Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 31 Oct

Thursday 31 October 2013

The Prosecution Opening Statement continues
War and Peace
Glen Mulcaire’s Contract with News of the World
The Police Investigation
“We need a hit”
100K Contract
Brooks and Coulson Affair
David Blunkett records conversation with Coulson

The Prosecution Opening Statement continues
War and Peace
My favourite line from #hackingtrial so far is “The News of the World wasn’t War and Peace” Now back to Old Bailey for more prosecution case
A dull drizzly day outside the Old Bailey: but that hasn’t deterred the cameras #hackingtrial More soon pic.twitter.com/JbP7uvlfjp
Glen Mulcaire’s Contract with News of the World
Back again at #hackingtrial – Anthony Edis QC on his feet for the prosecution. He now has a microphone.
Edis picks up on the management structure of NotW. #hackingtrial He emphasises two dates: the first Mulcaire tasking 8th January 2001
Edis “The investigations unit of NoTW was set up by Brooks when she began editor. It was led by Miskiw and Mulcaire’s taskings began.”
Edis: “Mulcaire was paid weekly fee during that period. On 01/09/01 we went onto a written contract. His fee no longer came out of newsdesk”
Edis: It is part of the prosecution case that a big contract like would have been part of the management decision” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Most of his (Mulcaire’s) money was paid through that contract, so it was never hidden from anyone.” #hackingtrial
Edis: “You wouldn’t have given someone a contract like that unless they were worth it… But who would have decided that?” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Let me begin this morning by asking you to listen… to a tape recording of Mulcaire ‘blagging’ – trying to get something from O2”
Crown plays a tape of Mulcaire changing various codes with O2 customer services. #hackingtrial
Mulcaire gets the UVN number from customer services, DDMs by using a network password. “He’s chatty and engaging” #hackingtrial
Edis explains who real numbers have been bleeped out of the tapes “in order to prevent intruding into people’s private things” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Prosecution say that was going on…. hacking ending in 06 with the arrest of Mulcaire and Goodman #hackingtrial
The Police Investigation
Edis: “What started the new police inquiry in Feb 11 was production of three short emails to the police by NI” #hackingtrial
Edis: “A timeline detailing the hacking of Tessa Jowell and David Mills. Mills became a subject of press interest because of an allegsation”
Edis: “An allegation of bribery in Italy concerning Berlusconi. This timeline will show you what happened.” #hackingtrial
Edis: back to the three NI emails produced by NI in civil litigation in 2011. “I will put them up one after the other onto the screen”
Edis: “First on, 20 April 2006. From.. a Mulcaire address. A snapshot of what was happening in 2006. It’s about Tessa.”
Edis read: Tessa Mob. Pin. David Mills. Mob. No pin Substantial traffic both ways, looks like she’s selling up.”
Edis: “The name at top, John Chapman, he’s a lawyer at NI. Mr Chapman was the lawyer who found these.” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Next one. 27th April 2006. This is Fred Windsor. Member of Royal Family. Mob. Mail Box number. Press star. Pin.” #hackingtrial
Edis: Mulcaire is telling Edmondson how to hack Fred Windsor, we say.
Edis: 3rd; “Joan Hammill, advisor to Prescott.. the subject of intense media interest because of an affair with someone else.” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Mobile number, Mailbox. Star. Pin. There are 45 messages there… you could only that if you were hacking” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Now let’s look at the Tessa Jowell timeline. We’ll put up on the screen some Mulcaire notes for Jowell and Mills.” #hackingtrial
Edis on Mulcaire notes: “Top left. Ian. We know who it is. The mobile phone number. Jowell. Left hand side 02. The supplier is for her”
Edis: “That is a tasking to hack Tessa Jowell we say. Another. Top left. Numbe. Address. David Mills. A mobile number…. a PIN number.”
Edis: “What happens we suggest, looks at though M has managed to blag info on Jowell but not on Mills. Not every tasking successful hack”
Edis: “19th April 2006. The name of Mills is there…. and his DDM. “Selling house”. Email said ‘looks like she’s selling’. #hackingtrial
Edis: “Mulcaire is reporting his results so Mr Edmondson can do some hacking of his own.” #hackingtrial
Edis back to Tessa Jowell timelines March 2006 to August 2006
Edis: “March 2006 press interest in Tessa Jowells finances from Sunday Times. The day after text from Edmondson to Mulcaire” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Hour and half after the text Mulcaire is ringing the mobile phones of Jowell and Mills. Then a call to her UVN.” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Very soon after Mulcaire calls Jowell’s UVN, he speaks to Edmondson for ten minutes.” #hackingtrial
Edis “Very soon after that someone from NI calls Jowells’s phone. We think it is Edmondson…. quite a lot about Tessa in NOTW next day”
Edis: “Who decides what goes in the paper. The editor. Mr Coulson was the editor at the time. How did he know it was true?” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Mulcaire invoice for extra £250 “Jowell Assist”. How delicate.” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Edmondson and Mulcaire talk to each other a lot in March. Phone records show the same pattern. NOTW break more stories on Jowell”
Edis: On 28th March very vigorous phone hacking of Tessa Jowell. Still no hacking of David Mills #hackingtrial
Edis: “More phone hacking of Tessa Jowell. Then Mulcaire email ‘looks like she’s selling up’ – you could only get that by phone hacking.
Edis: “Then finally there is a hacking of David Mills… looks like G Mulcaire has finally got that information.” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Article in 20th April 2006… then phone hacking and a great deal of contact between Edmondson and Mulcaire.” #hackingtrial
Edis: “We know what Mr Mulcaire was doing – he was hacking. And look at the amount of contact between Edmondson and Mulcaire” #hackingtrial
Edis shows Mulcaire invoice “Mills assist”. #hackingtrial
Edis: “That was an important story… Tessa Jowell and David Mills. It’s not stuff tucked away after letters page. The bigger stuff…”
Edis: “The bigger stuff the editor would have been involved with, asking the question ‘How do I know it’s true?'” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Now onto John Prescott. April 2006 to July 2006. We’ve seen the Prescott email. But let’s have a look at a page of M’s notes.”
Edis: “Dennis and Seb Hamilton, working for Mail of Sunday – a full hacking narrative as we called it yesterday. Just note word urgent”
Edis: 25th April. Tasking ‘Ian’. Tracey Temple mob. Password… Then probably 28th. John Prescott advisor. Joan Hammill details.”
Edis: “other details about Tracey Temple. Phonecalls. Email from Mulcaire to Edmondson on Temple’s ex husband. 26th April”
Edis: “Mulcaire calls to Tracey Temple… then an email chain. Edmondson to Coulson. ‘I’ve got Temple’s mobile number…”
Edis on Edmondson email: “I’m going to shock her. How deep are you pockets.” Coulson says “Start at 100k”. Weatherup joins in
Edis: Edmondson to Weatherup: “we will beat any other bid if Glen can assist” #hackingtrial
Edis: “All going on from midday to about 2 pm that day. Mulcaire hacks Temple at 13.11.” #hackingtrial
Edis: “26th April. Around 2.30 – from Kirby to Wallis, Edmondson and others. Mr Coulson interested in this story.” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Phone calls continue to UVN (unique voice mail) on 26th April. Articles appear in Daily Mirror. All Fleet St interested”#hackingtrial
Edis: “Great pressure on NOTW for an exclusive. On 27th email Edmondson gets Joan Hammill’s (Prescott SPAD) number” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Edmondson gets phone number of Hammill, immediately sends text to Mulcaire… he gets DDM and PIN number” #hackingtrial
Edis: “28th April. Phone to Hammill’s number and then to Unique Voice Mail Number…. 16 minutes and 28 secs call lasts.” #hackingtrial
Edis: Mulcaire email on Prescott “45 messages” and instructions to hack. “The email that closed the News of the World” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Then the phone hack of Dennis Rice – 2 mins of messages. Sebastian Hamilton – 4 mins of message. Mulcaire rings Edmondson”
Edis: “Then Mulcaire was hacking Rice again for 6 mins… Of course you don’t want to be scooped. Nice easy cheap way of finding out…”
“In the dog eat world of journalism, in the frenzy to find out this story… you hack the competition”. Edis on Mulcaire and MoS journos
Edis: 29th April during Prescott story: Edmondson, news desk editor, to various people – including Andy Coulson.
Edis: Edmondson email “Prescott…. This is the planned spoiler………” You can see various stories listed there, Edis says
Edis: “a lot of activity… a lot of hacking…of voice mails of 2 rival journalists. Then an email from Goodman to Edmondson” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Goodman has drafted an article on Saturday. Next day… paper was full of it. (Prescott). It was a very big story.”
Edis: “We’re not suggesting that everything that appeared in NOTW was from a phone hack. But one of the ways was through phone hacking”
Edis: May 2006 – phone hacking of Mail on Sunday journalists continued. Email ‘For Neville’… Neville was having a go too” #hackingtrial
Edis: Mulcaire invoice for extra £250 “Prescott assist”.
Short break for 20 mins
Edis back after break. Everything I write her BTW is something he had said. Usually complete quotes. Sometimes shorthand precis
Edis back on Prescott timeline; “We don’t need to go through the rest of this…. phone hacks… invoices for assist work….”
Edis: “Just want to draw to your attention…. In case there was any doubt at all about hacking of Rice and Hamilton.”
Edis: “If there’s any doubt at all about the phone hacking, the tape recordings discovered in Mulcaire’s property puts an end to it”
Edis: “I want to look at Lord Frederic Windsor. Still April 2006… a busy time for NOTW and Mr Edmondson. He’s a person of some interest”
Edis compares to Tessa Jowell and Lord Prescott: “While Mulcaire is beavering away… regularly receiving taskings from and giving reports”
Edis brings up Goodman email chain to Edmondson entitled ‘Fred’ #hackingtrial
Edis: “Alexander was another false name for Mulcaire… under that he agreed an additional weekly retainer… to work for Clive Goodman
Edis: “Coulson put a stop to these payments (in 06)…. hard for him to put a stop to something he didn’t know anything about” Edis alleges
Edis on email from Gadd to Edmondson on 26th April – gets Windsor’s address and phone number. Two calls to Mulcaire. Mulcaire gets UVN”
“Mulcaire is a quick worker… you might think he was worth 100k a year if you knew this. Perhaps not if you didn’t”: crown at #hackingtrial
Edis on Mulcaire notebooks: “notes on friends of Frederic Windsor… surname Henry… We suggest he’s managed to listen to messages.”
Edis: “Frederic Windsor same pattern as before… email…then someone at NotW is hacking that UVN sent to Edmondson.” #hackingtrial
Edis on Mulcaire’s Lord Windsor “Full Hacking Narrative’ – no doubt of hacking because we tape recordings of messages obtained (from M)
Edis notes entry for Mulcaire on same page; “for James… James Weatherup…. Those in the know would have been committing conspiracy”
Edis: “When did it really start?… The editor is responsible in the code for editors in PCC… When the paper maybe skating in thin ice.”
Edis: “The editor has an important role in this respect, as well as their contractual one.”
Edis: “The Managing Editor….was directly involved in decisions about Mulcaire and how he should be remunerated.”
Ed: “Mr Kuttner wasn’t just a book keeper but trained as a journalist… and go to editorial meetings… and provide liaison with police”
Edi: “Kuttner involved in journalistic side of paper aswell as management.. ideally place to know both sides of the paper.” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Direct dial number is a DDM (in Mulcaire’s spelling) UVN is a unique voice mail number.”
Edis on Mulcaire contract: “initially to be paid 92k a year for exclusive provision of his service… a major commitment for NOTW”
Edis: “It wasn’t a secret Mulcaire worked for NOTW… in Aug 2002… an article in NOTW.. he was part of their special investigations team”
Edis shows the jury the article in NOTW about Mulcaire “the man they call trigger… who had been playing football” #hackingtrial
“Mrs Brooks said she’d never head of Mulcaire until he was arrested. This paper comes out only once a week. You would thought she read it”
Edis: “After Coulson became editor, Mulcaire’s remuneration was increased to over 100k a year” #hackingtrial
Edis: “In the context of whether an editor reads the newspaper…” Edis calls for another document
“We need a hit”
Edis: a document sent from Coulson to staff: “we’ve not fulfilled our brief…. not one come to bring the kind of ‘follow’ we’d expect”
Edis on Coulson email to staff: “We need a hit”…. how much pressure on staff that might have led them into crime?”
Coulson email: “On Saturday nights I expect everyone to come into my office to go through all the papers.. including our own.” #hackingtrial
Coulson email talks about success of Beckham, Sven and Blunkett in previous years. Edis points out timeline of last two “they were hacked”
Edis: “The Glenn Mulcaire contract increaed in July 2003…. under Miskiw. Weatherup april 2004. Edmondson arrives November 2004”
Edis; “Mulcaire’s contract was a special thing… because he was paid on a weekly retainer. What was so special about him… phone hacking”
Edis on Brooks: “actively involved in financial management” Edis “wants to look at a few doc about financial management review”
Edis: 8th Sept 2000 email Kuttner to Miskiw, cc’ed to Brooks and Coulson: “overspent… bring back on budget”
Edis on more financial controls: Miskiw copied to Kuttner 01 02 01 – “we are asked to cut back on contributors” Mulcaire then contributor
Another financial email 5/06/01: Brooks emphasises 3 month meetings for saving money bonus scheme, anyone over budget penalised
Edis emphasises: “Mrs Brooks direct role in budgetary management… wyou can see the three of them working as a management team”
Edis on Miskiw email to Brooks: “Committed to 17.5k (for a Bulger story); Brooks “I hope you can afford it… if you can’t you won’t be paid
Edis on Kuttner/Brooks email: “Can you send Miskiw a letter… he paid 7.5 for Bulger but everyone had it. 5k for royal rape.. it’s madness”
Edis “a very strict control was imposed in any cash payments over 1k, close financial management going on while substantial £s to Mulcaire.”
Brooks emails: “I’m very worried about desk spending.. what’s going on? You’re going to have to authorise anything over 1k with me, K and AC
Edis cites Brooks email as editor of NOTW. “I’m going to have to be unavoidably tough.. the palmy days of indulgence are over…”
Edis: “What are the rules at NOTW that apply to everyone else, but not Mulcaire” #hackingtrial
Edis on exclusive Mulcaire contract from Sept 2001: “If people knew Mulcaire was committing crimes for NOTW why he couldn’t be on payroll”
Edis: “Major exception to the rules was created for Mulcaire – that couldn’t happen without them (Brooks, Coulson, Kutner) knowing about it”
Edis: Jan 2005 BAC and cheque desk editors payments limit 2k. “Did senior staff know… or never hear of him?”
Edis: “In that climate…context of that email about tax for freelance, the exception made for Mulcaire was very significant.” #hackingtrial
100K Contract
Edis: “A 100k contract for Mulcaire, signed by Greg Miskiw…. who authorised him? Who authorised the payments? Mr Kuttner”
Edis: “Kuttner authorised 221 payments to Mulcaire amounting to £413k…. what was he thinking every week?” #hackingtrial
Break till 2
Lots of prosecution detail this morning in #hackingtrial. Been asked to point out , background in my book http://unbound.co.uk/books/the-fall-of-the-house-of-murdoch … @unbounders
Sitting again at Court 12 in the Old Bailey #hackingtrial – Anthony Edis QC continues to outline the prosecution case
Edis: Edmondson email to Mulcaire “Contract renewed to 2007… Happy now Grumpy?” #hackingtrial
Edis goes over this period of contract renewal in 2006, and the connection with previous details of Jowell and Prescott #hackingtrial
Edis: “If Mr Edmondson was thinking like this, don’t you think Mr Coulson was thinking this way.”
Edis: “Edmondson’s recommendations to curtail the contract must have been overuled by someone more senior – Wallis, Kuttner or Coulson”
Edis “in fact Mulcaire’s contract wasn’t terminated until 2007 when he was sacked when convicted o phone hacking”
Edis: “I going to tell you what happened in relation to Milly Dowler…. she went missing in March 2002. Tragically she was murdered”
Edis: “Her body wasn’t discovered until Sept 02, and there was a lot of investigation as to where she had gone… led by Surrey police”
Edis: “The prosecution alleged NOTW had hacked her phone at this time – and Mrs Brooks, Coulson and Kuttner were criminally involved”
Edis: “If this is proved, this is a sufficient evidence for count one (conpsiracy to phone hack
Edis: “I need to tell you about something… When the police investigated this again in 2011 they carried out substantial computer searches
Edis “On Brooks computer was found a letter written by her to Mr Coulson in Feb 2004.” #hackingtrial
Edis “Whether it was sent to her I don’t know.. The point I am going to make…. throughout relevant period what Coulson knew Brooks new
Brooks and Coulson Affair
BREAKING: “BROOKS AND COULSON having an affair that had been lasting at six years”
Edis: “Brooks and Coulson are charged with conspiracy, first question jury have to answer… how well did they know each other”
“The fact they were in this relationship meant they trusted each other quite a lot” Edis on Brooks and Coulson affair allegations
Edis: “This might attract some unfair or unkind comment… you should know why you have been told this, and put it into context”
Edis: “Isn;’t simply there was an affair…. but how did affect the case. The fact of the matter they were very close indeed.”
Edis reads from “intelligent, elegant and well written” Brooks letter to Coulson.
Edis “at this time it looks like Coulson was seeking to break off this affair… it’s clear this caused her a lot of grief”
Edis Brooks letter; “Finally,… there are a number of things I would normally share. The fact is you’re my very best friend.”
Brooks letter “We laugh and cry together. In fact, without you I don’t know how I’ll cope”
Edis on Brooks: “You said I shouldn’t contact you… But for example, how will this work for you?”
Edis on Brooks” “I hope I’ve managed to put your mind at rest about Les Hinton and you to have a better relationship with KRM”
EDIS on Brooks letter: “It’s important we keep our professional relationship right.”,…. Edis: “What should we take from this letter?”
Edis: “For the previous few years that had complete and utter confidence in each other… and trust… that’s the only reason to know this.”
Edis outlines the relevance to Milly Dowler case:
Edis quotes PCC code: “no clandestine listening devices or intercepting voice mails. Law banning it enacted in 2000… it was a crime”
Edis cites “there may be exceptions to case which are in the public interest… detecting a crime or misdemeanour.”
Edis on PCC code: “Any public interest defense will have to be explained by editors” #hackingtrial
Edis; “Mr Kuttner went to the Surrey Police and told them he had a copy of her (Dowler’s) voicemail. Surrey Police should have investigated”
Edis on Surrey police “perhaps they thought at that time it was important to find Milly Dowler.” In sharp contrast to previous phone hacks
Edis: Kuttner, Coulson and Brooks might say they didn’t know phone hacking was happening… why did they tell the police?”
Edis: “Who was going to justify the public interest defense. How was she going to do it, if she knew nothing about it?” #hackingtrial
Edis claims “She did know about phone hacking… she was heard in 2010 saying phone hacking was widespread across the industry”
Edis: Eimear Cook, wife of Colin Montgomery, met Brooks for lunch in Autumn 2005, and “she gave an example of McCartney and Mills”
Edis; “And there is evidence from this time that McCartney and Mills were victims of phone hacking by Mulcaire”
Edis: “In 2002 NOTW prints “Macca throws Heather’s Ring out of Hotel Room exclusive”. Brooks had mentioned that ring incident it is alleged
Edis: “March April 2002, Dowler missing on 21st of March. Mulcaire has notebook entries for 20th and 21st about her.” #hackingtrial
Edis: “20th of March note of a call Mulcaire has identified… she didn’t go missing till 21st”
Edis: “The chronology really starts on 21st when she goes missing. On 24th there is an item in NOTW. They’re interested in story.”
Edis: “The prosecution say it is highly likely Mrs Brooks involved in this story… because of her campaign for Sara’s Law.”
Edis on Sarah’s Law: “after tragic murder of Sarah Payne, the NOTW created a campaign to name paedophiles>”
Edis: “So the case of this missing child is something Mrs Brooks would be very interested in.” #hackingtrial
Edis: Mulcaire entries on how “Surrey police are getting on”. Including a production order for Milly’s voice mail messages #hackingtrial
Edis points out “Surrey police had a court order to intercept voice mails.. which is entirely lawful. That’s the difference with Mulcaire”
Edis on NOTW news schedule which lists Milly Dowler: “who sets the agenda… it’s the editor and deputy editor” #hackingtrial
Edis: message left on 27 Sept 02 regarding a job interview “a remarkable coincidence… Milly was schoolgirl”
Edis: “But someone with a very similar name and phone number… this later came to attention of NOTW” #hackingtrial
Edis now turns to Kuttner notebook entry from this time: “he’s written down the number and name of Deputy Chief Constable…(Surrey Police)
Edis: 30th 2002: suggested NOTW leaders included MIlly Dowler; Kuttner “Must be rejigged in case of developments”
Edis reads NOTW piece about a letter from Sara Payne (Sarah’s mother) to the Dowler family, hoping Milly hasn’t suffered same fate
Edis: “Another Kuttner notebook entry for 3rd April… one of the things NOTW wanted to do was to fund a reward for Milly Dowler.”
Edis: “Mr Kuttner got involved… Surrey Police weren’t so keen”
Another NOTW news schedule cited by Andrew Edis QC, counsel for prosecution mentioning Milly.
Edis; “On 7th April another story…. they are running it every week. It’s a substantial interest in this story: ‘Milly Last Pictures’
On April 7th, Edis says “Brooks was on holiday in Dubai. Not producing next edition of 14th. Mr Coulson is doing this as deputy editor”
Edis: “That is why you need full context of their relationship. We say… this contact was at least in part in reference to this editon”
Edis: “Tuesday news conference on 9th April, reference to ‘Missing Milly’ still on NOTW agenda” #hackingtrial
Edis: “contact builds up towards then end of the week… when they are planning their paper…. you can infer, we say, it’s highly unlikely”
Edis: “If they were talking about work they were exchanging confidences…. Coulson was producing the paper that week.”
Edis cites an email from Hayley Barlow on wednesday 10th April to Surrey police press liaison containing a text of letter to Dowlers
Edis says letter from NOTW to Dowlers offering to help, and makes the link with the Sarah Payne case. #hackingtrial
Edis; “Any interview you have… you will have editorial control…. we are offering a reward to police….” Letter from Barlow to Dowlers
Edis: “It would be difficult for Barlow to offer money and space for interview unless deputy editor agreed.” #hackingtrial
Edis on a Mulcaire entry from same time: “Neville.. 10th April… phone number and Dowler’s phone records.” #hackingtrial
Edis: “The day they were trying to get an interview from the parents, Neville instructing Mulcaire to do some phone hacking” #hackingtrial
Edis: “On thursday – Brooks to editors desk at NOTW – 2mins 14 sec.”
Edis on Brooks calls “6 mins to editors desk”. Next day she texts Mr Coulson, crown says
Edis: “A little later on that Friday she calls the editors desk again…. Mr Kuttner contacting the police again with 12 inquiries”
Edis on Kuttners questions to police “about paedophile activity in the area where Milly lived….any clues… further reconstruction…CCTC”
Kuttner approaches to Surrey Police: “How can the NOTW with a readership of 12 million people help the police”
Edis: “NOTW very interested in the story of Milly Dowler at a very senior level. But who knew about the tasking of Neville?”
Edis: “Neville Thurlbeck contacts recruitment agency… how did that happen? We know there was a voice mail message on her phone.”
Edis: “What did they do about it?” Expense claims for ‘Milly Dowler answer messages’. “They dispatched journos and photographer to Telford”
Edis: “Dispatched to interview recruitment agency, and the factory where they thought she worked…If they had found her, quite a story”
Edis: “NOTW finds girl the police can’t find.” Who did that? Thurlbeck… Kuttner… what about editors.” #hackingtrial
Edis: “the expenses form is quite interesting – Milly Dowler phone messages. Within the NOTW this is not really secret, is it?”
Edis: “On Friday night she calls the editors desk for 38 mins…. Someone she met in Dubai said she said… MF
Edis says witness said Brooks said in Dubai “I’ve got to talk to my paper about a missing schoolgirl” #hackingtrial
Edis: “While that 38 mins call was going on…. the paper was on the hunt for a substantial news story… was Mr Coulson talking to editor?”
Edis: “Thurlbeck talking to Coulson at 9pm that night. Everyone wants to know how they’re getting on. It effects the paper the next day.”
Edis: “Another call from Brooks to NOTW editorial desk – 17 mins 58 secs.. we suggest she is taking an interest in the running of paper”
Edis: on Saturday 13th April “things are going on in Telford. Recruitment agency doorstepped by NOTW… causing alarm”
Edis; “Recruitment Agency gets a call from Stuart Kuttner.. it’s going high up the management chain, isn’t it?” #hackingtrial
Edis; “Brooks calls editors desk in afternoon for 20 mins… publication date drawing near…. another call to editors desk by Brooks”
Edis: “Mr Kuttner tells DS in Surrey that he wants to give information about woman from agency calling, they’re in possession of recording
Edis: “If a child is missing from home and if you have information, you might think you should call police at once, rather than wait 4 days”
Edis: “Thurlbeck says they have taped messages from Milly’s phone.” NOTW advise police “they have 2 versions of story ready to go”
Edis then cites First NOTW article which cites voicemail and talks of hoax call
Edis goes back over the two NOTW versions of the story, and Saunders confirms Dowler DID NOT work for recruitment agency
Edis: “Milly Hoax Riddle – Message on Mobile Probed” 1st edition of NOTW read out, citing messages ‘offering job in Midlands’
Edis: Article claims the message had been left by a “crazed hoaxer…” and gives verbatim quote of the voicemail #hackingtrial and others
Edis “those quotes are the product of Mulcaire’s phone hacking” in First edition of Dowler story
Edis goes to second edition, “a reference to the voicemail but no quote” #hackingtrial
Edis: “The story changed… and someone changed it… someone must have had a reason to change it” and cites a text message
Edis: “Sunday 14th – short call from Brooks to ed’s desk and a text to Andy Coulson
Edis: “Both of those articles for anyone who knows what’s going on… can’t have been much doubt about phone hacking for anyone involved”
Edis: “News went on as Mrs Brooks gets back from holiday… the story goes on… including contact with police” Milly still on news sched
Edis: “Ricky Sutton on behalf of Kuttner is contacting the police complaining press office not receptive to their ideas”
Edis: “Then an email from Kuttner to Surrey press officer…. Dear Ms MacGregor… We’ve passed on info about messages left on her phone”
Edis reading Kuttner email to Surrey police: “told by police chances any messages were work of professional hoaxer known to the police”
Kuttner to Surrey Police: “I would appreciate clarification as a matter of utmost urgency” Edis says show how interest NOTW at highest level
Edis on 21/04/02 article in NOTW: full page about Milly’s fear of the dark, and the lede. Is it credible she (Brooks) was unaware?”
Edis on Mulcaire’s notebooks: “verbatim transcripts of Milly’s phone messages… a Neville tasking relating to recruitment agency.”
Edis “Both Neville and Greg were tasking Mulcaire… these are very senior journos. Simply incredible the editors didn’t know” #hackingtrial
Edis goes to another, shorter, timelines “relates to a person called Andrew Gilchrist… leader of Firebrigade Union in 2002”
Edis: “Firebrigade Union in dispute with police… and threatening strike action….” On 30/11/02 Gilchrist gave speech after 5 day speech
Edis: “Greg Miskiw tasked Mulcaire to hack Andy Gilchrist’s phone” Edis goes through pages of Mulcaire notes, numbers and pins
Edis 04/12/02 “transcripts of voicemail messages of… people who knew Andy Gilchrist”. NOTW publishes article on 8th December 2002
Edis: 13/01/03 Brooks became editor of Sun and it runs pieces: “Fire Union Boss is love cheat…. Fire Liar…” on Gilchrist. #hackingtrial
Edis “the Sun had come by a story not by phone hacking but other means which revealed Mr Gilchrist had had an affair some years earlier”
Edis on Sun Cartoon with Leader “Fire Liar… It’s bad enough Gilchrist is a Marxist rabble rouser now we reveal him as a lowlife fornicator
Edis says “this makes it more likely she was behind the tasking of Mulcaire against Gilchrist a few weeks earlier.” #hackingtrial
Edis “that takes us now to Mr Blunkett… a very senior cabinet minister… this is Mr Coulson’s time as editor.”
Edis: “Mr Blunkett was investigated by Coulson using Mulcaire to do it. His voice mailed was not hacked… but people that he knew”
Edis: “We have a great many voice recordings of Blunkett leaving messages for people he knew” #hackingtrial
David Blunkett records conversation with Coulson
Edis: “Mr Coulson became very directly involved… because he went to see Mr Blunkett…. who is a careful man, and made a recording”
Edis: BREAKING: “Recordings of Blunkett revealed by tapes in the safe of the News International Laywer”
Edis: multiple recordings of Blunkett’s voice mails left on Kimberley Quinn‘s phones… and a new Mulcaire tasking, Greg, for Ms Quinn
Edis: “Note relating to Simon Hoggatt, journalist for Guardian, he was also a victim of phone hacking” #hackingtrial
Edis on 11th August – before Coulson spoke to Blunkett: contacts from Coulson with Thurlbeck and Brooks.
Edis: “Lot of extracts showing telephone contact between Coulson and Brooks on 13th. On 15th Front Page story on Blunkett and Unnamed Lover”
Edis plays audio recorded by Blunkett of Coulson: Too quiet to hear here
Edis plays Blunkett Coulson tape: inaudible annex
Tape Coulson says “there are some matters our paper will have to deal with it… story is about friendship, but it’s much more than that”
Coulson on Tape to Blunkett talks about various allegations of affairs… transcript to follow:
The tape recording between Blunkett and Coulson is quite long. Only snatches audible in annex.
COULSON on tape: “Someone else won’t be as fair. What I’m prepared to do….run this story and keep Kimberley name out of it”
Coulson on tape is negotiating with Blunkett over the fact “you had an affair with a married woman”
Tape ends. Edis says meeting took place 10 am morning on 13th. Next day significant contact between Coulson and Brooks.
Edis says story published on 15th – Blunketts Unknown Lover – the next day contacts with Brooks. On the Monday 16th Sun names the woman
” On 17th Sun runs a story that Blunkett’s lover is pregnant. One of the hacked message from clinic saying she should come in for scan”
Coulson”I wouldn’t have come all this way exposing myself to you.. unless I was confident it was true. I’m not going to tell you my source”
Edis on Brooks and Coulson: “both would have had to known the source of their stories…. hacked voicemail messages” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Mr Kuttner approaches Simon Hoggatt (on phone)… NOTW article on Kimberley Quinn details her affair with Hoggett (sp?)”
Edis: “the following year, 28 June 2005, new taskings for Sally Anderson… and when the story is published. Edmondson back on deck”
“We know all this because of tapes recovered from the safe of News International lawyers” Edis on Blunkett affair
Edis on into 2005,6 “continued phone hacking by Mulcaire investigating the Sally Anderson story…. Ian and Neville involved”
Edis: “a diary entry in relation to Mr Blunkett’s son”
Edis “Absolutely inconceivable they would publish a story about a serving cabinet unless they knew it was true….”
Edis: “And the reason they knew it was true thanks to tasking to phone hacking… I will turn to the next Home Secretary tomorrow morning”
Apologies for not making it clear court its over for today. Tomorrow we resume prosecution’s opening with claims of another Home Secretary
Prosecutors Allege Affair Between Rebekah Brooks And Andy Coulson http://thebea.st/1aqV3aI via @thedailybeast
Phone Hacking Trial: Coulson-Brooks affair assists Crown’s conspiracy claim – Martin Hickman http://wp.me/pMDHB-63L via @INFORRM
Finally for today, full quote Brooks to Coulson about Murdoch “On KRM, well he’s not bollocking you must not brood on lack of calls.”
“We know all this because tape recordings… recovered from the safe of News International’s lawyer” http://thebea.st/1aqV3aI #hackingtrial
New details emerging from today’s #hackingtrial now added to my Daily Beast piece with @NicoHines http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/10/31/prosecutors-allege-affair-between-rebekah-brooks-and-andy-coulson.html
Lest we forget. Revealed today Old Bailey, Mulcaire’s invoice to NOTW was marked “Milly Dowler Messages” and was paid in full. #hackingtrial

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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