Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 14 Nov

Thursday 14 November 2013

The Prosecution Case continues
Back at the Old Bailey
Timeline – Lord Archer
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Weeting Detective
Timeline – Charles Clarke and Hannah Pawlby
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Scott
Giving evidence – Charles Clarke (former Home Secretary)
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Charles Clarke
Further Prosecution question to Charles Clarke
Giving evidence – Hannah Pawlby (special Advisor to Charles Clarke)
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Hannah Pawlby
Further Prosecution question to Hannah Pawlby
Further evidence from Operation Weeting Detective DC Scott
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines DC Scott
Timeline – Kerry Katona
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Ryall

The Prosecution Case continues
Back at the Old Bailey
Back at #hackingtrial concerning the timeline of Lord Archer – Weeting Detective going through the details
Timeline – Lord Archer
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective
Back at #hackingtrial concerning the timeline of Lord Archer – Weeting Detective going through the details
Bryant Heron reads the admissions re Lord Archer and Edwina Freeman: Mulcaire intercepted the voicemails recovered from Thurlbeck’s desk
Mulcaire notebooks related to Jeffrey Archer shown to jury and a NOTW story dated 21/09/02 about his time in prison
An undated Greg tasking to Mulcaire has Archer’s mobile number. Another with landline dated 24/07/03
Another Mulcaire note from 02/10/03 with a Greg tasking and notes on Lord Archer and an associate #hackingtrial
30th May 2004 another tasking by ‘Greg’ and more numbers related to Lord Archer.
11/05/04 a Mulcaire record of Archer’s mobile seems to be marked ‘neville’: another Neville tasking has numbers of Edwina Freeman
18/06/04 mobile numbers of Mary Archer and Edwina Freeman found in Mulcaire’s notes confirmed by Lord Archer and Freeman
Bryant Heron for prosecution tallies call data between Thurlbeck and Mulcaire. 4 recordings found in drawer at NOTW identified by Freeman
Handwritten note ‘For James’ dated 5th May found in Thurlbeck’s desk tracks the call data of Edwina Freeman and a gallery owner
One more undated ‘Greg’ tasking to Mulcaire has more personal details on Edwina Freeman
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Weeting Detective
Mr Laidlaw, QC, counsel for Brooks goes back over the three entries in Archer timeline for the period when Brooks was editor of the NOTW
Laidlaw reminds the jury of Lord Archer‘s perjury charges and imprisonment 2001 to 2003, and that Thurlbeck had exposed the perjury
Counsel for Brooks then goes back to early Mulcaire entry on Archer, marked Neville, with two addresses but an unrecognised Barclaycard
The Weeting Detective confirms that there was no hack of Archer related to early entries. Hacking begins May to June 2004
Timeline – Charles Clarke and Hannah Pawlby
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Scott
Edis for the prosecution goes to the timeline of Hannah Pawlby and Charles Clarke. He proposes first to confirm timeline with Weeting DC
DC Scott confirms a Mulcaire ‘Greg’ tasking from 07/04/05 which has entries for Charles Clarke and Hannah Pawlby: latter with address DOB
25/04/05 Jules Stenson email has a (false) tip off of an affair between Pawlby and Clarke. “News was working on this with Neville..”
Features editor Stenson forwarded email to Panther, Evans and Nixson “sounds like noon-runner because news have a head start”
A voicemail of Ian Kirby, political editor of NOTW, recovered from Mulcaire’s house.
17th June tasking by ‘Greg’ to Mulcaire has Pawlby’s names, addresses, and names of previous tenant and neighbour, parents address
Two recordings of voicemail by Andy Coulson left on Pawlby’s phone were recovered from Mulcaire’s belongings
Email chain 18/06/05 Thurlbeck to Weatherup details Pawlby’s movements “Derek will be on her first thing Monday” and talks of ‘doorstepping’
Weatherup replies “Derek can handle” Derek replies complaining about not getting enough work
A BBC reporter Sandford recognised his number in Pawlby related Mulcaire entries. Her brother appears with note “mortgage paid off”
Andrew Pawlby statement to police explains Mulcaire reference could be about sharing mortgage payments for a joint house.
Giving evidence – Charles Clarke (former Home Secretary)
Edis for prosecution calls former Home Secretary Charles Clarke as a witness in #hackingtrial
Clarke confirms to Edis his career as MP, Education secretary and Home Secretary 2004 to 2006.
Clarke explains that Hannah Pawlby was a diarist who became a special advisor at Home Office during a maternity leave
Edis shows Clarke a Companies House document list of inquiries ordered by Mulcaire: 26/04 Personal appointments Charles Clarke
Clarke says he was a director of two companies. One before he became an MP. And another company he never used.
Clarke explains how he was part of co-operative management company which owned some flats in a Westminster house
Clarke can’t understand why Mulcaire had a notation ‘America/Florida’ connected with his name
Edis: “One reason the NOTW were interested you in 2006 was in relation to a rumour of a relationship with Hannah Pawlby”
Clarke: “That’s absolutely untrue…. I was contacted by political editor of the Sun, Trevor Kavanagh… he had evidence I was having affair
Kavanagh told Clarke he would get it sympathetically covered for him if he confessed to him. Clarke ended the conversation
Clarke can’t be definitive about the time of conversation but it took place between October 05 to March 06. He asked HO for diaries
The meeting with Kavanagh wasn’t in the diaries so estimates Oct 05 to March 06 “I’m sorry I can’t be more precise than this”
Clarke says that he doesn’t believe a story ever appeared about this false rumour
Pawlby came Clarke, extremely distressd, to say gossip columnist from the Sun wanted to run false rumour of affair
Clarke rang Brooks, editor of Sun, threatening libel if such a story was published. He spoke to her deputy instead as she was away
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Charles Clarke
Counsel for Coulson cross examines Charles Clarke about ‘dialogue’ between politicians and press. Sometimes at odds, sometimes in common
Counsel for Coulson about interaction between senior press and politicians at party conferences over lunches and dinners
Counsel for Coulson asks Clarke about social events during party conferences including the press.
Clarke explains there are events at the conference the delegates attend, and the wide range of fringe meetings from lobbying groups
Clarke explains there are a host of parties at conference, thrown by various organisations including the media, with no agenda
Finally, Clarke says, there are ‘bilateral meetings’ of lunches and dinners between politicians and journalists
Counsel for Coulson “Senior politicians know people in the media extremely well… ” Clarke: “The knowledge is professional knowledge”
Clarke says “there are relatively few close personal friendships between politicians and journalists.”
Clarke emphasises that Civil Servants are excluded almost entirely from party conferences, and so doesn’t get involved
Clarke now answers questions about Special Advisors from counsel to Coulson. Saunders “Very interesting… how related to the case?”
Clarke “a number of special advisors I have employed were former journalists” but a whole aspect on policy no media related.
Clarke explains how of his three special advisors only one was related to media – Hannah Pawlby was one of those.
Clarke is asked if he can remember bi-lateral conference meetings with Andy Coulson, usually with SpAd, and some parties
Clarke agrees he had a perfectly decent relationship with Coulson during his time as minister.
Clarke recalls having a dinner outside conference season with Brooks. Clarke said he had meetings with Neil Wallis, perhaps with Coulson
Counsel for Coulson explores NOTW campaign ‘Helping Hands’ which Clarke says he remembers
The jury are show a NOTW page with a logo for ‘Helping Hands’ a zero tolerance policy towards bullying
Clarke says this campaign was typical of good campaigns newspapers would run which the government would support
The jury is shown a Charles Clarke piece in NOTW, during his time as Education Secretary, about zero tolerance for bullies
Clarke explains how he would enthusiastically support an anti bullying campaign like this
Jury are show a third NOTW page about the “shame of 7/7” and campaigning for better compensation for terrorism victims
Clarke explains about difficulties over higher compensation for terrorism as opposed to other disasters, eg, or police victims of shooting
Jury shown a NOTW page announcing victory in the compensation campaign. Clarke says he’ll have to check his statements congratulating them
Counsel for Coulson explores more direct contact with Clarke – in this case with journalist Mr Mahmood in March 05
A NOTW double page interview with Clarke on 20/03/05 covered issue of illegal immigration with Mr Mahmood (pixilated)
Counsel for Coulson explains origin of this interview was a story, two weeks before, about illegal immigration
Clarke thought because “many many millions of people are reading these stories it’s my job to put the government side.”
Clarke says its possible he had a dinner with Coulson, Kirby and Wallis around this time, but cannot recall precisely
Jury show email where someone from Home Office sent a briefing to NOTW about terror threats and detention of terror suspects from October 05
Clarke explains his connection with Neil Wallis, which goes back to 1992. Through time at Sun, People and deputy editor of NOTW
Clarke says, as part of his work, he met Walls at lunches and dinners, but not socially in terms of meeting families. “I trusted him”
Clarke on Wallis: “Our meetings were fixed up by my special advisors… but if you say I had his mobile number… it’s possible.”
Clarke agrees that he would talk to Wallis if something was urgent, but can’t recall that happening.
Clarke says he would talk to any journalist, including NOTW, about a story, but in practice this was dealt with through special advisors
Clarke explains about government ‘lines to take’ on government issues, Coulson’s counsel produces some from weekend of 18th/19th June 2005
One of the ‘lines to take’ from the government that weekend concerned ID cards. Another was Ronnie Biggs application to be released
Counsel for Coulson shows Jury NOTW article from that weekend in which Clarke is quoted on bullying
Clarke confirms that Coulson never spoke of the Pawlby rumour. Nor did Neil Wallis – to the best of his recollection
Further Prosecution question to Charles Clarke
Edis for the prosecution asks whether Coulson spoke to Clarke about any story: Clarke said he did discuss campaigns in general terms
Edis asks Clarke if Coulson asked him about Ronnie Biggs: Clarke says NOTW political editor Ian Kirby said Coulson was interested in story
Edis goes back to the Home Office briefing doc sent to Kirby, forwarded to Wallis, forwarded to Coulson;
Clarke says he always assumed that Ian Kirby was working closely with Andy Coulson.
Edis asks if he was ever asked to comment about his successor, Ruth Kelly, in education, about the bullying campaign. Clarke says no.
Edis talks about interview with Mr Mahmood “the pixilated gentleman”: Clarke thinks this was organised through Ian Kirby not Coulson
Clarke says it’s “quite possible” he talked to Andy Coulson about the bullying campaign. But less likely on criminal injuries compensation
Edis asks Clarke a NOTW article quoting ‘home office spokesman’ about Biggs release. Clarke says that could be “a number of people”
Clarke: “I’d generally be referred to as the Home Secretary… it would be very unusual to be referred to as a spokesman”
Giving evidence – Hannah Pawlby (special Advisor to Charles Clarke)
Prosecution now call Clarke’s former special advisor Hannah Pawlby at #hackingtrial
Pawlby confirms she was Clarke’s diary secretary and then promoted to special advisor, with responsibility for liaisons with the press
Pawlby says she had regular contacts with press and editors. More often dealt with Kirby and Wallis at NOTW than Coulson
Edis plays to the court the hacked voicemails taped from Pawlby’s phone.
The jury hear various innocuous personal messages to Pawlby, clearly played and retrieved remotely.
Pawlby said she never picked up the saved messages.
Pawlby says Coulson called her from time to time, and called her asking her to call him back.
Pawlby says she identified details in Mulcaire’s notes of her grandparents, a colleague of her mothers, family friends including head of MI6
As well as former head of MI6 Pawlby also identified a friend of her parents who worked for the British embassy in Paris
Pawlby says there was no truth in the Clarke rumour. First contacted by Sun journalist on gossip column saying she had pictures of affair
This was the time John Prescott was being alleged to have an affair. Pawlby told Clarke about the call. Clarke said he’d call Brooks
Pawlby said Clarke spoke to Brooks’ deputy and the story was never published
Pawlby says she can date the call through both the Prescott allegations and a prison scandal story
Pawlby said the prisons scandal led to Clarke being asked to move jobs and then leaving office in the summer of 2006
Pawlby cannot recall talking to anyone at NOTW during the time of the false affair rumours.
Pawlby spoke to Ian Kirby after the phone hacking emerged: he said there was ‘rumours of the affair in the newsroom of NOTW”
Pawlby says she was aware of rumour before the approach by Sun journalist.
Edis asks Pawlby about Daniel Sandford details – a BBC journalist who could have left a message.
Edis asks Pawlby about a ‘home office spokesman’ referenced in a NOTW article denying Biggs release. She can’t remember it
Edis shows Pawlby a NOTW story about Clarke’s successor in education, Ruth Kelly: she can remember nothing of that
Pawlby explains how she would be the intermediary in any press approach to Clarke.
Pawlby says about 5 % of her contact with NOTW involved Coulson personally, normally around big issues, 7/7, De Menezes shooting
Pawlby also said that if there was a particular campaign, like paedophiles, Coulson might be in contact about that
13/12/05 Orange call records for Pawlby show a man trying to make a payment on her account, refused, but she was never informed
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Hannah Pawlby
Counsel for Coulson cross examines Pawlby who says it was unusual for a diary secretary to become a SpAd.
Counsel for Coulson goes over Pawlby’s dealing with press issues while Clarke’s SpAd. Home Office had 50 working in press office
Pawlby explains that the ‘lines to take’ documents produced by the press office would be approved by different people depending on issue
Counsel for Coulson goes back to Home Office briefing sent to Ian Kirby at NOTW about the 3 month extension of detention of terror suspects
Pawlby agrees that NOTW had a “strong interest in stories that came within the remit of the Home Office, law and order etc.”
Pawlby said she had a good working relationship with Ian Kirby, who had a separate office at Westminster. They’d bump into each other often
Pawlby said she arranged and was present at bilateral meetings between Clarke and Coulson over lunch with whole NOTW team
Pawlby says she was aware Clarke was on more friendly terms with Neil Wallis, who would meet just the two of them on their own
Pawlby says the diary secretary would organise those meetings with Wallis
Break for lunch
Still no definitive verdict from assembled journalists if the word Goodman used was ‘scanned’ or ‘scammed’: doc screen was down at time
Back in Court 12 for #hackingtrial after lunch. No jury attendance tomorrow, so last session for this week
Alison Pople, counsel for Andy Coulson, continues with more evidence from Hannah Pawlby, former SpAd to Charles Clarke
Pawlby confirms she didn’t get the message from Andy Coulson (it had been saved as old message by Mulcaire) and so didn’t call back
Pawlby confirms she spoke to Coulson’s solicitors and the police about two NOTW articles: the first about Anti Bullying.
Pople, counsel for Coulson, focuses on June 2005 article relating back to Clarke’s period as education secretary (he was Home Sec by then)
Pople now turns to Ronnie Biggs story – about claims of compassionate release from Belmarsh prison by his solicitor
Pawlby agrees that the denial of early release in NOTW conveys the essence of Home Office ‘lines to take’ for that weekend
Pawlby says she doesn’t recall a message from Ian Kirby asking her to “give him a buzz” because she only listened to new messages
There are also voice messages from ITV and Sky News asking Pawlby to call her back. She says they were typical.
Pawlby says she first became aware of rumours when she first entered Home Office. Ian Kirby later said he thought there was no suspicious
Pawlby confirms Coulson never asked her about the rumours during the period 2004-6.
Further Prosecution question to Hannah Pawlby
Edis for the prosecution asks Pawlby about the time she met Coulson’s solicitors. She made no note or statement. It wasn’t a formal meeting
Pawlby said Coulson’s solicitor’s met her in her offices, and was shown two articles, the police asked her about them later.
Further evidence from Operation Weeting Detective DC Scott
Edis calls back DC Scott over the Pawlby Clarke timelines, meanwhile he goes through ‘agreed facts’ or admissions. #hackingtrial
Admissions include Mulcaire intercepted Pawlby’s phone, and recording seized by police from Mulcaire’s house in August 2006
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines DC Scott
DC Scott is cross-examined by Pople, counsel to Coulson, about additional details in the timeline.
Pople shows Jury a NOTW news schedule from 15th June: politics section has second entry for ‘Bullying Investigation’ and ‘ID card costs’
Pople for Coulson shows an overnight log for NOTW 16/06/05 which mentions Ronnie Biggs appeal for prison release on compassionate grounds
Pople produces another NOTW news schedule mentioning ID cards and bullying in politics section at bottom
Pople produces call data from News International ‘hub phone’ individual numbers routed through one phone
Coulson’s defense team have Id’ed different calls to Pawlby from Kirby and Coulson, and tallied with recorded voice mail messages
To clarify: defense have identified the Coulson/Kirby calls from NI hub phone by tallying with timing on Pawlby’s mobile
Timeline – Kerry Katona
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Ryall
Edis for the prosecution moves onto the last hacking timeline – for Kerry Katona #hackingtrial
Admission: Katona is known for Atomic Kitten. Mulcaire intercepted and recordings were recovered from his property in August 2006
Admissions: those who left the messages on Katona have identified themselves. It is agreed Mulcaire hacked using unique voicemail number
DC Ryall from Operation Weeting, case officer for Katona, confirms it starts June 10 2005 with a call from Miskiw to Mulcaire.
In mid 2005, Katona was in the news for her relationship with Westlife band member. Jury shown NOTW article about cocaine addiction
10/09/05 texts and phone calls between Mulcaire and Edmondson. The following day a NOTW article “The Newly Wads”
Further articles between Sept and October 05. The first dated Mulcaire note on Katona is from November.
DC Ryall confirms Katona details from Mulcaire notebooks including address, phone numbers, remote voicemail access numbers
On Mulcaire notes on Katona there’s a PIN number and reset note. Notes on her husband McFadden and boyfriend Cunningham
Other entries on that Mulcaire note including notes on license number, driving test, and DOB.
On same date 29/11/05 as note, 3 calls from Edmondson to Mulcaire: next day 4 calls. On 30th Mulcaire landline hacks Katona’s voicemails
A NOTW article “Kerry in new Coke Shocker” follow on 4th of December 2005
7/12/05 Mulcaire hacks Katona again. Two days there’s another Mulcaire note on the pop star with a ‘Greg’ tasking, resetting VM and PIN
The Mulcaire note also has details of another Katona friend. Bryant Heron then places note in chronology of agreed facts and admissions
Miskiw left NOTW June 05 – at the time of these hacks working for Mercury Press Agency
Email from Chris Johnson of Mercury Press to police with a sworn affidavit from Michelle Hunter about Katona’s drug use
9th December 05 – three hacks of Katona by Mulcaire. 11 Dec another NOTW article about Katona reuniting with boyfriend
Another email from Mercury Press, employers of Miskiw at the time, with an appeal to Katona from friend
New Years Day 2006, after further Mulcaire hack, NOTW article about Katona arguing with mother. 17/18/19 Jan three more hacks from Mulcaire
21st Jan 06 has Mulcaire note tasked ‘Ian’ with Katona’s name, mobile, new above DDM. Names Mark Croft ex husband, and address
23/01/06 Katona voicemail hacked by Mulcaire, and three further on the 27th January. Same day, a two second call to her mobile
29th Jan NOTW articles “Kerry Steals Pal’s Lover’ “Kerry is pure trash” exclusive. Two days later another hack. 5th Feb another NOTW piece
On 6th Feb another hack from Mulcaire of Katona’s unique voicemail number. 12th Feb another NOTW piece. 16/17th two further hacks
19th Feb a further NOTW article, followed by two more hacks. Another article 26th Feb.
02/03/06 Edmondson sent text to Mulcaire – followed by three hacking calls. 5 calls from Edmondson to Mulcaire that day
5th, 12th of March, two NOTW articles. Hack on 15th. Article on 19th. 29th and 30th further hacks of Katona’s mobile
9th April 06 another NOTW article on Katona. Mulcaire note on 30th May 06 more on Katona’s number and passwords. Former husband’s address
01/06/06 Another hack of Katona, and of a linked number. Edmondson calls Mulcaire. Followed by an email…
Mulcaire then emails Edmondson various Katona related numbers. 4th June another NOTW article on Katona
Some undated entries from Mulcaire notebooks mention Katona’s ex husband McFadden, mother. Computer doc from Mulcaire has her as ‘project’
Another undated Mulcaire note has names of one of Katona’s friends.
Court is now done for the week.
Clarke threatened to sue Sun if ‘affair’ claims published http://www.itv.com/news/update/2013-11-14/clarke-threatened-to-sue-sun-if-affair-claims-published/ … via @itvnews

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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