Phone hacking and bribery: justice and journalism both on trial – Nicholas Jones | Inforrm’s Blog

An important and informed piece by Nicholas Jones (via the Informm blog) about how the Leveson Inquiry failed to address a key part of the ‘culture, ethics and practice of the press’ . Read it all

More than any other press proprietor Rupert Murdoch created a market place in information and drove up the going rate for purchasing exclusive stories. What is Murdoch’s legacy? Has he poisoned the well of British journalism?

Unhappily for my generation of reporters who trained on local evening and weekly newspapers in the heyday of the local press, we are now being told that the culture of paying for information has had a deleterious effect on local newsgathering.

There is a widespread notion that even journalists on local newspapers or radio stations have a budget to pay for stories.  It is commonplace for local reporters, when seeking information or interviews, to be asked “How much?  What’s it worth?”

In my day supplying information to a local newspaper was never considered a financial transaction.  Most of my contacts were only too happy to talk to a local reporter and usually on the record.  They took pride in being quoted in local press and keen to fulfil their role in ensuring the fullest possible reporting of local affairs.

via Phone hacking and bribery: justice and journalism both on trial – Nicholas Jones | Inforrm’s Blog.

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