Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 28 Nov

Thursday 28 November 2013

The Prosecution Case Continues
Delays due to Legal Arguments
Video link will not happen today
Prosecution Evidence on Glen Mulcaire
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Teresa Thompson
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Teresa Thompson
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DS Guest
Glen Mulcaire’s Whiteboards
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DS Fitzgerald
How they Hacked Voicemail
24 Hacking calls in one day
Neil Wallis phone Hacked
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DS Fitzgerald
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines DS Fitzgerald
Prosecution Evidence on Max Clifford
Prosecution Counsel Bryant Heron

The Prosecution Case Continues
Delays due to Legal Arguments
Back with #hackingtrial – some delays through legal arguments. Video evidence from LA has been postponed
Saunders explains to jury “complex cases with lots of information” there are sometimes problems. We seem to have hit a lot of them today
Video link will not happen today
Saunders explains to jury how the video link cannot happen today. Some more days off to get more agreed facts to save time
“These things happen in the best organised cases… whether this is the best organised case we’ll see…. but I’m as frustrated as you are”
Previous quote was from Justice Saunders explaining the delay to jurors in #hackingtrial
Prosecution Evidence on Glen Mulcaire
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Teresa Thompson
We’re now with DC TeresaThompson, confirming with counsel for the prosecution, Mark Bryant Heron, some payment schedules
DC Thompson was previously attached to Operation Weeting tasked to audio evidence – NOT payment schedules as said in previous tweet
DC Thompson explains to court that raw material of tapes an CDs and tapes from Mulcaire’s home address AND business address.
DC Thompson explains how individual messages were identified – a number of messages on one tape which police have individualised
Detective Constable Thompson explains how ‘blagging’ works, contained in some of the audio evidence heard already at #hackingtrial
There are 727 recorded sections recovered from Mulcaire, not all voicemails or blags – some of them repeats
It seems that Mulcaire recorded some voicemail messages more than once
There is a tape from the 02 customer services providing an example of Mulcaire’s blagging #hackingtrial
Sometimes there’s an ‘unknown’ in the caller/recipient details in the schedule of Mulcaire tapes, but most identities have been attributed
Detective Constable Thompson explains how identities confirmed: sometimes the person leaving the message, sometimes recipient of message
The third form of identification of hacked recorded voicemails in Mulcaire’s premises – a police officer has recognised voice of caller
Third means of voice idenitification: for example Mulcaire calls an Audi Dealership on a blag – a police officer identified his voice
The fourth means of identifying Mulcaire recordings: phone number and call data. The fifth: from the message itself e.g. “Hi, it’s Jamie…”
Sixth form of identification is when a personal assistant or royal aide has recognised the voice of the caller or recipient of voicemail
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Teresa Thompson
Laidlaw counsel for Brooks cross examines the police officer, complaining about lack of dates attributable to recovered tapes
DC Thompson (nothing to do with comics) says that wasn’t a task she was involved in. Prosecution now call Detective Sergeant Guest
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DS Guest
DS Guest verifies a schedule of payments made by NI made to Mulcaire and his various companies and the budgets they came from
The schedule of Mulcaire payments is evidence that has been seen before, but is organised now with cost centres noted
There is a new ID Mulcaire used “James Street” another ID for payment. Not sure if contributor number changed
This Mulcaire payment schedule is not yet an agreed document. Defense haven’t had enough time to examine
Glen Mulcaire’s Whiteboards
DS Guest confirms that a number of ‘whiteboards’ were recovered in 2006 from Mulcaire’s home and work addresses
DS Guest has brought some of the whiteboards in to show to the jury
The first Whiteboard from Mulcaire’s officer: name says Bulger, and has Swiss Cottage. O2. Venus Williams. Congestion charges. CCS831
The second Mulcaire office whiteboard: Objectives – I.E. “Breaking News: and a diagram with ‘Subject of Inquiry”
Spokes from 2nd Whiteboard pictures, transcripts, sources & contacts, legality, a telephone no, immediate reaction, add evidence, SOE.
3rd whiteboard: Michael Wormsely, Stonewall FC, Middx County League, Fax, numbers, players, Kevin Eller, email, BT, SOE, T Mob, Mr Kemp
4th Mulcaire whiteboard – quite busy: UPDATES Call Eric/Ivor/Chris, Task re Trib, PAS changed, Red Voda Barcelona, Monty’s Pass, antelope
More from this whiteboard: “BT, Derving, LIC, EIN” New column “Nile, phone number, Clive, Kevin & No, porsche email address, web address
More from this Mulcaire whiteboard: “Medical update with dates, BT smartoneview. New column “Mercury press, number, PIN, and £1,250, £1k NOW
More from this Mercury press column on Mulcaire whiteboard: says “Standard”. Another “Volvo – avoid Damian” “Office and tele no”
Edis reminds the jury Greg Miskiw joined the Mercury Press Agency in 2005 from NOTW
Fifth Whiteboard: Marked “Project Targets” Buncefield, David Ginola/Tony Adams, Bulger inquiry, Royal Assesments, Reporters confidential
Right hand column of this whitecolumn: “Networking” diagram: services, Charles Ray – Rebekah Wade, Paul Allen, FA Backing, info players MF
More on this Mulcaire 5th whiteboard: “Comms meeting EST contact, Mike Hamilton, Greg Miskiw, “Think tank”
One more Mulcaire before lunch: “Priority/Crisis Management Agenda” Left hand column: “Information v Intelligence” 5th ‘deintelligence’
Right hand column Mulcaire whiteboard has no and web for ‘tracemark’ 9 news and PR, then “deep space” “J Sars and phone no. Avoid David
Break till 2.15
One more thing apparently mentioned on Mulcaire Whiteboards: “Operation Paget”
Random unrelated lunchtime thought: we realise the market problems of ‘Big 5’ energy companies. But press ownership even more concentrated
Back at #hackingtrial with DS Guest going through the (surreal) Mulcaire whiteboards. No explanation yet, just description of them
Last Mulcaire whiteboard: bottom left “documentary/Wimbledon” then “Gordon/Rainer/Sky” – end of selection of cryptic whiteboards
DS Guest helps with another exhibit” “if you can bear it,” Edis for crown asks Jury to turn back to another timeline – Eimear Cook
Back to two pages from Mulcaire’s notes: first from 28/04/02: DS Guest lifts up the notebooks (a3 quite big) with post it notes.
Edis shows jury second page of notebook, still bound together in sequence with second Eimear reference.
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DS Fitzgerald
DS Fitzgerald is called by the prosecution in #hackingtrial
DC Fitzgerald from Operation Weeting has been responsible for telephone evidence: Edis wants a simple guide to phone hacking
DC Fitzgerald is here to provide “A Idiot’s Guide to Phone Hacking”: a series of diagrams compiled by another officer are produced
Edis for Crown: “We’re trying to put ourselves in position of Mulcaire or someone wanted to hack phone 2000-06”
How they Hacked Voicemail
Fitzgerald explains says THREE ways hacking phone: 1st, dial mobile when not answered (off/engaged), interrupt voicemail greeting, enter PIN
Fitzgerald explains how first mode of hacking would appear on call data – but indistinguishable from a normal call.
DC Fitzgerald explains history of default PINs in late 90s, specific to each network. Depending on network you could change PIN remotely
The SECOND main form of phone hacking would be to dial “bespoke voice mail number” (DDM) unique to your phone account.
UVN and DDM the same thing: effectively a second number given to you when you get a mobile number.
The DDM hack would feature on the billing of the ‘person who made the call’ not on the bills of the person hacked.
Fitzgerald confirms that his second form of DDM/UVN hacking less likely to alert the target.
The Jury shown more detailed diagram of hacking different mobile service providers: Vodaphone, T Mobile, Telefonica, Orange
Orange never had a default pin: voice mail only worked when users established their own PIN
With 02 three different ways of retrieving voicemail evolved over time: PIN, an Orange like generic number, and then a bespoke direct dial
There’s also a difference between T-Mobile of 02 customers on contract as opposed to pay-as-you-go: only former had unique or phantom nos
Vodafone had both standard mail box PINs and a bespoke retrieval method
Fitzgerald says it is possible that if two simultaneous calls were made to mobile – ‘jamming’ would allow hacking surreptitiously
DC Fitzgerald explains call data on Mulcaire is patchy: they do not know what other phones he had. “Large areas of time no call records”
Edis for the crown takes the jury back to the Sven Goran Eriksson timeline to look at the different methods deployed by Mulcaire
17/01/06 calls from one of Mulcaire’s three landlines are less than 10 secs, others longer.
DC Fitzgerald explains that this method would appear like normal billing. But turning to Tessa Jowell timeline Fitzgerald has done more work
This Jowell timeline shows three numbers called Jowells/Mills/Jowells UVN. DC Fitzgerald has found out Mulcaire dialled other numbers
Call to Jowells phone took five secs. After that Mulcaire made 6 calls: 3 calls to Vodafone customer services, before he called her UVN
Before he accesses David Mills unique voicemail number, Mulcaire calls Vodafone customer services 7 times
The same pattern of calling service provider before hacks happens with Jade Schmidt, Joan Hammell, Tracey Temple and Laura Hogan.
Bryant Heron now turns to News Internationals ‘private wire line’ – a dedicated single number for all outbound calls
Bryant Heron explain that News International had a a single vodafone ‘fixed link’ allowing mobile phones to be integrated into network
This ‘private wire line’ allowed NI landline calls to route through the vodafone link. So any desk phone could be routed through this number
Practical consequence is that any at News International could have had access to this landline number.
Date range for call data from News International runs from October 05 to August 06. The evidence here is direct calls to UVN’s – i.e. hacks
Phone records detail time and cost of the NI calls, and the police have identified ‘victim group’ eg Pinkerton Louth for Royal Princes
Pinkerton-Lowther UVN consistently hacked till November 05, then joined by Mark Dyer till 8th December, goes on for pages…
On 04/03/06 we start on the hacking of Tessa Jowell timeline of hacks from the News International line. Carries in tandem with Royal Aides
Another NI line hack happens later that month but police can’t identify victim
Then in late April 2006, NI fixed line starts hacking two Mail on Sunday journalists Dennis Rice and Seb Hamilton over Prescott timeline
On 29th April 2006 hacks Dyer, Lowther-Pinkerton, Dennis Rice, Seb Hamilton – 24 hacking calls in just one day to those UVNs
24 Hacking calls in one day
BREAKING: on one day in 2006 News International landline made 24 hacking calls to Royal Aides and rival journalists
Neil Wallis phone Hacked
BREAKING: 18th of May 2006: calls to UVN of Neil Wallis – deputy editor of News of the World was hacked from News International landline
20/05/06 Katie Price hacked three times from News International fixed line
8th June 2006: Mail on Sunday journalist Laura Collins UVN hacked by News International line
9th June: both MoS journalists Laura Collins and Sebastian Hamilton hacked via News International landline
Early July NI Hacks: David Dillan, Daniel Boffey
416 hacks on Lowther-Pinkerton in this nine month period from News International landline.
Saunders explains to the jury that it is not accepted by all sides that the ‘Ian’ tasking in Mulcaire notebooks refers to Ian Edmondson
Now looking at schedule detail contact between Mulcaire’s phone and Ian Edmondson, denoting texts and calls, covering July 05-August 06
There are six further calls from Edmondson’s mobile to Mulcaire’s home landline after the latter’s arrest
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DS Fitzgerald
Laidlaw counsel for Coulson cross examines Fitzgerald who agrees mobile security systems in early days ‘deficient’
Laidlaw adduces an Independent article from 1999 “how to hack into mobile phones”: a local Cwm Bran paper October “a more homely tale”
Laidlaw adduces MoS article in 2000 on voice mails. DC Fitzgerald agrees voice mail hacking was subject to publicity
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines DS Fitzgerald
Langdale, counsel for Coulson, cross examines asking about duration of call and whether it’s possible to know if message was intercepted
Engineer in 2006 said six seconds is sufficient to intercept a voice mail message.
Prosecution Evidence on Max Clifford
Prosecution Counsel Bryant Heron
Bryant Heron reading out statement of Max Clifford. (Maxwell Frank Clifford) in regard to some of the stories he worked on.
Max Clifford says he had a good relationship with NOTW until 2005 when he and Andy Coulson fell out over a story
As a result of that falling out Max Clifford sold stories to other papers, but stories about his clients still appeared in NOTW
Max Clifford was show Mulcaire’s notebooks and identified his own and clients details on them
CORRECTION: Mulcaire whiteboard read MICE “Money, Ideology, Compromise, Ego” – not ‘Maz’
To “smooth over any wrinkles” #hackingtrial jury are being sent home till 1o a.m. next Wednesday. Saunders thanks them for their tolerance
So there you go: no more #hackingtrial till next Wednesday (what will I do with myself?); thanks to all your RTs, comments and corrections

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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