The People’s Scribe Appeals to his Populace

Reporter Des VolkesThanks to your stellar support in funding me to live tweet the first few months of the phone hacking trial at the Old Bailey, I’ve been jokingly referred to as the people’s scribe –  or, as the Süddeutsche Zeitung called me,  “Reporter Des Volkes”.  As I explained to Steve Hewlett during this recent interview on the Radio Four Media show (starts around 25′), you are my employers and I’m ultimately answerable to you.

(Other articles on the crowdfunding of my live tweets have appeared on the BBC sitePress GazetteWall Street Journal and the New Statesman.)

For this reason I’ve compiled a brief questionnaire about how I should continue to cover the phone hacking trial in the New Year, when things should hot up considerably. The defence will begin its case in mid to late January, with the prospect of several of the defendants taking the stand, and some rigorous cross examination. With the trial now expected to last to mid May, II am planning to launch a refund to cover the trial till its end.

I need your advice on how to do this.

So please consider answering this brief questionnaire on how to proceed with future perks and coverage. And do write to me if for some reason you haven’t received your perk for your previous pledge. I will be contacting everyone again to remind them before the current funding closes – and there’s no timelimit of your free e-book, phone hacking lunch or subscription to the blog.

Best wishes for the New Year

Peter Jukes
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3 thoughts on “The People’s Scribe Appeals to his Populace

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