Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 13 Nov

Wednesday 13 November 2013

The Prosecution Case continues
Back at the Old Bailey
Timeline – Gordon Taylor
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Oskiewicz
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines DC Oskiewicz
Timeline – Nigel Farage and Liga Howells
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Oskiewicz
Timeline – Calum Best and Laura Hogan
Giving evidence – Calum Best
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Calum Best
Giving evidence – Laura Hogan
Counsel for Ian Edmondson cross examines Laura Hogan
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Laura Hogan
Timeline – Jude Law, Sienna Miller and Jade Schmidt
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Hargreaves
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Hargreaves
Timeline – Helen Asprey (aide to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge)
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Scott
Timeline – Paddy Harverson (Communications Secretary for the Royal Family)
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Bathhurst
Timeline – Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton (Private Secretary to Princes William and Harry)
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective
Timeline – Mark Dyer (Royal Equerry to the Prince of Wales and the Royal Princes)
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective
Timeline – Tom Parker-Bowles (son of the Duchess of Cornwall)
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective

The Prosecution Case continues
Back at the Old Bailey
We’re back in Court 12 with the Gordon Taylor hacking timeline, verified by a Weeting Detective #hackingtrial
Timeline – Gordon Taylor
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Oskiewicz
We’re back in Court 12 with the Gordon Taylor hacking timeline, verified by a Weeting Detective #hackingtrial
Agreed facts on Taylor – Mulcaire hacked Taylor’s phone. 76 messages retrieved from Mulcaire’s belongings in 2006.
A dozen or so people have identified themselves from voicemail recordings hacked from Gordon Taylor and Joanne Armstrong’s phones
DC Oskiewicz is the case officer for the Gordon Taylor timeline
Edis has simplified the timeline issue by asking DC Oskiewicz: “Is this timeline accurate?” Oskiewicz: “Yes”
At this point in February 2005 the media were investigating the allegation Joanne Armstrong and Gordon Taylor were having an affair
There’s a detail in Mulcaire’s notes connected with Blackburn Royal Infirmary – the notes tally with call data obtained by police
Mulcaire called the Inland Revenue in Lancashire and then contacted Miskiw at NOTW. Contract pays a proxy id for Mulcaire for ‘photos’
Apart from voicemails recovered from Tom Crone’s safe. Edis for crown says all other recordings were recovered from Mulcaire’s property
Jury shown a graphic depiction of Gordon Taylor emails: Shauna Corr sends Miskiw transcripts. Call data from Mulcaire to Miskiw
Graphic depiction of Gordon Taylor voicemails continued: Miskiw sends back transcripts to Mulcaire for rechecking.
Mulcaire using his Shadowman alias then emails transcripts to Neville Thurlbeck, who then contacts Weatherup and Edmondson
Court shown Thurlbeck email 11/05/05 to Weatherup: “this is a splash…. get Derek onto it” then transcript of Taylor voicemail messages
There are about four pages of transcribed voice mails in the email from Thurlbeck to Weatherup #hackingtrial
Edis produces another Mulcaire agreement from NOTW dated 24/06/05 signed by Edmondson this time for “photos”
The agreement is effectively an exclusive time limited agreement for Gordon Taylor affair – found among Mulcaire’s belongings
Jury is shown famous ‘For Neville’ email from Ross Hindley (NOTW reporter) which opened up the civil cases in 2009
Weeting Detective explains this is a far more extensive set of transcribed voicemails, looks like at least a dozen closely typed email pages
We’re now at 1st July 2005 on Gordon Taylor timeline with an email from Thurlbeck to Edmondson with the draft NOTW story
Edis claims there were 5 calls from Thurlbeck to Taylor during this period, but not hacks – but calls for comment on running story
14th Feb 2006 to 16th May 2006 call record data shows Mulcaire calling Taylor’s voicemails regularly, and one to Joanne Armstrong
Edis for crown then cross verifies Mulcaire records on Gordon Taylor in 37 documents.
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines DC Oskiewicz
Langdale counsel for Coulson cross examines Weeting Detective on one issue – no emails involving Mr Coulson in relation to Gordon Taylor
Langdale also establishes there were no articles published in relation to Gordon Taylor. Now onto timeline for Nigel Farage and Liga Howells
Timeline – Nigel Farage and Liga Howells
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Oskiewicz
Edis reads through the non contentious admissions or agreed facts on Farage. In 2006 he had alleged affair with Liga Howells.
Agreed facts – Mulcaire hacked Farage and Howells in January 2006. There’s an ‘Ian’ tasking on Mulcaire’s notes
Mulcaire’s notes on Farage have call data.
There are several calls from News International to Liga Howells in Jan 06, and then Mulcaire calls her and Farage’s mobile numbers
After accessing the mobiles of Farage and Howells, he calls Ian Edmondson at NOTW
The next day Mulcaire accesses Farage three times, and then calls Edmondson. A direct NI line then hacks Farage’s voice mail
29/01/06 NOTW ‘Euro MP Cheats on his Wife with a Woman’ details Farage alleged affair with Liga Howells
January 2006 Farage is informed by his service provider that someone is accessing his phone. Recording of Mulcaire blagging O2 details
Timeline – Calum Best and Laura Hogan
Giving evidence – Calum Best
Bryant Heron for the Crown calls Calum Best as the next live witness in #hackingtrial
Calum Best is asked about events 2005-6 when he was a TV personality and appearing on ‘Celebrity Love Island’
Bryant Heron for Crown asks Best to confirm some information from Mulcaire’s notebooks
Best was shown a doc date 24/03/05 by Weeting detectives a while back, but in court he confirms his mobile number and ‘Fiji’ location
Best confirms Mulcaire had details of his service provider and an old mobile number from many years ago
Another page from Mulcaire’s notes: another entry for his phone and the name Calum and a Her to Him table of call data
This Her to Him list of times and duration of calls from Best’s birthday on 6th of Feb “Of no significance” says Calum Best
Bryant Heron shows some more Mulcaire documents to Calum Best: they detail numbers of texts and call duration from his phone
Yet another Mulcaire tabulation of Calum Best‘s call data headed “Her to Him” with “Info Ian Edmondson” written beside it
Prosecution shows Calum Best some NOTW news articles from March 06
‘Calum Confesses’ NOTW news library piece shown on screen about him and Elisabeth Jagger ifrom 27th Feb. He did speak to Rav Singh
Another NOTW article “Lust Like Dad” relates to Laura Hogan who Best had a relationship with, and who claims he is father of her child
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Calum Best
Langdale for Coulson cross examines Calum Best about some ‘general matters’ and then some ‘specific incidents’
Best agrees he has regularly featured in newspapers and magazines. “You get used to it,” Best says.
“You wouldn’t have appeared on Celebrity Love Island if the press hadn’t been interested in personal life, and personal relationships.”
Best started working as a model, thereafter mainly in TV: Langdale: “involved in the field commonly referred to as Reality Television”
“Some media intrusion you have actively encouraged yourself?” Langdale. Calum Best replies “Correct”
Langdale: “Appearances in the paper can lead to TV appearance and therefore earning money… running into thousands rather than hundreds”
Langdale: “You are someone who tended to spend what money you had rather than investing it?” Best: “You could say that.” Laughter
Langdale asks about Best’s contacts including his father’s agent Phil Hughes, who occasionally acted on Calum’s behalf
Langdale asks about Dave Reed, who organised personal appearances, worked with Best. A good friend of Ross Kemp and showbiz agent
Dave Reed accepted payments for media appearances for Calum Best. He can’t remember a friend called AD Feelham accepted money from Rav Singh
AD Feelam was running a hairdressers in Soho called ‘Blow’
Best admits he knew Rav Singh – the showbiz reporter for NOTW – since around 2004.
Langale: “It was a two way operation with Rav Singh…” Best: “We didn’t have that kind of relationship”
Langdale asks if Calum Best got Rav Singh into Charlotte Church’s private party: Best can’t remember it specifically
Langdale asks if Rav Singh alerted Best to NOTW stories they were about to run: “I can’t remember that,” replies Best
“Unfortunately I want to disagree with that,” says Best; “There was only one occasion…. the Jagger case.”
Langdale QC for Andy Coulson goes to specific matters on the Calum Best phone hacking timeline #hackingtrial
Langdale asks if Best received payment from NOTW: Best says he did, sometimes through Dave Reed
Langdale goes back to 2004 (2nd May) NOTW article ‘Calum: How Dad Drove Me to Drugs’. Best says he didn’t receive payment
Calum spoke to Phil Taylor at NOTW “he was always around” but not over that particular article.
Calum says article came from friend of Alex Best (his father’s partner) but not from him. His ‘confession’ was without his approval
Best claims he gave a friend a lot of detail, and they passed it onto Phil Taylor at NOTW.
Langdale moves on 20/02/05 NOTW article “11 Minutes of Shame’ with Elisabeth Jagger. “Things had got a little out of hand,” Langdale says
Langdale: “Over the top behaviour…” Justice Saunders: “Good choice of words.” There was CCTV footage and Jagger stopped it circulating
One week later NOTW produces an article ‘Calum Confesses’ with an interview with Rav Singh.
For that ‘Calum Confesses’ Best received £2k. NOTW used models to reenact the Jagger incident
Langdale moves onto an article 20/11/05 with a George Best piece five days before he died. 11/12/05 NOTW published Calum’s response
On Sunday 11th and 18th December a two part NOTW Calum Best piece about his fathers death: he was paid about £3k
17th March 2006 was Georg Best’s memorial service in Manchester. 10 days later NOTW printed ‘Lust Like Dad’ by Chris Tate
The NOTW article is about Calum’s Best’s sexual encounter the night before the memorial service with Lorna Hogan
16th April 2006 NOTW printed ‘I’m Having Calum Best‘s Baby’ by Chris Tate about Hogan’s pregnancy.
Justice Saunders to Langdale: “I don’t think you’ll get a job as Headline writer at NOTW. Langdale: “Thank goodness for that.”
21/05/06 Another NOTW article appeared ‘Best’s First Grandchild’ – Calum Best had texted Hogan about the piece two days before
Langdale: “You got to know Hogan was talking to NOTW through Rav Singh…” Best: “I can’t remember that. It could have be him Or my agent”
Calum Best asked Hogan not to talk to the papers, then discovered she was going to sell picture of unborn child from scan
Sound went down. Calum Best said he only sold one story to Rav Singh and wasn’t a good friend.
Giving evidence – Laura Hogan
Laura Hogan gives her evidence jury over Calum Best hacking in 2005-6. She was a glamour model then
Laura Hogan says she had a relationship with Chris Tate at NOTW to provide him with gossip stories from her clubbing
Hogan had a two month relationship with Calum Best in 2005. After pregnancy she regular contact with Tate and met Edmondson
Hogan met Edmondson for lunch, and he put pressure on her to sell her story and sell the pictures of her scan
Hogan says she sold details of her pregnancy on more than once occasion to News of the World. Crown shows some NOTW pieces
26/03/06 NOTW article ‘Lust like Dad’ was sourced from Hogan’s conversation with Chris Tate
16/04/06 NOTW article ‘I’m Having Calum Best‘s Baby’ article came from info from Hogan. She was paid for both pieces.
21/05/06 ‘Best’s First Grandchild’ NOTW piece. Laura Hogan says she provided Ian Edmondson with pregnancy scan. Not paid
After baby was born, Laura Hogan then started dealing with Mirror
Counsel for Ian Edmondson cross examines Laura Hogan
Edmondson’s QC cross examines Hogan. She worked for Phil Green who arranged for models to visit clubs and meet celebrities
Edmondson’s QC confirms that Hogan would be paid between £3-10k for gossip provided for night clubs. Hogan insists not paid for scan
Best sent Hogan a text: “How could you be so low as to sell pic of unborn child” Hogan warned Chris Tate someone tipped him off about story
Hogan agrees he had an exclusive deal with Chris Tate, and she was paid by cash. She sold one story after to Mirror.
Hogan says she dealt with Max Clifford to help with PR
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Laura Hogan
Langdale for Coulson asks Hogan if Chris Tate photographed her text message. She says yes, and not just Calum Best
Hogan tried to get Best to acknowledge he was father of child many times. Mulcaire Him to Her call data matches those contacts.
Laura Hogan says she never became a client of Max Clifford or went onto his books
Timeline – Jude Law, Sienna Miller and Jade Schmidt
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Hargreaves
Edis for the prosecution now goes to Jude Law, Sienna Miller and Jade Schmidt timeline: he gives jury some amendments
Admissions or agreed facts on Law, Frost and Miller. Schmidt was lawyer. Mulcaire hacked Sienna Miller – recordings retrieved in 06
Mulcaire hacked Sienna Miller‘s friend Archie Keswick on a number of times, as did a general News International number: agreed facts
DC Hargreaves from Operation Weeting confirms Mulcaire notes on Sadie Frost, with several landline numbers
Edis confirms call data from Jan 2003 of calls between Miskiw and Mulcaire tallying with notebook details of Law, Frost and Miller
Screens not working in court but Edis and Weeting detective going through personal passwords and numbers related to this timeline
in 2005 Mulcaire has details of Jade Schmidt and Sienna Miller. August NOTW article ‘Jude takes Sienna Back’ exclusive
NOTW ‘Jude’s Shrinking Feeling’ another the following week ‘How Jude Do That’: More Mulcaire notes in following month 09/09/05
Edmondson texts and calls to Mulcaire coincide with the day of his notes, followed by a series of hacks of Miller’s friend archie Keswick.
Another page of Mulcaire notes on Miller, including PINs and numbers for her friend Ben Jackson. Another hack on Keswick from NI next day
Two days later NI landline hacks Keswick again. 24th more hacks. And 25th a NOTW article in Blackadder column about Keswick and Miller
11/10/05 Keswick hacked. NOTW article ‘Jude and Sienna Miller Back On’.
NOTW then accessed Sienna Miller‘s phone in December various times after contact with Mulcaire
09/02/06 Edmondson calls Mulcaire. Mulcaire hacks Keswick. Three days later a NOTW article about Jude Law and Sienna Miller
14/02/06 Edmondson calls Mulcaire. Another hack of Keswick.
March 06 Mulcaire notes on Sadie Frost. Lots of contact with Edmondson. Then Mulcaire hacks Keswick again
April 2006 Jade Schmidt phone hacked – various recordings from her phone recovered from Mulcaire’s belongings
Frost sacked Schmidt; Mulcaire recorded messages from Weatherup and Miskiw offering the nanny money for her story
Back with DC Hargeaves on the timeline of Jude Law, Sadie Frost and Sienna Miller #hackingtrial
There’s a Mulcaire entry for Jade Schmidt and Sadie Frost and for ‘Rebekah Wade’ on the same page
The name ‘Grant’ is mentioned in Mulcaire’s notebook connected to a phone. May 2006 another Mulcaire notebook entry
Edis for the crown cross refers the Mulcaire notes on Sadie Frost‘s nanny Schmidt to illegal hacks of her phone
A series of hacks Schmidt, and Mulcaire calls a child psychologist who had been contacted by Schmidt
3 texts from Weatherup to Schmidt: “Silence is deafening… let me get you some free legal advice…. Time is running out. Final offer 85k”
Mulcaire hacks ‘Grant’ – Jade Schmidt’s boyfriend. Weatherup texts her: “100k – final offer” more hacks
NOTW ran two articles about Sadie Frost and Jude Law in the next edition. More hacks the following week, Edmondson contacting Mulcaire
Emails between Miskiw and Chris Anderson at Mail on Sunday discussing Sadie Frost stories, not called up in evidence
The timeline shows a lot of phone traffic between Edmondson and Mulcaire during the hacking of Jade Schmidt’s mobile
Miskiw emails Chris Anderson at Mail on Sunday on the same day. Next weeks Mulcaire hacks Schmidt again after contact with Edmondson
All this followed by NOTW article “Sadie’s Not Scot Free”. More hacks the following week
Greg Miskiw is in contact with a Mirror journalist about the Jude Law Nanny story in May 2006. 4th June NOTW article on Sienna Miller
05/07/06 more hacks of Schmidt and in 5th September 2007, direct access from News International to Archie Keswick’s phone
Undated Mulcaire notes mistake Archie Keswick, Sienna Miller‘s childhood friend, as ‘Sienna’s Boyfriend’
Mulcaire’s notes have addresses, PIN and phone numbers for Keswick, Jude Law, Sienna Miller, etc.
Recovered from Mulcaire’s premises invoice for ‘electronic intel…. traffic analysis…’ names ‘Harry William, Asprey, Middleton, Katona
The Mulcaire traffic analysis also includes Archie Keswick, invoices £1k cash for intel and offers to ‘TR scripts however you want’
BREAKING: Evidence in court suggests NI hacking friend of Sienna Miller a year after Mulcaire arrested and convicted for phone hacking
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Hargreaves
DC Hargreaves is cross examined by Brooks’ counsel, Mr Laidlaw over Miller/Law/Frost/Schmidt timeline of hacking
Laidlaw for Brooks goes back to mention of ‘Rebekah Wade’ in Mulcaire’s Sadie Frost entry: it’s not in tasking area is it?
Laidlaw says Brooks was a personal friend with PR spokesman for Miller and Law, and suggests Mulcaire has picked up reference
DC Hargreaves agrees with Laidlaw: Brooks herself was victim of extensive phone hacking.
A Mulcaire entry relates to the hacking of Rebekah Brooks‘ phone.
Another Mulcaire entry on Brooks: DC Hargreaves says he showed Brooks these documents.
Edis for the prosecution makes it clear that mention of Brooks on Mulcaire’s Sienna Miller notes does not mean she was tasking him
DC Hargreaves says he showed Brooks evidence of her phone hacking before her arrest. Another MPS officer asked her if she would be witness
Laidlaw suggest Brooks was asked to provide a witness statement. Hargreaves agreed ‘at some point’
Edis asks DC Hargreaves about contact with Brooks: “what was the object of exercise?” “To comment on notes,” Hargreaves explains
DC Hargreaves says that it was their duty to inform everybody who appeared in Mulcaire’s notes.
Saunders: “No more live witnesses this afternoon, that’s right?” Bryant Heron: “Police officers” Saunders: “Not suggesting they’re not alive
Timeline – Helen Asprey (aide to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge)
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Scott
Prosecution on the timeline of Helen Asprey, aide to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Messages recovered from Mulcaire in 06
Admissions: Mulcaire made 48 hacks of Asprey’s phone, and former NOTW Royal Correspondent Clive Goodman made 83
DC Scott was Weeting case officer on Asprey timeline.
DC Scott says he’s essentially the author of this hacking timeline starting June 2003; first a Greg tasking with Asprey PIN and phone numner
The Asprey hacking lasted for three years, until August 06. Majority to Unique Voicemail Number. NI landline used too #hackingtrial
Calls to Asprey UVN line also came from Goodman – these are all hacks
Jan 2005 phone data shows 18 calls to Asprey UVN, 3 from Goodman landline, 15 from News International landline, 1 to mobile
Mulcaire notes on Asprey also notes “Willam/Harry PA” with phone provider and ‘reset voicemail’ and ‘default pin’
Email from Greg Miskiw to Clive Goodman subject ‘phone’ – “she has reset it, we’ll have another go later on”
Another Mulcaire Asprey note 18/01/05 tasked by ‘Greg’; direct dial numbers, PIN resets and notes “they have monthly passwords not daily”
Transcripts of Asprey’s voicemail shown to jury includes a doctor, Rod Jack, talking about a mutual friend with ‘knee problem’
Prosecution read out a witness statement of Rod Jack, director of medical services at English Institute of sport. He identifies his message
Rod Jack confirms the private medical details were not discussed with anyone other than Aspery, or others bound by medical confidence
Bryant Heron for prosecution shows the jury an email from Goodman to Coulson: “The Health info is from the doc himself, scanned from Asprey”
Coulson emails back:”He won’t help will he?” NOTW article followed
BREAKING: Goodman emailed Coulson about P Harry’s health with “scanned from Asprey” (Royal Aide) NOTW article on medical problems next day
NOTW article details the medical problems Prince Harry was having with his foot and knee
Phone data shows Asprey’s phone hacked by Goodman, Mulcaire and the News International landline during this time too
A police protection officer also identified his voice from Asprey’s recorded phone messages recovered from Mulcaire in 06
Bryant Heron reads a witness statement from Tania Still who left a message on Asprey’s voicemail.
Tania Still: an artist who was exhibiting in July 2005 who Asprey wanted to commission for a painting.
Tania Still identifies the message from late July 2005. Then she saw herself in a NOTW Black Adder article on 7th August. She phoned NOTW
Tania Still asked Clive Goodman at NOTW where he got the information from. He never got back to her.
NOTW Black Adder by Clive Goodman claimed Prince William had commissioned Tania Still for a picture of his hounds.
22 calls to Asprey from the summer autumn of 2005. November 95 calls, 57 from NOTW landline public line, 24 Mulcaire, 16 Goodman
December 05 44 hacks of Asprey’s phone: she then noticed new messages filed old, and constant PIN numbers
Over 200 hacks for the first six months of 2006 of Helen Asprey’s phone from the same NI, Goodman and Mulcaire lines
In addition to Mulcaire’s notebooks, notes seized from Clive Goodman‘s office contained details of Helen Asprey #hackingtrial
Timeline – Paddy Harverson (Communications Secretary for the Royal Family)
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Bathhurst
DC Bathhurst from Operation goes through Paddy Harbison timeline replacing Corinne Young who was taken ill
Paddy Harverson is the communications secretary for the Royal Family
Goodman and Edmondson share on Harry’s Sandhurst exams and allegations of ‘cheating’. Paddy HARVERSON is proper spellng
Patrick Harverson agreed facts include: comms secretary for Prince of Wales. Muclaire and Goodman hacked him regularly in 05-06
Hundreds of hacks of Paddy Harverson from Goodman, News International landline, and Mulcaire – agreed facts from both sides
Email from Edmondson to Goodman wanting to include quote about Harry. Goodman: “massively dangerous to source… it’s Paddy BTW”
Transcript of recording of Goodman speaking to Paddy Harverson also included in evidence, the subject is Prince Harry.
Timeline – Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton (Private Secretary to Princes William and Harry)
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective
Bryant Heron then goes to the Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton hacking timeline (I’ll abbreviate to JLP) and admissions or agreed facts on that
Admissions on JLP, private secretary to Harry and Wills from May 05. Mulcaire intercepted JLP Oct 05 to Aug 06. Tapes of voicemails Id’ed
October 05 19 hacks November 05 104 hacks of JLP – the bulk of these direct from News International private wire line for NOTW.
Transcript of a Prince Harry voice message to JLP is now shown to the jury, found in Goodman’s possession. Harry wants info on Iranian siege
Harry’s voice message tells of his exhaustion, and how he needs to write an essay on Iranian embassy siege.
Goodman gave this transcript to his solicitors during his employment case against NOTW, and subsequently waived privilege
10th Dec 05 email Edmondson to Goodman: “Where are we with the Harry tale?” Another email chain Goodman to Coulson and Wallis
Draft article sent to Wallis and Coulson: Goodman writes piece about Harry ‘cheating’ by asking for help on Sandhurst essay.
Coulson response 10 mins later: “Can u get someone on record… what a disgrace this is…” Goodman: “Colonel Bob Stuart a tutor there”
Another email reply from Wallis: “Black Adder lead next week I think” Goodman response: “Clarence House extremely rattled… “
Muclaire’s notebooks have entries for Kate, ‘L-P’ and Parker-Bowles. Dec 05 – Aug 06 about 400 LP hacks from NI landline, Goodman, Mulcaire
Timeline – Mark Dyer (Royal Equerry to the Prince of Wales and the Royal Princes)
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective
Two short Royal hacking timelines to finish today: Mark Dyer, royal equerry to Prince of Wales and the royal princes. Mulcaire intercepted
Timeline for Dyer Sept 05 to Jan 06 show about 100 calls from Goodman landline another 100 from NI landline
‘Greg’ was marked in various Mulcaire notes in the tasking column for Dyer (Sloane Bar tycoon) and ‘princes’.
Email from Goodman to Weatherup, Kuttner and others re ‘credits’ and small payments for Harry and William stories.
Goodman email to Kuttner and other employees of NOTW managing editors staffs. £115 for Mark Dyer’s letter. More Dyer invoices from Goodman
Feb to Aug 06 another two hundred hacks or so of Dyer – all but one from Goodman and NI landline. Mulcaire only a single hack
Timeline – Tom Parker-Bowles (son of the Duchess of Cornwall)
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective
Final hacking timeline for day, Tom Parker-Bowles, son of Duchess of Cornwall. Agreed facts hacked from March 05 to May 06 via NI landline
Early entry in 2003 in Mulcaire’s notebooks for Parker-Bowles. Another in Feb 05 on resetting his voicemail pin.
10th Feb Goodman to Coulson about Parker-Bowles about him seeking PR. Further email from Goodman to Weatherup and Edmondson
On the same date, Goodman emails: “Good to do a few dark arts…” Weatherup: “Don’t know what you mean…” Goodman mentions ‘Maz”
Email exchange 08/03/05 Miskiw provides address for Parker-Bowles for Goodman. NOTW article about him ordering a suit follows
Further hacks of Parker-Bowles in early 06 from Goodman’s landline, then NI landline, and Mulcaire. He was on Mulcaire ‘evaluation list’
Court breaks till 10 am tomorrow

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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