The Mulcaire Whiteboards

As mentioned in previous evidence at the Hacking Trial, these were the whiteboards seized by police when Glenn Mulcaire was arrested in 2006. Some come from his office: others from his home address. The whiteboards have been redacted by police and (it is assumed) the mention of Operation Cartytid – the original phone hacking investigation in 2006 – is actually on the police bagged cover. 

For the verbal evidence on this see my timeline for the 28th November (pasted below the pictures)

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Glen Mulcaire’s Whiteboards

DS Guest confirms that a number of ‘whiteboards’ were recovered in 2006 from Mulcaire’s home and work addresses

DS Guest has brought some of the whiteboards in to show to the jury

The first Whiteboard from Mulcaire’s officer: name says Bulger, and has Swiss Cottage. O2. Venus Williams. Congestion charges. CCS831

The second Mulcaire office whiteboard: Objectives – I.E. “Breaking News: and a diagram with ‘Subject of Inquiry”

Spokes from 2nd Whiteboard pictures, transcripts, sources & contacts, legality, a telephone no, immediate reaction, add evidence, SOE.

3rd whiteboard: Michael Wormsely, Stonewall FC, Middx County League, Fax, numbers, players, Kevin Eller, email, BT, SOE, T Mob, Mr Kemp

4th Mulcaire whiteboard – quite busy: UPDATES Call Eric/Ivor/Chris, Task re Trib, PAS changed, Red Voda Barcelona, Monty’s Pass, antelope

More from this whiteboard: “BT, Derving, LIC, EIN” New column “Nile, phone number, Clive, Kevin & No, porsche email address, web address

More from this Mulcaire whiteboard: “Medical update with dates, BT smartoneview. New column “Mercury press, number, PIN, and £1,250, £1k NOW

More from this Mercury press column on Mulcaire whiteboard: says “Standard”. Another “Volvo – avoid Damian” “Office and tele no”

Edis reminds the jury Greg Miskiw joined the Mercury Press Agency in 2005 from NOTW

Fifth Whiteboard: Marked “Project Targets” Buncefield, David Ginola/Tony Adams, Bulger inquiry, Royal Assesments, Reporters confidential

Right hand column of this whitecolumn: “Networking” diagram: services, Charles Ray – Rebekah Wade, Paul Allen, FA Backing, info players MF

More on this Mulcaire 5th whiteboard: “Comms meeting EST contact, Mike Hamilton, Greg Miskiw, “Think tank”

One more Mulcaire before lunch: “Priority/Crisis Management Agenda” Left hand column: “Information v Intelligence” 5th ‘deintelligence’

Right hand column Mulcaire whiteboard has no and web for ‘tracemark’ 9 news and PR, then “deep space” “J Sars and phone no. Avoid David

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