Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 13 Jan

Monday 13 January 2014

The Prosecution Case Continues
Further cross examination of Jane Viner
Witness – Jane Viner (Facilities Manager at News International)
Counsel for Cheryl Carter continues cross examination of Jane Viner
Counsel for Mark Hanna cross examines Jane Viner
Further Prosecution questions to Jane Viner
Witness – DS John Massey (Operation Sasha Detective)
Prosecution Counsel questions DS Massey
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks will cross examine at a later time
Counsel for Cheryl Carter cross examines DS Massey
Witness – DC Karyn Millar (Operation Sasha Detective)
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Millar
Counsel for Cheryl Carter cross examines DC Millar
Witness – DC Hailey Barber (Operation Sasha Detective)
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Barber
Counsel for Mark Hanna cross examines DC Barber
Further Prosecution questions to DC Barber

The Prosecution Case Continues
Further cross examination of Jane Viner
Back at the #hackingtrial – with further cross examination of head of facilities at NI, Jane Viner
Witness – Jane Viner (Facilities Manager at News International)
Counsel for Cheryl Carter continues cross examination of Jane Viner
Trevor Burke, counsel for Cheryl Carter, has questions for Jane Viner. He shows her an email from Carter to archivist Nick Mays on 16/05/11
On the 13/05/11 Mays had written Carter and Keegan about Brooks’ memorabilia and JRM portrait
Carter writes back to Mays, and then asks Jane Viner for “big cupboards” for Brooks’ memorabilia. Viner has no recollection of replying
Burke shows Viner a floor plan of Brooks’ office on the 10th floor at TMS.
Jane Viner confirms that the big filing cabinets were behind the PAs in the ‘pod’ adjacent to Brooks’ office.
The floor to ceiling plan of Thomas More Square shown to jury doesn’t include some ‘storewalls’ says Viner
“I wouldn’t say it was a paperless office, but it was a minimalistic design,” says Viner of NI corporate floor
Viner is shown the extensive filing list (some 132 pages IRRC) for the cabinets behind the PAs in the ante-room to Brooks’ office
Viner agrees she was responsible for packing up “to specific guidelines” the News of the World offices after it was closed on 10th July 11
“News of the World was the focus of your initial instructions” asks Burke of that weekend: Brooks was not a person of interest till 15/07/11
On the 14th of July, the day before she resigned, Brooks was planning to be leaving Thomas More Square and “working elsewhere”
Brooks emails Viner about relocating to “the Barn” during “leave of absence” and moving various items including “Rupert and Charlie Photos”
As far as Viner was concerned, there was no restriction on Brooks moving any items while she was ‘homeworking’ and at another London office
Viner emails Carter with “Plan of Action” email from Viner to Carter on 14/07/11 about Brooks’ moving out of NI HQ week after NOTW closure
Next day Viner emails Cheryl around 17.40 15/07/11 plans to pack and store Brooks’ office over the following weekend, despite resignation
The police arrive about an hour later around 18.40 on 15/07/11: Brooks was now a personal of interest, and Viner says office locked down
On 17th text messages from Viner to Carter are shown to jury: “Am on the 13th floor…. call when you need some help”
Carter texts she went with her husband to clear her beauty stuff, and says she’s now working with ‘Tom’ – Mockeridge appointed new CEO
Viner emails Carter on the Monday 18th saying that Mockeridge was going to temporarily occupy Brooks’ office
Carter asks about Brooks’ stuff: Viner says “I thought we weren’t allowed into the office yet…. but if you mean files let’s sort out ASAP
Viner confirms that it was Brooks office which was searched and sealed on the Friday evening before: Carter was there during the search
Police spent four hours or so searching Brooks’ office on 15/07/11 and returned on the Monday 18th to remove IT items.
After 4th August 2011 Viner oversaw the removal of the remainder of Brooks’ office items to safe storage
“If you mean files with you,” writes Viner to Carter: “let’s get them packed up as soon as possible.” She’s referring to Carter’s area
Around that week of the 22nd July 2011, after Brooks’ arrest, Viner became aware Carter was leaving.
“Mrs Carter had received a lot of gifts,” on her departure says her counsel Trevor Burke: Carter brought her car in to collect them.
Carter was planning to continue with her Sun beauty column despite her resignation the week after Brooks’ arrested.
Carter wrote to Derek Crowley, NI HR executive, about leaving her IT and phones behind.
Viner says the filing cabinets behind Carter would have “been associated with her”. She has no recollection of packing them
Viner says there is no booking or invoices in her records for moving 8 crates from TMS to Carter’s parents-in-law
On the 24th of July, Viner oversaw several crates of material going into safe storage, but never saw a filing list.
Burke alleges 8 or 10 crates of Brooks’ personal stuff was organised by Viner’s department: “No, I have no recollection of that…”
“Police expressed no interest… in storage area behind Carters desk,” asks Burke. “I have no knowledge of that,” says Viner
Counsel for Mark Hanna cross examines Jane Viner
William Clegg, counsel for Hanna, makes his first appearance: “This is my first question… so my questioning skills may be a little rusty”
Clegg shows Viner a satellite map of Thomas More Square – picks out road, marina, parking area and plant.
In 2011 there was one level of an underground car park in TMS. The move there was huge logistical exercise, agrees Viner, 3300 people moved.
Viner confirms that Daniel Cloke previously responsible for security for News International left in 2010 – and she took over responsibility
Hanna was group director for NI security, embracing all four titles, in 2011
Clegg, counsel for Hanna, confirms that ‘group director’ doesn’t mean Hanna was an legal director. ‘Neither was I,” confirms Viner
Viner says she’d worked closely with Mark Hanna: agrees he was hard working, conscientous, good at his job, fair and entirely honest
“Trust worthy, reliable” Viner confirms. “A family man,” Clegg asksof his client: “I don’t know all personal details of those I work with”
Jury is shown details of Hanna’s parking space – number 77 – at Thomas More Square.
“He had very wide ranging duties…. in this country and abroad,” Clegg asks. “I don’t recall any work abroad,” says Viner
In the UK, Viner confirms Hanna was responsible for securing the building, and executive security. A concierge team for front of house
Hanna was the line manager for the person in charge of the TMS security, entry and exits, patrols, logs of security maintenance
Hanna’s team were responsible for lost property, issuing swipe cards, liaising over fire drills. Investigating petty theft
Viner can’t remember the theft of lead from the roof of Thomas More Square – “It would have been from Wapping,” she says.
Clegg refers to Fox News, part of News Corp not NI. “In Wapping and TMS we have News Corp Europe and Asia shared office space,” says Viner
Clegg talks about the kidnap of Fox journalists in Egypt returned to London. Viner has no recollection
Hanna was former army, serving in first Gulf War, and trained NI journalists for combat zones
Viner became aware of phone hacking in 2011. She remembers an incident related to public post.
Threatening and abusive letters to NI execs were intercepted in post room confirms Viner.
It was Mark Hanna’s job to do a ‘risk assessment’ of these abusive letters to NI execs. In first instance in post room
“Anything written in green ink would, I suggest, be intercepted by security,” says Cleggs. “Sounds like the sort of protocol,” says Viner
Arrangements varied from title to title, says Viner, as to what happened to the mail once it had got through to the first ‘sift’
PAs might send mail back to security after a ‘second sift’ agrees Viners. NI offices swept for listening devices – normal and routine
Viner says this is normal in most organisations she’s worked with. She agree newspapers v competitive and might try to steal scoops.
Clegg talks of the ‘sensitive’ News Corp bid for BSkyB: Viner confirms News Corp had offices
A company called White Rock conducted the anti-eavesdropping ‘sweeping’
Email from Brooks to Will Lewis 25/01/11 “Can I have my phone, and office swept… thanks. discreetly” “Seems routine,” says Viner
Counsel for Hanna, Clegg, goes through follow up emails to Brooks’ request. Hanna says will get to it ASAP. Will Lewis replies “No problem”
Hanna stays on the supervise the sweeping of all exec offices. Brooks Chelsea offices and car also being swept in January 2011.
Hanna refers to issues over a dinner party, and a CCTV alarm system being installed in someone else’s property. Viner: “Entirely routine”
Hanna, head of security at News International, would prepare a weekly report for Viner.
27/01/11 an email refers to the Moscow Bombings – with Hanna confirming no injuries to staff.
“All executives were provided with security as and when necessary,” agrees Viner.
Email confirms TMS has been fully swept: in NOTW they were monitoring and sweeping an interview room in January 2011
NI was providing electronic and personal security to an unnamed person abroad: “Shows the wide ranging responsibilities Mark Hanna had”
“The idea his whole life was dedicated to providing security for Rebekah Brooks would be very far from the truth,” Clegg on his client Hanna
“Mrs Brooks would refer to other employees by their first names… rather than, as lawyers do in a rather stuff way, refer to Mr or Mrs.”
“It was a first name business,” says Clegg of News International: “First name terms no indication of friends… she was very much the boss”
Clegg asks about movement of Carter’s 8 boxes into Wapping safe store: Viner says wasn’t the responsibility of security or Mark Hanna
Viner emails head of security Michael Varley at BSkyB mentioning “sweeping of the offices… which we’re doing daily at the moment”.
“Is sweeping every day routine because of BSkyB situation at that time?” asks Saunders. Viner says yes.
Clegg: “When the phone hacking allegations became significant news item there became a heightened security at TMS… and individual execs”
Hanna was asked to organise personal protection of Brooks during this period
Viner remembers “Threatening mail…. addressed to some of the executives…” from this period
International Corporate Protection (ICP) ran the mail screening: MD Will Geddes will be a prosecution witness later this week.
Contract for ICP would have gone through Viner to Susan Panuccio fro signing off – it was beyond Viner’s budget
ICP organised executive security for Brooks (‘Blackhawk’) , Will Lewis and Simon Greenberg (coded Kestrel and Sparrowhawk)
Will Geddes, forthcoming witness, is the ICP managing director
Clegg focuses on the ‘Blackhawk’ operation for the Brooks’: they had a London property in Chelsea, and the ‘Barn’ in Oxford.
Hanna made personal security reviews of both Brooks’ premises: security guards provided by ICP – Viner recalls signing contract/invoice
Viner agrees this security detail added a “great deal of workload” to Hanna, who was working long hours by July, with very few days off
Clegg suggest Hanna took a lot of work home – “including threatening letters he had to assess for potential risk.”
“Quite a large volume of such material (threatening letters) were recovered by police from Mr Hanna’s home address,” says counsel Clegg
On the weekend on 16/17th July 2011 the Brooks’ were not staying at their home in Oxfordshire.
Clegg suggests that Brooks new weekend location this added another set of premises Hanna had to guard over that period.
Clegg brings up Count 7 of the indictment on the court screen
Jury are reminded that the allegations against Mark Hanna are specifically focused on that weekend in July
Four other people are named on this indictment – some from various other private companies.
Viner cannot recall signing an invoice. The company subcontracted by ICP, suggests Clegg, counsel for Hanna.
“It was an extremely busy weekend for Mark Hanna,” agrees Viner. James and Rupert Murdoch also in TMS on the Sunday.
Viner remembers Brooks was attending Parliamentary DCMS on July 19th: she suspects she was preparing that weekend for committee
“Two or three ‘not in the office locations’ were running in this period,” says Viner
“The perceived security risk had never been higher,” agrees Viner
This new location for Brooks was called ‘Enstone’: Hanna was there the whole weekend Viner says, from his reports
Call data shows Hanna reported regularly to Viner that weekend – she remembers a call on the Sunday.
Hanna was also liaising with the Serjeant at Arms in Parliament for arrangements for Brooks’ parliamentary attendance.
CLEGG establishes Hanna was working all hours, confirms Viner: “I was concerned about Mark’s pastoral care… he had no rest time”
Viner reported her concerns to Panuccio – her boss
Clegg, counsel for NI Head of Security Mark Hanna, goes through questions from Viners PA about movements prior to Brooks’ DCMS appearance
Hanna’s email says Brooks was intending to return to London on Monday 18th July 2011
Viner is asked whether she knew Brooks had an appointment with police at London police station: “I can’t recall,” says Viner
Viner is asked whether she had told Mark Hanna about this police appointment: “I have no recollection of being told,” says Viner
Clegg: “If you’d known she was coming to London… you wouldn’t have prepared security in Enstone?” Viner agrees.
Viner is shown a call schedule by William Clegg QC, counsel for Hanna. A break while it is introduced
Rupert Murdoch has his own close personal protection officer but not James as far as Viner was aware. (Typo from previous tweet)
“The rust isn’t showing too much at the moment,” says Saunders of Clegg’s re-examination of Jane Viner, head of facilities at NI
10th Feb 2011Hanna report cited: someone left a dictaphone on a train, NOTW interviews and police liason, Fox personnel injured in Cairo
Hanna weekly report – “sleeping” not “sweeping” on level four. Someone dozing on the job, apparently
3rd March Report: more NOTW interviews and police liaison for Hanna. May Day demos.
24/03/11 Hanna Report: working with CPS. 01/04 ongoing NOTW interviews – breadth of Hanna’s work
Texts to Viner cited – heightened threat after death of Osama Bin Laden: ongoing NOTW interviews
Lots of activity that spring points out Clegg, counsel for Hanna. James Murdoch’s office swept because of BSkyB – vetting Brooks new driver
The whole spring 2011 in Mark Hanna’s weekly reports is filled with regular briefings with CPS, and liaison with police over NOTW interviews
In July 2011, Hanna is concerned with demonstrations outside Wapping: constantly reviewing security over ‘allegations’ against NI
Hanna is intercepting executive mail in during 2011 the phone hacking scandal, and emails. There is anti-surveillance ‘masking’ of building
Viner confirms that these weekly emails show Hanna’s “very wide remit” and the escalation of work in July 2011
Clegg, counsel for Hanna, goes through the call data from his client’s phone.
The prosecution have amassed 3,450 entries for the billing data from Hanna’s phone in relation to Count 7
Call data from three other prosecution witnesses – Viner, Geddes and another person – only shows their contact with Hanna
Clegg explains that the schedule shows all Hanna’s contact with Viner, Geddes and Jagger: so not a complete account of this calls
Defence has submitted other call data which has not been agreed with prosecution, because they haven’t check numbers.
One name cited by defence is Bridget Lee: Viner says name familiar but can’t identify her.
Other calls to other people whose records have been inspected by police are not included because it would make the schedule too long
Clegg, counsel for Hanna, goes through the telephone evidence of contact with his line manager Jane Viner
Jane Viner doesn’t remember talking to Hanna on the morning of Sunday 17th July, the day Brooks was arrested
Viner doesn’t remember being told the Brooks’ were coming to London that morning of the 17/07/11
Clegg, counsel for Hanna, explores call data for that morning showing a 6 minute call, interrupted, around 10.30 am.
Clegg suggests that Hanna called Viner about having to drive Charlie Brooks‘ Range Rover back to London, new insurance had to put in place
Viner can remember organising the insurance, but can’t remember Charlie Brooks‘ Range Rover being cited. Insurance docs name ‘any car’
Clegg, counsel for Hanna, shows that emails requesting insurance on another car for head of security a few minutes after call from him
Another request from Viner asks for Hanna’s car to be insured for someone else
Viner confirms that these requests for insurance would have come beforehand if Hanna knew in advance
Clegg goes throughs some more call data around lunchtime on the day Brooks is arrested: Viner and Hanna keep on missing each other
Call data shows Viner and Hanna talking for about six minutes that Sunday lunchtime 17/07/11
Hanna and Viner speak at 1.15 pm: Viner can’t remember directly why she was calling Hanna.
Viner says she was at work by this time in Thomas More Square.
“Do you think mention was made of Rebekah Brooks being at a police station?” Viner cannot remember, nor recollect prior knowledge of visit
The cell site information for Mark Hanna shows a location for ‘Broadway’ the road that splits Wapping from Thomas More Square
Hanna was at Wapping later that Sunday, but Viner cannot recall meeting him face to face
Cell site information later that afternoon the Sunday Brooks is arrested shows Mark Hanna back at home in Buckinghamshire
Viner remembers speaking to Hanna later that day – she was concerned about his welfare and wanted him to take the Monday off.
Hanna said it was impossible to take the Monday off because of a Select Committee appearance on Tuesday 19th May 2011
Viner cannot remember if Hanna said Brooks was still at the police around 5pm on the Sunday, or that they’d searched the Barn in Oxfordshire
Break for lunch
Aren’t you really of the believer’s party without knowing it?’ My interview with Philip Pullman, religious atheist’ http://aeon.co/magazine/world-views/philip-pullman-interview-the-religious-atheist
Phenomenally fast compilation by “@thetuftii: @peterjukes This morning’s session from the #hackingtrial: http://storify.com/thetuftii/phone-hacking-trial-old-bailey-13-01-14-am …”
Back after lunch at the epic #hackingtrial – still going through the prosecution case. Probably will be till end of the month
William Clegg QC, counsel for Mark Hanna, head of NI security, continues with cross examination of Jane Viner, head of facitilies
The evening Brooks is arrested texts are exchanged between Hanna and is line manager, Viner
Viner recalls asking Hanna to tell her when he was home, and whether he’d be in Monday. She thinks texts that afternoon reflected that
Viner explains neither her or Hanna’s job is a “Monday to Friday, nine to five job” so weekend contact between not at all abnormal
Four more texts that afternoon between Hanna and Viner: she cannot remember the subject matter
Just before midnight from Hanna, who has remained in Buckinghamshire that entire evening Sunday July 17th when Brooks arrested
Hanna sent a text to Viner which is his counsel, Clegg, alleges was notification of Brooks’ release from police questioning
Around 9.30 am Monday 18/07/11 call data shows Hanna calling Viner from one of the Wapping cell sites
Viner wasn’t in the office Monday morning, so Hanna could be reporting to her by phone, she says
4.35 that afternoon, Viner says it’s “reasonable” Hanna was giving her an update on his movements prior to DCMS hearing
Further Prosecution questions to Jane Viner
Bryant Heron for the prosecution has some re-examination questions on the plan for Brooks’ office.
Bryant Heron asks Viner about the boxes moved to safe storage and asked about the codes from a police exhibit
Boxes were marked, by police and MSC rules, according to area – with tallying codes.
10-39 is the code for the PAs office area: Viner was asked about the booking of a van or courier for the removal of 8-10 Carter boxes
Viner is asked about Brooks’ Enstone location during weekend of her arrest. She thought it was “an executive offsite meeting” about Brooks
Witness – DS John Massey (Operation Sasha Detective)
Prosecution Counsel questions DS Massey
Bryant Heron for the crown recalls DS Massey as a prosecution witness in the #hackingtrial
DS Massey previously gave evidence on the interview of Cheryl Carter on the 6th Jan 12. On 25/01/12 Massey went to Kingsley Napley lawyers
Kingsley Napley are solicitors representing Brooks. They informed police and DS Massey and DC Fletcher attended those offices
DS Massey was shown a box crate with ten photo albums, a black box with a sticker on the side 10-39 (the same number Viner mentioned)
This box was wedding photos. The thirds box contained letters, cards, and support for Brooks resignation. Other boxes letters and speeches
Other boxes contained credit card statements, share certificates, christmas card. Another Mr Murdoch 2000-2008
Also present at the solicitors two hessian bags of photos.
“There was no uniformity to the boxes…” DS Massey confirms they looked nothing like record archive boxes.
DS Massey confirms there were some hard copy diaries 1995-2010, 4 A5 sized notebooks, small reporter’s pad, and two filofaxes recovered
Those items would have taken up between one and one a half storage boxes.
Kingsley Napier retained the two notebooks to check whether, in journalistic terms, they contained professionally privileged material
DC Massey has not seen those notebooks. But he managed to date an Oxford reporters pad recovered from Brooks’ solicitors Kingsley Napley
Jury shown an A5 Oxford reporter’s pad – like a small exercise pad. Photos shown to jury.
References in Brooks’ – to Olympic tickets and congestion charge – dated it to September 2009
A black and red A5 notebook, shown to jury, is dated to 2005 by an email contained within it
The email inside the second Brooks is from a Sun Employee
Another black A5 Brooks notebook is shown to jury: though no dates within it, there is a reference to Rupert’s schedule and PCC
Another blue A5 notebook has 2007 on the cover “a giveaway for the date” says Bryant Heron.
One further notebook – described as a phone book -was recovered by Kingsley Napley: filofax contained a 1994, and 2003-4 diary
DS Massey’s investigations were from January 2012: other sources procured evidence from NI. Later in 2012 Carter attended Weeting
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks will cross examine at a later time
Laidlaw, counsel for Brooks, explains how he is trying to make sense “of not an entirely easier part of the case” about filing lists
Laidlaw for Brooks says he will “hold fire” until the schedule of recoveries from Kingsley Napley is finalised
Counsel for Cheryl Carter cross examines DS Massey
Burke, counsel for Carter, has some questions for DS Massey.
Burke mentions the search of Brooks’ on 15th July 2011. The returned on 18th to remove IT items.
Massey says he is aware of the fact that the filing areas around Brooks’ PAs were never searched in July 2011
BREAKING: police were told by NI’s Management and Standards Committee Carter removed 7 boxes from archives – base of charge 6 #hackingtrial
It’s from Nick Mays evidence that the police know Gary Keegan was present with Cheryl Carter. Keegan mentions Nick Carter’s presence
After Nick Carter’s evidence he dropped off 7 boxes at house, police get a warrant: arrive at Carter’s house when they return from Australia
DS Massey adds some “clarity”: he says the timing of the search was due to police process: it wasn’t timed around Carter’s Australian trip
Four officer attended to search the house. They take nothing. But Carter gives a brief account to police that day.
At this point Carter is interviewed as a potential witness about the 7 missing archive boxes.
Carter’s version of events was that archives contacted her to remove. Most were Carter’s. She removed and destroyed them.
Burke explores Brooks’s Boot Camp training session: Carter was correct about it being scheduled in, but wrong about it taking place
Carter is arrested at 6.50 am on a January morning: “Why at ten to seven?” asks Burke. Massey explains that she was leaving for Australia
DS Massey said this arrest at 6.50 am of Carter allowed them to have the whole day free for interview.
DS Massey confirms Carter was a woman of good character with no previous conviction. In interviews, she repeated witness statement from July
Carter maintained archivist Nick Mays had contacted her about downsizing earlier in 2011.
Burke confirms the email from Mays in May 11 about memorabilia only became available from NI during the course of the trial
The emails to archivist Mays came from emails retrieved from Carter’s Blackberry – so weren’t available to police until after arrest
These emails were disclosed to the defence earlier in the process: no email traffic between Brooks and Carter on subject of 7 archive boxes
“Importantly, there is no email from Nick Mays to Cheryl Carter prior to Sept 09 sending a copy… of a blank transfer list,” says Burke
“Have you found a single pad that contains Cheryl Carter’s beauty tips?” asks Burke of DS Massey. “Not that I’m aware.”
Burke alleges that his client Carter was present when Brooks’ safe was unlocked in July 2011
Burke for Carter asks about a email chain from NI lawyer confirming PAs Carter and Keegan could speak according to bail conditions
Witness – DC Karyn Millar (Operation Sasha Detective)
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Millar
Bryant Heron for the crown calls DC Karyn Millar
DC Millar is shown a letter from Carter’s solicitors Brandman about a visit on 25/10 to Weeting offices to identify items
The exhibits shown to Carter and her lawyer were the items supplied to police by Kingsley Napley.
Six days later the police receive a letter from Carter’s solicitor identifying 4 items from 7 archive boxes. First notice to police
Carter identified a 1995 blank times diary, a blue hardbook notebook,
Hiatus as various exhibits are unbagged and shown to jury.
Actually the hiatus is apparently for the defendants to look at the evidence box
DC Millar identifies the third item – a desk diary.
Counsel for Cheryl Carter cross examines DC Millar
Burke for Carter now cross examines DC Millar.
DC Millar says she had no idea why Carter and Bradman wanted to view Weeting articles.
All of the exhibits were brought out all the Kingsley Napley exhibits at Putney. No commentsat that meeting. Only a letter 7 days later
Witness – DC Hailey Barber (Operation Sasha Detective)
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Barber
Bryant Heron is now onto Count 7 which includes Hanna and Charlie Brooks in allegations of cover up
DC Hailey Barber is called as a witness to go through the call data for both Brooks’, Hanna, Carter, and various security operatives
The call schedule has called IDs, duration of calls, and the cell site postcodes of the receiving masts
There is cell site data for both outgoing and receiving calls. The first entry is for 17th July 2011 between Hanna and other security
The first text is at 4.41 am in the morning. To postcode in OX7 4NS – Enstone cell site. It comes from Hanna’s mobile.
When Hanna receives a text it’s from the same Enstone cell site in Oxfordshire – these are just demonstrations of timeline to jury
On the same Sunday Brooks arrested, various calls early in the morning to ‘Blackhawk 1’ also in Enstone area
Counsel for Mark Hanna cross examines DC Barber
Clegg for Hanna does not agree with the expert cell site analysis. He is happy to admit Hanna was at Enstone on that Sunday morning
Clegg explains that “Enstone Farm was quite a large area”
“It’s already brain numbing,” Clegg concedes of some of the evidence: “And no one needs any more numbing…” No agreement on admissions
Further Prosecution questions to DC Barber
Bryant Heron then explains the location of the Blackhawk 1 phone in the Enstone area.
Enstone contained both a farm and a business park, according to Operation Sacha detective.
A security firm contracted by NI named the protection operation for Brooks “Blackhawk’ – ‘Blackhawk 1’ is their security handset
Another mobile phone is located close to Enstone Manor Farm.
Rebekah and Charles Brooks’ mobile phones also routed through the Enstone cell site.
About 9 am that morning, the Brooks’ with their driver and a follow car go to the offices of Kingsley Napley in London
About the same time Hanna and another security operative move from Enstone through various postcodes in direction of Brooks’ Jubilee Barn
Then mobile phones of Hanna and other security operatives move to the London and Thomas More Square around lunchtime Sunday 17/07/11
Call phone data shows Brooks moving towards Lewisham postcode – the police station where she was arrested
Charles Brooks and Angus MacBride, his solicitor, arrive at Chelsea Quay: CCTV shown to court. They arrive through swing door reception
R Brooks arrested at 12.02 pm. C Brooks exits lift of underground car park with Jiffy bag and laptop – shown to jury on CCTV recording
Less than a minute later CCTV shows a jacketless Charlie Brooks returns to the lift of car park WITHOUT Jiffy bag and lap top
Counsel for Charlie Brooks points out the cameras are movement triggered. He says machine timing sometimes doesn’t marry up
Court adjourns till 10 am tomorrow.

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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