Transcript of Voicemail Message left on Prince Harry’s Phone

This is a transcript of a voicemail, recovered in 2006 from Clive Goodman‘s premises, allegedly left by Prince William on Prince Harry‘s phone. It is the first proof that senior members of the Royal Family were hacked by Glenn Mulcaire, rather than just their aides as admitted in 2006. The reason this has been shown to a jury is, from the prosecution’s case, to prove that NOTW sourced stories from phone hacking, and this information was shared between other defendants. All of the defendants deny all the charges and the trial continues


(Unknown male puts on a female voice, lapses into normal)

Hi it’s Chelsey here.
I just want to say I miss you so much and I think you’re the most —- best looking ginger I’ve ever seen.
Although you really are quite ugly for a ginger.
But I hope you’re having a lovely time.
I really miss you.
It’s lovely out here in Africa and hopefully and hopefully I’ll see you very soon you big hairy fat ginger.

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