The ‘Pizzagate’ Tapes

The CPS today released video evidence from Count 7 in the phone hacking trial, of CCTV from the London residence of  Rebekah and Charlie Brooks at Thames Quay in Chelsea, for the 17th and 18th of July 2011 – starting the Sunday Brooks was arrested and the Chelsea property searched.

According to testimony from the MD of International Corporate Protection, William Geddes, his personal security operative ended up calling the whole affair ‘Pizzagate’.

About half an hour of video – which showed a static Black Audi in the underground car park –  has been edited out from the raw footage because it wasn’t shown to the jury. The remainder is the subject of evidence, contained in my tweets  from Court 12 at the end Monday January 13th, and much of the testimony today Tuesday January 14th.

I’ve included specific CCTV tweets below, but not related call data. I will be posting a version with my tweets from the courts providing explanatory captions, but for legal reasons that will have to be protected. 

Sunday July 17th 2011

Charles Brooks and Angus MacBride, his solicitor, arrive at Chelsea Quay: CCTV shown to court. They arrive through swing door reception

R Brooks arrested at 12.02 pm. C Brooks exits lift of underground car park with Jiffy bag and laptop – shown to jury on CCTV recording

Less than a minute later CCTV shows a jacketless Charlie Brooks returns to the lift of car park WITHOUT Jiffy bag and lap top

Counsel for Charlie Brooks points out the cameras are movement triggered. He says machine timing sometimes doesn’t marry up

Bryant Heron explains how the last two CCTV sequences, Chapter 1 and 2, fit into the timeline of events on 17th July 2011

Jury shown Chapter 3 of CCTV evidence: a brief clip of a car arriving: Hanna and Sandell arriving at Brooks residence in Chelsea

Around 14.05 after two forwards there’s a call between Mark Hanna and Charlie Brooks. Chaps 4-6 of CCTV show Hanna meeting Brooks

Charlie Brooks appears in shirtsleeves in the underground car park, directing Hanna’s vehicle into a parking space at around 14.09

Hanna – wearing what looks like a Barbour jacket goes right out of shot, while Brooks, texting on his phone, goes to the internal lifts

Another CCTV shows a blue car waiting outside a rainy Thames Quay in Chelsea: Lee Sandell is seen standing waiting there

A CCTV at 14:11 shows Hanna with a bag and files coming from bin area and heading out of shot, into camera, towards car park entrance

14:12-14:13 Int. shot of Hanna heading out of car park. Exterior shots of him walking past barrier. Overhead of him getting into blue car

Effectively these six different CCTV camera shots show Hanna carrying bags of material from bin area of underground car park to Lee Sandell

More street based CCTV shows the blue car around 14:15 heading down the rainy Chelsea Streets of Thames Quay

Back at Thames Quay: 14:45-15:02 CCTV shows Charlie with lawyer MacBride heading into car park

14:46 C Brooks in on the phone, heading outside of car park, followed by his lawyer. They came into main entrance

So they leave the car park past the barrier and back into Chelsea Quay. 14:51 back into the car park for Brooks and MacBride

14:52 Angus MacBride leaves through the main car park entrance checking his phone – C Brooks back up in internal lift

15:02 several other cars arrive at the Chelsea residence.

Two hours later, around 17:04 police leave the Brooks’ London residence having completed their search: 6 shown on CCTV followed by MacBride

Police leave with several boxes – MacBride goes back into internal lift, and then out of reception according to CCTV evidence

Two police cars had previously arrived in the Underground car park with 7 officers – MacBride had let them in with a fob

CCTV from entrance to Thames Quay shows a Mr Palmer being buzzed in because no one in reception

CCTV from outside car park shows a car arriving around 17:21 at Chelsea Quay

21: 27 Jorsling arrives at Thames Quay car park.

21:29 Jorsling removes black bag and moves to bin area – returns empty handed. Calls Charlie Brooks. 21:31 Jorsling leaves in black golf

CCTV (played earlier) of the arrival of Mr Palmer then collects a Pizza box from Thames Quarry

1:26 – dark now – a car is let through shuttered barriers at Thames Quay. Guy comes out from car in underground car park on phone

Jorsling removes a black bin bag from his black golf in Chelsea Car park, and dumps it in bin area to camera right (out of shot)

Jorsling drives off. On CCTV a guy in white T shirt arrives immediately (assumed to be Palmer) picks up jiffy back and laptop

The Black Golf shown driving out of car park entrance on CCTV

Guy in white T-shirt – Palmer – now returns to lifts with a Pizza Box on CCTV

CCT of reception at night from about 20 past midnight shows Charlie leaving in shirt sleeves

An Audi and another car swiped through car park barriers, shown to Jury on CCTV footage

CCTV from underground car park shows Audi and Black Golf: Charlie talks to Jorsling and Johnson and greets Rebekah after her arrest

Charlie and Rebekah hug on CCTV footage

Charlie and Rebekah exit through lifts leaving her driver in Audi – Jorsling and Johnson by black Golf

Jorling and Johnson transfer something from their car to the Audi – Brooks’ main car

CCTV from about 00:38 the night Brooks was arrested shows Brooks’ main car, Black Audi, leaving Chelsea with follow car, Black Golf

Monday July 18th 2011

Next entry for schedule is following morning at 10:20 – CCTV stills show Edwards, Brooks’ driver, arriving in Audi, and waiting

Actually these are not CCTV stills – long sequence shows Edwards talking to a woman who has some orange shopping bags as he waits

At 10:23 Charlie and Rebekah come down to the car park. Their driver Edwards has been waiting for an hour by this point

CCTV show Mr Nascimento, a cleaner at Thames Quay, arrive with a motorpowered cleaing wagon by the bins in the underground car park

CCTV shows Nascimento attaching wheelie bin to his wagon, drive off down the car park, turn around in a neat U-turn to attach another bin

With four wheelie bins now attached, Nascimento drives past the camera. He then turns back. Dismounts and heads to bin area near lift

Nascimento retrieves something from floor out of shot. Drives out of car park and parks his carriage of green wheelie bins

CCTV shows Mr Nascimento leaving with items. He will be a witness soon

12:50 onwards. Driver Paul Edwards is on phone looking for bags. Can’t find it. Calls Hanna. Jorsling arrives. Meets Edwards outside

Jorsling arrives around 13:05 to meet Edwards. 13:08 Charles Brooks calls Edwards and texts message: “Need to get Becks some lunch. Pizza”

Mr Perkins, employee of Thames Quay, arrive in car park. Jorsling, C Brooks and Edwards go to office of manager of building

CCTV shows Rebekah coming out of Audi in car park, watches while Edwards and Charlie look around near bins. They go back up to flat

Brooks’ driver Edwards is on the phone all the time, pacing up an down. The door to the Audi remains opens. It’s about 12:54 on 18/07/11

A guy with a peaked cap and High Visibility shirt arrives. He doesn’t see Edwardss. Goes down to bottom of car park checking bins

Uniformed guy in vizzy finds the Audi with doors open, swipes himself into building. Back out. Doesn’t talk to Edwards.

CCTV: When the security guy has gone, Edward reverses the Audi and heads out of Thames Quay underground car park. Then returns and parks

Edwards, wearing sunglasses, walks out from car park. Seems to light cigarette, joins up with Jorsling, who holds up his hands

Edwards, Brooks’ driver, returns with Jorsling who did the ‘pizza’ in the pot drop off to bin area. An official looking man in suit waits

Charlie Brooks, in shirt sleeves, comes out of lift, rubbing his hair. He, Jorsling and Edwards talk to manager in black suit.

Charlie Brooks, driver, security operative and manager all leave the car park

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