Mulcaire’s Contracts for NOTW

Here’s Glenn Mulcaire’s last contract covering the 1st of July 2005 to end of June 2006, close to the time he was arrested, along with NOTW Royal Correspondent Clive Goodman, for hacking the mobile phones of aides to the Royal Princes. The weekly amount is £2019 per week, amounting to a total £104,988 per annum.

There’s been some discussion in court about the various billing arrangements for Mulcaire (who has pleaded guilty to the recent charges). A post on the Brown Moses blog provides more information about the various complex billing arrangements:

Glenn MULCAIRE (alias ‘Paul Williams’, alias ‘Alexander’) ran a company called ‘Nine Consultancy Ltd’ which was dissolved in Feb ’06, according to Companies House records.  He also owned another company called ‘Nine Consultancy UK Ltd’, dissolved in 2007.  It is to be hoped that he was efficient enough not to get invoices and remittances muddled up in the accounts of these two similarly named businesses.

Another MULCAIRE company ‘Eight Consultancy UK Ltd’ (Company No. 06280986) wasn’t dissolved until 2009. And yet another MULCAIRE company, ‘C & E Intelligence Services Limited’, employed the non-journalist Alison MULCAIRE (resident at the same address) as Company Secretary.  Glenn MULCAIRE was re-employed by News International when he was released from prison for phone-hacking. At this time, Alison MULCAIRE owned two more businesses: ‘Global Intel Services Limited’ and ‘Euro Research & Information Services Limited’.

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