Livetweeting the Hacking Trial till the Verdict

Help fund the new campaign

First, thanks again. Back in October your support enabled me, a freelance journalist and author, to provide live coverage of the phone hacking trial till Christmas.

The Prosecution Case is now Closing. Early in February, the defence cases will start in the phone hacking trial.

This is always the most dramatic phase of any trial, when the defendants lay out their case, and are open to cross examination.

Help me live tweet the hacking trial till its conclusion – expected in June. 

According to Jon Lippitt, who compiles and indexes my tweets in for future reference on my blog., I have now tweeted more than 100,000 words in three quarters of a million keystrokes.

Phew! Ouch. RSI. So now I’m fundraising to finish the job.

In return for your support I promise to provide:

  • Live, independent and detailed coverage  – answerable to you
  • Daily updates indexed on my blog  with storifies by Claire Pollard
  • All new features in an easy-to-read flipboard magazine, plus highlights from other coverage.
  • Eventually a complete searchable database of the main evidence of the trial .

I’ve taken on board many of your suggestions for special perks. Please support my new campaign at Indiegogo.

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