Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 11 Dec

Wednesday 11 December 2013

The Prosecution Case Continues
Witness by Video Link later
Witness – Operation Weeting Detective DC Alan Pritchard
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Alan Pritchard
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines DC Alan Pritchard
Further Prosecution questions to DC Alan Pritchard
Witness – Ambi Sitham
Prosecution Counsel questions Ambi Sitham via Video Link
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Ambi Sitham
Further Prosecution questions to Ambi Sitham

The Prosecution Case Continues
Witness by Video Link later
Back at #hackingtrial – today will run later because of a live video link from LA.
Witness – Operation Weeting Detective DC Alan Pritchard
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Alan Pritchard
Prosecution call DC Alan Pritchard: a police officer from Weeting who specialises in computer forensics.
DC Pritchard has examined email material held by News International and other sources.
Edis explains “there are emails that are digital copies…. and in some cases, hard copy emails, supplied by three firms of solicitors”
Edis: “I’m talking about emails handed over to police in 2011 and 2012” – Burton Copeland handed over emails from Harbottle and Lewis.
After Burton Copeland handed over HBL emails in Summer 2011, the police went to straight to Harbottle and Lewis. 3rd firm working for HBL
HBL were instructed in 2007 to consider contents of file assembled by 2 NI employees (Cloke and Chapman) for evidence of misconduct
Edis: “They were supplied with access to online emails…. on NI system (the Cloke/Chapman folder) …HBL had read only access.”
But HBL made some hard copies in 2007, and this is the source of hard copies handed over by Burton Copeland in 2011.
Burton Copeland didn’t have hard copies of everything. 2817 emails were recovered then. There are hard copies of under 200 pages
DC Pritchard explains, for clarity, how police investigated NI system.
News International, under the authority of the MSC, offered to search the emails and make some available to police
The MSC is comprised of lawyers and IT experts – Stross – who review emails and then move then into NOMAD where accessible to police
NOMAD contains millions of emails, says DC Pritchard. The police do a key word search and pass down to officers for review
To clarify the key word searches are done before movement to police folder by NI lawyers and IT experts
Pritchard explains that MSC process stopped in May of this year.
Edis explains there are sometimes digital copies, and sometimes hard copies, of the same News International emails
There are two schedules the jury are given: the Farish & Anderson timeline, and the Alexander timeline
The first Farish and Anderson bundle has an index that is five pages long
The jury are asked to turn to page 830 – about half way through – a fifty page selection of hard copy emails originated from HBL circa 07
Page 880 till the end are further hard copy emails recovered from Goodman’s papers.
Back at page 830, Edis explains the new markings and evidence notation: the rest of it a photocopy of document recovered from HBL
Edis analyses the email for form rather than content. It has a ‘lawyer’ user name for HBL’s original access to News International emails 07
At the bottom of this recovered hard copy email is a URL, printed onto the document when it was remotely accessed from NI by lawyers in 2007
Edis then explains the ‘public’ folder noted in the email printout. Emails have been moved there from private inboxes.
“Its not in any real sense ‘public’…. it means public as opposed to private folders of individual users,” Edis for crown explains to jury
The Harbottle and Lewis email also notes HR, Daniel Cloke, and 24/05/07 – the day the email was printed. Now into the content of email
Email 07/01/03 from Goodman to Coulson: “Calls today about Anne and Tim… announcement due? Because NOTW pictures. Palace say no”
Edis explains that this email has the appearance of not being complete. Pritchard confirms the printed document of some emails incomplete
Pritchard confirms that the digital copy sometimes has additional material unlike the truncated HBL printout
Pritchard confirms that there aren’t many emails from 2005 remaining on the news internationals. “None of the 2003 available digitally”
03 Emails; Coulson replies…. soon as we put a photographer on it the Palace know.””
09/01/03 More from Goodman on ‘Anne and Tim” email. Edis: “Is it possible to do anything to the email you reply to.” “Yes, you can edit”
Looks like Goodman has asked a question and Coulson has answered yes by editing his email.
Goodman emails about Harry exams and Goodman replies “after A levels…. they don’t have a PCC case against us”
Goodman to Coulson in 03: another story about Anne and 2 dinner engagements and “PMK outburst slightly detuned to make it more runnable”
PMK=Prince Michael of Kent
24/01/03 Goodman email about Harry’s birthday and Michael Peat dealing with the Prince of Wales – Camilla Parker-Bowles
BREAKING: “Long term. Sir Michael Peat has a mistress. Turning his mobile” Goodman email to Coulson in Jan 03
Edis then turns to the payments to Anderson and Hall payments from NOTW over Royal Family and a Mulcaire notebook entry on Michael Peat
This ‘Greg’ tasking is from Feb 02: Sir Michael Peat and a telephone number in Mulcaire’s notebook
A cash payment in Feb 2002 is to ‘Farish’. Entries for Sept and October 02 timeline show the publication of the Royal Directories
Another request for payment from Goodman in December 2002 for ‘Farish’ – for ‘Royal Research’: we’ll see the email soon
The timeline notes promotion of Coulson to editor in 2003. Mulcaire note for 23/01/03 has address and phone number of Peat: and “affair?”
Edis then shows an entry for Deborah Sage on the same page
DC Pritchard has been involved in Weeting inquiry for 3 years, and police have used an expert archive company, one called Mr Kellett
Edis returns to the incomplete hard copies of emails. No reason why a malfunction in the computer system would chop off part of email
24/01/03 Goodman to Coulson email: “Andy… one of policeman… has obtained brand new Green Book… he’ll be handy in Peat affair tale”
Coulson replies in Jan 03 to Goodman purchase: “This is fine. But didn’t I sign off on purchase of Green Book recently?”
Goodman replies this is the more important version: “direct lines to the Queen and her family”
Edis explains that the complete email was printed out in 07 – but an incomplete email recovered from News International server.
Complete hard copy Goodman says to Coulson: “If they’re discovered selling stuff to us they could end up with criminal charges, as could we”
Goodman to Kuttner on timeline: “Left a deliberately cryptic payment form in your credit tray.” Timeline then tags 24/01/04 payment
Another email from Goodman to Coulson with stories for ‘Carvery’ section of NOTW referencing “M” in Manchester and Colleen, Anne and Tim.
Another email Goodman to Neil Wallis about Charles and Camilla: “at heart of debate is Sir Michael Peat…. strong links with… Buck Palace
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines DC Alan Pritchard
Langdale for Coulson draws attention wants first para readout fully: second para about Peat is pitch for story
The jury are shown the Mulcaire entry for Peat again and are asked to cross reference this with the Green Book entry.
Jury back after a short break at #hackingtrial
Further Prosecution questions to DC Alan Pritchard
Edis notes p4 on the timeline undated Mulcaire notes, which contains an entry from Goodman’s filofax which mentions Peat and ‘voicemail’
CORRECTION: that’s Mulcaire: page with Daisy Peat and phone number: establish mobile Sir Michael Peat affair. And an email page for Higgins
Goodman’s filofax just has Sir Michael Peat and phone number
24/01/03 Goodman to Coulson “should have Peat’s car reg. Greg’s people turning his mobile now.”
Page 841: the next day in Jan 03: Goodman to Coulson on the ‘Carvery’ lede about tone taken towards Prince William
31/01/03 Goodman to Coulson: “briefed Nev on the watch we want to keep on William, he’s getting Maz to assemble similar team..”
Email one Prince William continued: “He wants Maz to assemble similar team to the one who got Harry”
Goodman to Wallis in 02/02/03 “Girl works for prince’s trust… should get name in a few days… now have his mobile and can check out.”
Goodman email to Coulson in Feb 03: “Peat talking to Prince Charles now… might hear later on the mobile.”
DC Pritchard confirms that there are very few emails from 2003 – these are most of them.
August 2005: Goodman to Coulson; “Progress so far. Harry and Chelsea. Good off record chat with … last night”
Goodman: “He’s not allowed to use his mobile while at Sandhurst but she’s blitzing him with calls and text… she’s putting in 80 calls”
That email to Coulson is forwarded to Edmondson and Weatherup: this email printed out by Simon Lans former IT manager
Paul Nicholas to Edmondson cc Kuttner Aug 05 on Goodman Blackadder payments about cash payments over Prince William story
Nicholas email: “I do not accept level of cash payments… he should get more stories that are free, an old fashioned idea I know”
24/08/05 Goodman replies to Nicholas: “there only 3 protected sources I pay in cash. One… extremely valuable to me.”
Goodman on cash payments: “Any computer trail that leads to them or their families, would put them, you, me and the editor in jail”
Goodman to Edmondson: “Was updating Andy on Project. Harry: Clarence House staff pissed off for having to contribute to Birthday present”
Edmondson asking why Goodman was in ‘conf’: “was speaking to Andy about a project”
Goodman on why he can’t make morning conference: “I’ve got surprise stuff I can’t discuss on conference floor”
06/12/05 Goodman on security scare with Harry: “because of extremely squeaky nature of inf I can’t discuss it, and can’t go into details.”
03/02/06 Goodman to Coulson: “Stuart told me of decision on matey’s weekly payment. I never had chance to go through maths on it”
Goodman on Mulcaire: “We’ve acquired a long list of names, numbers and connections… this contact has become extremely productive”
Coulson’s answer: “I’m sorry but he has to go”
Edis takes us back to £500 cash NOTW payments to ‘Alexander’ (i.e. Mulcaire) – a £3000 payment for a ‘Wills page 4-5’ story
DC Pritchard explains a digital version from NI with “I’m sorry it has to go” from Coulson “We were 5 mins away from catching Wiil and Kate
Goodman: “There are costs for matey… He’s not a hack… You asked me for new ways to get into the family. And I came up with this.”
Goodman to Coulson on (Matey( Mulcaire: “I think this will become a goldmine if we let it run a little further.” Then a dozen stories cited
Goodman to Kuttner on “Alexander research credits” being “Andy agreed to keep him on for one more week until new system set up”
Break till 2: then a break at 3 to set up video link to Los Angeles
Back with DC Pritchard, prosecution witness, on Goodman/Coulson counts 2&3 at the #hackingtrial
11/03/06 Goodman to Edmondson on ‘CG Mug’ story: Edmondson: “You have no idea the confusion you cause….” References a William story
Goodman: “The tale comes from William himself…” Edmondson says “? Not on email”: on hard copy version “I think I understand…”
15/09/06 the next few emails are from month after Goodman arrested.
Tom Crone to Coulson email (seen before) “Here’s what Rebekah told me about info relayed to her by cops”
The Crone email (seen before) to Coulson references Goodman arrests, voicemails, payments, victims, charging GM, scale of activities etc.
Crone email to Coulson references connection between Hugh Grant/Jemima Khan and Goodman notes.
There is a shorter version of the Crone email: the current one is the electronic version
Edis for the Crown then inserts the Goodman/Coulson phone call into the timeline from 8th Nov 06.
03/11/06 Tom Crone to Coulson: “I spoke to Henri. Clive would only agree to let us see and have papers on Tues…
Crone to Coulson: “He doesn’t want to release (his papers). It always leaks… He’s being similarly difficult about Kelsey (Fry)”
10/11/06 Crone to Coulson: “I spent hr going through (files) on Tuesday”: Greg, Edmondson, etc. also mentioned.
Coulson replies Crone: “Fine. Is there something else buried away… work me sending SK or Neil to go through….”
22/11/06 Crone writes back to Coulson that Goodman doesn’t want him at conference with Kelsey Fry. “Devastated by number of charges”
BREAKING: Crone on Goodman “has to make clear… he’s not the guiding light behind everything GM did at NOTW over the years”
25/11/06 Crone to Coulson about other hacking victims: “Are you going to apologise to other people…. could prompt Mulcaire into reacting”
Crone on Coulson’s planned apology about 06 hacking: Clive might see it as NOTW distancing itself
27/11/06 Coulson to Les Hinton on draft statement: “Will call to discuss” Draft apology apologises unreservedly to Royal Aides
Coulson to Wallis, Kuttner, Crone 27/11 “Have decided statement from me is required. Have think please….” then proceeds with draft apology
Wallis replies: “some poss issues…. if Clive reacts to any statement… a long gap…. he can thrown spanners in… PCC can react”
DC Pritchard confirms the capitalised words like UNACCEPTABLE… WHAT ARE THEY??? … WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO HIM… are Wallis suggestions
Wallis perhaps adds “SACKING OFFENCE???” to Coulson draft apology in regards to Goodman guilty plea over hacking
28/11/03 Hinton replies to Coulson with underscored italics. “Clear rules were already in place…. additional measures put in place”
29/11/06 Day of Goodman plea at Old Bailey: Brooks to Coulson “Guardian have been on about my phone, Dacre and others…”
Coulson: “I know this was Les’ idea… Mulcaire will think we’ve leaked it. Brooks: “Mulcaire has to know police have interviewed everyone”
Brooks: “Clearly the police could leak that. They told me that themselves…” Coulson: “I don’t think is at all helpful…”
Hayley Barlow to Coulson 01/12/06 “There are only so many people who could have known whether Clive was trying to engineer departure”
Barlow: “He let Camilla engagement slip through fingers… through process of elimination this may narrow down NOTW mole”
Dave Rigby circulates to Coulson, Wallis etc a story. “Taylor targeted by hackers” from PA sports reporter.
Coulson forwards PA story onto Barlow and Tom Crone
Coulson to Crone hoping Goodman has been told of probation service’s “anti NOTW agenda”
Crone to Coulson “Clive won’t like the last five word….in his chats with probation service he might stray off preferred line”
Crone says he got that info from Henri, Goodman’s solicitor, from attending first probation chat.
Crone to Coulson; on Mulcaire’s “thinly disguised blackmail threat”… “Please hold off from sending to Les,” Corrects probation meeting
BREAKING: Coulson email to Crone: “You say Mulcaire started working for us in 2000, I thought it went back further than that.
Crone reply to Coulson: “Henri is sure the ‘who knew’ subject never arose” in reply to Goodman’s meeting with probation service
Crone to Coulson on Goodman: “On options briefing re Les… we should offer one years’ money severance deal. Payments should be in tranches”
23-4/01/07 Coulson to Kuttner: “Am I right in thinking payments to Mulcaire ended this month…. fulfil the contract by not a penny more”
23/01/07 Crone to Coulson on Sven making charity payments. On Goodman “Need to work out with you…what I say about the future.”
Now moving onto files recovered from Goodman’s office – some repeats. But his version of Coulson Goodman exchange has more
Goodman and Coulson on sacking Mulcaire: “if there’s any way round it I’d be extremely grateful” and then cites story
Document: “x high it’s y. Got your message while I was on guard…. Long run came second…. The whole platoon is sleeping this afternoon”
Edis reads out a text send by Harry when he was at Sandhurst recovered from Goodman’s premises
That transcript of Harry and Lowther-Pinkerton was from Lewis Silkin file from Goodman’s employment case against NI
An email from 06 is one that Goodman has sent to himself from NI folder.
09/12/05 forwarded printed Aug 06 email from Goodman to Coulson: “Harry… see sample copy below… I’ll get MOD involved too”
Goodman to Coulson on Harry exams: “the specific inf about iranian embassy siege too specific… going to include it in a list of subjects”
Coulson: “What’s happening on your story” Goodman: “Just finished the calls. Just need to go through tapes… will email you and Neil”
“It’s kind of phone a friend on ‘Who wants to be a Brigadier'” says Goodman of Harry’s apparent research for his Sandhurst exams
BREAKING: Goodman to Coulson in Dec 06 on Prince Harry “Just finished the calls. Just need to go through tapes… will email you and Neil”
That previous Goodman joke about ‘Who wants to be a Brigadier’ is attributed to a ‘colleague’ in Goodman’s final NOTW copy
Another Goodman email he downloaded from server is about Harry getting shot in exercises, and the next about Kate Middleton pics
11/08/06 Goodman to Coulson: “sourcing is that fella who used to be on monthly retainer from us… these are his exact words”
Goodman copy about Prince William confiding to close friend “it was horrendous… these two guys died in front of us and had to be revived”
28/06/06 Goodman to Coulson on Chelsy and another alleged Harry contact: “got a direct way into her…. can only manage it from UK landline”
28/04 Coulson to Goodman: “How do we know Harry true?…” Goodman reply: “From same source we had on retainer. I have to blag a confession”
Half an hour break while a video link is set up at #hackingtrial
Back with #hackingtrial and a video link to LA – technical conditions permitting
Witness – Ambi Sitham
Prosecution Counsel questions Ambi Sitham via Video Link
Anthony Edis, QC, for the prosecution calls Ambi Sitham as a witness via videolink from Los Angeles.
Saunders apologises for cancelling last week and thanks Sitham for her co-operation. Special Agent Daniel Chang is also in attendance
Saunders tells Sitham it’s not a memory test. She has brought the Old Testament as her Holy Book, and the oath is projected on screen
Ambi Sitham explains her professional qualifications: a no longer practising qualified solicitor
Sitham qualified in 2002, and was a trainee solicitor who worked at Shillings from Nov 2000 till April 2005
Sitham worked on defamation and privacy claims at the media section at Shillings
Sitham worked for clients wishing to sue media outlets while at Shillings. She now lives in the US where she moved permanently last year
Sitham explains she’s no longer in practice as a solicitor, now she’s on a different career path
Edis focuses on the time Sitham worked for Shillings and was living and working in London – especially in 2003
Sitham was then in a relationship with a publicist called Neil Reading in 2003: through him Sitham met his friends
Sitham went to Andy Coulson‘s birthday party January 2003 during the week – her partner then was Coulson’s good friend
The Coulson party was in Balham in South London, at a steak restaurant, Sitham tells jury
Sitham says there were 18-20 guests at the Coulson 03 Birthday party. She went with Neil Reading.
Sitham tells Jury she was sat next Rebekah Brooks on left, opposite Piers Morgan, Chris Tickier, and Claudia Winkelmann
Sitham had not met Brooks or Coulson before this party, but had met Piers Morgan before.
Sitham says she had been involved in a piece of litigation for Naomi Campbell against the Mirror, which involved Piers Morgan
Sitham claims that Piers Morgan had a conversation over the principle of law over Naomi Campbell: Morgan said “I agree with that…”
Sitham claims Morgan continued on Campbell: “But that doesn’t mean she wasn’t unlikeable”
Sitham claims she made small talk with Brooks “she was very lovely, very welcoming, very nice… said we should keep in touch”
BREAKING: Sitham claims Brooks and Morgan, then top tabloid editors, were very busy trying to finish off last details of front page splashes
Sitham said both Brooks and Morgan were “engaged in banter about respective front covers.”
BREAKING: Sitham claims Morgan said to Brooks “I know what your splash is because I’ve been listening to your messages”
BREAKING: Brooks responded to Morgan: “Been hacking into my phone again have you, Piers?”
Morgan responded to Brooks, according to Sitham, “well you’ve been looking at my emails”
“It was quite a quick back and forth of banterings,” says Sitham of Brooks Morgan conversation at Coulson’s birthday party
Sitham says the conversation between Brooks and Morgan was “pointed… the way they reacted to each other”
Sitham claims this conversation was early on, about 45 minutes after they got there: they were just putting orders in and pre dinner drinks
Sitham claims Morgan left to finalise front page before returning for main steak meal.
Edis asks Sitham how much she had to drink that night. Sitham says a glass of wine before dinner, and half a glass with meal. Quite nervous
Sitham said she had to work the next day and didn’t want to make a fool of herself in front of her new partner’s friends
“It was a very relaxed and intimate gathering,” Sitham tells jury: “Pretty much the most powerful people in the media of the day”
Sitham says she gave Brooks her number and Morgan said: “Careful she’ll hack your phone.”
Sitham then gave Brooks a number than took it back – it was Ross Kemp’s number. And crossed it out very thoroughly.
Sitham never called Brooks: “I was a bit shy to call her… Instead I sent her my card…. Be good to work together in future”
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Ambi Sitham
Clare Sibson for Brooks asks for five minutes while she consults her client.
CORRECTION: Morgan said to Sitham about giving Brooks number: “Careful, she’ll TAP your phone” – fingers not keeping up with ears
Back with cross examination of Sitham by Brooks’ counsel Sibson.
Sibson for Brooks asks about her experience as a lawyer: “You claimed worked for Schillings from 2000 to about 2005.”
Sitham says she stayed on the roll of solicitors at Miramax. She believes she’s still on the roll, but hasn’t practised since 2006
Sitham worked on some very high profile cases while working at Schillings, a law firm that specialises on media law
Sitham agrees Schillings was at that time in the leader in media field. She worked on a lot of defamation and privacy action
Sitham agrees she was practised at preparing material for court – witness statements, discovery etc.
In LA Sitham has a book to be published ‘the laws of love’ and is a life coach. She tweets and blogs. 18k follow her on Twitter
Sitham appeared on Daybreak in the UK she agrees.
Sitham appeared on Daybreak as a commentator on media law
Sitham agrees that at Coulson Party “everyone there was well aware she was a Schillings lawyers” Brooks had talked about it
Sitham agrees Morgan knew about big privacy action Sitham was involved in re Naomi Campbell “the privacy action of the decade”
Sibson explains how Campbell was involved in case against Mirror action about drug addiction – she’d already won her trial in 2001
Sibson suggests dinner took place pending Naomi Campbell’s appeal to House of Lords over privacy. Sitham can’t remember exact dates
As a matter of record the dinner fell before the appeal. Sitham had met Morgan before the dinner so he knew her involvement
Jury are shown Sitham’s blog: “And the truth shall set you free” from Nov 2012, but first published on Huff Post in March 2012
Sibson reads out blog from Huffington Post and her blog: “I’ve always prided myself on being honest…. the wisdom of truth”
Sitham’s blog talks about “information that raised a red flag both legally and morally” in reference to Morgan Brooks conversation
Sitham says the only person she talked to about it was Neil Reading, when they were friends, a couple of times, a year and half later
Sitham says she spoke to N Reading a few years after that, and a more uncomfortable conversation when she was giving Leveson evidence
Sitham’s blog says the flash backs to conversation with Brooks and Morgan. Sitham began when asked about original hacking allegations on TV
Sibson asks what Sitham means about the Morgan/Brooks exchange being pointed. “There was a certain look in their eyes.”
Sitham wasn’t entirely sure they were serious “but I remember feeling uncomfortable”. “Foolishly I didn’t..” tell Schillings next day
Sibson asks whether Sitham tool Morgan’s “Careful, she’ll tap your phone” seriously. “I though it could be possible… I was concerned”
Sitham explains that she thought tapping could refer to listening to live conversations, some cross wires at work around the time
Sitham confirms she was in conversation with high profile people involved in litigation with newspapers – tapping breach of legal privilege
“The truth is this conversation didn’t happen did it?” says Sibson. “It did,” replies Ambi Sitham.
Sitham remembers sending Brooks a card with a jokey caption. Sibson brings up the police note of conversation with her in 2012
The police note of the Ambi Sitham conversation is shown to jury: “I sent her a card… white/funny/jokey caption on front”
‘Very good to meet. I know we’re on opposite sides of fence. But maybe one day meet in middle” Police note of Ambi Sitham card to Brooks
Sibson asks “You want to meet in the middle with someone you’re concerned will tap your phone.” Sitham; “I was concerned. She saw that.”
Jury directed back to Sitham’s blog: “the resurgence of Hackgate… I’ve waged an internal battle whether I should speak up”
Sitham met up with Nick Davies, Hugh Grant and Evan Davies: “Is any part of this fictionalised?” asks Sibson: “Absolutely not,” says Sibson
When Sitham wrote her blog she had no idea her Leveson testimony would be used in criminal trial
After meeting with Grant, Davies and Harris, Sitham agreed to be interviewed in a Nick Davies documentary about the hacking sage
“Depending on the legal situation, I was preparing to speak up about something that had cost me friendships” Sitham on N Davies documentary
During conversations about documentary, Sitham was concerned she was would be seen as a “snitch.. cutting off friendships” Her blog resulted
The meeting was in Jan 2012: “at that time absolutely open” to do something with Guardian and New York Times. “Mine wouldn’t be published”
Sitham explains she’s been in the Times newspapers for a piece on legality of boxing, and injuncting John Does. “Legal articles”
After the meeting with Harris, Grant and Davis Sitham prepared a statement for Leveson Inquiry, but statement was sent to police
Sitham: “This evidence could be relevant to Weeting… I was leaving the country…. I thought I’d better give them before I leave”
As at 3/02/12 the plan was for Sitham to give evidence at Leveson Inquiry she confirms to jury
Sibson asks if this was to make a decent “US/UK media impact”. Sitham says “No.” Sibson calls up an email
Jury shown email from Evan Harris to Ambi Sitham 03/2/12 “Re: Piers Morgan”
Harris to Sitham: “I can prepare a statement for you…” Ambi says “random things were in that notebook” but she no longer has it
Sitham says she made random notes throughout her life, but journalised it in 2006.
Sitham “I definitely made notes in 2006, but might have written about it in my diaries:” To date she’s provide Weeting with no notebook
Evan Harris explains Sitham will have to inform Nick Davies mentions make “decent media impact” – never objective of doing this, says Sitham
Sitham: “In my gut I though this evidence was relevant… I felt very uncomfortable. They said you’re standing up for the good.”
Sitham: “It was never the objective of doing this… but I was quite worried about my relationship with Neil. Rather than being a snitch”
“Is this whole exercise not just about publicising yourself?” Sitham: “This whole process has given me an ulcer and lost friendships”
Sibson says the Birthday was Coulson’s 36th Birthday in 2004. Sitham says it cannot be that because of breaking up with boyfriend
Sibson asks if dinner was immediately prior to Hutton report? Sitham says it rings no bells. She remembers the report was about David Kelly
Sibson suggests dinner was night before Hutton report made public. Sitham can’t remember that.
Sitham cannot remember Brooks mentioning anything about a leaked copy of the Hutton report acquired by Sun
Sitham says she can’t remember details of the front page splashes, only that they were liasing with editors
Sibson claims Morgan took a call telling him Sun had leaked copy of Hutton report. Brooks had to take calls from Downing Street
Sitham said Brooks was sat down majority of evening. She may have left to take calls
Sibson suggest “pointed conversations” about leaked copy of Hutton report: Sitham “not things I was aware of. Think I would have remembered
Further Prosecution questions to Ambi Sitham
Edis for the prosecution then goes back to email to Evan Harris; “As you know I have nothing to gain from this… will suffer backlash”
Sitham email says she wants to “answer any of her critics and then get on with her life”
“You all saw how scared I was last week, and the wave of vitriol coming my way” Edis for prosecution reads Sitham letter
Sitham explains “that’s how scared I have been for last two years” to Edis for the crown
Sitham says she will go back and track break up from Nigel Reading from emails (a bit of a sigh when she says ‘yes’)
Sitham explains she and Neil Reading have gone “from very good friends, someone I’d know for rest of my life, to having no contact at all”
Back tomorrow at 10 am.

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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