Police in July 2011 about leaks from the phone hacking inquiry Operation Weeting.

An inquiry launched by the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards on 2 August 2011 found there had been extensive phone and text contacts between a Guardian reporter and a detective constable around the time of Guardian hacking exclusives in 2011.

But Operation Kilo uncovered “no evidence of financial inducement” and the CPS ruled there was insufficient evidence to charge either the journalist, Amelia Hill, or the police officer, Detective Constable Peter Cripps, the Old Bailey heard.

via Coulson complained to police about leaks from phone hacking inquiry, trial hears | Hacked Off.

James Doleman writes of the moment, revealed in evidence from Operation Kilo of an email Rebekah Brooks sent to James Harding, then editor of The Times, about the Guardian’s coverage of the Milly Dowler revelations in July 2011.

The next witness was detective constable Andrew Nunn, the case officer for Operation Kilo. Charlie Brooks\’ barrister had the officer review a schedule of events leading up to 17 July 2011. This cross references telephone contacts between the journalist the policeman and newspaper articles or Twitter posts written by Hill after those contacts….

The barrister suggested to the witness that the story that Milly Dowler\’s phone had been hacked by the News of the World and her messages deleted was also a result of leaks by Cripps to Hill. This, the court was told, led to Rebekah Brooks emailing the editor of the Times, James Harding, to discover from his crime correspondent what the source of the story was stating \”this is a proper Guardian, old labour, BBC hit\”. Later in July, the Guardian published a story that Andy Coulson was about to be arrested. The police officer agreed that police would never release information about a pending arrest and that this, again, must have been leaked to Hill.

via Police officer arrested for leaks to the Guardian, phone-hacking trial hears | The Drum.

Later in the day, as part of the evidence of the usage of the three devices discovered in Chelsea Harbour, police evidence suggested two of them were exclusively used by Charles Brooks. Though an iPad and  Apple Macbook were tagged to News International they were almost exclusively used by Charles Brooks

However (as you can see from my storified tweets from this afternoon) the jury also heard there were four files iconised on the MacBook desktop from News International: a three year plan from 2010, a draft speech to Women in Advertising for her, some details of share options, and a draft of the significant Sun front-page editorial in September 2009, switching support away from Labour with the headline ‘Labour’s Lost It’. This was marked ‘editorial for approval of JRM (James Murdoch).

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