Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 14 Jan

Tuesday 14 January 2014

The Prosecution Case Continues
Continued CCTV Evidence on Count 7
CCTV Evidence on 17 July 2011 – The day Rebekah Brooks was arrested
Rebekah Brooks Bailed
CCTV Evidence on 18 July 2011 – The day after Brooks arrest
Witness – William Geddes (MD of ICP – International Corporate Protection)
Prosecution Counsel questions William Geddes
Counsel for Charlie Brooks cross examines William Geddes
Counsel for Mark Hanna cross examines William Geddes
Witness – Dave Cutts (Mobile phone network expert witness)
Prosecution Counsel questions Dave Cutts

The Prosecution Case Continues
Continued CCTV Evidence on Count 7
Back at the #hackingtrial and mid-way through CCTV evidence on Count 7 – involving Mr and Mrs Brooks and Mark Hanna, NI Head of Security
Saunders explains to the jury that the Count 7 schedule contains agreed ‘events’ – it’s the interpretation under dispute
CCTV Evidence on 17 July 2011 – The day Rebekah Brooks was arrested
Bryant Heron explains how the last two CCTV sequences, Chapter 1 and 2, fit into the timeline of events on 17th July 2011
Bryant Heron then notes phone calls from William Geddes with Charlie Brooks and Mark Hannah around noon that day
Charlie Brooks is also in contact with Rebekah Brooks‘ driver around this time she was arrested at Lewisham station
Lee Sandell assisted, a private security guard from Advance Security
Telephone records from 12-8pm that day: phone attributed to David Johnson and Blackhawk 1 all routed through SE13 (Lewisham police station)
David Johnson was another private security company hired through private contractor ICP, MD William Geddes
13.10-13.55 Mark Hanna and Lee Sandell leave Wapping with cell site data showing them moving to SW11 3BZ- Thames Quay
Jury shown Chapter 3 of CCTV evidence: a brief clip of a car arriving: Hanna and Sandell arriving at Brooks residence in Chelsea
Saunders says one of the jury should go to “top of the class” for noticing a yellow timeline on the schedule which nobody can quite explain
Around 14.05 after two forwards there’s a call between Mark Hanna and Charlie Brooks. Chaps 4-6 of CCTV show Hanna meeting Brooks
Charlie Brooks appears in shirtsleeves in the underground car park, directing Hanna’s vehicle into a parking space at around 14.09
Hanna – wearing what looks like a Barbour jacket goes right out of shot, while Brooks, texting on his phone, goes to the internal lifts
Another CCTV shows a blue car waiting outside a rainy Thames Quay in Chelsea: Lee Sandell is seen standing waiting there
A CCTV at 14:11 shows Hanna with a bag and files coming from bin area and heading out of shot, into camera, towards car park entrance
14:12-14:13 Int. shot of Hanna heading out of car park. Exterior shots of him walking past barrier. Overhead of him getting into blue car
Effectively these six different CCTV camera shots show Hanna carrying bags of material from bin area of underground car park to Lee Sandell
More street based CCTV shows the blue car around 14:15 heading down the rainy Chelsea Streets of Thames Quay
14:48 Hanna and Sandell’s mobile phones are routed through the Wapping cell site – i.e. they’ve gone to NI HQ
Back at Thames Quay: 14:45-15:02 CCTV shows Charlie with lawyer MacBride heading into car park
14:46 C Brooks in on the phone, heading outside of car park, followed by his lawyer. They came into main entrance
So they leave the car park past the barrier and back into Chelsea Quay. 14:51 back into the car park for Brooks and MacBride
14:52 Angus MacBride leaves through the main car park entrance checking his phone – C Brooks back up in internal lift
15:02 several other cars arrive at the Chelsea residence.
Around the same time – 15:00 – Hanna and Sandell leave Wapping according to phone data
Two hours later, around 17:04 police leave the Brooks’ London residence having completed their search: 6 shown on CCTV followed by MacBride
Police leave with several boxes – MacBride goes back into internal lift, and then out of reception according to CCTV evidence
Two police cars had previously arrived in the Underground car park with 7 officers – MacBride had let them in with a fob
At 16:50 there was also a short 15 minute search of Brooks’ Oxfordshire residence at the barn
After the search in London, Hanna and Charlie Brooks exchange phone messages.
Between 17:31 and 19:11 there are 6 calls and texts between Hanna, security staff Jorsling and ‘Blackhawk 1’
CCTV from entrance to Thames Quay shows a Mr Palmer being buzzed in because no one in reception
CCTV from outside car park shows a car arriving around 17:21 at Chelsea Quay
David Johnson and Daryl Jorsling were texting each other: those texts retrieved: around 19:00 a text with Hanna’s numbers
Texts between Jorsling and Johnson about calling Charlie and Mark around 17:30 and picking up stuff from TMS.
Call data shows Brooks being contacted around 19:30.
19:32-20:14 Jorsling leaves Lewisham – cell site data show him from SE13 to SE 1 – Lewisham to Bermondsey and then Wapping E1 W1LD
Call data puts Jorsling in Wapping for about 15 mins
20:24 Blackhawk 1 texts Hanna about location of docs: 20:35 Hanna is called by Jorsling but call forwarded – Hanna calls back.
20:37 Mark Hanna texts Charlie Brooks. Jorsling’s mobile moves from SE1 to SW6 – i.e. Chelsea
Hanna and Jorsling text each other between 20:44 and at 21:09 “Daryl Have a plan…. can you call please…” Jorsling calls back
21: 27 Jorsling arrives at Thames Quay car park.
21:29 Jorsling removes black bag and moves to bin area – returns empty handed. Calls Charlie Brooks. 21:31 Jorsling leaves in black golf
CCTV (played earlier) of the arrival of Mr Palmer then collects a Pizza box from Thames Quarry
21:26 – dark now – a car is let through shuttered barriers at Thames Quay. Guy comes out from car in underground car park on phone
Jorsling removes a black bin bag from his black golf in Chelsea Car park, and dumps it in bin area to camera right (out of shot)
Jorsling drives off. On CCTV a guy in white T shirt arrives immediately (assumed to be Palmer) picks up jiffy back and laptop
The Black Golf shown driving out of car park entrance on CCTV
Guy in white T-shirt – Palmer – now returns to lifts with a Pizza Box on CCTV
21:35-21:40 texts between Jorsling and Johnson, Jorsling calls Hanna. “Broadsword calling Danny Boy… .pizza delivered” text from Jorsling
Johnson to Jorsling “Ha fucking amateurs. We should have had DLD or brush contact on riverside…. Log in as Pizza Delivery”
Back after a break: we’re following through the details of the day of Brooks’ arrest and search of Brooks’ London flat
21:24-22:01 text messages between Johnson and Jorsling “See you in the am wherever it may be”. “Another fucking magical mystery tour”
23:21 to 23:25 texts exchanged between Hanna and Blackhawk 1 “Any news yet?” “No news… must be grilling her big style”
Further texts from Hanna to Blackhawk: “please call when released”
Saunders notes there was a call from Hanna to his line manager Viner around the same time.
Clegg counsel for Hanna notes the exact timing of text to Jane Viner, and another call from Blackhawk1 to Hannah moments before at 23:55
Rebekah Brooks Bailed
23:30 Brooks is bailed from Lewisham and driven back in an Audi to Chelsea residence
CCT of reception at night from about 20 past midnight shows Charlie leaving in shirt sleeves
An Audi and another car swiped through car park barriers, shown to Jury on CCTV footage
CCTV from underground car park shows Audi and Black Golf: Charlie talks to Jorsling and Johnson and greets Rebekah after her arrest
Charlie and Rebekah hug on CCTV footage
Charlie and Rebekah exit through lifts leaving her driver in Audi – Jorsling and Johnson by black Golf
Jorling and Johnson transfer something from their car to the Audi – Brooks’ main car
CCTV from about 00:38 the night Brooks was arrested shows Brooks’ main car, Black Audi, leaving Chelsea with follow car, Black Golf
CCTV Evidence on 18 July 2011 – The day after Brooks arrest
Next entry for schedule is following morning at 10:20 – CCTV stills show Edwards, Brooks’ driver, arriving in Audi, and waiting
Actually these are not CCTV stills – long sequence shows Edwards talking to a woman who has some orange shopping bags as he waits
At 10:23 Charlie and Rebekah come down to the car park. Their driver Edwards has been waiting for an hour by this point
18th July 2011 – cell site evidence from Paul Edwards and C Brooks show them going to Kingsley Napley solicitors in EC1
CCTV show Mr Nascimento, a cleaner at Thames Quay, arrive with a motorpowered cleaing wagon by the bins in the underground car park
CCTV shows Nascimento attaching wheelie bin to his wagon, drive off down the car park, turn around in a neat U-turn to attach another bin
With four wheelie bins now attached, Nascimento drives past the camera. He then turns back. Dismounts and heads to bin area near lift
Nascimento retrieves something from floor out of shot. Drives out of car park and parks his carriage of green wheelie bins
CCTV shows Mr Nascimento leaving with items. He will be a witness soon
12:25 on 18/07/11 Charlie Brooks calls News International: 12:48-55 Edwards, and both Brooks’ return to Chelsea Quay.
12:50 onwards. Driver Paul Edwards is on phone looking for bags. Can’t find it. Calls Hanna. Jorsling arrives. Meets Edwards outside
Jorsling arrives around 13:05 to meet Edwards. 13:08 Charles Brooks calls Edwards and texts message: “Need to get Becks some lunch. Pizza”
Mr Perkins, employee of Thames Quay, arrive in car park. Jorsling, C Brooks and Edwards go to office of manager of building
CCTV shows Rebekah coming out of Audi in car park, watches while Edwards and Charlie look around near bins. They go back up to flat
Brooks’ driver Edwards is on the phone all the time, pacing up an down. The door to the Audi remains opens. It’s about 12:54 on 18/07/11
A guy with a peaked cap and High Visibility shirt arrives. He doesn’t see Edwardss. Goes down to bottom of car park checking bins
Uniformed guy in vizzy finds the Audi with doors open, swipes himself into building. Back out. Doesn’t talk to Edwards.
CCTV: When the security guy has gone, Edward reverses the Audi and heads out of Thames Quay underground car park. Then returns and parks
Edwards, wearing sunglasses, walks out from car park. Seems to light cigarette, joins up with Jorsling, who holds up his hands
Edwards, Brooks’ driver, returns with Jorsling who did the ‘pizza’ in the pot drop off to bin area. An official looking man in suit waits
Charlie Brooks, in shirt sleeves, comes out of lift, rubbing his hair. He, Jorsling and Edwards talk to manager in black suit.
Charlie Brooks, driver, security operative and manager all leave the car park
13:24 Hanna calls Edwards for a minute. 14:10 Police arrive at Chelsea Harbour. Brown suitcase and laptop bag given up to police
15:37 Hanna calls Edwards 15:52 C Brooks leaves message then speaks to Hanna twice.
Witness – William Geddes (MD of ICP – International Corporate Protection)
Prosecution Counsel questions William Geddes
Bryant Heron, for the crown, calls William Geddes, MD of ICP – International Corporate Protection – firm employed by Hanna
Geddes has some documentary exhibits attached to his statement.
Geddes explains that his security company provides protection and support for execs in hostile environments or at risk
Geddes confirms ICP was employed by NI in 2011 to provide “protective surveillance for Mrs Brooks” – Operation Blackhawk
Geddes said he had an existing relationship with both News International and Mr Mark Hanna
Geddes says he was to provide a discreet security service, detecting other surveillance by the media or hostile members of the public
Geddes said he was contracted mid June 2011 (three weeks before Milly Dowler story broke); Geddes contacted Coruna Solutions.
Coruna were regularly contracted by Geddes at ICP. Mick Donovan is Geddes assistant at ICP.
Dave Johnson and Anthony Cox were Geddes main contacts at Coruna solutions.
Coruna engaged a number of people in this project: Paul Lennon, Daryl Jorsling, Leon White and Paul Daly
Daryl Jorsling was also known as ‘Del’, Geddes confirms to Bryant Heron.
Geddes explains how protective coverage works – 24 hours, from a discreet distance, to check out for ‘hostile reconnaissance’ on principal
Geddes explains they worked on the twelve hour shift system
Mr Johnson and Mr Cox would organise the shift system for this ICP project
Geddes confirms that Gary Keegan and Paul Edwards were the Brooks’ drivers. The team would keep in contact with drivers.
Geddes only contacted the drivers when he was ‘in close proximity’: information about the Brooks’ movements came from the drivers
Focusing on the events of 16th-17th of July 2011, the weekend Brooks was arrested, Bryant Heron asks Geddes what he was doing on 16th
Geddes said he provided support for the team directly in Oxfordshire on the night of 16/07/11. He and Paul Lennon were at gate at Enstone
Second ICP team led by Mick Donovan were at Brooks’ Jubilee Barn premises that same night.
Geddes explains that on his arrival at Enstone Manor Farm on the Saturday evening around 6pm he went to meet Mark Hanna, head of NI security
Geddes says Hanna walked him around external perimeter of Enstone Manor Farm – he doesn’t know if Hanna stayed all night. Geddes did
Early morning around 7 am on 17/07/11 a relief team of Dave Johnson and Daryl Jorsling took over from Geddes and Lennon
Geddes is asked about the ‘Blackhawk 1’ phone – an operational phone carried by each team for principals to contact, and with a central log
The Blackhawk phones would be handed to each shift team as they took over
Geddes can’t help with the driving of Rebekah Brooks to Lewisham police station: team had to ‘scramble’ quickly to relocate to London
Geddes was aware of Mrs and Mrs Brooks and the homeowner at Enstone Manor Farm, but nothing else, he tells Jury
Geddes describes owner of Enstone Manor Farm as “middle Eastern gentleman… specialising in IVF treatment”
Geddes say Hanna on the morning of 17th at front gate just as his shift was ending, around 7 am
William Geddes, head of ICP, met Lee Sandell at Enstone – he was with Mr Hanna. Can’t recall if morning or evening
Counsel for Charlie Brooks cross examines William Geddes
Saunders, counsel for Charlie Brooks, cross examines Geddes.
Geddes agrees he knows Charlie Brooks
Geddes agrees that advance notice of movements were useful. They would try to have an ‘advance car’ and a ‘follow car’ for them
Saunder for C Brooks, asks what the concern was: Geddes explains tradition to get ahead to make sure not driving into a problem
Geddes agrees the threats were from other media and possible hostile members of the public
Saunders, counsel for C Brooks, goes over the schedule shown previously with witness William Geddes, corporate security boss of ICP
NB – there are TWO Saunders in this trial. Justice John Saunders, and Neil Saunders, counsel for Charlie Brooks
Saunders for C Brooks, focuses on the moment on the Sunday Brooks returns from bins empty handed. Two texts messages send to Geddes then
Saunders for C Brooks, say he’s “trying to piece together what’s going on” and refers to a document Geddes gave to the police.
Geddes agrees he transcribed his texts from his handset into a ‘text transcript’ for the police.
In his transcript Geddes added the times of his texts. The jury is shown a page of his transcripts.
Jury shown Geddes’ text transcript: CB texts from garage “NEED MY CAR KEYS”
Geddes replies ” MARK IS DRIVING TO YOU… then ‘Have you decided where you’ll be staying tonight, sir?” Brooks “Flat as far as I know…”
Geddes replies by text to Charlie Brooks that if he’s not staying in London “could you let me know at your earliest convenience.”
Saunders for C Brooks asks Geddes about his and Hanna’s contact with the phone designated ‘Blackhawk 1’
Apparently the CCTV footage from Chelsea flat is already available from BBC
The Blackhawk 1 phone was with Johnson which texts “Lewisham complete” around noon – i.e. Brooks has arrived at police station
Saunders, counsel for Charlie Brooks, asks Geddes about a text he sent to Blackhawk1 around 12.23 – minutes after R Brooks arrested
Geddes says he was unaware that Brooks was going to Lewisham police station “until much later in that day”
A text from Blackhawk 1 to Geddes “Paul was told about the station by p2”: i.e. probably Edwards informed by principle two – C Brooks.
“He assumed we knew” texts Blackhawk1 to Geddes about the police station visit. Geddes replies “Paul is a twat”
Geddes agrees he wouldn’t have called Paul Lennon a twat – so it’s probably the driver Paul Edwards referred to
Geddes agrees had infrequent contact with Charlie Brooks, but he spoke to him rather than Rebekah.
Saunders for Charlie Brooks refers back to his text saying staying in London seems more “logical” for night stay
Geddes asks politely for advance notice from Brooks “only to ensure we have coverage at right place”
“Because everyone was up in Oxon, the plan was to bring everyone down to London,” explains Geddes about Brooks’ security that Sunday
Geddes text to C Brooks at 19:10 explains how he will be covering Rebekah on the Monday and her Tuesday DCMS appearance
Geddes asks Charlie if he will be accompanying his wife Mon 18th, and says he’ll need all the names of those going to Parliament on Tuesday
Geddes confirms he provided security in a ‘physical sense’ for the next two days for Mr and Mrs Brooks
Break till 2pm
After a brief disconnected admin matter the jury are back in at the #hackingtrial. William Geddes now cross examined by Hanna’s counsel
Counsel for Mark Hanna cross examines William Geddes
William Clegg, counsel for Hanna, introduces some maps that show the location of Enstone Park in relation to Brooks’ home at Jubilee Barn
Clegg counsel for Hanna also show the location of the telephone masts which provide the ‘cell-site’ information mobile phone tracking
Counsel for Hanna shows the logical route to drive from Enstone Farm to Jubilee Barn – past Chipping Norton
Laidlaw for Brooks wants to raise a matter. Jury leave for a minute
Back with Clegg’s cross examination of Geddes on behalf of his client Mark Hanna, former head of security at NI.
Clegg explains “I work for Mark Hanna who sits behind me in the dock…. someone you’ve worked with… since 2004/5…”
Geddes confirms he worked with Hanna when he was employed with Nomura bank – his role prior to News International.
Geddes describes Hanna as a “consummate professional…” Someone who he trusted and felt confident working with.
Clegg asks Geddes to cast his mind back to April 2011: a short surveillance operation providing protection for Brooks. Clegg suggest 20/04
Geddes provided short notice protection for Brooks: Clegg produces an email from 20/04/11
Geddes cannot recollect if the protection for Brooks was 24hrs a day in April 2011
Geddes confirms he visited Brooks’ Thames Quay Chelsea Harbour flat for purposes of security in April 2011
As part of the April 2011 survey Geddes noted the CCTV coverage of entrances and exits at Brooks’ London flat and underground carpark
Geddes and Hanna made a point of locating the CCTV coverage in the underground car park (several months before the arrest of Brooks)
Clegg for Hanna suggests April protection lasted only 48 hrs. He shows Geddes from International Corporate Security email to that effect
Geddes confirms he was contacted in June 2011 to provide protection for Brooks and two other NI execs
Geddes agrees the ‘risk’ was of media intrusion as well as physical from members of the public “who had designs on them”
The other execs were Sparrowhawk and Kestrel – previous evidence suggests Simon Greenberg and Will Lewis
Geddes says there were a number of operators within his team, who would move around accordingly, under leadership of Cox and Johnson
Security wasn’t just static, but mobile aswell, with two security vehicles – one advance car, one in a follow position
Clegg, counsel for Hanna, asks Geddes if there was any kind of ‘discretion’?
Geddes confirms there were complaints from Mr and Mrs Brooks that they couldn’t see the security.
For the rest of the protection, the aim was to be as ‘discreet’ and invisible as possible.
Geddes provided a regular counter surveillance log. In the build up to 17/07/11 “high press interest at all locations” the report said.
Geddes report says he reduced to a minimum Brooks’ exposure through decoy vehicles and using different entries and exits
Clegg refers to an incident of a photographer on a motorbike being foiled from snapping Brooks on a trip to the office
Geddes cannot recall when his team informed him of the Enstone location for weekend of 16- 17/07/11
Geddes confirms Enstone was a large property with large grounds, with a pond, a public footpath to rear of property.
Geddes can’t recollect if the Brooks’ moved to Enstone on the Friday 15th: he wasn’t aware they arrived in two vehicles.
Geddes recalls seeing a range rover as part of Brooks’ transport
Geddes agrees Hanna was already at Enstone when he arrived on the Saturday.
Geddes says there was a large gathering on Saturday night – quite a few vehicles. Clegg says about 17 guests the night before Brooks arrest
A man called Jevan installed electronic security for that time in Enstone.
Overnight about six security guards Clegg suggests at Enstone. Blackhawk 2 was based at Brooks’ home at Jubilee Barn – two people
Geddes recalls Hanna had a volvo, the Brooks’ a Range Rover
Geddes recalls Hanna doing a foot patrol when it got dark at Enstone
Geddes confirms that, by the next morning, Sunday 17th, he and Hanna were very tired
Geddes says one of the team were dispatched to get eggs and bread from a local shop near Enstone
“The time when errands are requested….. depends on there being sufficient of the principal,” says Geddes of milk run for the Brooks’
Clegg suggest Mrs Brooks’ mother arrived to join for family breakfast.
Geddes can’t recall – he left Enstone around 7 am that Sunday morning
Geddes agrees he probably said something like “I’m getting too old for staying up all night”
Geddes says he was called by David Johnson for the address of Kingsley Napley – Brooks’ solicitors in London
Geddes says this would have been the first he knew about the Brooks’ trip to solicitors
“Generally it was from the driver we received the itinerary,” says Geddes. A 9.41 he had no idea the Brooks were going to Police Station
Geddes agrees he doubts Hanna knew about imminent trip to Lewisham Police station either, or would have told him
Geddes thinks the Brooks’ travelled with their driver, rather than in the Range Rover – he thinks Hanna was going to drive that to London
Clegg, counsel for Hanna, draws attention to various phone calls at 10 am which Geddes can’t remember
Geddes had been up for 24 hours: “you didn’t get much uninterrupted sleep the next day” points out Clegg
Geddes agrees “you were all flying blind” that day in terms of the Brooks’ movements.
Geddes reports back about ‘Ratz”= paparrazi: “All over sky news but no reports back of which station” over Brooks’ arrest
Geddes replies to Blackhawk 1 “am shattered” by about 7pm that Sunday evening: last contact that 17th July Brooks was arrested
Clegg says there was a Pret a Manger on ground floor of TMS – Geddes met Hanna there on the Monday to discuss Brooks DCMS appearance
Geddes had a very interrupted lunch that Monday: Charlie Brooks complained some property had gone missing – they were looking for it
That Monday 18/07/11 Geddes confirmed security team had property Charlie Brooks wanted back: lots of calls to find out where it is
Geddes had understood that C Brooks property had been returned to Chelsea Harbour – Charlie complains “it’s not there” according to Clegg
Clegg for Hanna goes through the various calls 18/07/11 from Geddes to find out where Charlie Brooks stuff left in Chelsea had gone
BREAKING: Security operatives called the missing returned Brooks bag ‘Pizzagate” Text: “can you talk ref Pizzagate”: Geddes confirms
Some discussion about use of military slang by security operatives: “it’s endemic in the lingo used by security operatives,” says Geddes
Geddes confirms that getting pizza, like milk and eggs, was common practice for security guarding “principals” who want privacy
Geddes confirms his risk assessment mean there were internal threats from ‘rogue elements’ within News International
Bryant Heron for the crown re-examines the Pizzagate text at 13:19 to Geddes from Blackhawk1
Geddes couldn’t say if he was with Hanna at 13:19. He thinks BlackHawk1 would have been Johnson or Cox.
Geddes says it’s “highly likely” he spoke to Blackhawk1: he didn’t see the ‘Watergate’ reference in Pizzagate.
Geddes says his operatives “were blowing an inconvenient situation into a bit of a drama”
Geddes says Hanna wanted to know what happened. They were both trying to get information from the team
Geddes says Hanna involvement in Pizzagate “was his involvement in the errand”.
At 17:01 Blackhawk1 texts Geddes: “Filth all over underground carpark over Pizzagate” Geddes confirms this refers to police search
Geddes says he didn’t know the entire nature of the police incident. “It was most unfortunate,” he says: “the errand going awry.”
Witness – Dave Cutts (Mobile phone network expert witness)
Prosecution Counsel questions Dave Cutts
Bryant Heron for the crown calls Dave Cutts, an expert on cell site information.
Cutts is a senior forensic engineer at the Metropolitan Police Service, with a speciality of mobile phone location.
Cutts explains to jury the principle of cell-sites. A mobile phone is basically a radio receiver and transceiver communicating with masts
Cutts explains the call data for any mobile phone gives geographical data for calls or texts incoming or outgoing
Bryant Heron for the prosecution takes Dave Cutts to columns from the schedule which refer to Maps
The jury are shown an exhibit of a map related to Carter and Brooks 07/07/11 in Wapping – Thomas More Square outlined in dotted red.
Meanwhile Cutts explains the packets of data exchanged in and out by the relevant numbers and the postcode of the mast: here E1 or Wapping
Cutts had done an exercise to explain the location of Brooks and Carter numbers during the days.
Bryant Heron for the crown refers to another map on 08/07/11 for Thomas More Square – Carter and Brooks both in the area
Bryant Heron for the prosecution moves onto the period from Brooks’ resignation to her arrest 15th July 11 through the following weekend
Cutts explore for the jury the cell site information for Enstone Manor Farm and Jubilee Barn and the phone of Charlie Brooks
Cutt confirms he completed a number of surveys of those two areas in Oxfordship using specialist equipment.
Cutts says his analysis suggests movement away from Jubilee Barn to the northwest. His equipment detects the local masts.
Cutts refers to different phone ‘events’ which connect to different masts – giving a sense of movement and timing.
Cutts explains that mobile masts have three or more directional antennae – so the location of a phone in relation to that mast is clearer
Since the three or more antennae are directional the maps show the masts as triangles – and show which aspect the call connected
Back tomorrow at 10 am

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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