Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 22 Jan

Wednesday 22 January 2014

The Prosecution Case Continues
Fire – False Alarm
Witness – DC Alan Pritchard (Operation Weeting and Sasha Detective)
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks continues cross examination of DC Pritchard
Counsel for Charlie Brooks cross examines DC Pritchard
Further Prosecution questions to DC Pritchard
Witness – DI Steve McCabe (Operation Weeting and Sacha Investigation Officer)
Prosecution Counsel questions DI McCabe
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DI Steve McCabe
Counsel for Cheryl Carter cross examines DI McCabe
Counsel for Charlie Brooks cross examines DI McCabe
Witness – DS Philip Audrey (Investigated Archived Material at News International)
Prosecution Counsel questions DS Philip Audrey
Counsel for Cheryl Carter cross examines DS Philip Audrey
Witness – Nicholas Mays (Archivist at New International)
Prosecution Counsel questions Nicholas Mays
Counsel for Cheryl Carter cross examines Nicholas Mays
Witness – Deborah Keegan (Former Personal Assistant to Rebekah Brooks)
Prosecution Counsel questions Deborah Keegan
Mr Justice Saunders questions Deborah Keegan
Witness – DS John Massey (Operation Sasha Detective)
Prosecution Counsel questions DS Massey
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DS Massey
Counsel for Cheryl Carter cross examines DS Massey
Further Prosecution questions to DS Massey
Witness Statement – Tony Cox (Co-Director of Corunna Solutions – Counter Surveillance)
Prosecution Counsel reads Tony Cox statement
Prosecution Counsel reads Tony Cox second statement

The Prosecution Case Continues
Fire – False Alarm
Back at #hackingtrial – a ‘non fire’ alert and some case management before the jury are in.
“You’ll be happy to know we worked through the non-fire,” Justice Saunders tells the jury. DC Alan Pritchard recalled to witness box.
Witness – DC Alan Pritchard (Operation Weeting and Sasha Detective)
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks continues cross examination of DC Pritchard
Laidlaw for Rebekah Brooks returns to the issue of the search warrant in March 2013 which had been submitted by DC Pritchard.
Laidlaw emphasises DC Pritchard was “under oath” and he cannot recall any verbal questions from the magistrate, or adding further info
DC Pritchard has returned this morning with the schedule attached to the search warrant with the four Brooks premises.
DC Pritchard confirms the search warrant included vehicles owned by Rebekah and Charlie Brooks. Laidlaw goes through written application
First para of search application names Brooks properties. Second para explains Operation Weeting:
13/03/12 Warrant says: “Both prior and since her arrest… documents and computer devices relevant to the inquiry… have gone missing”
Laidlaw asks what storage devices and documentation went missing since Brooks’ arrest: DC Pritchard says computers and docs went missing
“When she left News International I’m not aware of any computers she was using have come into our possession,” says DC Pritchard.
Laidlaw asks about the computers bagged up at News International on 15/07/11. Pritchard says analysis of those showed little use.
“We haven’t recovered a computer that has the relevant activity when she left the company,” says DC Pritchard.
Laidlaw goes through the two iPads, HP base Unit, Apple Mac recovered from NI HQ two days before Brooks’ arrest in July 2011
DC Pritchard also explains how the documents and emails were imaged by Stroz Friedberg and then stored on the Nomad system of the MSC
“The office was secured, that’s as much as I know,” says DC Pritchard of the computer equipment on 10th Floor of News International HQ
“The user activity on those machines indicated she wasn’t using them at the time,” repeats DC Pritchard of Brooks’ NI computers recovered
Laidlaw returns to March 12 search warrant: it sets out the Count 6 and 7 allegations about missing archives and alleged cover up
More on the search warrant: also deals with journalistic and legally privileged material that could be recovered: go to independent counsel
The warrant also explains how, in the light of previous charges, the material has to be seized as quickly as possible.
“Were you satisfied at the time this was giving the magistrate the full picture,” asks Laidlaw. “Yes I was,” says DC Pritchard of warrant.
Laidlaw focuses on C1 category “no practicable to contact anyone” and then “full picture.”
“I’m going to make the suggestion you did not provide the magistrate with the full picture,” asserts Laidlaw for Brooks to DC Pritchard.
Laidlaw says DC Pritchard didn’t include the NI search in 14/07/11: Pritchard says search was relevant to perversion of course of justice
“How was the magistrate come to an informed decision if you didn’t tell her you had recovered items from Brooks’ office?” asks Laidlaw
Pritchard repeats that this new search was over perversion of the course of justice charges, not original phone hacking allegations
Laidlaw asks about the ‘element of surprise’: did Pritchard not tell magistrate Brooks said she would co-operate with any searches.
“The words were not effective in the deeds we saw,” says DC Pritchard of Brooks’ promises to co-operate with the police over searches.
Laidlaw points out that Brooks’ solicitors Burton Copeland wrote to the police saying she would co-operate with any searches
“Was this a conscious decision or something you overlooked?” asks Laidlaw of promise of co-operation. Pritchard “I didn’t think it relevant”
Laidlaw concentrates on the files in PAs office: “we only had consent to search Brooks’ office,” explains Pritchard.
“The long and short of it was it missed,” says Laidlaw of company records in HQ. Pritchard says he wasn’t party to decision of search.
“This was to do with material missing from archive,” says DC Pritchard of that search in March 2013.
DC Pritchard admits he didn’t include the fact they searched Jubilee Barn before in his search application: “It could have been included”
Of Thames Quay; “in hindsight that could have been included,” says Pritchard of non inclusion of previous search in warrant.
Laidlaw asks about correspondence between Kingsley Napley and the police before drawing up warrant: “you’ll have to show me document”
DC Pritchard shown email (seen before by jury) from McBride offering to show police material at Kingsley Napley: he hasn’t seen it before
Laidlaw says DC Pritchard might have inquired about correspondence between Kingsley Napley and other officers after Cheryl Carter’s arrest
“You didn’t ask your senior officers or colleagues…. has there been any communication with potential defendant?” asks Laidlaw.
Laidlaw for Brooks goes through an email from 11/01/12 from police in response to Brooks’ solicitors at Kingsley Napley.
Email from Weeting Detective Fletcher explains how Cheryl Carter removed boxes from NI archives “material relevant to this inquiry.”
“How many officer involved in Operation Weeting at this time,” asks Laidlaw: “About 50 or 60” says DC Pritchard.
DC Pritchard says he was mainly based at NI at this time: when at same office “I can’t recall where DC Fletcher sat” probably far end.
“It would be a more senior officer who would ask you to prepare this application,” repeats Laidlaw. DC Pritchard confirms.
Several emails from January 2012 between McBride, Brooks’ solicitor, and DC Fletcher at Weeting read out. DC Pritchard hasn’t seen these.
Laidlaw says that police officers spent four days searching Brooks’ material at Kingsley Napley: DS Massey involved in that and warrant
Laidlaw asks Pritchard “did you forget you were told or can’t remember?” Saunders intervenes “those particular questions hard to answer”
DC Pritchard explains how come Jan 12 he’d gone to work at News International at the Nomad system storing the data.
DC Pritchard sticks by his assertion it was not practical to inform the Brooks in advance. He’d still stand by the warrant.
“It’s what we’ve never found in relation to Brooks’ computers,” says DC Pritchard of the warrant.
Counsel for Charlie Brooks cross examines DC Pritchard
Neil Saunders asks DC Pritchard about another Weeting officer: senior officer in searching Jubilee Barn.
Saunders for Charlie Brooks asks whether DS Elwell told DC Pritchard Jubilee Barn was a holiday cottage. “No, I wasn’t there.”
Neil Saunders asks DC Pritchard knew Charlie Brooks was the countryside editor for Telegraph: “No I didn’t”.
Further Prosecution questions to DC Pritchard
Bryant Heron for the Crown re-examines DC Pritchard on the warrant: the senior officer was Mr McCabe and he’d liaised with DS Massey
DC Pritchard says he showed the Brooks’ warrant application to DS Massey who wanted to recover material taken from the archive.
“Not at all,” says DC Pritchard about whether his senior officer felt he had recovered the missing Brooks’ material.
DC Pritchard on why no pre-notification: “We had evidence material had been removed from the archive… and respective addresses”
Bryant Heron for the crown asks about Brooks’ emails offering to co-operate. Pritchard repeats she made “no comment” in police interviews
Bryant Heron for the crown asks DC Pritchard more about the 15/07/11 search of Rebekah Brooks‘ NI offices.
DC Pritchard is asked about the equipment. Laidlaw intervenes wanting to make a legal argument for 30 seconds or 5 mins. Jury leave.
A break for at least 20 minutes.
Back in after the break at the #hackingtrial. Saunders apologise to jury for interruption.
Witness – DI Steve McCabe (Operation Weeting and Sacha Investigation Officer)
Prosecution Counsel questions DI McCabe
DI Steve McCabe is called by Edis for the prosecution. McCabe has been in and out the court so he understands about keeping voice up
Inspector McCabe explains he was the investigating officer, deputy to senior, during closure of News of the Word and aftermath
McCabe was investigating officer responsible Operation Weeting and then Operation Sacha : phone hacking and alleged coverup
McCabe can answer questions about major decisions. He wasn’t personally involved in dealing with Linklater’s in 2011
DI McCabe was in control of the DS Massey’s investigations at Kingsley Napley in 2012, and then the search warrant in March 2012
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DI Steve McCabe
Laidlaw for Brooks cross examines DI McCabe about the search warrant and “a number of different topics”
Laidlaw asks about 15/07/11 and Brooks’ resignation and the searching of her office at NI HQ. McCabe says DI Ratcliffe was there that day
McCabe says he can speak to what happened to documentary material at Brooks’ office and search of Jubilee Barn in March 2012
DI McCabe recollects the police were forewarned of Brooks’ resignation – but cannot say how much notice they were given
McCabe is asked whether he remembers conversations with Senior NI execs and the police on the Friday she resigned.
DI McCabe cannot talk to the details of those discussions, but the general principles he can explain
Laidlaw says early on 15/07/11 Will Lewis agreed Brooks should be escorted out of the building. McCabe says: “That sounds a bit harsh”
DI McCabe agrees that leaving behind computer equipment “would be normal. On Brooks’s Blackberry being disabled; “Rather not comment.”
McCabe says of NI office: “my understanding was that… we would seek to have a search…. but we had no power and consent was sought”
DI McCabe can only speak in general terms because he wasn’t there during the NI search about bagging and marking in situ computer equipment
“If material was found, we would secure it,” says McCabe. But he can’t speak to whether devices were left in situ or moved to secure store
McCabe explains the ‘protocol’ for ‘controlled access to digital data’ agreed between police and News International.
“My understanding of office environment, very little in terms of documentation, and mainly electronic devices: McCabe on Brooks’ office
“It would be fair to say they didn’t,” says DI McCabe of the officer lack of awareness the PAs stored most of Brooks’ paper records.
McCabe explains how the material around Mrs Carter’s workspace was moved, and it “was a challenge” to reconstitute it.
McCabe says that until Brooks’ filing lists coming to police attention at end of 2012, the police weren’t aware paperwork had been separated
“Once we came into possession of filing lists we became aware not all the material of NI, but was with her lawyers,” DI on Brooks paperwork
“Having interviewed Mrs Carter, clear material… had been returned to Mrs Brooks,” DI McCabe said police had written to lawyer McBride
After exchange of emails, Kingsley Napley let police search Brooks’ material – not solely from Carter’s workspace, couldn’t say from where
Laidlaw now moves on two months to the events of 13/03/12 and the new search warrant for Brooks’ property. DI McCabe is handed warrant.
Laidlaw asks DI McCabe about his personal responsibility for the search warrant. He would generally review the document.
DI McCabe says he would have reviewed the warrant application, but DI Beswick, independent officer, would have authorised it.
Laidlaw says he’s “made certain statements of a critical nature” of this warrant application with DC Pritchard. He reiterates them.
Laidlaw asks whether the application for the warrant provides the “full picture” and the “not practicable to communicate” box.
McCabe says he’d expect previous searches to be included in warrant. He wouldn’t expect NI search to be mentioned.
McCabe says previous searches had been frustrated – so effectively had been mentioned.
“I believe the application was balanced,” says DI McCabe: but “more information would not have harmed the application.”
DI McCabe defends omitting: “the fact we entered into correspondence with solicitors about what the defendant wants to allow us access to”
Laidlaw asks about the timing of the raid on Jubilee Barn – around 5 a.m. – he says police couldn’t find it at first.
DI McCabe says he knew about the young baby at Jubilee Barn – but didn’t know the Brooks’ child was born premature.
“I wouldn’t use the term banging on doors,” DI McCabe”. But we were conducting multiple arrests…. to make sure people don’t confer.”
“One of the arrestees left for work extremely early”, says DI McCabe: “I believe it was Mr Hanna.”
“I’m a father myself, and have had a very young child… so I would have instructed my officers,” DI McCabe.
“Would you expect the child’s Moses basket to be searched?” asks Laidlaw. “Yes,” says DI McCabe ‘if officers had reasons.”
“Mr Brooks was a horse trainer, and they’re very early risers too,” says DI McCabe of early search. “I’m not in the business of humiliating”
Counsel for Cheryl Carter cross examines DI McCabe
Trevor Burke, counsel for Cheryl Carter, has some questions of DI McCabe about the search of Brooks’ office in July 2011
Carter, Burke says, helped police get access to Brooks safe. But no request were made of PA filing cabinets. “I wasn’t present,” says McCabe
McCabe is asked whether the information from Cheryl Carter about packing up stuff triggered the inquiry to Kingsley Napley. “Yes it was”
“That’s not correct, sir,” says McCabe to Burke: “the filing lists weren’t available till late 2012”
Counsel for Charlie Brooks cross examines DI McCabe
Saunders for Charlie Brooks has a question about Cheltenham starting the day his house was searched. McCabe not aware he had no runners.
“Absolutely not… it was news to me he was,” says DI McCabe of news C Brooks was journalist: “I was aware he was a racehorse trainer”
Edis for the crown has some re-examination of McCabe, and the fact he didn’t mention New Int in the search warrant.
McCabe confirms the search of Kingsley Napley was to look for missing archives. That search was not recovered in DI McCabe’s opinion.
DI McCabe says “as far as I was concerned” the search before the warrant was served had not turned up the missing material
Saunders has a query about the search warrant: they enacted another power of search because they were arrested
McCabe explains that the search warrant was prepared just in case no one was there to be arrested at Jubilee Barn.
Break till 2.15 pm
Crass but effective: I’m giving away special prize to anyone who tips #crowdfunding #hackingtrial to 9k – 3/4s funded http://igg.me/at/hackingtrial2/x/412026
Witness – DS Philip Audrey (Investigated Archived Material at News International)
Prosecution Counsel questions DS Philip Audrey
Andrew Edis QC for the prosecution calls in DS Philip Audrey (sp?): an expert on the archive transfer lists provided by News International
DS Audrey compared five archive lists from News International and another document which sets out the structure of the archive records
The DC says there was no specific area for CEO, but there was one dedicated to Rebekah Brooks – a number of boxes noted as her notebooks
The DC also looked for the transfer records of Brooks PA, Deborah Keegan, mainly during her time at the Sun.
Edis for the QC adds some extra filing lists for the archive for the jury to add to their (mounting) bundles.
Edis for the crown goes through a number of Deborah Keegan archive filings: three for 2001, Jan 2004, Jan 2007, Oct 2008, May 09
Another 24/08/09 transfer list relates to the archiving of 4 boxes of material from the Sun. Another six boxes 2010
These were all transfer lists from the Sun editor’s office. The DC got these lists from Nick Mays NI archivist when requesting Sun records.
The DC confirms to jury that Nick Mays, NI archivist, never declined to give him whatever he asked for.
Counsel for Cheryl Carter cross examines DS Philip Audrey
Trevor Burke QC, counsel for Cheryl Carter, has questions for the DC in charge of transfer lists about precisely when they arrived.
Trevor Burke confirms that 46 boxes were archived covering NOTW, Sun and executive offices. 39 remained after Carter removed seven
Witness – Nicholas Mays (Archivist at New International)
Prosecution Counsel questions Nicholas Mays
Edis recalls Nicholas Mays, NI archivist, as a witness for the prosecution.
Saunders apologises to Mr Mays for calling him back. Edis hands him the newly filled bundle and the file transfer records from archives.
Mays confirms he provided the police with this transfer list, and “nothing was ever withheld”.
Mays confirms that the Sun list was filed under ‘editorial’ rather than under the chief executive office, though they came from there.
Edis asks Mays about Philippa Bishop – a temp who helped out in the office. Mays confirms his red markings on the transfer list
Counsel for Cheryl Carter cross examines Nicholas Mays
Trevor Burke QC for Cheryl Carter, cross examines Nicholas Mays about the temp worker’s 2009 list. He cannot recall when he gave to Police
Nicholas Mays is asked to go back to archives and indicate which if any of these boxes have been withdrawn from archives by police.
Saunders jokes to Nick Mays as he leaves: “We’ll give a video link” Brief break as jury asked to leave
Witness – Deborah Keegan (Former Personal Assistant to Rebekah Brooks)
Prosecution Counsel questions Deborah Keegan
Prosecution recall former Brooks PA Deborah Keegan for further cross examination by Trevor Burke, counsel for Carter
Deborah Keegan is asked whether she recalls Philippa Bishop, a temporary worker, who filed several boxes in archives.
Keegan is taken over the new lists of various archivings by Trevor Burke. Joe Ball archiving was by PA to deputy Sun editor.
Edis re-examines Deborah Keegan on the Phillipa Bishop document: she worked in CEO office between leaving Sun and going to TMS
Keegan agrees these were Sun editorial office: “we didn’t see any reason for leaving them behind… we didn’t have a reason not to take”
Mr Justice Saunders questions Deborah Keegan
Saunders has some questions for Deborah Keegan: “Please don’t guess the answer….”
Saunders first question about clearout from Sun when Brooks moved to CEO in late summer 2009 – no exact date on a Sunday
“Who was involved in that clearout?” asks Saunders. “Myself and Cheryl… and removal people.”
“Where did the sorting out take place?” asks Saunders of Keegan. “More in the office we were moving to.” She can’t recall who did moving.
“How long did it take you?” asks Saunders. “Maybe two or three hours.” “Just tell us what you did?” he asks of Keegan
Keegan says she put them into yellow crates. Putting into rubbish bags happened in new office. “Does it all happen on same day?”
“What did you do by sorting out?” asks Saunders. “Throw away broken folders”. Other stuff put in file for temp.
Saunders asks what happened to kept stuff put into the cupboards? “I don’t remember.” “Do you remember having anything to do with archiving”
“Apparently we did,” says Keegan of archiving. “Where did you get ‘apparently’ from?” asks Saunders. “What do you remember?”
“Did you have anything to do with actually archiving the boxes?” asks Saunders. “I’m sure I would have done…” says Keegan.
Saunders points out there doesn’t appear to be an archiving list. The archiving would have been “done at a later stage.”
“We wanted to clear the office, sort it, and do the paperwork later,” says Keegan of that Sunday weekend.
Keegan agrees there would lists like seen before
“We’ve now completed the evidence for Mrs Keegan,” Justice Saunders tells the jury. DS Massey is recalled by Edis for the crown
Witness – DS John Massey (Operation Sasha Detective)
Prosecution Counsel questions DS Massey
Massey is asked about the search of material of Rebekah Brooks provided by Kingsley Napley 2012, and compared to NI CEO filing lists in 2011
Massey has a 7 page statement of findings comparing the two sets of documents from 2011 and 2012
Laidlaw for Brooks intervenes explaining that defence provided the list of Linklaters and Kingsley Napley material
“There are number of items that correlate to the filing list” – i.e. some of the Kingsley Napley material comes from the CEO office.
DS Massey discovered in Kingsley Napley: “one cardboard box – Mr Murdoch 2000-2008” appeared to be sundry correspondence, agenda, minutes
On the CEO executive lists was a file of documents relating to phone hacking: Massey recovered a letter from Mr Lewis but no file.
Edis asks DS Massey about the executive office filings for Brooks notebooks: four notebooks recovered at Kingsley Napley.
“There is a reasonable amount of documentation which was ‘similar’ to CEO documents, but certainly not all of them,’ says DS Massey.
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DS Massey
Laidlaw for Rebekah Brooks introduces another filing list of her documents handed over to her solicitors: Linklaters and Kingsley Napley
Laidlaw points to a crate pushed into doors of Court 12 by Kingsley Napley staff: 8 or so of those big file boxes given to Brooks’ lawyers
Laidlaw points to Ms Connell “a lady dressed in black” Saunders points out “they’re all dressed in black”. Laughter.
Ms Connell has gone through files in Kingsley Napley and CEO lists: marking in green what tallies, in yellow where there is none,
Laidlaw also has a list of what Kingsley Napley think the police took in their searches of Brooks’ belongings.
Laidlaw establishes four Brooks notebooks from Kingsley Napley when through a legal privilege exercise. He took all desktop diaries.
These desk diaries have already been adduced in terms of Milly Dowler and Eimear Cook.
Counsel for Cheryl Carter cross examines DS Massey
Burke, for Cheryl Carter, cross examines DS Massey on material recovered from Brooks’ solicitors.
Burke for Carter says it appears the only reason items ended up at Kingsley Napley was because PA took them from office to Brooks.
Burke then returns the moment when Carter visits Putney police, and lawyers write back later identifying some of the docs.
DS Massey is asked by both defence counsel to go back and compare his lists with the new ones provided by them of Brooks docs #homework
Further Prosecution questions to DS Massey
Edis asks DS Massey how long this cross check will take: “Two to three days perhaps,” says Massey.
DS Massey is excused and Edis asks the jury to add another statement to their bundles (tables groaning with the weight now, perhaps)
This is more call data material from Cheryl Carter’s phone on 10/07/11 – the day the last edition of News of the World was published.
July 10th 2011 is also two days after Carter removed 7 boxes from the archive. Carter making calls from Bicester and environs around 11 am
The map from that Sunday NOTW was closed and boxes removed from archive shows Cheryl Carter moving to the Enstone area with her phone
Minutes later, around noon, two days after withdrawing 7 boxes from archives, Cheryl Carter, is near Chipping Norton.
More mapping of Cheryl Carter’s calls on Sunday July 10th 2011 takes her to Charlbury, Woodstock, Bletchington, Beckley.
“Those masts have an area of coverage…” Edis claims 11.16 to 14.26 hours on 10/07/11 around Brooks’ Oxfordshire residence.
3 or 4 minute break after an intervention by Clegg, counsel for Mark Hanna before the evidence of Tony Cox.
Witness Statement – Tony Cox (Co-Director of Corunna Solutions – Counter Surveillance)
Prosecution Counsel reads Tony Cox statement
Edis reads a statement by Tony Cox – he’s a co-director of Corunna solutions, co partner with David Johnson: anti and counter surveillance
The company also know as CST contracts self employed security operatives: they work a lot with ICP, who work a lot with NI and Mark Hanna.
Cox identifies a surveillance report and explains about the ‘Blackhawk’ codename for counter surveillance for Rebekah Brooks.
Cox explains the two phones Ops 1/Blackhawk 1 and the backup Ops 2/Blackhawk 2 and gives their number.
Cox can’t remember the execs named Kestrel and Sparrowhawk. Cox arrived alone outside Lewisham police station when Brooks was arrested
Cox said he did counter surveillance on Blackhawk/Brooks while she was in custody and her return to Chelsea Harbour at 12.45 am
Once Brooks home the team went to ‘probing the area’: he noted two other vehicles doing surveillance. Cox enters the reg numbers on phone
Cox said he handed over his Ops 1 phone to Johnson around 7 am that morning.
Two colleagues – one in a black cab, the other in a black golf – were also surveilling the area of Chelsea Harbour that day Brooks arrested
Prosecution Counsel reads Tony Cox second statement
A second statement by Cox (made later in 2012) clarifies his rota operations in July 2011: Kieron a biker on the team. Karen Wakefield.
Further security operatives working on Brooks protection are also named by Cox. He was on day shift on Saturday, nights on Sunday 17/07/11
Edis explains that completes the business for today: “I hoped to have more time with Detective Massey”: Jury out till 10 am tomorrow.

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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