Site Reactivated and Crowd Funded Journalism

There’s now a bit of story about this blog. I was planning to use it to complement my livetweeting of the opening arguments of the Old Bailey Trial, to update and include elements which could only be reported during ‘breaks’ from the court. But as explained in this miserable post, I ran out of money – just when I discovered live tweeting could continue throughout the trial. I prepared to retreat.  Then this happened

Crowdsourcing Live Reporting

So here it is: this blog will provide an archive of my tweets from the trial on a day by day basis, and any other relevant materials that come up in court.

It will also occasionally provide exclusive access to paid subscribers on material relevant to the trial, for easier reference or private discussion

My previous reports on the Hacking scandal and related issues can be found on the Daily Beast, with additional stuff in the New RepublicMeanwhile Gabrielle Laine Peters has kindly curated a storify of my live tweets from the opening.  For those who want more background to the phone hacking trials my book Fall of the House of Murdoch can be found at Amazon, iTunes and at my publishers Unbound.

There has been some press interest in this: I’ve been interviewed by Radio Four Media show (starts around 25′), and articles on the crowdfunding of my live tweets have appeared on the BBC site, Press Gazette, and Wall Street Journal, among others.

If you missed the Indiegogo crowd funding week, and yet still want to gain access to the private parts of this blog, you can still contribute and I’ll add you to the circulation list.  

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