Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 4 Nov

Monday 4 November 2013

The Prosecution Opening Statement continues
A Message from Peter Jukes
Prosecution Counsel Andrew Edis QC
Prosecution Counsel presents evidence for Count 6 – Perverting the Course of Justice
Planning the Sun on Sunday
NI Email Deletion Policy
Removal of Boxes
Prosecution Counsel presents evidence for Count 7 – Perverting the Course of Justice
Where Eagles Dare
The Defence Opening Statement
Counsel for Andy Coulson – Timothy Langdale QC
Prosecution Case Begins
Agreed Facts on Defendants
Timeline – Milly Dowler
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective Sergeant Gregory Smith

The Prosecution Opening Statement continues
A Message from Peter Jukes
My last day of live tweeting from the Old Bailey: I’ll miss it – my fingers and keyboard won’t #hackingtrial
Look what they did to my keyboard, ma. #hackingtrial pic.twitter.com/BW6ai8u7NJ
Apologies for an obligatory freelance plug for ‘Fall of the House of Murdoch’ giving detail background to the trial http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fall-House-Murdoch-Peter-Jukes/dp/1908717424/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_1
A short discussion from yesterday about first week of #hackingtrial with @emilybell and @davidfolkenflik on CNN http://youtu.be/1HeWVDBtA7Q
Prosecution Counsel Andrew Edis QC
Andrew Edis QC, counsel for the prosecution, back on his feet in the #hackingtrial
Some sound issues in the annex this morning: but Edis is discussing the two Brooks counts of perverting course of justice #hackingtrial
Sorry folks Edis in inaudible because of a unplugged in cable
The computer has also crashed so a little break while technical difficulties resolved. Normal service resumed shortly
Justice Saunders has let some of into the court because sound not working – so here I am in court 12
No seats left so I’m typing on my knees #hackingtrial
Edis is showing a correspondence between Brooks in March 2007 to PCC on law breakers being subject to dismissal #hackingtrial
Edis cites July 2009 PCC to CEO designate (Brooks) on “subterfuge by journalists” and new select committee
Edis cites PCC worried about select committee on phone hacking in 09. Wanted assurances from Brooks in July 09 – after @Bynickdavies piece
14/09/09 Brooks’ reply “very similar kind of reply to that to PPC 07… since Goodman… our journalists work within the law” #hackingtrial
“Since Goodman case… no cash payments without approval by senior editors” Brooks to PCC. “Within weeks of Sun payments,” says Edis
“Cash payments must be supported by detailed and relevant information…with confidential sources…ID’s checked against electoral register”
Edis citing Brooks letter on cash payments: “more detail on NOTW but less detail at The Sun” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Perfectly obvious in July 09 the heat was on…. civil litigation, parliament, police review… the temperature was rising”
Edis: “What occurred effectively… the rogue reporter line became more and more untenable”
December 2010 – just before the three first emails were handed to police. Edis shows email from Brooks seeking legal advice
Edis on reply to Brooks: “We’ve spent months moving from rogue reporter to zero tolerance…. by not acting we have to live with damage”
December 2010 – the three emails have been discovered; Edis “A decision was taken to suspend Edmondson… in Jan, Coulson resigned his job”
26th January 2011 – the three damning emails taken to police. “The rogue reporter line abandoned”
Edis “As CEO…. Brooks was involved in the management of the fall out of the phone hacking… ” cites an NI statement
“Follow an exhausting internal investigation….” NI sets up a compensation scheme: “our past behaviour… matter of genuine regret”
‘Our actions then weren’t sufficiently robust” says NI statement in early 2011: “We continue to cooperate fully with Met Police.”
“Police were now fully engaged in trying to investigate the extent of phone hacking…. Mulcaire on books from 2000 to 2006”
“When looking at what Brooks was doing in July 11 you have to see.. there was always a course of justice that could be perveted,” says Edis
5th July 2011 the day Milly Dowler story broke: draft email to staff from Brooks “all appalled and shocked when we heard these allegations”
Edis on Dowler voice mail ‘deletions’ and ‘false hope’ moment alleged in Guardian. No evidence that Mulcaire deleted voicemails
Brooks on 05/07/11 “Since 2006 when MPS seized Mulcaire documentation NI has had not sight of the documents…”
“This morning we have offer Met full co-operation, I’ve also written to Chief Constable of Surrey police…” Brooks email
“It’s almost too horrific to believe that a journalist working for NOTW. (could do this). It is inconceivable I knew…” Brooks in July 11
Edis: “That is a vigorous denial of any knowledge of Dowler hacking… and an assertion that Brooks would fully cooperate with police”
Prosecution Counsel presents evidence for Count 6 – Perverting the Course of Justice
Edis on coverup allegations: First count concerns 7 archived boxes.
In September 09, on first day as CEO, Brooks’ assistant Cheryl Carter archives Brooks’ journalistic notebooks.
Edis explains “media firestorm that was about to engulf NOTW” in July 11
Edis goes through phone records between Brooks and her PA Carter on 7th July 11, the day NOTW closure announces
At around 9.30 Carter phone activates a ‘cell site’ at the News International offices according to call data records obtained by police
Edis explains to the jury the science of mobile phone triangulation through masts
Brooks and Carters phone still contact cell sites at Thomas More HQ on July 7th 2011 as NOTW staff are told about closure
The cell site info for the next day, July 8th 11, “a day when significant things happen… Coulson was arrested… Police inquiry moving on”
Five minute break
A rather stop and start beginning to day 6 at the Old Bailey. But Edis is back on his feet
Edis on an email from Brooks to James Murdoch 8th July 11 – which she forwards to her husband Charlie
Edis show “something about her state of mind and thinking… what is proposed a full internal investigation and report”
Edis on Brooks “our internal investigations were woeful…. NOTW closed because of the actions of a few”
Edis on draft email from Brooks to J Murdoch talks about establishing of MSC under leadership of Will Lewis
“Outside counsel will review all previous investigations over the decade…..” End of Brooks internal draft to J Murdoch.
Planning the Sun on Sunday
“I am ring fenced properly… if we don’t launch the Sun on Sunday this weekend…” BREAKING: 8th July 2011 SUN ON SUNDAY already planned
Edis: “plainly at that stage she was planning to carry on as CEO of News International” July 8th 2011
“8th of July a date of great significance in this case… that was the day Brooks files were delivered to Cherly Carter from NI archives”
Edis: “That was the day Brooks was considering further police investigations and even an internal investigations.”
NI Email Deletion Policy
Edis now talks about NI’s “email deletion policy” #hackingtrial an ‘data retention’ policy is perfectly normal business practice
Edis; “a few documents which display Brooks’ attitude to that policy” Jan 2010 email from Brooks re “email retention policy”
Edis: “to delete emails…. which could be unhelpful in litigation to which NI is a defendant…. from before 31st October 2008”
Edis on Brooks: “launch employee awareness campaign… about potential hazards of email…. a record that can be produced in hard copy.”
Edis: “Exceptions to automatic deletion policy – put it in a folder, litigation (cannot be destroyed no matter how unfortunate they may be)
“However compromising they may be,” emails must be retained when investigations on ongoing in Jan 2010
Edis on policy in 12 May 2010: Brooks to Chapman (NI Lawyer); “What happens to my emails?”
Chapman replies: “Current proposal all emails prior to December 2007 will be gone forever”
Edis: “That year – 2007 – started with imprisonment with Mulcaire and Goodman”
29th July: Brooks “How come we haven’t done the email deletion policy… Can Andy be consulted.”
More on email deletion policy from Edis: 4th August Brooks “JRM needs help…. anything before January 2010” new date for deletion.
Edis on new deletion date: “This happens to catch her entire period as an editor at News International:
Reply to Brooks: “The revised date is likely to be misconstrued if circulated externally”
NI Lawyer: “Your note mentions Dec 10, this is different from Jan 07 as mentioned on previous note” Brooks: “Yes to Jan 10. Clean Sweep”
Edis: “Of course this is all going on in the context of the Guardian having published its article… and parliamentary inquiry”
Edis: “In fact there had been earlier… and effective… deletions. But no entirely successful because of backups kept by contractors”
Edis: “A great deal of emails were deleted even up to January 2011”
Edis: “That’s all context… now back to Friday 8th of July 2011” #hackingtrial
Removal of Boxes
Edis pulls up a NI record “removal of notebooks and date they were first archived. “
Edis on description of files in archives: “7 Boxes. All notebooks 1997-2007 of Rebekah Brooks, nee Wade. “
Edis on official explanation for removal by Cheryl Carter: they were Carter’s not Brooks’
Edis: “I’d like you to think back to being Brooks’ PA – why would you give it a false description?”
More detail on 8th of July, toward end of afternoon, both Carter and Brooks at work.
Edis: “Who collects the material? Cheryl Carter, NIck Carter (her son) and Gary Keegan (married to Brooks other PA) “people she can trust”
Edis: “The prosecution case is…. these seven boxes have never been seen again.”
Edis: “This is essentially quite a straightforward allegation… but when Carter was interviewed under caution. She said….
Edis on Carter’s statement to police over the lost 7 boxes 1/They were her boxes and badly labelled.
Edis “the prosecution say this exercised was performed as intelligently as possible…. to set up the account later relayed to police”
Edis on Carter’s statement: 2/ Brooks was not in the office that Friday “setting up a false alibi for Brooks”
Edis: “Just think for a minute of anybody doing that without approval just as NOTW is closed and police investigate.”
Edis: “Do you think that Mrs Brooks didn’t know what her PA was up to or where she was? The false alibi was prepared we suggest.”
Edis says Carter also told police the archivist told her to move the boxes. ‘But this is simply not so”
Edis: “There are a number of falsehoods about these boxes which would be simply unnecessary if this was just a removal”
Edis: “that is all I need to say about that count (count 6) as this stage”
Prosecution Counsel presents evidence for Count 7 – Perverting the Course of Justice
Edis “I’m going to move onto count 7. 15th July Brooks resigns as CEO of NI.”
Edis: “Some of this gets a little involved… 17/07 was a Saturday. This starts on that saturday morning with phone material…”
Edis: “Two days earlier a particular computer was accessing the internet at Jubilee Gdns. The same computer found behind some bins”
Edis: “A cleaner found it… otherwise we’d probably know nothing about it. He told his boss who called the police”
Edis “At this time Brooks and her husband were at the centre of another media firestorm. A security operation was set up by NI”
Edis” Mark Hannah, head of NI, contracted a private security for operation Blackhawk…. looking after the Brooks over weekend”
Edis: “Hanna had lots of people working at NI for him. He also participated,” Edis alleges
Edis on phone call at this time: “Brooks, C Brooks, Hanna and others.” He describes other Blackhawk operatives.
Morning of 17th July, ‘cell site’ information for Brooks et al. Brooks was staying with friends. Security guards with them
Edis says other security operatives, Blackhawk team, were also in Oxfordshire
That morning Brooks went to solicitors Kingsley Napley, followed by a follow counter surveillance car. Brooks knew she was to be arrested
Edis: “She knew she was about to be arrested… and therefore warrants could be issued and her property searched. Brooks knew that.”
Edis shows the cell site data showing the phones now moving around. “the cell site information show phones moving together”
Edis: “The prosecution say there were going to Jubilee Barn to collect things… they didn’t want the police to see.”
Edis: “If they went there at all… it was because Mr and Mrs Brooks wanted them to go there. To collect things before police got there.”
Edis on contracted security team: “Where did they go after Jubilee Barn? Wapping.” Neither were employees of NI
Brooks is driven to Lewisham station, where she was arrested at 12.02. Mr Brooks returns to Chelsea Harbour, CCTV excerpt
Edis: Brooks and his solicitor arrive at London flat around midday.
Edis: “Nothing wrong with having a solicitor present… but it does suggest they knew they would be searched.”
Edis: At 12.15 Charlie Brooks exits lift with Jiffy bag and a laptop. Photo from CCTV
Edis: “He turns to left and goes off camera to where the bins lie. Returns to lift empty handed, looking at his mobile… sending a text?”
Edis: “Two text message sent from Brooks to XXXXXXX” boss of private contractor employed for Blackhawk
Edis: Private contractor then contacts Hanna, who contacts private security guarding Brooks at Lewisham police station
Edis: Hanna contacts C Brooks. Various telephone and text messages exchanges between security staff and NI head of security
Edis: 13.30 Two security operatives leave Wapping… Another Hanna/Brooks call at 14.02. They speak for 13 seconds.”
CCTV: Mark Hanna arrives in Black Range Rover driven from Oxfordshire at Chelsea flat. He has in hand a brown briefcase.
Edis: “Mr Hanna goes off camera in direction of bins. Then comes back… tucked under his left arm looks like Jiffy bag and laptop”
Edis: “Charlie Brooks leaves something… an hour or so later… Mr Hanna goes to these bins and picks up laptop etc and leaves with them”
Edis: “He’s not going to leave them anywhere the police can find them”
Edis: “Hannah and xxx leave Wapping after not very long. You could think they were dropping something off.”
Edis: “Later that day the police search jubilee barn and find no computer or documents or anything of that kind at all.”
Edis: “The coast is clear… the police have finished their search” Text messages between Brooks, Hanna and the Blackhawk team
Edis: “Hanna is contact by Brooks, who then contacts the security team” Some text message have been recovered
Edis exchange of texts around 7pm between Blackhawk team with Hanna’s phone number “Oh I thought I had to call Charlie.”
Edis on Blackhawk texts – Brooks follow car security goes back to Wapping from Lewisham to pick something up.
Edis on telephone contact between Blackhawk one to Hanna, and back to Hanna and Brooks “Hanna was authorising… hiding evidence”
Text at 21.04 text and phone between Hanna and security guard on the way to Thames Quay. To Hanna “Have a plan. Can you call?”
Edis alleges security guard was about to return a bin bag of stuff to London flat – but there’s got to be a pretext. “Get some pizzas”
21.27 Security operative arrives at Thames Quay carpark (Chelsea Flat): he removes black bin bag; “he’s heading off to those bins again!”
Security operative calls Brooks: CCTV shows him on phone in car. “Charlie Brooks is upstairs” And then he leaves
Where Eagles Dare
Two security operatives exchange texts: “Broadsword calling Danny Boy: Pizza delivered and chicken in pot” EAGLES DARE QUOTE
Edis explains Richard Burton’s role in Where Eagles Dare: Answer: “Ha. We should have done a DLB or brush contact on riverside”
Edis explains DLD: “Dead letter drop” A brush contact… But not worth thinking about with a bin bag that size”
Edis: “You can’t log in the hours as perverting the course of justice… so you have to put pizza delivery”
Edis 23.20 Brooks has been at the police station for hours. She’s bailed and driven back to London flat. CCTV covering that.
Next morning 18th July; security operative drives off with Rebekah and Charlie to Kingsley Napp, their solicitors
Edis: “While they’re away Mr Nascimento, a cleaner, finds various items of property near the bins.”
Edis: “At 12.58 the Brooks return to Chelsea Harbour and go to bin area hoping to find bin bag…. but it’s not there. “
Edis: “Mr Nascimento has taken it to his boss who decides to call the police”
Edis show CCTV Mrs Brooks standing there while two men, Brooks and security bod looking for bag and on phone.
Edis: one security guard calls the other who was supposed to have left bag. They meet outside.
Edis: two more security guards turn up at Thames Quay. CCTV shows another employee arrives. All standing there talking.
Edis: at 14.10; Police arrive at Chelsea harbour. Collect bin bag and brown suitcase from manager of flats
Edis: “Among the contents of bag was postmarked post delivered on the Saturday morning…. Most was Mr Brooks material.”
Edis: “They only brought back what they thought safe to bring back”
Edis: “You only contemplate do this if that was the case…. designed to hide material so police wouldn’t get it. “
Edis: “They must have been trying to hide something… otherwise they were not behaving rationally. These two computers had no evidence.”
Edis: “All we have to conclude is that this activity was designed to hinder police searches. “
Break for lunch
I know many journalists have complained about dawn raids during #Weeting #Elveden. Perhaps this morning’s allegations explain context
UNBORKED Soon Edis will close his opening: livetweeting will end. But I will update my blog http://www.fothom.wordpress.com in breaks #hackingtrial
Site Reactivated to Cover Hacking Trial http://wp.me/p1YHIt-2w via @wordpressdotcom
Edis back after lunch: “A piece of evidence slightly interesting….Forensic analysis of a report. “
Edis refers back to computer in Oxfordshire, then behind bins in Thames Quay
Edis inside computer was a screenshot: it was connected to a particular router. (Edis explains wifi routers)
Edis explains the computer was connected to router was at Jubilee barn (Brooks Oxfordshire residence)
Edis shows screenshot from 26/06/11 a couple of weeks before. On or before that “each of these devices listed here were connected”
Edis identifies a number of other devices on Brooks’ wifi by a number of MAC addresses.
Edis: goes through the devices connected to Jubilee Barn; a number of devices have been found and considered
Edis: But ‘Charlies laptop’ has not been recovered.
Edis: Rebekah’s iphone has not been recovered either
Edis: An Ipad 2 has also NOT been recovered. “We know from an email from Brooks Blackberry… Brooks was using Ipad 2”
Edis: “From that we argue that there are devices (three) that have not been recovered…”
Edis: “It is obvious that the purpose of all this activity was to hide something….”
Edis: “Counts 6 and 7 are different events, but there is a common feature…. and that is Mrs Brooks. We say inconceivable…without consent
Edis: “We say you can put both counts together… for the same purpose of obstructing police investigation”
Edis: “This is long, but outline summary, against these eight defendants. Your job is to scrutinise evidence. That concludes my opening”
BREAKING: I’ve been told we can live tweet from day to day now, depending on evidence. #hackingtrial
Coming up: brief defence opening statement by Timothy Langdale, QC: counsel for Mr Couslon.
The Defence Opening Statement
Counsel for Andy Coulson – Timothy Langdale QC
Langdale on his feet for defence: “It’s relatively uncommon for defense to make opening speech before Jury hears evidence…”
Langdale: “Relatively uncommon though it may be… we think there are good reasons for those who represent Mr Coulson to say something”
Edis: “Don’t worry… I’ll be about 20 mins. We invite you to bear in mind what you’ve heard is just one side of the story.”
Langdale: “This case, as you know, has an unusual history, now being heard in court after years of coverage. We invite you to keep open mind
Langdale: “You draw your own conclusions when you’ve heard ALL the evidence. The prosecution is wrong, conclusions wrong.”
Langdale: “There will be a time to correct all that. Mr Coulson was arrested some 27 months ago. He will in due course give evidence”
Langdale: “He will tell you when he was deputy editor and editor of NOTW (from 2000 to 2007) He recognised something went badly wrong”
Langdale: “He wishes he made some different decisions…. he did not commit these offences. He was never party to an agreement to hack”
Langdale: “You will hear what he made of Goodman’s emails… he did not believe G had paid police. He will explain why.”
Langdale: “At the end…. you’ll understand a great deal more about the editors duties and responsibilities… and what he was doing.”
Langdale: “The hurly burly of production…. it was a fast changing world where a large number of stories were produced and considered”
Langdale: “Large numbers of stories may never cross the editor’s radar. “
Langdale: “It may be worth thinking of NOTW floor as a ‘story gathering factory’
Langdale: “The flow of stories was endless and continuing. The world of the Sunday news tabloid, fiercely competitive, pressurised”
Langdale: “The NOTW wasn’t just competing with the other tabloids, but with the Sun”
Langdale: “Within NOTW there was also healthy – and unhealthy – competition. Journos didn’t just wander around discussing sources”
Langdale: “They kept their cards close to their chest, if they didn’t rivals would snatch them. Journos have habit of overinflating sources”
Langdale: “It’s worth bearing in mind all this when considering… number of emails Mr Coulson was copied into”
Langdale: “Prosecution case was that he (Coulson) must have known. But his job was to make sure 3m paper came out on time every Sunday”
Langdale: “Thousand and thousands of stories… and bits of information that didn’t make it into paper. A blizzard of emails for Coulson”
Langdale: On NOTW “wasn’t War and Peace” “Not real or realistic for Coulson to read paper from cover to cover”
Langdale: “That picture ignores the fact there was a constantly changing process during the week… Football for example”
Langdale: “50 pages of football, two magazines… never did the editor read every word of the paper.”
Langdale: “You should focus on meaning of documents when they were produced, rather than with benefit of hindsight”
Langdale: “When it alleged Coulson must have know because News Eds party to hacking… bear in mind Coulson himself was hacked”
Langdale: “Not easy to reconcile with prosecution case – Coulson both conspirator and victim? Things do not sit easily together.”
Langdale on Pre Trial publicity: “One press report had considerable repercussions. Nick Davies in Guardian “wholly unjustified” 4/07
Langdale now goes back to @Bynickdavies piece: “to eradicate prejudice.” NOTW interfered with police inquiries, deleted messages
Langdale: “there is no evidence to suggest Mulcaire deleted any messages deliberately or accidentally. NOTW very pro police.”
Langdale: “Those statements had a significant impact on the closure of the NOTW. Though Milly’s phone shouldn’t have been hacked.”
Langdale:”It is Mr Coulson assertion that he never was party to the hacking of Milly Dowler‘s phone or anyone else’s”
Langdale closes and now we’re carrying straight on with evidence.
Prosecution Case Begins
Agreed Facts on Defendants
Junior Counsel reads “agreed facts”: Justice Saunders says to count these elements as true and uncontested.
Bryant Heron reads through agreed facts: Mulcaire, late 90s started for NOTW. Instructed by Miskiw on freelance basis. Agreement 2001
Mark Bryant Heron then goes through the various Mulcaire contracts and payments.
Bryant Heron on agreed facts on Edmondson: career, suspended Sept 2010, dismissed 2011 ‘gross misconduct for hacking’
Agreed facts on Brooks 89 joined magazine, 91 joined NOTW, 94 deputy feature, 96 deputy, 98 deputy Sun, etc.
Agreed facts on Coulson: as per wiki etc no point retweeting
Agreed facts on Kuttner started 1956, joined NOTW, assistant editor 1980, 1987 Managing editor.
Agreed facts about Kuttner’s physical and mental condition
Agreed facts on Clive Goodman, Cheryl Carter (PA since mid 90s) Charlie Brooks (he’s married that’s all). Mark Hanna.
Other agreed facts: Miskiw, Thurlbeck and Weatherup
Agreed facts on Miskiw’s payments to Mulcaire through Miles Ahead Media: Thurlbeck’s career to Chief Reporter
Weatherup’s agreed facts just detail his career to assistant news editor to Edmondson
Agreed facts on 2006 case: guilty pleas and named victims
Agreed facts Miskiw and Thurlbeck pleaded guilty to count one. Mulcaire guilty to conspiracy on Dowler, Gilchrist, Clarke, Delia Smith
Agreed facts on NI and NOTW: 8th July 09 Guardian article on larger numbers: NYT 2010 alleged more people, and id’ed Thurlbeck
Agreed facts “Missing Milly Dowler‘s Phone was Hacked'” by @Bynickdavies online July 4th
Agreed facts: headline correct, sub heading no evidence to know if voicemails deleted
Agreed definitions of unique voicemail numbers, direct dial messages, pin codes etc.
Timeline – Milly Dowler
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective Sergeant Gregory Smith
Prosecution calls Sergeant Gregory Smith, case officer for Weeting.
Smith: “I was case officer in charge of alleged hacking of Milly Dowler‘s voicemail.”
Smith confirms evidence over Milly Dowler timeline
Smith confirms Kuttner’s contact with Surrey police, as mentioned in opening statements.
Smith confirms Brooks work diaries April 2002 and Missing Milly stories. Now onto phone records
Sergeant Greg Smith confirms Mulcaire notebook entires for Milly Dowler number, credit card payment number from police officer also on it
Sergeant Smith confirms transcripts of Dowler voicemails and notes recovered from Glenn Mulcaire’s computer #hackingtrial
Bryant Heron goes to the top left heading ‘Neville’; “that completes review of Mulcaire notes on the Dowler matter”
Now writing into evidence all the Brooks/NI/Coulson texts and calls during the ‘Missing Milly’ period in 02 when she was in Dubai
Last evidence for the day: Kuttner’s emails to Surrey
Interesting to have the Guardian’s #stopbuggingus NSA debate during #hackingtrial. State and corporate surveillance in the digital age.
Timothy Garton Ash: “We should take our free speech standards from America but our privacy standards from Germany” HT @janinegibson
Worth noting that the kindle version of my book gives a free preview of intro http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fall-House-Murdoch-Peter-Jukes-ebook/dp/B0091US5MU/ref=zg_bs_362569031_4 … #hackingtrial
So, if prosecution are to be believed, Brooks successfully hid 7 boxes of info, iPhone, laptop and iPad from police #hackingtrial Day 6
Can Twitter successfully bundle content and advertising as newsprint did 150 years ago? http://w.readwrite.com/19vsDui Case not proven yet.
BREAKING: Rebekah Brooks‘ Hollywood Cover-Up Code http://thebea.st/19vIj0L via @thedailybeast
One final thought tonight: from Goodman taping Coulson to Sun journos taping Murdoch and Mockeridge: Fleet Street is a lovely place.

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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