Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 13 Dec

Friday 13 December 2013

The Prosecution Case Continues
Back at the Hacking Trial
Counsel for Andy Coulson examines hacking of Rav Singh
Witness – Operation Weeting Detective DC Massey
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines DC Massey
Witness – Operation Weeting Detective DC Guest
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Guest
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks Objection
Saunders directs the Jury on Social Media
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks refers to Nick Brown Christmas Card
Witness – Operation Weeting Detective DC Oskiewicz
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Oskiewicz

The Prosecution Case Continues
Back at the Hacking Trial
Long overdue chat with my dear son in Australia means I’ll be about 10 mins late to #hackingtrial apologies. Blame time zones
Counsel for Andy Coulson examines hacking of Rav Singh
Back at #hackingtrial where Langdale, counsel for Coulson, exploring hacking of Rav Singh, a NOTW journalist, involved in Calum Best story
The hacks of Rav Singh took place several times in the March of that year (2005?) when the Calum Best story was current
The hacks of Rav SIngh by Mulcaire seem to have taken place around the funeral of Calum’s father, George Best #hackingtrial
All these Calum Best and Rav Singh hacks refer to March 2006
Langdale brings up April 26th email with Coulson complaining NOTWs lack of kiss and tell stories and Calum Best “scraping bottom of barrel”
11/05/06 email from Andy Coleman to Kuttner submits 799 calls from Rav Singh in the month before
Call records show Rav Singh calling and texting Calum Best‘s agent – Adee Phelan about ten times in May 06
Email from Chris Tate on 20/05/06 on Lorna Hogan’s text to Calum Best about her pregnancy, and fearing leak within NOTW
On previous email, Langdale says he will be “coming back to the issue of non disclosure of that email to the defense later”
Langdale goes back to the “Do his phone” Coulson email, and then cites four subsequent articles in NOTW over the next year
Witness – Operation Weeting Detective DC Massey
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines DC Massey
Langdale asks about the “failure of the police… to disclose the leak email about what Lorna Hogan was saying to Chris Tate”
Langdale is cross examining DC Massey from the Operation Weeting about the extraction of emails from NI NOMAD files
Langdale makes the point that there’s no evidence Calum Best was targeted as a result of the Coulson “Do his phone” email
Langdale says that in April 13 pretrial submissions “Do his phone” was said to be a request for checking on the billing in case of NOTW leak
BREAKING: Langdale, for Coulson, claims the “Do his phone” email about Calum Best is a request for billing info about Rav Singh’s phone
Rav Singh, DC Massey explains, is being investigated in regards to hacking under Operation Pinetree, which relates to NOTW features desk.
Langdale takes DC Massey back to a hard drive which had been overlooked by police until July 2013. On that drive was a Coulson PST file
Langdale explains how individual defendants got copies of their old PST (email) files recovered from a hard drive iin July 2013
DC Massey explains how they searched this new data using key words, looking for anything that could assist prosecution or defence
DC Massey explains that one of the key words in the search of this new material was the word “Calum”
The police search in July this year of the new material didn’t pick up the “scraping the barrel” email mentioning ‘calum’
Langdale asks DC Massey: “How come you missed that?” Massey: “I can only apologise it seems to have been missed.”
Langdale: “How could you have missed it? It was obviously relevant.” DC Massey: “The fact remains quite palpably it was missed, I apologise”
Saunders and Langdale agree they weren’t involved in the case during this period – neither defence nor prosecution saw it in early July
Langdale says to DC Massey “the seriousness of the failure to find this document is highlighted later” and goes to a 23/10/12 report
An October 13 review by DC Ryall in October found about 110 new relevant emails in these various mail files for several NOTW employees
Langdale says trial was opened on the basis that “Do his phone” meant hacking, and this new info only provided morning of Best’s appearance
“Nobody drew the defence’s attention to the fact there was evidence related to Calum Best, due that very day,” says Langdale
“It was only as Calum best was leaving the stand that the defense were given a password to that disk from the prosecution,” says Langdale
“It was only because [not named for legal reasons] team provided that email to me I could put that email to Calum Best,” says Langdale
Bryant Heron adds an amended Milly Dowler timeline into the jury bundle
The Dubai timing of calls between Brooks and Coulson has been amended in this new timeline
Half an hour break while new schedules are installed
Back with #hackingtrial on a slightly stop-start morning: Saunders gives the “program of the day” – schedules and Kuttner interviews
Witness – Operation Weeting Detective DC Guest
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Guest
Chalkley for the crown produces some new schedules for the jury: DC Guest is here to help her with the Dowler and other timelines
Chalkley explains that the calls between Coulson in London and Brooks in Dubai in April 2002 were on three hour time difference – Dubai +3
So the prosecution are creating a new timeline when all these Brooks/Coulson calls and texts are in UK time, rather than a mix of Dubai/UK
Chalkley gives the jury an “Overall Chronology” of phone hacking related to the defendants. #hackingtrial
Chalkley explains how the overall chronology cross refers to either a timeline, an incident, or an “agreed fact” by both sides
Jury shown an memo 09/10/99 from Kuttner to Miskiw on news desk on surveillance costs at £167k cc’ed to Phil Hall (then editor) and Goodman
This overall chronology fits in all the various counts involved in the #hackingtrial from the moment Brooks and Coulson rejoined in 2000
Jury shown again the Evening Standard article about Greg Miskiw being recalled from NYC to set up investigations unit for NOTW in 2000
The prosecution is essentially cross referencing much of the evidence we’ve already heard into one chronology: no point reiterating here
In March 2006 Greg Miskiw started his Miles Ahead company and made two payments to Mulcaire
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks Objection
Counsel for Brooks objects about a timeline reference to a PCC letter drafted in Brooks’ name: it was never actually sent by her
On the same day in Jan 11 three emails are sent to police to start Operation Weeting NI attempt to delete all their emails for last 10 years
Bettina Jordan-Barber paid by Sun until early 2012 despite arrests of several senior NI executives suspected of payments to public officials
“@DBanksy: December #Medialaw bulletin out now, it’s free, to subscribe, click here – http://davidbanksmedialaw.wordpress.com/bulletin/ ” <<< highly recommended
Saunders reminds the jury to ignore social media “in fairly strong terms… not to be influenced by anything outside court”
Saunders directs the Jury on Social Media
Saunder is warning the jury now “there are things on twitter trending that are deeply prejudicial to Mrs Brooks”
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks refers to Nick Brown Christmas Card
“It is a problem other courts have experienced….” Laidlaw for Brooks wants to show the jury the prejudicial Christmas Card from Nick Brown
Laidlaw inadvertently called Nick Brown Nick Davies: he meant former Labour chief whip
BREAKING: Jury shown prejudicial Christmas Card by Laidlaw: Saunders: “I’m well aware this could increase the circulation of this…”
Witness – Operation Weeting Detective DC Oskiewicz
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Oskiewicz
Bryant Heron for crown explains they have to some “schedule gardening” replacing out of date schedules
FYI: no one can find mention of this Brown Christmas card trending and independent article has only 92 retweets at this time
Bryant Heron explains 8,000 notes were recovered from Mulcaire’s household – notebooks, loose leaf sheets, diaries.
DC Oskiewicz explains the four names in the top left of Mulcaire’s notes were news desk editors at NOTW have been put in chronological order
The current schedule is therefore as summary of what the prosecution call those “Top Left Notes” – some when Brooks was editor NOTW
Bryant Heron explains that the first four “top-left notes” are dated in 1999 – predating Brooks’ arrival in 2000; the next is 8th Jan 2001
There are about twenty pages of entries covering the three years Brooks was editor of NOTW until Jan 2003
The second schedule is the Mulcaire “top left notes” during Coulson’s editorship of NOTW from 2003 to Jan 2007.
We’re now looking at construction of first schedule: Mulcaire top left notes for 1999-2003.
Only Neville and Miskiw feature as Mulcaire “tasked by” news editors during the period of Brooks’ editorship of News of the World
Weeting DC explains they included related NOTW stories related to individuals two weeks before or after a ‘tasking’ to Mulcaire
The second schedule covers Mulcaire taskings for the period from 03-6: this now cross refers to call data (noy available for previous 99-03)
Weeting DC explains the methodology police used to date the undated Mulcaire notes: 1. Before and after pages in bound notebooks.
Police methodology on undated Mulcaire notes: 2. Some people of interest to NOTW were quite time specific 3. Two taskings on same page
More on police methodology on undated Mulcaire notes: 4. Some just filed by period of employment of desk eds. 5. Some impossible to date
Bryant Heron for prosecution calls Richard Fitzgerald to go through the methodology of the third schedule – Mulcaire and taskers phone data
On this schedule various lines of Mulcaire are logged, and – when possible – their recipients. Includes Orange Platform Network of time
There are calls to landlines in this Mulcaire schedule which are not hacks, but they do relate to “top left” taskers at NOTW news desk
There are 1184 datacall entries for Mulcaire’s outbound phones in 03-06: break till 2 O’Clock Tuesday. That’s it for #hackingtrial this week
Clive Goodman and Andy Coulson email about purchasing a Royal Phone Directory http://wp.me/p1YHIt-dk

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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