Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 19 Dec

Thursday 19 December 2013

The Prosecution Case Continues
Last Day of the Hacking Trial for this Year
Some Filing work for the Jury
Prosecution Evidence on Royal Voicemails
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Guest
Kate Middleton Phone Hacked
Prince Harry’s Phone Hacked
Prosecution Evidence on Arrests
Agreed Facts on Arrests and Police Interviews
Rebekah Brooks Prepared Statement
Andy Coulson Prepared Statement
Clive Goodman Prepared Statement on Misconduct
Rebekah Brooks Prepared Statement on Misconduct

The Prosecution Case Continues
Last Day of the Hacking Trial for this Year
On the last day of #hackingtrial before Christmas, the court is currently preoccupied by legal argument. Jury in around 11 a.m.
Saunders explains to jury they may get an early day because of continuing legal arguments
Some Filing work for the Jury
Edis QC, counsel for the prosecution, produces a new jury bundle while his junior, Chalkley, hands them out. Brooks is not well today
The judge tells the jury Brooks has attended very diligently and is only late today due to illness. Coulson absent this PM for good reason
Rebecca Chalkley, counsel for the crown, is now handing out dividers to the jury and new schedules
Saunders asks jury: “Are you happy?” Slight pause “Not generally…. But with what you’ve just done” Laughter in court
Chalkley asks the jury to add the ‘Alexander’ timeline behind new dividers; Saunders says “Sorry if this seems like a primary school class”
Chalkley for the Crown now adds Farish and Anderson timelines: “This is why we use recycled paper,” jokes Justice Saunders, on a roll today
Saunders explains there’s an “index of royal voicemails to be added” to this bundle
Prosecution Evidence on Royal Voicemails
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Guest
Edis examines DS Guest from Operation Weeting who is the police witness for this part of the #hackingtrial evidence at the Old Bailey
Edis explains there is “new material” in this bundle
Edis shows a four page index of royal voice mails to the jury: a transcript of message on phone of Helen Asprey about “our mutual friend”
Edis reads out a doctor’s message about medical condition of William recorded by Mulcaire from Asprey’s phone
22/01/05 Email from Goodman “Health inf scanned from Helen Asprey’s phone” re HARRY not WILLIAM CORRECTION
Edis then reads out subsequent NOTW article about Harry’s “nazi new injuries” (not not a typo)
The email about Asprey was sent from Goodman to Coulson around time of Harry’s injury story
Edis shows another Royal Voicemail from Goodman’s home address. Police transcript recovered from Goodman’s lawyer’s files
This voicemail is Harry leaving the message on Lowther-Pinkerton’s phone about essay: relevant NOTW emails over the page.
08/12/05 Goodman to Coulson on Harry exam: “have you stood it up” Coulson: “A million miles away…”
Goodman email to Wallis 09/12/05 seen before. 10/12/05 Goodman to Coulson and Wallis about “our man on ops” and Sandhurst exam rules
Edis Goodman email about Harry’s exam “cheating” on 10/12/05 Replies to Coulson “Just finished records…. need to go through tapes”
Edis cites Wallis reply “Blackadder lead next week I’d say” on Harry’s exam stuff. 18/12/05 NOTW on Lowther-Pinkerton and exam allegations
Kate Middleton Phone Hacked
BREAKING: Kate Middleton hacked. “Hi baby it’s me” says Prince William in voice mail read in hackingtrial
BREAKING: Prince William message to Middleton talks of being nearly shot in army exercise
Goodman email: “William got shot in night exercise…” to NOTW editors.
NOTW 29/01/06 Blackadder lead cites information hacked from Middleton’s voicemail
Edis then cites email about “Matey’s weekly payment” for Mulcaire: one of items mentioned 29/01 “William shot in ambush”
BREAKING: another Prince William voice message found in Mulcaire’s address: heavily redacted
William calls Kate “Babykins” at 5.30 in the morning. “I hope you’re allright” THIRD voicemail from William to Kate recovered
In third voicemail, retrieved from Goodman’s address, William says to Kate “If theres’s any chance you’re free… going to go beadling”
28/01/06 email string Goodman to Coulson: “Andy, William is out beadling…. rule is no leave… dead tricky to stand up”
Goodman to Coulson: “Pics are looking…. they visited pub first… so a punter could have seen them and called it in”
Transcript of phone conversation between Goodman talking to press representative talking about “Beagling” story.
CORRECTION: it’s BEAGLING not beadling in Prince William voice mail message to Kate
12/01/06 Exclusive by Goodman in NOTW “babykins” nickname appears in headline and in text “he wants her to be his princess”
“The pair are secretly phoning and texting each other…. planning to meet against Sandhurst rules,” says NOTW. Family pal cited as source
Another William voicemail form Middleton’s phone citedn “Hello Baby. It’s me…. I’ll give you a buzz when I’m in the car,” says William
Goodman emails another NOTW editor “Willam is out of Sandhurst tonight.. heading straight to meet Kate… parents place.”
Prince Harry’s Phone Hacked
BREAKING: Prince Harry‘s phone also hacked. False male voice claiming to be Chelsy
09/04/06 NOTW “Chelsea tears strip off Harry” – “repentant prince takes an ear bashing.” cites hysterical voice: “I love you big ginger”
BREAKING: Prince William joke “Chelsy” voicemail left on Prince Harry‘s phone read out in #hackingtrial
Edis for the prosecution goes through the list of Alexander payments (the pseudonym for Mulcaire) that tally with these Royal Stories
Another voicemail described in court is from Andrew Richie to Lowther-Pinkerton about “an incident at a ball last night”
Goodman emails Wallis and another editor and cites the Richie message to Lowther-Pinkerton.
Goodman emails Wallis and another NOTW ED about William getting drunk and someone pretending to be a commandant
Wallis replies to Goodman re Prince William story: “Remind me, how do we know this to be true”
“I was pissed but I wasn’t that pissed,” line from Prince William is described by Goodman as “massively dangerous to my source”
Front page of NOTW describes what happened at the Sandhurst Ball, and the complaint from Richie to Lowther-Pinkerton
More emails three days later from Goodman for £3k credit to “square the guy away pronto” for front page story
Cash payments for £3k in connection to “Wills page 4 and 5” to Mulcaire cited
Goodman to Kuttner email about cash payments to sources read out “some are very sensitive” 2002
Edis for the prosecution canters through emails between Goodman and Coulson we’ve seen previously
Emails about acquisition of Royal directories also in this bundle, in chronological order at #hackingtrial
Goodman to Coulson 23/02/05 mentions Sun journalist tip off “Sun keen to blame Harverson…. or someone’s hacking paddy’s voicemail”
Goodman tells Coulson he will check if Paddy Harverson‘s voicemail is password protected in email
Goodman writes to Bev Stokes about cash payments and email to Kuttner about “you, me, them ending up in jail” if they’re identified
01/07/05 Goodman to Kuttner “our man was involved in vetting addresses…” and cuts cash payment
06/07/05 Goodman to Coulson about Blackadder: “just got great story about Queen and face to face row with cops”
Goodman email to News ed about his “man in uniform” on 07/07/05
Goodman email to Coulson 08/07/05 about the “army ring of steel around Buck Palace” and SO14 manning crisis
Goodman pushing for cash payments for his “uniformed folks…. couple of sigs would be helpful”
14/07/05 email to Goodman questioning cash payments for Queen’s security story: he reduces it to £500.
19/07/05 email from Goodman about “stressed out cops… my man got sent away last week>”
Goodman email to Weatherup about reassignment of ‘anti terror’ army after 07/07 London bomb attacks
Goodman says he hasn’t asked Lucy Panton: “my VP copper” has all the info
Goodman email about a missing royal policeman “they hit panic buttton – they find him shopping in a village down the road.
Goodman says “it might be a bit dangerous for my source” to get more information on false Balmoral alert
16/08/05 Goodman to Coulson pitching Royal stories. Coulson replies “I need a story this week, Clive, something of substance”
Edis then cross refers the payments to alleged police sources ‘Anderson’ and “Farish’ for the stories just cited
20/08/05 Coulson to Goodman: “Blackadder way off mark this week… where is the revelation?”
“I feel like peeling his face right off” exchange from Goodman seen before cited
Goodman to Coulson 10/09/05 about Harry story at wedding “To be honest I’d rather be at Jordans” Coulson asks: “How we get this?
New email “Royal Cop” October 05 about a Sun story cop, now claimed to be hectoring Windsor visitors with anti-royal views
28/10/05 Goodman about a “new project” and palace meltdown involving Lowther-Pinkerton, Michael Peat, and Prince William; Coulson says “Pop in”
Edis then cross refers to payment schedules 16 payments in 16 weeks during this time in 05
NEW EMAIL 25/11/05 Goodman to Coulson “Got a sec on extending the Matey trial….” (Matey is Mulcaire) Coulson replies “Okie Doke”
06/12/05 Goodman briefs Coulson on William and Harry: “because of squeaky nature of inf cannot discuss in editorial conference”
Kuttner to Weatherup, Coulson, Wallis, Rav Singh on “Cash payments process” December 2005
Kuttner email on cash payments to protected sources: “memo must be provided to managing editors office”
Goodman to news editor asking for “William and Kate Christmas pic” payment – “have to work out another way of doing it”
06/01/06 email about secret party and nightclub event sent to Goodman: “There was a private reception with food and then onto club”
Kate Middleton & Prince Harry‘s Phones Hacked, Court Hears http://thebea.st/18YZk3p via @thedailybeast
Goodman about Kate Middleton organising a secret party for Prince William. Edis cross checks “My adorable Kate” £1k paid to Mulcaire
07/02/06 Goodman to Coulson “might we extend matey for one more week…” to track down William and Kate. Coulson replies “Fine”
Goodman to Wallis “My guy came back on Ian Blair… officials had to help to car… It’s the talk of everyone at palace the boss was pissed”
Wallis: “What have we got to reply to them. We’re no eye witness. No one saw him (Ian Blair) Goodman: “That seems to be a no then”
Goodman on whether Prince William was going to join Royal Guards: “just trying to make the most of what we’ve got all copy is CG Welsh”
“This is a fact” says Goodman about ‘CG Welsh’: William had the meeting last night at Sandhurst: told to go to palace for supporting quote
Goodman queried about cost of story on Harry Chelsy S Africa trip “my guy had story about drunken phone calls” says Goodman
Jury shown again Coulson email “How do we know Harry story true?” Goodman “Same source as guy on retainer” from April 06
Another email exchange about payments to “Alexander” (i.e. Mulcaire) about ‘William’s Birthday presents’: Kuttner reduces down to £250
Court back at 2.05 pm
Transcript of Voicemail Message left on Prince Harry‘s Phone http://wp.me/p1YHIt-f4
Saunders explains that the proposed live evidence for this pm will no longer take place. Edis explains we’ll just continuing look at emails
Edis produces new email 15/07 Goodman to Neil Wallis re “William and Harry” asking whether John Stevens had much to do with them re Paget
Goodman email talks about missing laptop. News ed says “I like that” and then more about Lord Stevens and Paget call.
01/08/06 Goodman email about an outstanding cash payment coming back from Kuttner’s office. “Contact long standing and well placed
“Realise you’re into the pre conf cosh,” Goodman asks NOTW news editor to sign of a payment for ‘Farish’ for missing laptop story.
Edis cites article from telegraph 30/11/06 about the plea hearing for Goodman written by Andrew Pierce, about Goodman’s budget and Mulcaire
Email from Hayley Barlow (media and PR) asking whether these Telegraph “facts are true” and increased budget.
“Pierce may well have contacts here from his days at the NOTW in the 80s”.
New email from Coulson to Wallis: “Can we find out where Pierce got his horribly accurate info from…?”
Bryant Heron for the crown introduces some new ‘admissions’ or ‘agreed facts by both parties’ into the jury’s mounting bundles of evidence
Saunders explains to the jury they’ll be moving into a new part of the case after Christmas, and they will be able to put some bundles away
Prosecution Evidence on Arrests
Agreed Facts on Arrests and Police Interviews
Bryant reads out admissions on arrests, interviews and charges’.
Admission re Brooks arrest and interview under caution in July 11: made no comment response. In Aug denied it. In Oct ‘no comment’ replies
Coulson admission: arrested on 10/07/11 for both hacking and bribery allegations. No comment responses in both interviews
On being charged Coulson said “I deny all charges”
Kuttner interviewed three times, answered all questions. A Nokia and Blackberry siezed, and items from his home address
18/05/12 Kuttner made no comment but provided a written statement. His solicitor Andy Burton received a document about Kuttner’s duties
Burton wrote to Weeting detectives claiming that Kuttner was misquoted saying he ‘micro managed the paper” should have been “macro”
Analysis of interview transcripts showed that he had actually said MACRO managed, not “micromanaged”: transcripts corrected
Nothing was found in search of Kuttner’s addresses, or his phone or computers.
Goodman was arrested at home 08/07/11 and home was searched. During that interview he responded “no comment”
On second interview Goodman provided a prepared statement and no comment to questioned. When charged he made no reply
Rebekah Brooks Prepared Statement
Brook’s prepared statement 17/07/11 “I’ve listened carefully to allegations put to me today….”
“I wish to begin by saying…. I’ve been the subject of events that have had an enormous and detrimental effect on my life”
Brooks statement says she has been the victim of “hysterical publicity from our competitors”. She says she’s stood down from her job
Brooks statement complains about having to change her lawyer (who was being investigated) and having only two days to prepare for interview
In the light of this time pressure, Brooks statement says she hasn’t replied to police questions.
Brooks says she was involved in “all the significant issues” NOTW, but this would not lead to “detailed questions about sources of stories”
Brooks says that responsibility rested with journalist, news editor, sub editor and lawyer. Her role was to make sure paper PPC compliant
Brooks statement claims that the managing editor had responsibility for budgets, relations with PCC and product handling
Brooks statement says the managing editor controlled payments to private contractors. She says journos signed up to act in PCC code
“On this understanding reporters had a lot of autonomy,” says Brooks about possible misconduct among her staff
Brooks statement she was “appalled that anyone working for NOTW should hack Milly Dowler‘s voicemail… I have no knowledge of Muclaire
Brooks statement points out that the Milly Dowler story was published when she was on holiday
“I was first made away phone had been hacked to make stories for NOTW,’ Brooks says. “I was shocked…”
“I did not know telephone hacking took place during my time at NOTW. I would not have countenanced stories based on hacking…” Brooks
Brooks talks about civil settlements, and the potential civil claim by Max Clifford and loss of income under Coulson
Brooks said she wanted to draw a line under Clifford problems, and so settled his claim, organised by Tom Crone
Brooks of material in the safe in her room: “I am not aware of material placed their by colleagues… It is logical phone hacking material.”
“Finally, I wish to say…. I will continue to maintain my right of silence for this interview”
A further Brooks prepared statement: “I continue to deny the allegations of conspiracy to intercept voicemails… I have seen no evidence”
Brooks: “I first heard Mulcaire’s name when he was arrested in 2006 and I was first informed I had been hacked.”
Andy Coulson Prepared Statement
Coulson statement 2011: “I liked to place on record I attended the police station voluntarily… disappointed you’ve decided to arrest me.”
“All kinds of allegations have been made against me…. I have been shown material in advance…. I’ve been advised I should not answer”
Clive Goodman Prepared Statement on Misconduct
Goodman statement “In my capacity as Royal Editor material would be passed to me… “
Goodman “I never had any reason to believe any of this paperwork had been illegally acquired…. Cash payments made using system at NOTW”
Goodman: “To my knowledge… there was no corruption of any member of the Royal Household or police”
Goodman: “The money was the property of my martial arts trainer”
Rebekah Brooks Prepared Statement on Misconduct
Brooks responds to misconduct in public office allegations: “I became editor of the Sun just before we went to war with Iraq…”
“We are the forces paper…. and raised millions of pounds for servicemen and women… campaigned for kit, against bullying”
“The Sun was a great supporter of the military services, but would hold the MOD to account when we thought it necessary,” says Brooks
Brooks speaks about a universally respected Sun reporter.
Brooks responds to the emails apparently authorising illegal payments: “I sent and received millions of emails… impossible to recall”
Brooks says Sun journalist did not name sources in emails “that is entirely consistent with industry practices”
“To the best of my knowledge I have never heard the name Bettina Jordan-Barber…. Certain I never heard her name while editor of Sun”
“There are a myriad of possibilities… other than a military employee… journalists, civilian staff members, husbands and wives etc.”
“During my career as editor I must have published 100k stories a year and considered double that number” Brooks says in written statement
Brooks: “Journalists have a duty to protect their sources… Payments were made in cash to help them remain anonymous. “
Brooks: “I believe the stories were in the public interest” bullying, improper behaviour, impropriety. “I category deny… conspiracy”
Statement Oct 2012 Brooks: “I have chosen to answer allegations by means of a statement.”
“I have never knowingly offered a corrupt payment to serving police officers.” Brooks says in October 2012
Brooks says that story on page 33 “increasingly unlikely I would be involved” or identify a serving police officer.
Brooks says “story contains only private information completely unrelated to a serving police officer.”
Brooks has “no recollection of Prince William in a swimsuit…. the emails are incomplete… I need to review my own emails”
Brooks says she’s heard the name of two MOD employees “only today” – “my reply was in haste and late in the day”
“I note from a desk diary that Rupert Murdoch was in the office that day and I had other responsibilities that day,” says Brooks of email
“There are lots of interpretations of the PCC code article 10,” says Brooks of public interest defence
Saunders explains to the jury they won’t be back until 2pm Jan 6th and repeats warnings about “solely on the evidence”
Mr Justice Saunders dismisses the Jury for the Christmas Break
Saunders explains trial is running between 2 or 3 weeks behind but like trains hope to catch up
“If you feel like being ill this winter, this break might be a good time, so avail yourself of that,” Saunders says to Jury before Christmas
That’s it folks. Court 12 still busy with legal argument, but no more live tweets till Jan 6th. Have a great holiday everyone. See you soon

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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