Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 11 Nov

Monday 11 November 2013

The Prosecution Case continues
Back at the Old Bailey
Timeline – David Blunkett and Kimberley Quinn
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Hargreaves
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Hargreaves
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines DC Hargreaves
Further Prosecution evidence
Giving evidence – Huw Evans (former special advisor to David Blunkett)
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Huw Evans
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Huw Evans
Judge Saunders addresses the Jury
Timeline – Abigail Titmuss and John Leslie
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Oskiewicz
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Oskiewicz
Further Prosecution evidence

The Prosecution Case continues
Back at the Old Bailey
Back at the Old Bailey #hackingtrial There will be a short break before 11 am for act of remembrance
Timeline – David Blunkett and Kimberley Quinn
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Hargreaves
Back at the Old Bailey #hackingtrial There will be a short break before 11 am for act of remembrance
Edis gives the jury some further ‘admissions’ or ‘agreed facts’ #hackingtrial
The agreed facts related to David Blunkett and Kimberley Quinn #hackingtrial
Various people identify their voicemails on tapes recovered from News International
The envelope with 5 microcassettes with voicemails were found in Crone’s safe in August 2011 #hackingtrial
Edis gives the jury some re-paginated evidence, and makes some minor corrections to last week’s entries
NOTW might not be war and peace, but there are several huge volumes of written evidence the jury have to deal with
DC Hargreaves from Operation Weeting continues confirming the Blunkett hacking timeline from last Thursday #hackingtrial
Edis reads a witness statement of Jane Rutherford, a practice manager from a clinic, confirming a voice mail recording on K Quinn’s phone
Rutherford listened to a CD of her voicemail to Kimberley Quinn (which mentioned a scan)
Edis is now going through the Sun timeline which named Quinn as Blunkett’s lover on the Monday, and her pregnancy on the Tuesday
18th December 2004 Simon Hoggatt received a phone call from Kutner. Thurlbeck’s articlee ‘She’s a Serial Cheat ‘ published by NOTW next day
Edis moves on to the hacking of Sally Anderson/King 28th June 23rd July 2005 who met Blunkett during this period
Sally King plays Max Clifford voice mails and then writes an article for the Sunday People
A tasking for Ian appears in Mulcaire’s notebooks with numbers for Blunkett’s press advisor.
Matthew Doyle was Blunkett’s press advisor, Darren Murphy an advisor to Tony Blair: their numbers appear next to an ‘Ian’ tasking
There are various entries for Sally Anderson in the Mulcaire notes, including numbers for her husband and 10 recordings of Blunkett
The court are played a message left by Blunkett (inaudible)
Blunkett seems to apologising to Sally Anderson for the press attention and being ‘set up’ by someone ruining their lives
“I hope they rot in hell” Blunkett says of the press in the voice mail message left to Anderson
Another message left by Blunkett for Sally Anderson hoping she’s all right and apologising for ‘voyeurism’ “they are real bastards”
Blunkett warns Anderson that their personal lives have been compromised by press
Fourth message from Blunkett organising to meet Sally Anderson and apologising for the media intrusion
“The world is sick,” is just one of the comments by Blunkett to Sally Anderson about the press interest in her
The jury are played other voice messages from Sally Anderson; “The Hyena are still trying to get me,” Blunkett says.
Edis these were just some of the recorded messages from 2005
“My life is hell” line in NOTW refers verbatim to a voice mail message
Edis then correlates these events with Mulcaire’s phone records and the tapes of Mulcaire hacking Sally Anderson’s phone
‘Blunkett Wins of Tot Libel’ is one of the NOTW’s headlines derived from this source.
Edis “significant number of pages referring to Kimberley Quinn and Sally Anderson and their associates
The record of Blunkett messages was Mulcaire recording himself hacking Sally Anderson’s phones
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Hargreaves
Laidlaw QC for Brooks cross examines DC Hargreaves over the timeline: Brooks had left NOTW in 2003
Laidlaw goes to the draft articles on ‘Noddy’ by Thurlbeck, found in Tom Crone’s safe.
Laidlaw, QC for Brooks, confirms the four different drafts of the first big NOTW Thurlbeck article on Blunkett.
Laidlaw focuses on Kimberley Quinn‘s joke about telling Blunkett she was ‘tall and blonde’ with appears on NOTW notes and Sun article
Laidlaw also goes over the Coulson Blunkett meeting on the Friday 13th before NOTW went to press on the Sunday
Laidlaw cites more Coulson/Brooks contacts. He says he is citing these elements, and says he’ll explain why later
Laidlaw has a ‘couple of propositions’. On the morning of the Coulson/Blunkett meeting: 8 calls from Coulson, including to NOTW editors desk
Laidlaw points out that one of calls to Brooks that meeting last one second. And the other just over a minute.
Laidlaw, QC for Brooks, goes over three contact events after the Coulson/Blunkett meeting – he made three other calls to NOTW.
Laidlaw points out further calls to NOTW before a 1 second call to Brooks on morning of Blunkett meeting
Court 12 will break for 10 minutes or so to allow people to observe a moment of silence.
DC Hargreaves from Operation Weeting is going through Andy Coulson‘s billing records #hackingtrial
Laidlaw QC for Brooks points out the calls from Coulson to Brooks are small compared to the others he made on the day of Blunkett meeting
Laidlaw goes to the 14th August, day before NOTW exposed Blunkett’s affair. Two more ‘1 sec’ calls from Coulson to Brooks
Laidlaw also points out calls Coulson made to Huw Evans and Neville Thurlbeck over this weekend
Laidlaw, counsel for Brooks, has a bundle of articles from other newspapers over this weekend produced by the defence.
Laidlaw produces Blunkett articles from the Observer and the Mail from the previous year, the Sun and the Daily Mirror
Nobody seems quite sure if the 1 sec calls from Coulson to Brooks are missed calls, or text messages
The Observer a year earlier on Kimberley Fortier (AKA Quinn) final para touches on Blunkett and ‘tall and blonde’ joke by her
Laidlaw says Thurlbeck’s draft piece therefore drew upon previous articles.
Laidlaw, counsel for Brooks, cites Daily Mail diary column 21/11/03 about Kimberley Quinn and ‘sleeping with a blind man’ remark
Laidlaw points out that though NOTW didn’t name Quinn, there were photos in Sunday article
Laidlaw goes to Sun coverage on the Monday after Blunkett affair exposed in NOTW – reference to ‘tall and blonde’ remark by Quinn
The same joke about ‘tall and blonde’ appeared in Thurlbeck’s draft NOTW piece, but also in Observer.
Laidlaw asks DC Hargreaves if the tall and blonde remark appears in Mulcaire’s notes, or transcripts. Hargreave explains volume of material
Laidlaw is now focusing on the Tuesday after NOTW exposure of Blunkett ‘Married woman affair’: Named in Sun on Monday
On the Tuesday the Sun publishes news of Kimberley Quinn‘s pregnancy
Laidlaw produces two more papers which ‘we suggest precede’ this Sun revelation.
Laidlaw cites the Daily Mirror 17/08: headline is billed as exclusive ‘Blunkett’s Lover Pregnant’
Laidlaws suggests it was not the Sun but the Mirror which led on pregnancy story
Laidlaw says Sun revelation was not in the first edition – they followed the Mirror story
Laidlaw, counsel for Brooks, submits Sun’s first edition, which claims ‘first picture’ of Kimberley Quinn, but no pregnancy claim
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines DC Hargreaves
Anthony Langdale, counsel for Coulson, now cross examines DC Hargreaves from Operation Weeting
Langdale identifies some further contacts between Coulson and Huw Evans
Langdale, counsel for Coulson, asks for leader from NOTW on the day of Blunkett affair expose, be entered into evidence
Langdale reads NOTW leader that day (two days after Coulson Blunkett meeting)
Langdale says he will raise that part of the paper with the next witness
Further Prosecution evidence
Edis reads in more of Blunkett’s statement, stating his mobile details, his PIN numbers and how he was shown docs by police in May 2011
Blunkett says one set of notes had his son’s name, DOB and ‘benefit check’.
Edis explains these are all Mulcaire notes. Blunkett confirms Huw Evans was his special advisor at that time.
Blunkett confirms details of son at university in Huddersfield, Nottingham and hospital records. And a landline for ministerial residence
Blunkett written statement confirms more details of Kimberley Quinn and associates
Blunkett confirms Darren Murphy details (Spad to Milburn and then Tony Blair) Matthew Doyle confirms his press advisor details
Both Murphy and Doyle, whose numbers appear in Mulcaire’s notebooks, went on to work for Tony Blair
Blunkett on Sally Anderson: says he had not intimate relationship with her. Identifies Anderson’s aunt, former boyfriend from Mulcaire notes
Blunkett confirms the transcripts of all nine messages left for Sally Anderson ‘nobody else had my permission to listen to them’
Blunkett “some parts of intercepted voice message reproduced verbatim by the People newspaper” – he successfully sued the People
NOTA BENE: Both Murphy and Doyle, Special Advisors whose numbers appear in Mulcaire’s notebooks, went on to work for Tony Blair
Second Blunkett statement from January 2012 about the recordings found in Tom Crone’s safe – he identifies 6 messages from summer 2004
Blunkett confirms Coulson meeting in Sheffield on Friday before NOTW expose of married woman affair.
Blunkett’s statement confirms that Coulson said he wouldn’t published Quinn’s name in NOTW. But was printed next day in Sun and Mirror
Edis for prosecution produces written statements from Sally Anderson
Anderson explains how she was pursued by media “for weeks” because of her friendship with Blunkett.
“I can recall because of intense media intrusion I flew to US” says Anderson. NOTW reporter Rob Kellaway on same flight
Kellaway offered Anderson 150k for her story. Anderson could not work out how NOTW reporter knew where she was
Anderson confirms phone and account details from 05 in her written statement
Tariq Saddiqui ‘My Life is Hell’ NOTW headline: Anderson confirms this was a voicemail message left on her phone
Anderson confirms numbers from her ex boyfriend Neil Gomersall, friends, family, father’s friends, and ‘nan’ all appear in Mulcaire’s notes
Sally Anderson notes that numbers on Jason Carey, a colleague and property developer, appear in Mulcaire’s notes
Anderson confirms details of numbers and address for her father appear in Mulcaire’s notes too
Anderson confirms that her grandmothers maiden name, her mother’s US number, her aunt, osteopath and cousin in Hull all appear here too
Sally Anderson confirms to police she never gave Mulcaire permission to access her phone or any personal data
Anderson says she did write a couple of articles because she felt under enormous personal pressure to do so
Anderson’s second personal statement details two meetings with Max Clifford.
BREAKING: Max Clifford recorded the voice mail messages left by Blunkett on Sally Anderson’s voicemail and showed to Sunday People
Anderson says these voice mails were produced with permission. She had to issue a written apology
Giving evidence – Huw Evans (former special advisor to David Blunkett)
Prosecution calls Huw Evans, former special advisor to David Blunkett
Huw Evans was Special Advisor to David Blunkett starting in 2001: subjected to standard vetting, and then (after 9/11`) developed vetting
Huw Evans worked for Blunkett from July 2001 to September 2004. Both had mobile phones for work “all the time”
Huw Evans said mobile used “particularly frequently at the weekend”
Huw Evans “David liked to use voicemails extensively”
Evans had access to secret and top secret material. Edis: “Did you ever discuss secret matters?” Evans: “No… we used coded language”
Evans “we arranged to speak on landline for extremely sensitive messages”
Evans received a call on holidays on the Thursday before the NOTW article from Jonathan Sedgwick Principal Private Secretary to Blunkett
Blunkett had agreed to meet Coulson and not confirm story, but still wouldn’t lie about it. Evans spoke to Blunkett to agree no lies
Huw Evans spoke to Coulson on the Saturday – challenged him over source of evidence on the affair with Quinn, and how he was to run it
Evans wanted anything removed which could expose Blunkett’s security details
Evans confronts Coulson on source of story: it didn’t stack up. Photograph proved nothing.
Evans says that “Coulson was flatly unequivocal story was true…. I wondered at the time how he could be so unequivocal”
Huw Evans ‘It struck me as odd… he (Coulson) volunteered not to name her”. No discussion of the child as far as Evans can remember
Huw Evans said he spoke to Brooks on the Sunday 15th August about Blunkett Quinn affair
Brooks asked how Blunkett was, according to Huw Evans. She was assured him that “the Sun didn’t view it as a resignation matter”
Brooks also told Evans she was planning to name Blunkett’s lover the next day, Monday
Huw Evans had a 0 minute duration call on 15/05/02 from Coulson. Blunkett was giving speech to police federation
Hugh Evans says the night before he and Blunkett had a dinner with Brooks and Coulson the night before “nice to meet you” contact
Coulson called Evans in September 2003 just before Labour Party conference. Evans cannot remember the call
August 2004 on the day the NOTW exposed affair, Evans and Coulson have a text exchange about the story – anything breach security?
Another call between Coulson and Huw Evans on the Monday which he cannot remember
December 2004: Huw Evans confirms he gave transcript of Coulson and Blunkett meeting to a journalist. Coulson reacted angrily
Evans says Coulson was angry the transcript of his conversation with Blunkett appeared without his permission or advance warning.
Evans leaked the transcript of the tape to a journalist who had questioned Blunkett’s integrity
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Huw Evans
Evans is now cross examined by Langdale, representing Any Coulson
Langdale asks Huw Evans about leaking to Spectator of Coulson’s conversation with Blunkett.
Evans: “The story appeared before alleged that Blunkett had been the source of the story…. it had to be rebutted.”
“The content of the article was very much to do with the NOTW” Evans
Spectator alleged Blunkett leaked the story himself. Evans supplied transcript to ‘cut off that approach’
Langdale asks from general questions about relationship with Spads, ministers and the press
Evans confirms he had been Labour Party press officer. “There’s frequently a clash between politicians and press?” Langdale asks
Hugh Evans “there’s a healthy tension” between politicians and the press
Langdale, counsel for Coulson, says the press and politicians often cooperate on campaigns. Huw Evans, Blunkett SPad, agrees
Evans agrees it’s a “two way process…. both politicians and press hoping to derive benefit for their different interests”
Evans explains ‘Chatham House rules’ – statements can be reported but not the source.
Huw Evans confirms that there would be “nothing unusual or untoward” about editors meeting Senior politicians. “But appetite varies”
Evans confirms Blunkett had, at that time, a good relationship with NOTW and other papers
Evans says he had a good relationship with Ian Kirby at NOTW.
Evans said he didn’t speak to Kirby much more than other political editors, spoke possibly once a week
Ian Kirby, political editor of NOTW, had written a number of stories about Blunkett – probably 2 articles a month
Evans says of himself and Coulson “we got on fine… but it was a professional relationhip”
Evans “Labour’s relationship with News International was broadly in a continuum with its predecessors”
Evans says neither he or Blunkett were aware voicemail message could be intercepted.
Evans agrees he “didn’t speak loosely’ in voicemail messages to Home Secretary Blunkett about security sensitive matters.
Evans denies he was Blunkett’s ‘lead mouthpiece’ in Fleet Street, but says he’d the main spokes person in ‘political matters’
PPS contacted SpAd Evans about the Kimberley Quinn story.
Langdale outlines the number of people ‘in the know” who knew Blunkett was in a relationship with Kimberely Quinn
Evans’ statement alleges about 13 people knew of Quinn Blunkett relationship.
List includes Home Office director of communications, Kath Raymond, another Spad – who had just formed relationship with Les Hinton
Sophie Lindon and Nick Pearce two other special advisors knew. Beverely Hughes, two of Blunkett’s PAs, 2 close friends
Blunkett’s protection officers and driver also knew of Blunkett’s relationship. His sons also knew
Break till 2pm
Over recording of Blunkett to Sally Anderson, Mulcaire said: “Just say I love you and 25 grand.”
#hackingtrial resumes after lunch with evidence from Huw Evans, David Blunkett‘s special advisor
Jonathan Sedgewick alerted Huw Evans to NOTW article. The Coulson meeting had already been arranged
Langdale, counsel for Andy Coulson, suggests to Evans that the Blunkett Coulson meeting gave the story more credence
When Quinn refused to go on holiday with Blunkett, Evans “had an inkling” the relationship was over.
Huw Evans does not accept that talking to Coulson about the Blunkett NOTW was ‘standing the story up’
“I said nothing on that call that asserted the story was true or false” Huw Evans on his call to Coulson, when he was NOTW editor
Evans says Coulson was ‘supportive’: “they were not going to ask that Blunkett should resign.” Evans thought Quinn would eventuall be named
Evans confirms the Coulson conversation was ‘difficult’ but ‘civilised and business-like’ #hackingtrial
Evans: “(Blunkett) He had some hope that my conversation (with Coulson) … might lead to a change of heart (at NOTW).”
“My professional judgement was it wouldn’t take very long before she (Kimberley Quinn) would be named.” Huw Evans to Langdale, QC
“The Home Secretary was not having an affair, he wasn’t married, he was having a relationship” Huw Evans on Blunkett #hackingtrial
Saunders points out that the jury is not here to consider whether outing Blunkett’s relationship is in the public interest or not
Langdale asks Evans whether some of the NOTW comment came from him. He denies the ‘David is in turmoil’ comment came from him
Blunkett resigned on Sept 14th 2004. Evans “the NOTW and Sun set up a train of events that eventually led to his resignation”.
Evans concedes that it was a Telegraph article over allegations of fast tracking visas that led to Blunkett’s resignation
Langdale refers to drinks with Evans, Brooks, Coulson, Blunkett and Katherine Raymond.
Langdale, counsel for Coulson, now goes through the contacts between Coulson and Evans
“Fairly perfunctory and civilised” contact between SpAd and NOTW editor after the Blunkett expose
Evans received a couple of text messages from Coulson commiserating after Blunkett resigned.
4th and 11th December 2004 Coulson is angry and disappointed about Stephen Glove Spectator article publishing transcriptions of tape
Evans met Brooks at Kath Raymond’s birthday dinner after second resignation. Evans provided corrections to Blunkett’s new book
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Huw Evans
Laidlaw for Brooks has two short topics for Evans: first back to NOTW in Aug 2004
Laidlaw goes back to Evans’ written statement and his assertion that it was ‘inevitable’ Kimberley Quinn would be named
Quinn and Blunkett had two holidays and went to official palace dinner. They were “hiding in plain sight” according to Huw Evans
Evans conversation with Brooks took place on afternoon of the Sunday of NOTW exposure.
Evans: “Brooks was clear she was going to name Quinn…. but she was very sympathetic and didn’t think it was a resigning mater.”
Edis back questioning Evans for the prosecution, emphasising the difference between contact with Editors during party conference
Evans questioned on his discussion with Brooks. She already knew the name of the Kimberley Quinn and the name of the son.
10 minute break for jury
Court rises till 3.30
Judge Saunders addresses the Jury
Saunders explains to jury he’s going to speed up timeline evidence. No live witnesses for tomorrow.
Timeline – Abigail Titmuss and John Leslie
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Oskiewicz
Bryant Heron for prosecution with timeline evidence for Abigail Titmuss and John Leslie, verified by Weeting detective Oskiewicz
Timeline concerns August 2002-August 2006: Abbi Titmuss, John Leslie: admissions their phone was hacked by Mulcaire
22 Oct 2002 first tasking from Greg to Mulcaire – leading to NOTW article on John Leslie alleging drug use
Late October two calls to Mulcaire from Greg Miskiw: 24/10 Green ink on lined file paper “check address – owner/utilities…do both mobiles”
23rd October notes from Mulcaire’s records shows Abbi Titmuss. Article in Sun soon follows.
Statement of Mark Stephens Leslie’s solicitor – receives call from Stuart Kuttner asking for comment. 26/10/02 7 pages on Ulrikka Jonsson
Tasking from Greg for John Leslie and reference to Catherine Lister who worked for his agents. Another Neville tasking for Mulcaire
6th June 2004 – ‘Abbi’s new Sex Video Shame’ in NOTW. And a Greg tasking for Mulcaire’ with more John Leslie detail
13th June 04: articles in NOTW about both John Leslie and Abigail Titmuss.
Once again junior prosecution counsel are checking the details of timeline with police officer from Operation Weeting.
Call records from Jan 06 show calls from Mulcaire to Miskiw, and targeting Abby Titmuss – 19 accesses to June 06
23rd July 06 another NOTW about a stalker and Titmuss. 15 further notes in Mulcaire’s documents related to Titmuss/Leslie undated
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Oskiewicz
DC Oskiewitz now cross examined by Laidlaw QC for Brooks. Goes back to October 2002.
Laidlaw explains that John Leslie was a Blue Peter presenter, who became of interest because of Ulrika Jonson autiobiography
Jonson alleged she’d been raped by a TV presenter. Mr Leslie was named as that individual in Oct 02 by Matthew Bright
None of these assertions and allegations have never been tried, Laidlaw QC reminds the jury
Leslie was charged with sexual assualts, but in July 03 prosecution offered no evidence. The Ulrika Jonsson evidence was never tried
Laidlaw explains that Abby Titmuss was Leslie’s girlfriend at the time. They split up in summer 03 after the charges dropped
Laidlaw asserts ‘no evidence of hack’ on a Mulcaire page: Weeting DC says the line “do both mobiles” might suggest otherwise.
DC Oskiewicz confirms that there is no information on that page to actually hack Leslie’s phone.
Laidlaw suggests NOTW article based on ‘buy up’ of a video of Leslie consuming drugs, and not a hack
Further Prosecution evidence
Bryant Heron now reads in some more supporting statements on the Leslie/Titmuss timeline
Leslie states 24/08/12 he had a friendly relationship with Coulson and Piers Morgan when they worked on Bizarre Column until 2002
Leslie; “2002 a traumatic time” because of rape and drug taking allegations “At one point I was in (NOTW) every week”
Leslie: “In 2005-6 when I moved back to Scotland the coverage of me stopped”
Leslie confirms some of the Mulcaire entries; with green ink on a ring bound lined notepaper. Address relates to architect building his home
Leslie identifies the telephone of his parents from Mulcaire’s notes.
In a written witness statement John Leslie recognises an entry for his address, DOB, home and possibly old phone number in Mulcaire’s notes
Leslie’s statement concludes with pro forma statement that he didn’t give Mulcaire permission to access voicemais, therefore it was illegal
Abigail Titmuss statement on press in 2002 “they were very interested in John and me as a couple”
Titmuss confirms Mulcaire notes of her name and timing coinciding with Ulrika Jonsson’s allegations of rape
Titmuss recognises her phone number from that same date in 23/10/02 in Mulcaire’s notebooks
Titmuss confirms her old mobile number and PIN in undated note from Mulcaire documents
Mulcaire’s notes show interest in an alleged ‘stalker’ leaving messages on Abigaill Titmuss’s phone.
Titmuss was in Fiji on Celebrity Love Island during date of 24/05/05 when there’s another Mulcaire note with her mobile number
That’s the end of the evidence till tomorrow

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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