Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 5 Dec

Thursday 5 December 2013

The Prosecution Case continues
Back at the Old Bailey
Prosecution Presents Evidence on Counts 4 and 5 – Misconduct
Agreed Facts on Counts 4 and 5
Giving evidence – Operation Elveden Detective DC Tilbury
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Tilbury
Witness – Paddy Harverson (former Communications Secretary to Prince Charles)
Prosecution Counsel question Paddy Harverson
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Paddy Harverson
Witness – Operation Elveden Detective Inspector Kennett
Prosecution Counsel questions DI Kennett
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DI Kennett
Recalled Witness – Operation Elveden Detective DC Tilbury
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Tilbury
Lunch break
Witness – Major Julia Parke-Robinson (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
Prosecution Counsel questions Major Parke-Robinson
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Major Parke-Robinson
Witness – Operation Elveden Detective DC Briddon
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Briddon
Witness – Belinda Vern (Head of Army Secretariat)
Prosecution Counsel questions Belinda Vern
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Belinda Vern

The Prosecution Case continues
Back at the Old Bailey
Heading back to #Hackingtrial at the Old Bailey after 6 days. Dare I say? I kind of missed it. This is what they mean by #stockholmsyndrome
If you want to catch up any of the last five weeks of the #hackingtrial – all my live tweets stored and indexed http://www.fothom.wordpresss.com
At the #hackingtrial Justice Saunders welcomes the jury back after a long break
Prosecution Presents Evidence on Counts 4 and 5 – Misconduct
Counsel for the prosecution, Rebecca Chalkley, is now going to counts 4 and 5 of their case against Rebekah Brooks #hackingtrial
Chalked explains count 4 “conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office’: Brooks conspired with Sun journalists and MOD employees
Count 5 – another misconduct charge against Brooks with Sun employees and a public official
Rebecca Chalkley takes the jury through the ‘admissions’ or ‘agreed facts’ of the case.
Agreed Facts on Counts 4 and 5
Admission: Brooks became editor Sun Jan 2003. Sun made payments directly or indirectly. News International declare to tax authorities
Further admissions: a Sun journalist received information from an employee at Sandhurst. A story about William in a bikini party cited
Admissions: payments were made to husband and wife working at Sandhurst.
Admissions; another public official received £100k for stories provided to the Sun.
Admissions from both sides – the payments to this public official are agreed and accurate.
Giving evidence – Operation Elveden Detective DC Tilbury
Prosecution calls DC Tilbury as their first witness in counts 4 and 5.
DC Tilbury was the case officer for Count 4 of this indictment against Brooks
Chalkley explains to the jury the index of their ‘bundle’ for these particular charges
The first document shown to jury: email 18/04/06 to Brooks subject ‘Cash payment authorisation’ for £1k for someone working at Sandhurst
Second email 15/06/06 from Sun employee about a contact offering picture from Sandhurst with William dressed as ‘bond girl’ for £4k
Sun employee about picture source: “I already have him over a barrel because I know his identity… he needs picture for a course for wife”
Email is passed onto Brooks “What do you think boss?” Brooks responds ten minutes later; “OK”
Jury now shown Thomas Cook payment requests from Sun – validated by Sun employee, and identifying wife of Sandhurst employee 16/06/06
Payment description to Sandhurst employee for £4k describes Prince William wearing bikini, and the department is Sun News
The jury is shown the relevant article
The article goes into detail William and Kate Middleton at a Sandhurst themed party
Jury is shown a schedule of payments made to husband and wife at MOD for a variety of stories
The payment schedule tallies with the arrival of the stories in the Sun, and identifies Sun journalist and contributor
A third payment 13/10/06 fro £500 via BACS rather than Thomas Cook to MOD employees
MOD employee from May 06 paid £1k via Thomas Cook with related story alleging MOD employee killed a policeman
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Tilbury
Laidlaw counsel for Brooks cross-examines the police witness over Count 4 on the bikini photograph, with relevant email
15/06/06 Laidlaw says this the only occasion on Count 4 Brooks is asked to approve a payment. He goes to the email in some detail
Laidlaw goes through the number of people involved in Brooks related email, and the police investigations into them
The email of 15/06/06 is written by a Sun journalist who cannot be named for legal reasons, to another Sun journalist
DC Tilbury says “all I’ve done is investigate this email” – he hasn’t investigated the relationship between different Sun employees
Laidlaw dissects the email: “Here is the situation. My best contact at Sandhurst…” DC Tilbury explains who he is and had gone to Australia
Sun source: “has supplied a string of great stuff over a period months is offering us a picture of Prince William at Bond themed party”
The Sandhurst contact was posted in Australia at the time. “The picture in question belongs to fellow [MOD employee|”
“He is very concerned about the notion of the picture ending up in the Sun” says Sun journalist about Prince William picture in June 2006
DC Tilbury says inquiries are still ‘ongoing’ about who the person offering the picture – another military official
Inspector Kennett is conducting further inquiries about the email, with assistant DC Bland. These inquiries are ‘live’, Laidlaw establishes
DC Tilbury explains they are still exploring call data from Australia related to this MOD employee when he was based there
Tilbury says they are still waiting for the information from Australian service providers
Laidlaw to DC Tilbury: “I don’t want to be unfairly critical of you…. but you are not confident of identity of [MOD employee] are you?”
Break while Inspector Kennett is looked for
Back after break at #hackingtrial: prosecution will call another witness before Inspector Kennett gives evidence.
Witness – Paddy Harverson (former Communications Secretary to Prince Charles)
Prosecution Counsel question Paddy Harverson
Prosecution call Paddy Harverson former communications secretary to Prince Charles and his son, re his relationship with the Sun
In mid August 2006 Harverson called Brooks about photo in the Sun. He made notes of those conversation
Harverson can’t remember who called who, but conversation with Brooks was 15/16th August 2006. He was ‘testing an issue’ around Prince Harry
Harverson: “in course of conversation about Prince Harry….” Brooks talked about “a photo of Prince William in a bikini with feather boa”
Harverson said to Brooks “photo taken during private occasion shouldn’t be published… a breach of his privacy”. Brooks said it wouldn’t be
Royal Aide Paddy Harverson spoke to Partrick Harrison, press secretary at Clarence House, who had been in conversation with Sun
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Paddy Harverson
Laidlaw for Brooks cross examines Harverson over photo “This is not that straightforward… particularly at this distance in time.”
Laidlaw calls up Harverson’ contemporanous handwritten notes on the conversation. RW: “My guys say they did deal on Friaday. Guys have negs”
This notes relate to a story about Prince Harry “Dirty Harry: Playboy Prince Cops a feel. RW note “If we fucked up, what are willing to say”
Laidlaw goes through the Sun Front Page story alleging Prince Harry had been canoodling with a woman he wasn’t going out with
The Sun article from 15/08/06 claims pics of Royal princes were taken at Bougies nightclub, and was a ‘recent story ‘
Harverson was concerned the pictures were taken some years earlier at another nightclub, and woman involved, Ms Pinkham, was family friend
Harverson notes Brooks says of picture sources: “They claimed they were his pictures and we knew him”
Harverson notes Brooks said the Sun “fucked up” – they were not recent photos, and Prince Harry hadn’t cheated on his girlfriend
Harverson knows nothing of Brooks demoting journalist involved. He vaguely recalls the apology the Sun printed on 16/08/06 on page 6
The Sun makes a short apology for front page about Harry splash on page 6, second item on column one.
Until the conversation with Harverson, Brooks was intended to do another story on the Royal Princes the next day
Harverson continues with notes; “PW pics due to go tomorrow” – Brooks was intending to run story from “well known source… “
Harverson explains the reference to “Front Page OK?” was about where they would put apology.
Harverson reads Brooks promises to change pics on website. “Remove Part 2…. Prince William in feather boa”
Harverson says he’d never heard of the Prince William feather boa picture until Brooks told him
Next page of Harverson’s handwritten notes of his conversation with Brooks: Prince William in underwear with a pink feather boa
Laidlaw says the People in 2011 published the picture of William in underwear with two boas. Sun only published a mock up
Harverson says he can’t be sure that was the photograph Brooks was talking about. The People references a ‘stag do’ – Brooks didn’t
Harverson says the mock-up the Sun eventually ran was William in a bikini “must be two different occasions”
Harverson says Brooks didn’t mention a party at Sandhurst in that conversation.
Laidlaw takes Harverson through his written statement: he called her to complain about the Prince Harry photo in august.
Harverson: “My recollection was that Brooks told me the Sun had a photo… my impression taken some years before.”
Harverson “can’t remember whether the photo was months old or years” though his written statement says “years”
CORRECTION thanks to @NicoHines – Prince Harry story which Brooks says Sun “fucked up” was at BOUJIS not BOUGIES
Witness – Operation Elveden Detective Inspector Kennett
Prosecution Counsel questions DI Kennett
Prosecution calls Detective Inspector Kennett as a witness on the Count 4 and 5 corruption charges against Brooks
DI Kennett is attached to Operation Elveden, investigation in payments into public officials.
Kennett explains how DC Tilbury was a case officer who did every day kinds of inquiries
Kennett is asked by Edis, for the Crown, about the source of the photo of William in bikini.
Edis asks about the inquiries into two potential sources of the photo: the inquiries are not complete.
Justice Saunders asks Laidlaw to ‘think carefully’ about whether he needs to know the names of two suspects
Laidlaw for Brooks cross examines Kennett on the individuals mentioned in email about the bikini picture: “how many do the police believe”
Laidlaw points out his client was arrest in July 2011 on Operation Elveden charges. “That is now what 28 or 29 months ago?”
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DI Kennett
Laidlaw asks about the resources dedicated to Elveden: Kennett says 60 police officers over 80 to 90 lines of inquiry
Kennett says the number of officers on Elveden were initially small “but grew as the line of inquiries grew”
DI Kennett explains that DC Tilbury didn’t know all because “of particular sensitivities of this particular subject” – Royal Family
DI Kennett identifies a Sandhurst source for the jury – cannot be named for legal reasons
Laidlaw focuses on email “the picture in question belongs to a fellow [Sandhurst employee]…” Tilbury had identified a potential name
Kennett subsequently established that there was another senior officer at the time of the party, but different to time of email
Laidlaw names the other potential source of the story as the ‘first’ senior officer commanding Prince William.
Kennett agrees the name of Sandhurst source, it belongs to commanding officer, but Laidlaw alights on “the chap who has picture”
Laidlaw asks if police have investigated whether the person who the photo belonged and the ‘chap who had the picture’ were different
Laidlaw asks about the “thinking of the police” and “whether or not there are three individuals involved here”
Kennett says they “keep an open mind” but the “clear inference” is that the person who the picture “belonged to” was same as who had it
Kennett says the “the inquiries are still ongoing” but agrees “thus far” there are two not three people being spoken of in the email
“My man is convinced that as a result of doing the deal with us it will open the prospect of future exclusives” Sun Journo on William pic
“Indeed I already have the guy with the picture over a barrel because I already know his identity” Sun Journo on source owning royal pic
“The chap is only happy for us to use the picture once Sandhurst is on a break… but needs cash by Saturday….” Sun journo email
DI Kennett agrees the email suggest the source needs the cash for the Sun for a course for his wife.
Five minute break
Laidlaw resumes with cross examination of DI Kennett about the work that was line of inquiries over Prince William‘s commanding officers
Kennett explains how commanders at Sandhurst change over the terms.
A witness statement from the widow of former commanding officer was obtained in March 2013 – very sensitive. Laidlaw: “He died a hero”
Widow of senior went to Royal Wedding, but Kennett cannot say her husband was “was extremely” close to Prince William
Kennett says his investigations have excluded the possibility it was this commanding officer. His wife heavily pregnant at time of email
Kennett agree this “rules out” Prince William‘s former commanding officer, who died in Afghanistan, as source of photo.
DI Kennett says investigations into the second potential source of pic are hampered because he’s outside of the UK and still serving officer
DI Kennett says “for various reasons” it hasn’t been possible to interview second potential source of the Prince William Bikini pic
Laidlaw goes back to possibility of a “third individual”: person No 2 is “very concerned about the idea of snap ending up in Sun”
Edis re-examines DI Kennett on second potential source: “He will be interviewed. Am I justified in arresting him? Probably not.”
Edis asks Kennett if he can caution suspect on phone: “I’ve never heard of anyone doing that on a phone…. I’ve liased with Army…”
Kennett: “But what the army won”t do is post someone back into jeopard….. where he can be arrested. “
Kennett on the possibility of a ‘third man’ in William pic. Brooks didn’t mention it: “this is the first time this concept has arisen”
Recalled Witness – Operation Elveden Detective DC Tilbury
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Tilbury
DC Tilbury is recalled to discuss the details of the money schedule on Count 4 of corruption indictment against Rebekah Brooks
Laidlaw focuses on payment for £4k 27/06/06 for Prince William picture. “Was there anything unusual about this?”
Laidlaw asks if there’s any other occasion when the payment for MOD source comes before the article was published. DC Tilbury says ‘no’
DC Tilbury was the payment details given by MSC. Payment before publication “because the email requested it”
DC Tilbury explains this was the only occasion wife collected payment in cash (“her husband was away in Australia”)
DC Tilbury confirms that no cash sum for £4k was paid into wife’s account. “£500 credited to account after £4k taken out.”
A second cash payment was made to MOD official’s wife – but additional £500 paid in cash to bank account
DC Tilbury confirms that the police have not seen the “Will’s in Bikini photograph”
Laidlaw corrects previous statement. This wasn’t the only Brooks contact: 18/04/06 £1k request from this MOD source but no approval
Email produced by defence from 21/04/06 has another request for this £1k payment but it’s not addressed to Brooks
DC Tilbury is conducting a financial review of MOD officials accounts to see if they made payments to others.
Lunch break
8 Lessons From the Murdoch Phone Hacking Trial http://thebea.st/1bhSYsl via @thedailybeast
Saunders reminds the jury at #hackingtrial that Clive Goodman pleaded guilty to phone hacking in 2006.
Langdale for Coulson explains he is not present because he’s in conference with legal team
Chalkley shows jury the statement of the press statement from Patrick Harrison about a call from Sun journalist “at Rebekah Wade’s request”
Harrison: “he claimed photos he had photos of…. Prince William in a bikini top.” Harrison made usual statement about private events
Witness – Major Julia Parke-Robinson (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
Prosecution Counsel questions Major Parke-Robinson
The prosecution call Major Julia Parke-Robinson from RMC, serving officer for 15 years. In August she was platoon commander at Sandhurst
Sandhurst is divided into three colleges. Witness moved to old college in 2006
Parke-Robinson explains how each company is split into three platoons. She was commanding number 11 platoon, sharing office with two others
Alex McCay platoon commander 12 platoon. David Brooks 10 platoon. While Willima was at Sandhurst they were briefed about ‘H Wales’
At end of each term Parke-Robinson explains there were both platoon and company parties – used as a “leadership tool for management skills”
In April 2006 the theme for the party was James Bond, cadets and staff were allowed to bring guests. William accompanied by Kate Middleton
Parke-Robinson: William and a number of his friends were dressed as Bond girls. He wore a green bikini. Can’t remember what Kate wore
Cadets were allowed to take photos of party according to Parke-Robinson
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Major Parke-Robinson
Laidlaw cross examines Parke-Robinson: she was certain photos were taken of the Bond party.
Laidlaw points out that cadets are in late teens and early 20s, with phones to take pictures.
Cadets are allowed to drink on social occasions but party on Sandhurst grounds. Company parties about 150 people, cadets plus guests
Parke-Robinson says in 2006 social media wasn’t as prevalent – but they don’t have access to internet during training.
Chalkley for the prosecution moves on to count 5 of the misconduct corruption of public official indictment against Brooks
Chalkey reads the witness statement of Mark Rowlands, head of corporate foreign exchange at Thomas Cooke. NI one of their clients
Rowland’s witness statement explains how NI would order currency through fax or email, signed by someone at NI
Mark Rowland’s from Thomas Cooke explains that official ID was needed to collect cash payments, and ID should have been recorded
Witness – Operation Elveden Detective DC Briddon
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Briddon
Prosecution call DC Jim Brinnan (sp?) from Operation Elveden to answer questions on count five against Brooks
Elveden DC Briddon is shown an exclusive Sun article from 2006 about a Sandhurst instructor
Another Sun story from 2006 has another army related story by Tom Newton Dunn about the death of a female soldier
Another story from 2006 has a Sun exclusive about an injury during army training
Email from Sun journalist about those stories to Brooks: “Please approve following payments for No 1 military contacts through T Cooke”
Brooks replies “Of course” Chalkley says “these are the three stories we’ve just seen in the papers” Then shows T Cooke payment slip
Payment slip to source shows date, cash payment, form of ID: a story named and sum of £1000 attached. Cost centres, exec authorisation
Internal payment request shows that tax has been paid separately by Sun because of anonymous contributor.
Same date as previous email, another anonymous cash payment to be collected in Camberley by Bettina Jordan-Barber
A sum of £3000 attached to another named story in the Sun.
DC Briddon explains an internal confirmation memo from News International to Thomas Cooke that payment has been made: £.4.5k for 3 stories
The memo names Bettina Jordan-Barber in Camberley as recipient.
The jury is shown another exclusive Sun story from Aug 2007 which tells of engagement of army cadet (featured in several other stories)
A Sun front page exclusive from October 2007 details the death of a Sandhurst instructor
The front page is bylined to a Sun journalist, with additional reporters
Email from Sun journals to Brooks about “belting exclusive splash” (seen just before) asking for £3k for first story, £1k for second
Brooks responds a few hours later: “Brilliant scoop…. of course on payments” Sun journo responds: “Many thanks boss”
The jury sees another Thomas Cooke payment request to be collected by Jordan-Barber. £1k for one story.
Another NI memo from that October shows money collected by Jordan-Barber
Chalkley shows jury a Sun story about Prince William attending funeral of slain soldier, and a Nov 07 exclusive about an army resignation
A third Sun exclusive from Nov 07 about an army major appearing on swingers website.
An email from Sun journalist from Nov 07 to Brooks: “Could you please approve TC payments for three exclusives for ace military contact”
The email to Brooks describes the three stories just shown and ask for approval for £2k.
The Sun journalist then emails another editor to process the “dosh”
A Thomas Cooke fax form tallies with date of previous email with cash only payment to Jordan-Barber naming one of the articles
Late November 2007 another Thomas Cooke authorisation to Jordan-Barber for Sun story about resignation and payment for £2k
Third Thomas Cooke payment for £500 for third Sun story: CORRECTION total was £3K
An internal NI memo tallies up the three stories and three payments for £3k
Jury shown another Sun exclusive from April 2008 about a sexual scandal at army barracks
Chalkley for prosecution shows another Sun exclusive about a Captain having laptop nicked.
An email from Sun journalist to Brooks naming stories and asking for approval for £3 payments to “ace military contact…cheap at the price”
As with previous schedule, Thomas Cooke and NI memos confirm payments to Jordan-Barber for two stories concerned
Jury shown another exclusive Sun army story from May 08 about a traumatised corporal facing disciplinary action at army barracks
May 2008 another Sun exclusive about an army disciplinary action over a live grenade incident at a barracks
Third Sun exclusive from May 08 involving a domestic incident with a Sandhurst soldier.
June 08 Sun journalist emails Brooks about “three strong stories” just seen for “£3k…. cheap at the price” Brooks replies 11th June “yes”
More Thomas Cooke and NI memos and a fax cite three stories and collection by Jordan-Barber.
Sun Front Page exclusive Aug 08 about drug testing in the navy. Another exclusive from Oct 08 about sexual assault. Nov 08 another exclusive
Email from Sun Journo in Oct 08 to Brooks: “My dear boss… could you please approve following payments…. Good value for money”
Sun journo details “ace military contact” and describes the page one exclusive, and the other two stories from Oct/Nov 2008 for £3k
Sun journo also details prison source about Al Qaeda suspect training to be stand up comic – negotiating down to £3k. Brooks “Fine, thanks”
Those three stories also have Thomas Cooke authorisations
Nov 2008 Sun exclusive about a female officer losing limb in Afghanistan. Front page exclusive Feb 09 about colonel “leaking secrets”
Email from Sun journo to Brooks in Feb 09; “Could you please kindly approve payments for no 1 military contact… via Thomas Cooke”
Brooks replies to Sun journo a couple of minutes later “yes”: memos and faxes confirm payment of amounts and stories
March 2009 Sun exclusive about a baby hidden in barracks. Another in March about an army colonel having an affair, cross references previous
March 2009 another Sun exclusive about a cadet allegedly having affair with colour sergeant
Saunders apologises “for waking everyone up” as he queries missing page
The payments for those stories are all detailed in subsequent NI memos
March 2009 another Sun exclusive about false expense claims by soliders.
March 2009 email from Sun Journo to Brooks asking approval for £3k “no 1 military contact” through TCooke. Brooks replies 2 mins later yes
Brooks approval forwarded on to another NI employee confirming authorisation, employee emails but adds “please delete this email after”
BREAKING: payments to Bettina Jordan-Barber from Sun employee “please delete this email after”
Sun May 09 two Sun exclusives about officer faking medals. Email to Brooks that month about “massive exclusive” from “No 1 military contact”
Brooks replies to Sun journalist that morning “Thanks”
Memos again confirm stories and payments through Thomas Cooke for those stories.
A Sun Front Page Exclusive from June 2009 about an illegal immigrant hiding through army transport
Email in June from Sun Journo to Brooks “ref today’s splash… leading TV and radio bulletins… please approve 4k for ace military contact”
Half an hour later Brooks replies “Thanks, xxxxxx”
Chalkley shows jury the filled in Thomas Coke form for collection of payments by Bettina Jordan-Barber
Late June 09 Sun article about dress and personal appearance. July: Sun exclusive about a phone stolen in China. Aug: soldier loses 2nd leg
Fourth story from late 2009: Sun exclusive about a soldier dying from swine ‘flu.
Sun journalist emails Brooks for approval over the previous four stories for a total of £4k “as ever… very cheap at the price”
Brooks replies the same day; “Yes”. Email forwards to Charlotte Hull. “Here’s the OK from the boss.”
Five minute break
Before the break Justice Saunders tells jury: “Sorry you had to go through that. It wasn’t rivetting. But needed to be done”
Witness – Belinda Vern (Head of Army Secretariat)
Prosecution Counsel questions Belinda Vern
Prosecution calls Belinda Vern as a witness: head of army secretariat from Andover in Hampshire
Part of Vern’s job is to advise press office. She started working at land forces in 2008 – her middle manager was Bettina Jordan-Barber
“Betsy oversaw… issues to do with media stories over army discipline” Vern tells the jury about Jordan-Barber
Vern says Jordan-Barber should not have had contact with media over soldier fatalities. Her security clearance was high ‘developed vetting’
Vern confirms Jordan-Barber would have had access to ‘sensitive material’ which she could have taken home over weekends or holidays
Chalkley for the prosecution brings up standing orders for security instructions for secretariat
On Part 1 of Army Standing Orders: Security Intent explains various reasons for breaches
Chalkley explains the document is redacted by MOD for security reasons. Employees are required to report to security officer any breaches
Second exhibit from Vern: ‘Leaks of Official Information’ says “leak usually take form of reports in public media…. causes political harm”
More on ‘Leaks’ – lost information is not counted as a leak.
Chalkley for crown takes Vern to a section on ‘new briefs’ from her department to support press office and ministers over ‘incidents’
Chalkley goes to a news brief dated 02/10/06 relating to Sun story about drunken officer. Background not for release section only for MOD
The news brief suggest the new brief was in response to a story already in Sun. It has a ‘lines to take’ and ‘if pressed’ sections of info
Vern has been asked to identify the news briefs related to the Sun stories previously brought forward in evidence today.
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Belinda Vern
Laidlaw for Brooks cross examines Vern: “I won’t keep you long.” Asks how the MOD was organised, relation with press office and Vern’s
MOD press office was in a different building, Vern confirms. Jordan-Barber was already in place when Vern arrived. She left office in 2009
Laidlaw clarifies that Jordan-Barber had access to news briefs until 2009. In new role occasionally she might have done.
Laidlaw establishes that Jordan-Barber might have had other sources of info she relayed to Sun, outside of her office
Vern confirms that on one of the pieces of evidence Jordan-Barber may have had a friendship with someone
Laidlaw turns to MOD news briefs and background ‘not to be released to media’ and how that changes in some instances
Laidlaw clarifies that MOD “lines to take” are position one. “If pressed” is position two. They are defensive positions, Vern agrees.
Laidlaw turns to a Vern reply to press office when Sun have got hold of a letter about appearance of service personnel.
The Sun letter to MOD press officer is from 2009 querying why appearances matter when so much else was going on during Afghanistan.
Another email exchange between Vern and Defence Media Communications who is in contact with Sun journalist.
Laidlaw asks if it’s clear Sun journo was alerting press office. Vern says media office “under pressure”
Press office email addresses Sun journo “good to chat to you about this” .
Laidlaw says “that is an illustration of a practice” of Sun journo “not suggesting xxx was seeking permission, but would pre-notify..”
Vern says she cannot answer she cannot answer that prenotification except on this specific story
Laidlaw asks that apart from these ‘defensive positions’ MOD would be encouraging publicity. “There would be occasions, yes”
Vern says news briefs are never intended for proactive use and confirms Jordan-Barber was in charge of discipline related matters
Jury is out till next Monday in #hackingtrial tomorrow is reserved for legal argument
8 Lessons From the Murdoch Phone Hacking Trial http://thebea.st/1bhSYsl via @thedailybeast
Phone Hacking Trial: Police investigate Army officer over £4,000 picture of Prince William in The Sun… http://wp.me/pMDHB-6hI via @INFORRM

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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